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With hundreds of Animal Crossing villagers available, how on Earth do you distinguish between them? Aside from their designs, what makes them unique? Well, one major difference between villagers is their personalities. There are eight personalities in total, four for female villagers and four for male characters. Peppy is one of the personalities reserved for female characters, and in my opinion, it’s the best one! So, read on to learn everything you need to know about Peppy villagers!

What Are Peppy Villagers Like?

Just like in real-life cliques, in Animal Crossing, the Peppy personality is all about being cheery and high-energy. These energetic girls are always in high spirits, and their actions and dialogue reflect this. They have high-pitched voices that are quite fast, and so their dialogue always comes across as upbeat and friendly. Their comments will reference their aspirational goals, often related to fame and stardom. Many of them speak of having dreams of being pop stars or actresses, and they act like they’re on their way to being celebrities. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they’ll intersperse some of their dialogue with French words like ‘tres’ or ‘le,’ presumably to make themselves sound extra fancy. They also use plenty of slang and will use the word ‘like’ as a filler word. They sometimes say things like ‘totes’ instead of ‘totally.’

Peppy villagers are active for most of the day. They’ll wake up at 7 am and don’t go to sleep until 1:30 am. During the day, they may hang out in the plaza exercising or taking in a K.K. Slider concert. But they’ll also be found in their houses or just wandering about the island. They’ll always be friendly if you speak to them, and when you gift an item to them, they’ll find a way to relate it to their career goals. For example, if you give them flowers, they may tell you they’ll use them to decorate their first concert poster. They also like to engage in conversations with each other, which is sweet to see. Admittedly, Peppy villagers can come across as vain to some people as they have elevated opinions of themselves, but I see self-confidence as a positive thing.

Why Should You Have Peppy Villagers on Your Island?

Peppy villagers have to be the most friendly of all the personality types. Even when they first arrive on the island and don’t know you well, they’ll still be happy to see you and will readily engage in a chat with you. They’re very open about their thoughts and feelings and will attempt to build a closer friendship with you. They’re also awake for most of the day, and so no matter what time you like to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they’ll be around for you to interact with.

The Peppy villagers are some of the prettiest, in my opinion. Their color schemes are often vibrant to match their cheerful personalities, and there are some beautiful character designs. There’s a great range of animals with the Peppy personality, and so you’re bound to find at least one that appeals to you. I’ve also found that Peppy villagers send you the best letters through the mail. They’re more than happy to tell you how much you mean to them because they’re so open about their emotions. This gives you the validation you need in your friendship with them. They’re so supportive of everything you do, and honestly, I don’t think any island would be complete without their resident Peppy villager to give the island that touch of fame and sparkle.

How Do They Interact With Other Villagers?

Peppy villagers will get along with most other villagers due to their friendly demeanors. However, it’s worth noting that Snooty and Cranky villagers can get annoyed by their boundless optimism, and some conflicts may spark up. If you have one of those two personality types on your island, be aware that they may get into arguments with your Peppy villagers. However, they get along well with the other personality types and seem to make it their goal to become best friends with everyone.

They try to find common interests with the other villagers and so can have conversations with pretty much anyone else on your island. If they do get into an argument with someone, they’re quick to apologize and may ask you to help mediate. I’ve had several requests from my Peppy villagers to deliver gifts to other villagers on my island.

Who Are the Peppy Villagers?

So, now you know what the Peppy villagers are like, it’s time to get to know the villagers themselves. I don’t know the demographics of your island, and I know some people have preferences for particular animals, and so I’ve broken them down based on this. I’ve sorted the animals into three categories: Domestic Animals, Farm Animals, and Other. For each villager, I’ve written a short description of what they’re like, and so you’ll hopefully be able to find the perfect new addition for your island. I’ve also included a link to the Wiki page for each villager, so you can learn more details about them if they pique your interest.

Domestic Animals


Piper: Piper is entirely white, except for grey eyes and eyebrows and her bright red beak and legs. She has a knowing look on her face which makes me worry that she somehow has some dirt on me. Her catchphrase is ‘chickadee,’ which I think sounds fun and upbeat. Her favorite colors are black and white.

