Animal Crossing Special Characters Guide

The world of Animal Crossing games has captured the heart of many. Nintendo likes to take its time creating new editions. Loyal players can happily spend years on a single Animal Crossing title. As a sandbox game, you can keep crafting new things, decorating, and endlessly finding new villagers and characters to interact with. Animal Crossing isn’t for a specific age or gender. All sorts of users dive into its charm. The games are relaxing and available for multiple Nintendo consoles and one app. As the games do not have any strict plot, you can pick up any of the titles as all are beginner-friendly with their guides. You are sure to slowly discover what the hype is all about.

Bottom Line Up Front

Special characters are animals that play unique roles in the Animal Crossing series. They do not act like regular villagers and add a lot of flavor to your adventure!

Animal Crossing Games

Animal Crossing is a game where you start as a human villager (and the only non-animal one) moving into the new town, city, or island! Usually, in the earlier games, you would run around doing errands for the animal villagers and improving the area to your standards. As the games went on, more tasks were added. Among these are being the mayor in New Leaf or the representative to an island in New Horizons.

Doubutsu no Mori

Animal Crossing Special Characters Guide

The legend that started it all. It was only released in Japan and later in China, but it changed the industry. It was one of the last games ever released for Nintendo 64. Many forget that this was the first Animal Crossing title as it was never released in the US, EU, or any other market. Activities included fishing, picking up fruit, or decorating your own home. You could also help other villagers with their daily tasks. It was advertised as a family and friends game, as it held no fights and no crowds of people.

Animal Crossing

The one that most held first in their hands in the west. This was the first available to most Animal Crossing. Its console of choice was the Nintendo GameCube. This was not the most successful console Nintendo ever made, but Animal Crossing sure made its mark here. Like the first game, the player is a human who sets out to live with animals in a forest. The first two titles have many similarities and only a few new characters. It introduced the card system so you could scan a villager’s card and invite them to your island.

Doubutsu no Mori e+

The third installment was more of a sequel for the Japanese game market with all the new additions from Animal Crossing. This title was exclusive to the Japanese market. It added new features and characters that were introduced in the international version. It was also a GameCube exclusive. Dobutsu no Mori e+ followed the card system introduced in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Nintendo moved to handheld consoles, and Animal Crossing: Wild World was the series’ pioneer in that aspect. It was released for the Nintendo DS. Now it was no longer a single-player game. You could connect to the internet and visit your friends by trading codes to see how they were doing in their town.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Unlike its lovely predecessors, Animal Crossing: City Folk added a city. As a Nintendo Wii title, online play was a lot easier than before. The city housed special characters with their stores. You could shop there until 9 PM local time.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Like the previous Animal Crossing games, New Leaf is all about collecting, selling fruit, catching fish, decorating your home, and meeting different animal villagers. But this one comes with a twist: you are the mayor now! You arrive in the new town as the long-awaited mayor, but still in debt to Tom Nook. New Leaf was released for the Nintendo 3DS and is still loved and played by many.

Expansion packs are available: Happy Home Designer, Welcome Amiibo, and Amiibo festival.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

While New Horizons was under development, an app for iOS and Android was created to manage the anticipation and attract new users to the franchise. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp runs a similar style of doing errands, but you are in charge of a camp and its appearance. Tom Nook does not ask you to pay him this time around, which is a good touch.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The latest title in the successful cute series. Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers the player a lifetime getaway to an uninhabited island. The catch is you have to arrange its terrain, decorate, build bridges and still be in debt for Tom Nook even after everything is done. It contains plenty of classic and new special characters. Since its release in March 2020, it has become the best-selling Animal Crossing title to date!

Expansions: Happy Home Paradise

Special Characters

There are a lot of characters to love, hate and interact with throughout the entire series. Some come and go, while others are present in every game. You cannot invite these to live in your place most of the time. Notable exceptions are Happy Home Paradise for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Below are event runners, NPCs, and fun animals to interact with. You can also buy Amiibo cards to get these great friends!

From A-Z:


Beppe is a bird that is only seen in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. He lives together with his brothers, Giovanni and Carlo. They all own OK Motors, a camping revamping store. Beppe is in charge of painting your camper in different designs and colors.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Blanca is a cat character in most Animal Crossing games besides the first installment and Pocket Camp. Blanca showed up in the multiplayer areas initially. Thanks to her canvas face, players could draw on it. Starting in New Leaf, she became the hostess of April Fools Day. In New Horizons, she can only come to the Roost through Amiibo cars and tell you her stories.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Blathers is a popular owl character in the franchise as he curates the games’ museums. In Pocket Camp, he embarks on adventures to get you treasures with maps that you may find during the game. He has been present in every game since Animal Crossing. He is scared of bugs and looking forward to your donations. This is a big step if you want to complete all of the possible objectives of the game.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Booker started in charge of the Lost and Found. In New Horizons, he may only be invited through his Amiibo card. He is present in all games besides Pocket Camp. Booker is a dog who works in the Police office and works alongside Cooper, who he will always bring as a guest to the Roost.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This beloved pigeon NPC was highly requested to be added to New Horizons. He arrived as the star of the last big update with his café, The Roost, located in the island’s museum. Brewster first appeared in Wild World and has shown up ever since. His role is the same, serving coffee for 200 bells to players and villagers.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

C.J. is the cool-looking beaver who made his first splash in New Horizons by hosting different fishing challenges and tourneys in the nearly same manner that Chip did previously. He claims that his old man Chip taught him the ropes of fishing. C.J. lives with his partner Flick, the bug enthusiast of New Horizons. Unlike his dad, he keeps the fish for his live streams to please his followers.


