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Hazel is a new villager in the Animal Crossing franchise, first appearing in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and continuing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Although she is recent and there’s less information on her than other seasoned villagers, we know she has a great personality and stands out from all the other 487 villagers. Why?

Bottom Line Upfront

So, what’s the skinny on Hazel? Hazel is the only squirrel with a sisterly personality type. Meaning up until New Leaf, there were no sisterly squirrels (maybe only children?).

Because she’s sisterly, she will be a bit more friendly to you immediately. Sisterly types will care more and push you more, making shady comments every once in a while.

General Facts

Hazel Animal Crossing

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Squirrel
  • Birthday: August 30th
  • Star Sign: Virgo
  • First Appearance: New Leaf
  • Personality: Big Sister
  • Catchphrase: uni-wow!
  • Skill: Making budgets
  • Coffee: Blend, no sugar, no milk
  • Halloween fear: Monster mask
  • Preferences
  • Favorite songs: K.K. Disco, DJ K.K.
  • Default Clothing: Athletic jacket
  • Default Umbrella: Sunny parasol, apple umbrella
  • Favorite Colors: Orange, red, yellow
  • Favorite Styles: Iconic, active, and cute
  • Least Favorite styles: Ornate
  • Goal: Dentist


Hazel is an orange squirrel. She’s a small villager. The insides of her tiny ears are turquoise, a color not seen anywhere else on her. Her hair is darker orange/brown, cut into a bowl cut or bangs. That same color is on her hands and feet.

Her tail has a swirl of orange/brown and a light pink swirl that looks like the same color as her blush. Her face is the most defining feature though, sporting a dark unibrow that stretches the width of her face.

She also has black eyes with a comma-like shape or a small wing liner. She has a small mouth pointed like an upside-down V, and a big white tooth sticking out.


Hazel has the Sisterly personality type, which means she treats the player like a big sibling or as an older, wiser friend. Sisterly villagers will give you medicine when you’ve been stung, and they’ll tell the player stories from their childhood. They will even give you advice or promise to protect you.

Sisterly villagers do not get along with cranky, snooty, and smug villagers. However, they get along with peppy, lazy, normal, and jock villagers.

Why You want Hazel on Your Island

Hazel is unique for many reasons! She’s the only sisterly squirrel, has a unique face with a dark unibrow, and is a very sincere and sweet creature. She is one of the many villagers that you’ll be paired with first in New Horizons and is a solid pick if you get her first try!

Houses Across Games

hazel's dream room animal crossing

New Leaf


The outside of Hazel’s house is a light sky blue with dark brown wood around the corners. It has a light pink door, a big window at the top, and a triangular red roof.


  • Hamster cage
  • CD player
  • Corkboard
  • Patchwork lamp
  • Cushion
  • Minimalist table
  • Patchwork dresser
  • Patchwork table
  • Patchwork sofa
  • Retro drive
  • Papa bear
  • Walls are Modern wood wall
  • Flooring is Birch flooring
  • Song is K.K. Disco

New Horizons

Hazel House Tour New Horizons


The outside of Hazel’s house is square-shaped, with a light brown panel siding, red striped roof, and red wooden door. There is one window on the front left of the house.


  • Folding chair
  • Two tennis tables
  • Ball
  • Champions pennant
  • Tape deck
  • Baseball hoop
  • Wall clock
  • Wall is Dojo wall
  • Flooring is Wooden knot flooring
  • Song is DJ K.K.

Clothing Gift Ideas

Hazel has a limited amount of style, so take the opportunity and run for the hills with your gifts!


  • Outdoor hat
  • Tropical hat
  • Kiki & Lala pin
  • Flashy pointy-ear animal hat
  • Sombrero
  • Triangle shades
  • Lily crown
  • Cycling cap
  • Ribbon
  • Tulip crown
  • Tulip hat
  • Flower sunglasses
  • Hyacinth crown
  • Bunny ears
  • Baseball cap
  • Oval glasses
  • Halo
  • Giant ribbon


  • Pompompurin tee
  • Retro sweater
  • Simple parka
  • Tomato festival tee
  • Down ski jacket
  • Labelle knit shirt
  • Tank
  • Open track jacket
  • Heart Sweater
  • Layered tank
  • Thick stripes shirt
  • Kids smock
  • Embroidered tank
  • Tube top
  • Front tie tee
  • Poncho coat


  • Jumper work suit
  • Ogre costume
  • Orihime outfit
  • Alpinist dress
  • Sunflower dress
  • Floral lace dress
  • Dollhouse dress
  • Ballet outfit
  • Pea coat and skirt combo
  • Sprite costume
  • Fairy tale dress
  • Pompompurin outfit
  • Impish costume
  • Bolero coat
  • Zap suit
  • Dreamy dress 

Furniture Gift List

Sisterly villagers are easy to gift to in general, as they like many gifts or are honest about the ones they might not enjoy as much. Either way, their slightly sporty but upbeat nature makes it fun to gift to them!


  • Mama panda
  • Antique clock
  • Wood burning stove
  • Upright vacuum
  • Wooden waste bin
  • Fine vase
  • Cat tower
  • Study desk
  • Exercise ball
  • Juicy apple TV
  • Floor lamp
  • Schefflera
  • Simple chair
  • Fan
  • Clackercart


  • Tricycle
  • Froggy chair
  • Tulip surprise box
  • Mountain bike
  • Garbage bin
  • Wooden field sign
  • Wooden storage shed
  • Kids tent
  • Cone
  • Playground gym
  • Mum cushion

Happy Homes

In Happy Homes, Hazel requests a Cartoon artist’s workplace, her initial thought bubble reading, “I want the perfect place to work on drawing cartoons.”

You get a good amount of creative freedom, the only required items being Cartoonist’s set, Wooden waste bin, and Scattered papers. Artist spaces are easy and fun to create, and the general items given let you have even more freedom! Their favorite song here is K.K. Disco.


Hazel Animal Crossing Amiibo

Hazel’s amiibo number is #248 from series 3, and her star sign is Virgo, with her birthday being August 30th. Her hand sign is paper, and her dice value is 5. Her card is green, with her posing with her hands on her hips. The number on the bottom reads 8/30.

Any Other Facts

Hazel’s name belonged to another squirrel villager far before she arrived in the game; her name belonged to a squirrel now known as Sally.


Question: Is Hazel Rare?

Answer: Not particularly! She is new to Animal Crossing but has her own amiibo card. She isn’t a popular villager, so you can frequently see her in boxes on other people’s islands. She appears in New Leaf, Happy Homes Designer, Amiibo Festival, and New Horizons, so only a few games to find her in!

Question: Are There Plushies of Hazel?

Answer: No, there are no branded plushies of Hazel from Nintendo. However, many independent sellers and small businesses sell plushies like her!

Question: How do You Get Hazel?

Answer: You can obtain Hazel by naturally getting her in several ways: from the starter villagers in New Horizons, camping on mystery islands, or her visiting your own campsite.
She also has an amiibo card easily accessible in the series 3 pack (mystery 6 cards, so a slight chance to get Hazel); you can find her in boxes at other people’s islands via groups or posts specifically for trading or getting villagers. NEVER pay real money for those! (Especially since Hazel is not a very coveted villager.)


Hazel is a unique and fun sisterly type to have on your island. Her style may be a bit weird and off-putting at first, but she is my personal favorite personality type, and sisterly villagers tend to have a grip on your heart.

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