Twiggy: This determined yellow bird has an intense expression on her face, letting you know she means business. She has blue cheeks and a preference for blue and pink furniture and clothing. Her catchphrase is ‘cheepers,’ similar to the sound a real bird would make.


Felicity: I don’t understand the hype for Felicity, as she has a Karen haircut and looks like she should be a Snooty type rather than Peppy. She has beige skin and ginger hair, and there’s something suspicious about the look in her eyes. Her favorite colors are orange and yellow, and her birthday is March 30th.

Merry: Her adorable face and almost sheepish expressions warmed my heart when I first saw her. She has beige skin, accented by pastel purple on various features, and the overall design looks soft and pretty. Her favorite colors are light blue and pink, and her birthday is June 29th.

Rosie: One of the most popular cat villagers (and that’s saying something), Rosie is an excellent choice if you’re looking to add a Peppy villager to your island. She’s got blue fur, dark blue hair, and lovely rosy pink cheeks. She’s appeared in every Animal Crossing game since the very beginning and will be very recognizable to older players. Her favorite colors are pink and red.

Tabby: I’m sure she’s got a lovely personality (she’s Peppy, after all), but poor Tabby is one of the uglier villagers in Animal Crossing. She’s orange with brown stripes and has a red nose that wouldn’t look out of place on a pig. Her mouth is stretched to reveal her teeth, almost as though she’s posing for a dentist’s examination. Her birthday is on August 13th.

Tangy: Tangy is one of a handful of villagers in the game who resemble food. Her bright orange skin and green leaf atop her head are designed to help her mimic an orange. She even has speckled skin, just like the fruit does. Her favorite colors are green and yellow.


Cookie: Cookie was one of the first villagers on my island, and she’ll always hold a special place in my heart. I found her on one of my first three mystery islands, and I remember being blown away by her beautiful pink and white design. Her house is super cute and probably looks the nicest out of anyones. I would fully recommend anyone to invite Cookie to their island; she’s amazing!

Maddie: She looks like an actual dog, with brown and beige fur that would be natural even outside of the game. Her catchphrase is ‘yippee’, which is a fun way of expressing her perpetual excitement. Her favorite colors are pink and purple (mine too!), and she likes cute and simple styles.


Apple: Considered to be a ‘dreamy’ villager by many players, Apple is a chipper red hamster with a perpetual grin and adorable wide eyes. She likes colorful or red items, and her birthday is September 24th.


Anicotti: This little cutie is one of many Peppy mice available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She’s got green fur on most of her body, with brunette hair. She appreciates an elegant style, and her favorite colors are pink and red.

Bella: A particularly controversial villager, some people love her unique design, and others think she’s ugly. Personally, I’m in the latter camp, but don’t let that affect your opinion. She has an almost gothic aesthetic, and her favorite colors are black and purple.

Candi: Another mouse, there’s something just slightly off about Candi. Her pink fur would be perfect if not for the fact that her proportions don’t quite work. Her eyes are right at the top of her head, and I find that disconcerting. She likes cute and simple styles, and her birthday is April 13th.

Penelope: Penelope’s skin is a green-grey color, and she has bright yellow hair. Instead of having regular mouse ears, she has a giant pink bow that mimics the shape of standard mouse ears. Her catchphrase is ‘oh bow,’ which rhymes and references the bow atop her head. Her favorite colors are pink and red.


Bonbon: She’s the first of many rabbits on this list, as it’s the animal with the highest number of Peppy villagers. One of few villagers with natural colors, Bonbon has brown fur and yellow hair (admittedly, the hair isn’t particularly natural). Her favorite colors are yellow and light blue, so if you’re looking to gift clothes to her, those are the colors to look out for.

Bunnie: Beloved by many Animal Crossing fans, Bunnie has a sweet face that is almost impossible not to love. Her orange fur pairs perfectly with her rosy pink cheeks, and she’s really beautiful. Her birthday is May 9th, and her catchphrase is ‘tee-hee’, which is just adorable.

Carmen: Yet another rabbit, Carmen has dark brown fur and a white face, and the insides of her ears are light blue. Her favorite colors are green and beige. Seriously, beige. Whose favorite color is something as bland as beige?

