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Tutu is one of two current peppy bears (there are three in total; one was turned into a normal type in New Leaf). She appears polar bear-like, making her even more special than your standard bear. She’s a crowd favorite for people who love aesthetic islands or cute villagers, and we can all see why.

Bottom Line Upfront

Tutu is in all games in the Animal Crossing universe but Wild World, so she is very easy to get in games! She is unique in many ways, one being her name in Japanese is Rennyū (れんにゅう), which translates to condensed milk! Cute, right? She’s one of the three ever peppy bears and one of only 16 bears total! She’s a very recent addition to Pocket Camp, being added in January of 2022. Her house and requests are usually based on ice, relating to her polar bear-like appearance. This article goes over all you need to know about Tutu, as well as best gift ideas, amiibo and e-reader information, houses, and more.

General Facts

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Bear
  • Birthday: September 15
  • Star Sign: Virgo
  • First Appearance: Animal Crossing
  • Personality: Peppy
  • Catchphrase: Twinkles
  • Skill: Typing
  • Hobby: Fashion
  • Coffee: Blend, regular amount of milk, two spoons of sugar


  • Favorite songs: Bubblegum K.K., K.K. Steppe
  • Default Clothing: Pink Heart sweater, pink raincoat, red peacoat
  • Default Umbrella: Toad parasol, Petal parasol
  • Favorite Colors: Red, Pink
  • Favorite Styles: Simple, Cute
  • Least Favorite styles: Cool
  • Goal: Teacher


Tutu Appearance

Tutu is a tall cream-colored bear. She has a simple design, including small ears at the very top of her head, the inside of them being a bright blue. She has a blonde tuft of hair that looks like bangs. Tutu has dark oval-shaped eyes, blush stretching across her face, and a wide nose right below. She has a small smile that nearly touches her nose.

The ends of her arms and legs are an ombre pastel pink, the same as her pink blush!


Tutu is a peppy villager, which means she has an upbeat, happy personality. Peppy villagers keep up to date with all the trends. They often talk about T.V. shows, magazines, and pop stars! Peppy villagers are all women, as well. Peppy villagers like everyone, but snooty and cranky villagers tend not to get along with them, which can create some drama.

Why You Want Tutu on Your Island

Tutu Appearance

Tutu is sweet and friendly, as peppy villagers are. Because they get along with the player quickly, they make it easy to love them immediately. Because she is also so cute and pastel, she would fit in perfectly with many, many aesthetic islands: pastel, cottagecore, mushcore, and more! Those aesthetics tend only to have shorter villagers, so Tutu will stand out even more with her tall height.

Houses Across Games

Tutu’s houses have changed a decent amount but have finally settled into that classic peppy pink decor.

Animal Crossing


The exterior for both Animal Crossing and Dōbutsu no Mori e+ houses are exactly the same, so listen up to hear both at once!

Tutu’s house has a pointed red roof with white side panels and wooden accents. The door has a small awning over it, and the door itself is a darker wood with a golden handle.


Animal Crossing Interior House Tutu
Image from Fandom
  • Folk Guitar
  • White Boom Box
  • Refrigerator
  • Tea Set
  • Stove
  • Retro T.V.
  • Pothos
  • Baby Bear
  • Mama Bear
  • Wobbelina
  • Petal Parasol
  • Lovely End Table
  • Cabana Table
  • Cabana Lamp
  • Walls are Mod wall
  • Flooring is 8 Mat tatami
  • Song is K.K. Steppe

Dōbutsu no Mori and Dōbutsu no Mori e+


Animal Crossing House Outdoors Tutu

Same as Animal Crossing!


  • White Boombox
  • Folk Guitar
  • Pink Kotatsu
  • Refrigerator
  • Tea Set
  • Stove
  • Pothos
  • Baby Bear
  • Mama Bear
  • Retro T.V.
  • Massage Chair
  • Cabana Lamp
  • Walls are Mod wall
  • Flooring is 8 Mat tatami
  • Song is K.K. Steppe

City Folk


There is no outdoor to be found! It’s city life.


  • Mama Bear
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Pink Kotatsu
  • Classic Buffet
  • Basic Red Bed
  • Retro TV
  • Walls are Mod wall
  • Flooring is Cabana flooring
  • Song is K.K. Steppe

New Leaf


New Leaf Tutu House
Image from Fandom

The outside of Tutu’s house in New Leaf is the most different of all her houses. It has a blue pointed roof, metal panel siding, and a light birch wooden door with a small window at the top.


New Leaf Indoor House
Image from Fandom
  • Air Conditioner
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Extinguisher
  • Minimalist Vanity
  • Minimalist Sofa
  • Minimalist Clock
  • Lovely Bed
  • Lovely Dresser
  • Lovely Table
  • Mama Polar Bear
  • Record Player
  • Dracaena
  • Mama Polar Bear
  • White Pansies
  • Walls are Ranch wall
  • Flooring is Neutral floor
  • Song is K.K. Steppe

New Horizons


Tutu’s house in New Horizons is a rounded shape with a white thatched roof, pink clay exterior siding, and a pink metal accent door.


Animal Crossing House Indoor Tutu

  • Deluxe Washer
  • Air Conditioner
  • Cute Sofa
  • Cute Chair
  • Cute Floor Lamp
  • Cute Music Player
  • Cute Tea Table
  • Cute Bed
  • Cute Wall-Mounted Clock
  • Cute DIY Table
  • Cute Wall-Mounted Clock
  • Cute Wardrobe
  • Walls are Red-striped
  • Flooring is Red dot floor
  • Song is Bubblegum K.K.

