How to Get Wheat in Animal Crossing

For a long time, all you could grow in Animal Crossing: New Horizons were flowers or trees. That is, until the November 2021 update. All of a sudden, cooking was an option in the game, and along with that came a whole host of crops. One of the many crops added to the game was wheat, which in turn can be used to make flour.

Read on to learn how to get wheat in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

For Me, I Really Love Wheat

Wheat Starts can be bought from Leif on Harv’s Island, although the crops are on rotation so you may have to wait several weeks. You can then grow them on your island by digging a hole and planting the Wheat Start. Once they’re grown, you can press Y next to the fully grown crop to harvest Wheat.

Where to Get Wheat Starts

Wheat grows from a crop, so you’ll need to plant a Wheat Start in order to get some. Unlike flowers or trees, you can’t purchase Wheat Starts from Nook’s Cranny, nor can you find it naturally on your island. Instead, you’ll need to rely on an adorable NPC named Leif. Prior to the 2.0 update, Leif only sold flowers and bushes, and he also bought your weeds off of you. However, in November 2021, crops were added to his repertoire of products.

Leif will visit your island once a week, and can be found outside Resident Services. However, the most convenient way to find him is to go to his stall on Harv’s Island. Harv is an NPC who you will one day find wandering around your island. After you talk to him, he’ll invite you to come and visit him. From then on, Harv’s Island will be an available travel location when you go to Dodo Airlines. Not only does Harv have a photo studio on his airline, but he also has his own commune with several stalls, including Leif’s.

To unlock Leif on Harv’s Island, you will need to first donate 100,000 Bells. Take them with you to the island (or use the ABD located there) and pay the Gyroid standing by Leif’s plot. Leif can be found at the back of the commune on the right-hand side. Prior to unlocking Leif, the Gyroid will describe him as a ‘Botany expert with the greenest of thumbs’, and that’s how you know you’ve got the right Gyroid.

Leif's Stall
Leif is probably my favorite out of all the NPC stallholders on Harv’s Island, he’s just so cute! / Image by Melika Jeddi

Once Leif’s stall is up and running, you’ll be able to visit Harv’s Island and talk to Leif any time between 5am and 10pm (or 11pm if you have the Night Owl Ordinance from Isabelle at Resident Services). Bear in mind, he’ll only have one type of crop in stock at any one time, and he restocks every Monday. So if you visit him and he doesn’t have wheat available, you will have to wait until after the next Monday before you can try again.

Wheat Starts cost 280 Bells each, or you can buy them in bulk at 1,400 Bells for 5 of them. This doesn’t give you any discount, but does save time over buying them all individually. Once you have your Wheat Start, you’ll be able to harvest it infinite times, just like flowers or trees, so it’s a good price.

Buying Wheat
I always buy in bulk for the sake of convenience. / Image by Melika Jeddi

If Leif isn’t selling Wheat Starts, and you don’t want to wait, you could always ask other players. If you have Nintendo Switch Online, you can visit other players and take stuff from their islands. Although you won’t be able to buy Wheat Starts directly, they can just give them to you if they have spares available. You can find other players through things such as forums or Facebook groups for Animal Crossing.

How to Grow Wheat

Once you’ve bought your Wheat Starts from Leif, you’ll want to head on back to your own island. Now you need to find the perfect place to plant them. Technically you could plant them anywhere you like (except on the beach or the patio), but you should find somewhere that’s accessible and easy to remember.

Different players have different preferences when it comes to their crops. I know some people like to have fenced-off areas for specific crops, with each one growing in its own separate location. Personally, I favor ease of access over aesthetics. I have all my crops growing in one place, just a short distance from my house. I’m pretty lazy, so I don’t have very many of each, as I don’t want to have to harvest them, but if you like picking crops to sell or use, then you may wish to get more than me.

Once you’ve chosen your location, you need to plant the Wheat Start. You have a choice here. Firstly, you can select them directly from your inventory and click ‘Plant 1’. This is the quickest, most convenient method, but it does mean that the placement might not be quite where you want it. If you’re facing even slightly the wrong angle, you could end up planting it somewhere you weren’t intending.

What I do instead is dig holes in the place where I want my Wheat to grow. That way, when I go into my inventory and click ‘Plant 1’, it will automatically go into the hole I’m standing next to, even if I’m not quite facing the right angle. This method ensures your Wheat will grow exactly where you want it to.

Planting Wheat
You can select the Wheat Starts from your inventory to plant them, but I always prefer to dig a hole first and then plant them. / Image by Melika Jeddi

Once it’s planted, you’ll need to be patient. Wheat naturally takes four days to grow, and you’ll be able to see its progress in the size of the crop. However, if you want it to grow quicker, you can use your Watering Can. If you water it every day, then it’ll be ready in just three days instead of the usual four. Once it’s fully grown, you can harvest the Wheat by standing next to your plant and pressing Y. After that, the timer will be reset, and you’ll need to wait another three/ four days until it’s ready to be harvested again.

Looks Like Wheat’s Back on the Menu, Boys

Alrighty then, there we have it! You now know where to get Wheat Starts and how to grow them on your own island. Soon you’ll have your own little farm up and running, and will have as much Wheat as you could ever possibly want. Wheat is particularly useful for creating delicious meals using cooking recipes.

Wheat can be turned into Flour, a cooking ingredient. You need to craft it yourself using 5 Wheat. To get the recipe, you’ll need to purchase the ‘Be a Chef!’ Recipe Pack from the Nook Stop Terminal. Flour appears in several dishes, and these can be used to decorate, gift to villagers, or give you extra energy for completing your island tasks.

Wheat on the First Day
The crop is so tiny when you first plant it, and you have to wait a few days for it to become big enough to harvest. / Image by Melika Jeddi


Question: What season does Leif sell Wheat in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Wheat can be bought all year round, and isn’t limited to a particular season. However, it is in rotation with other crops that Leif sells, and these refresh every Monday. If you can’t find Wheat Starts in Leif’s shop, simply wait a week and try again until he has them.

Question: Can I use Wheat for cooking in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Wheat itself can’t be used as an ingredient, however, it’s essential for creating Flour. You need 5 Wheat to craft Flour, and then you can use the Flour in certain cooking recipes.

Question: Where can I find Leif in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Leif comes to visit your island once a week, and sets up his stall outside Resident Services. He also lives on the commune on Harv’s Island, and can be traded with after unlocking him. To do this, you’ll need to pay 100,000 Bells to the Gyroid outside his plot.

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