Chrissy: For some reason, the rabbit villagers seem to like the colorful Marble-Dots Dress, and it’s Chrissy’s default clothing item. She’s got a white face with multi-colored features and a wide smile. Her birthday is August 28th, and she loves pink and white colors.

Dotty: She has a black and white fur pattern that suits her, and her eyes are perfect circles. Her catchphrase is ‘wee one’, which is pretty annoying, but I can forgive her for that, given her sweet appearance. Her favorite colors are black and blue, and her birthday is March 14th.

Gabi: She has this innocent look on her face that makes you just immediately trust her. Gabi has white fur, adorable pink freckles on her cheeks, and an orange crop of hair atop her head. Although all Peppy villagers dream of being celebrities, Gabi has a claim to fame in that she appears on the album cover for K.K. Lullaby.

Pippy: Pippy has cream-colored fur with blue hair and ears. Her facial features are oddly proportioned, with her nose and eyes being considerably higher than her mouth. Her birthday is June 14th, and her favorite colors are brown and green.

Ruby: This special Peppy rabbit is the only villager in the entire game to be an albino, a genetic condition that causes white skin/ fur and red eyes. It’s an aesthetic that splits opinions, and some people dislike her bright red eyes, whereas others find them cute. Her favorite styles are active and cute, and her birthday is on Christmas Day (December 25th).

Farm Animals


Patty: I expect the developers thought it was hilarious to call a cow villager ‘Patty’, like a burger patty. Her catchphrase is ‘how now’, which is fun because it relates to the phrase ‘how now, brown cow?’, and Patty herself is a brown cow. Her favorite colors are orange and red.


Freckles: Ducks in Animal Crossing can be one of the cutest villagers of all. Freckles do not fall into that cute category. Her eyes are so far apart she probably has an issue seeing directly in front of her. Her mismatched coloring makes her look ill, and overall it’s an atrocious design. Still, someone’s got to like her, so if you’re that person, she’ll be thrilled with cute and simple style gifts.

Ketchup: I love her so much! Ketchup was the first villager from my campsite who I invited to stay on my island, and she quickly became my favorite. Her beautiful red coloring works perfectly with her green hair and yellow beak and cheeks, and she’s designed to look like a tomato, hence her name. She has beautifully shaped eyes, and anything she wears looks adorable on her.

Pate: Another absolute cutie-pie, Pate’s name is somewhat terrifying in that it probably references the food duck paté, which seems like a very cruel joke on Nintendo’s part. Pate is a beautiful blue color, with small, sweet eyes. Her favorite colors are yellow and white, and her catchphrase is ‘quackle’.

Pompom: Her eyes wide as if in surprise, Pompom is undeniably adorable. She’s primarily white, apart from her orange hair, which sits neatly atop her head. Her catchphrase is ‘rah rah’, much like a cheerleader would say, which goes well with her name. Her main hobby is music, and her birthday is February 11th.


Victoria: This fine specimen of a villager has brown fur and a fantastic yellow blinker hood that she wears as default. Her tail and mane are a fiery orange color. Her main hobby is fitness, and her favorite colors are orange and yellow. Her birthday is July 11th.

Winnie: The last Peppy villager alphabetically, Winnie has brown fur and a white nose. She also has a distinctive yellow star in the middle of her forehead, a feature that is unique to her. Her catchphrase is a pun, ‘hay-OK’, with the familiar phrase changed slightly to make it horse-related. She has a preference for cool and simple styles, and her birthday is January 31st.


Peggy: She has a delightfully warm smile which makes up for her otherwise pretty bland design. Like Felicity, Peggy also has that undeniable ‘Karen haircut’, but unlike Felicity, it doesn’t bother me that much. Her eyes are large and friendly, and their blueness is probably the only thing that differentiates her from a real-life pig. In the Happy Home Paradise DLC, she requests a vacation room full of dolls.

Truffles: Have you ever seen the film Misery, where a crazy woman kidnaps her favorite author and forces him to write a book for her? Well, Truffles reminds me of that psychopathic lady. Her eyebrows are raised at an angle of anger, and when paired with her resolute smile and middle parting, it’s a quite frankly terrifying effect. She has pink skin, just like an ordinary pig would, and her birthday is July 28th.