Clothing Gift Ideas

Tutu Gift Ideas

Tutu is fun and easy to dress due to her soft color palette, so you can go with whatever you like, but here’s a list of clothing she likes.


  • Red ribbon
  • Plumeria hairpin
  • Paperboy cap
  • Flashy pointy-ear animal hat
  • Hyacinth crown
  • Watermelon hat
  • Cute rose crown
  • Phrygian cap
  • Snowy knit cap
  • Paper restaurant cap
  • Mario hat
  • Pom casquette


  • Heart sweater
  • Layered tank
  • Cardigan-shirt combo
  • Pom-pom sweater
  • Boa parka
  • My Melody shirt
  • Ni hao tee
  • Short peacoat
  • Flannel shirt
  • Sleeveless dress shirt
  • College cardigan
  • V-neck sweater
  • Striped shirt
  • Poncho coat
  • Dreamy sweater
  • Garden tank
  • Ribbon-straps tank


Tutu Dresses
Image from Fandom
  • Frilly dress
  • My Melody dress
  • Festive tree dress
  • Flower-print dress
  • Striped dress
  • Princess dress
  • Dreamy dress
  • Steampunk dress
  • Lace-up dress
  • Old commoner’s kimono
  • Ribbons & hearts knit dress
  • Magical dress
  • Sequin dress
  • Denim overalls
  • Ancient sashed robe
  • Peach dress
  • Kiki & Lala dress

Furniture Gift List

For the same reason it’s easy to dress her, it’s easy to decorate, too! Anything pastel, cute, or flashy will do!


  • Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Cinnamoroll sofa
  • Gaming chair
  • Cartoonist’s set
  • Peach chair
  • Mum cushion
  • Thank-you Mom mug
  • Kiki & Lala cloud maker
  • Sewing project
  • My Melody dresser
  • Gaming desk
  • Rocket lamp
  • Shell bed
  • Book

Tutu Indoor Gift Book

  • Mama bear
  • Makeup pouch
  • Traditional tea set


  • Cotton-candy stall
  • Sandcastle
  • Bamboo grass
  • Throwback rocket
  • Flamingo
  • Flamingo
  • Silver mic
  • Natural garden chair
  • Springy ride-on
  • Rattan towel basket
  • Elephant slide
  • Swinging bench
  • Wedding welcome board
  • Pet bed
  • Cherry-blossom-petal pile
  • Illuminated reindeer
  • Zen-style stone

Pocket Camp

Pocket Camp Tutu

Tutu was added to Pocket Camp in January 2022; she is one of the more recent releases! Tutu’s theme is cute, her main gift is paper, and you can only get her via Treasure Trekker map. Her map is of gold rarity.

Her phrase is cute! “Tutu’s greatest wish is to be a world-famous cheerleader. Whether you’re buying coffee or pulling weeds, she’ll be there to cheer you on. How else would she practice?”

How to get Tutu in Pocket Camp

Tutu and Pals’ Island from Gulliver is the only way to get her map!

Level gifts:

  • At level 7, you’ll get a heart tee and one sparkle stones
  • At level 9, you’ll get one sparkle stones
  • At level 15, you’ll get a strawberry shaved ice request
  • At level 20, you’ll get Tutu’s pic and one sparkle stones
  • At levels 25-70, you’ll get one sparkle stones every five levels

Happy Homes

Tutus’ first thought bubble reads, “I love shaved ice, so I need someplace SUPER chill….”

The Client’s vision is “A Place to Literally Chill.” Her required items are a  Shaved-Ice Maker and a Windflower Fan. Her favorite song is K.K. Faire.

This is another fascinating and lenient theme! This idea has to be based on her appearance, which looks much like a polar bear. Yes, it has to be literally chill, but who said it couldn’t be metaphorical, as well?


Amiibo Tutu Card
Image from Fandom

#061 Tutu’s amiibo is a darker green, with Tutu posed playfully in the middle. Tutu’s amiibo is from Series One. The card features her star sign (Virgo), her birthday (September 15), the dice value is 1, and her hand sign is scissors. These symbols are on the left and right corners.


Tutu E Readercapture
Image from Fandom

#210 Tutu’s e-reader card is filled with shapes of different colors, and she’s posed with her hand on her hip and head. On the back, it shows much more information: her gender (female), her star sign (Virgo), her clothes (heart shirt), and her “pet phrase,” which is twinkles.

Her profile reads: “Tutu, who hails from the North Pole, is sold when it comes to eating anything cold. Snacks that make most creatures freeze, Tutu can eat with consummate ease. There’s nothing Tutu likes better than a good brain freeze. Snow cone, anyone?”


Question: Is Tutu rare?

Answer: Not particularly. She has an e-reader card and an amiibo and has been in every game since Animal Crossing. She can come into your village or island naturally.

Question: Are there plushies of Tutu?

Answer: No officially licensed plushies from Nintendo of Tutu, but small businesses carry their own version of her merch!

Question: Is Tutu popular?

Answer: Tutu is a solid B-tier villager on most lists, so she is liked but maybe not too well known. Everyone I’ve known that has had Tutu loved her, and I’m sure you would love her too! The polar/cold theme is similar to some penguins but with a bear twist.


Tutu is an enjoyable inclusion to any Animal Crossing game, and I cannot recommend her more. Her aesthetic is cutesy and fun. Her upbeat personality and adorable interactions will brighten your whole day.

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