Wendy – She has a fluffy blue fleece of wool that’s highlighted by a slightly lighter blue at the edges. She has a light brown face and yellow horns that swirl out from the side of her head. Wendy’s catchphrase is ‘lambkins’, which reminds me of a cuddly toy that I had as a kid, that I called Lambikins. Her favorite colors are green and red.

Other Animals


Anabelle: This vibrant yellow anteater has a preference for cute and simple styles. Her purple paws and ears look delightful, and she’s one of only seven anteaters in the entirety of Animal Crossing. Her birthday is February 16th, and her favorite colors are blue and green.

Pango: I know she’s peppy, but just looking at her face, I get the impression that she’s a little bit stuck-up. She has green skin with blue details (or the other way round, I guess it depends which way you look at it. It’s like the whole debacle about whether zebras have white or black skin). I like that her name is a reference to the pangolin, an anteater subspecies.


Pinky: Whilst there are many bears in the game, there are only two that resemble pandas, and Pinky is one of them. She has beautiful pink and white skin, and the two colors pair perfectly with each other. She was one of only very few villagers to appear on the cover of the very first Animal Crossing game, and she’s also on the album covers for Mr. K.K and K.K. Parade. You could argue that this makes her the most famous out of all the Peppy villagers.

Tutu: Tutu has a cute pink blush right below her eyes that makes her appear every bit as friendly as you’d expect from a Peppy villager. Her fur is white, and she’s based on a polar bear. Her main hobby is fashion, and her catchphrase is ‘twinkles’, which I think is just lovely. Her favorite colors are pink and red.


Bluebear: I’ve had Bluebear on my island for over a year now, and I’ve never once considered getting rid of her. She’s got beautiful blue fur, and even the items in her house are blue. Believe it or not, her favorite color is… Blue.

Cheri: Helping to prove that Peppy cubs are where it’s at, Cheri is every bit as beautiful as Bluebear is. She’s a gorgeous light red color, with bold and confident eyes. Her favorite colors are light blue and yellow, and her catchphrase is ‘tralala’.


Shino: Only introduced into the game on 4th November 2021, as part of the 2.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Shino quickly became a fan favorite. With a cream-colored face and bright red horns, many players are enamored by her beautiful looks. However, she also sparked controversy due to resembling a demon, and her birthday is on Halloween (October 31st), which furthers the supernatural connotations.


Chai: I will not be sad that I can’t have Chai on my island, as she’s only available if you buy her Sanrio card, and I don’t want to pay for a villager. She’s a beautiful light blue color and has a pink teacup balancing on her head. I genuinely think she has one of the best designs in the game, so if you can afford to buy her card, I’m sure it would be worth it.


Puddles: Considered a ‘dreamy’ by many players, Puddles is a particularly sought-after villager, and it’s easy to understand why. She’s a beautiful red and pink color, and her blue eyes are adorned with stunning eyelashes. Her main hobby is fashion, and her catchphrase is ‘splish’, just like the sound a frog would make when jumping into a pond.


Rilla: Just like with Chai, you can only invite Rilla to your island if you have the Sanrio card for her. However, unlike with Chai, that’s hardly a big loss. Rilla is horrifying to look at, and the only way she could ever get famous is as a circus freak. Her catchphrase is ‘hello’, which is pretty much the most boring phrase imaginable. Her favorite colors are red and blue.


Bubbles: I have an irrational and quite frankly undeserved hatred of Bubbles. It’s not her fault. She appeared at my campsite one day, and I invited her to stay because I wanted to get rid of Rolf, but honestly seeing her around my island annoyed me more with each passing day. She’s a boring brown color, and her haircut is ridiculous. Her favorite colors are pink and purple, so at least she has good taste.


Tammi: Our first and only Peppy monkey, Tammi is pretty average when it comes to looks. She has yellow skin with grey features, and although she isn’t ugly, she’s not stunningly beautiful either. I expect she’s one of those villagers who wins people over with her personality rather than being actively sought-after. Her main hobby is fashion.


Flora: You’d be forgiven for thinking that Flora was a flamingo; I thought the same thing until just now. But despite her pink coloring and white facial pattern, she’s technically an ostrich. Flora absolutely embodies the Peppy personality, and even just looking at her smiling face confirms how friendly she is. Her catchphrase is ‘pinky’, which makes sense given her distinct color.


Sprinkle: I recently had Sprinkle as a client on the Happy Home Paradise DLC, and I think she’s an absolute delight. She’s a beautiful teal and white color and has a fun swirl on top of her head to represent her hair. Her catchphrase is ‘frappe’, like the delicious cold drink. She has a preference for cute and elegant styles.


Agent S: This determined squirrel wears a helmet by default, and sort of resembles a stunt person. Some players have theorized that she could be Kid Cat’s sidekick, but it’s not confirmed. Her favorite colors are blue and black, and her birthday is July 2nd.

Nibbles: This teal and yellow squirrel should be beautiful, but there’s something about her wide eyes and toothy grin that make her look pretty terrifying. It’s like her eyes are staring deep into your soul, and I find it unnerving. Her favorite colors are red and yellow, and she has a preference for active and cute styles.

Peanut: Peanut is a lovely pale purple color, and has a blue triangle on her head. Her tail swirls are white and dark purple, which look pretty together. Impressively, she appears on the album cover for K.K. Rally. Her birthday is June 8th.


Bangle: You may struggle to find tigers cute, but Bangle will try her best to change your mind. With a penchant for cute and gorgeous styles, this brown tiger with yellow stripes is as friendly as you can get.

Bianca: This white tiger with dark grey stripes has beautiful blue eyes and an open expression on her face. She has a preference for cute style clothes, and her birthday is December 13th.


Audie: The only Peppy Wolf in the game, Audie has beautiful red fur with yellow hair and long eyelashes. She loves the colors green and white, and her favorite styles are active or cute.

Best Peppy Villager Merch

If you want to go the extra mile to show your love for the Peppy villagers, then why not get some merch of them? There is a whole range of merch items that you could get, depending on your personal preference. I’ve included plushies, apparel, decorative items, and then a few pieces of merch that didn’t fit into the other categories. I think the Maglevs in Love T-Shirt is particularly clever, as it references a movie that the Peppy villagers mention in their dialogue. I’m always impressed when people handmake plushies, so I’d certainly recommend the Rosie Crochet Plush Toy. I also think the Puddles Throw Pillow captures her essence.


Bella Handmade Plush Toy

Rosie Crochet Plush Toy

Bunnie Small Plush Toy

Patty Peppy Cow Villager Plush Toy

Wendy Crochet Plush Toy


Cheri Graphic T-Shirt

Maglevs in Love T-Shirt

Tangy Classic T-Shirt

Animal Crossing Ruby T-Shirt


Apple Animal Crossing Embroidery Hoop

Puddles Throw Pillow

Flora Hard Enamel Pin

Shino Throw Pillow

Pango Throw Pillow


Cute Animal Crossing Ketchup Stickers

Ketchup Double Sided Acrylic Keychain

Sprinkle of Snow Notepad

Polymer Clay Cookie Pendant


I hope this article has given you some insight into the wonderful Peppy personality. I honestly think that Peppy villagers add so much to the game of Animal Crossing, and my island wouldn’t be the same without them. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of which villagers you might want on your own island, and how to pick ones that will fit well together. Maybe you’ll even end up buying merch of them!


Question: How Many Peppy Villagers Are There?

Answer: In total, there are 66 Peppy villagers across the Animal Crossing series, but only 53 of those appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Interestingly, there are also exactly 66 Cranky villagers, so you have an equal chance of getting a Peppy or Cranky Villager. Peppy is neither common nor uncommon, falling in the middle of the pack in terms of the number of villagers.

Question: Why Do You Only Get Female Peppy Villagers?

Answer: For whatever reason, Nintendo decided to make Peppy an exclusive personality for female villagers. The male equivalent would be Jock (the most common personality type), as they’re also friendly and high-energy. All of the personalities are split by gender, and the female personalities are Peppy, Normal, Sisterly (also called Uchi), and Snooty.

Question: Who are the Best Peppy Villagers?

Answer: Well, of course, this question comes to personal preference. Having said that, some villagers seem to be more desired by the fanbase; for example, Shino has been hugely popular since she was added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. My favorites are Ketchup, Cookie, and Bluebear, but I know that many people also really like Cheri and Puddles.

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