One of the OK Motor workers in Pocket Camp, the only title he is present in. Carlo is not very talkative and is in charge of trading caps for different items in-game such as crafting materials, clothing, and furniture.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The cutest owl in the game is Celeste. She shares her knowledge of astrology and passion for the stars. Celeste is Blathers’ sister who worked in the museum before New Horizons. She first appeared in Animal Crossing: Wild World. In New Horizons, she walks around the island and gives out star fragments or recipes to learn.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This cheeky beaver has shown up in every game besides Wild World. While Chip only appears in the latest updates of Pocket Camp and New Horizons, he is still very well-loved and can be invited to the Roost to drink coffee. He is very passionate about fish and the tourneys, as he can then collect the fish and eat them to his delight.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This dog is a police officer in Animal Crossing and New Leaf. He works as a guard in Wild World and City Folk. He works alongside his pal Booker in all games besides New Leaf and New Horizons, where you can invite him to The Roost along with the cop buddy.


It is implied that Cornimer and Tortimer are the same characters. In Wild World, there are several references that he is just Tortimer in disguise as they are never seen together. He is all about giving acorns and things related to them. His role is to overlook storage in New Horizons. Cornimer also runs a festival in the fall.


This blue alpaca first showed up in New Leaf as he was the seller in the Re-Tail store selling secondhand items. His other role was customizing furniture, which he also does in the latest big update in New Horizons. Cyrus takes part in an optional where he and his wife Reese want to recreate wedding photos in Photopia. This is on Harvey’s island. In Pocket Camp, he crafts furniture in exchange for materials.

Daisy Mae

Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This little boar sells turnips, just like her grandmother Joan once did in the previews games before New Horizons. Her turnips are said to be grown by Joan. Daisy Mae shows up every Sunday on the island to sell them, understanding that most do not eat them. Turnips are a stock market analogy in Animal Crossing. In the Roost, she gets a cookie from Brewster as she is too young for coffee. Interestingly, Timmy and Tommy get a cup already, as they need caffeine to keep up with the customers.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This dog is the twin brother of Isabelle, but he is not as present as his sister. He shows up from New Leaf onwards. Digby plays a role in the Happy Home Academy with Lyle and Lottie. They all judge homes or paradise getaways.


The alter-ego of the shy KK Slider, DJ KK is all about electro music and spinning turntables. Nobody knows what made KK Slider start a DJ career, but it could be a trick to avoid rabid fans. All we do is listen to KK Slider music anyway, so why not spice it up? He wears glasses to not be recognized, sometimes adding a t-shirt and an orange beanie.

Don Resetti

Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Also known as Don, this mole character works for the Resetti Surveillance center with his older brother Mr. Resetti. Their job is to stop anyone who tries to time travel, which is considered cheating in the Animal Crossing games. Don is far softer than his brother. He shows up from Animal Crossing onwards except for Wild World.

Doctor Shrunk

Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This giddy axolotl shows up from Wild World onwards except for Pocket Camp. He has a different role in New Horizons. In his earliest appearances, he would let the player learn emotions based on the jokes he tells. Dr. Shrunk was added in the final big update in New Horizons. You can invite him to The Roost for nostalgia.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Farley belongs to an unknown species in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu No Mori+. He visits when the player maintains a perfect ranking for 15 consecutive days. Farley will show up in front of the wishing well and give the player a golden ax. He is one of the two characters who have a distinctly unique voice.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The bug-loving chameleon is first introduced in New Horizons alongside his partner C.J. with whom he lives together. Unlike his father Nat, he does not see bugs as food. Flick is fascinated by them and even makes collectibles out of them if you ask him to. As C.J.’s partner, he also makes commissions for the fish models. Flick first showed up in New Horizons and is in charge of the Bug-Off seasonal tournaments.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This thanksgiving turkey shows up on the November holiday. It was known as the Harvest Festival in the earlier installments of the series, while in New Horizons he shows up to celebrate Turkey Day. You are supposed to bring him dishes and ingredients to help him cook now. Previously you would gift silverware in exchange for furniture. He shows up from Animal Crossing forwards just missing Wild World.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This lizard only shows up in City Folk, rarely replacing Dr. Shrunk to hand out different emotions to express throughout the game. He is one of the few characters that do not show up in New Horizons, even for The Roost, although he may be mentioned in conversation by the other animals.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The leader of the bird squad of OK Motors. He only shows up in Pocket Camp. Giovanni inherited his business from his father. He customizes the inside of the camper van and can expand it.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Gracie is a fashionable giraffe who designs her clothing, available exclusively to the player. In the Japanese versions of the game, Gracie is male. Gracie is one of the earliest special characters. She has shown up in every title of the Animal Crossing franchise. Before City Folk, Gracie would visit your town to give out items. In City Folk and New Leaf, she opens her store called GracieGrace, where you can also buy furniture.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Grams is the elderly mother of Kapp´n mother. She shows up from New Leaf onwards. Leilani is her daughter-in-law, while Leila is her beloved granddaughter.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This cheeky pirate captain made a splash of questions when he first arrived. He is similar to Gulliver but dressed in different pirate clothes instead of the sailor uniform. Gullivarrr shows up in the same way as Gulliver. He is unconscious on the beach and asks for help once you approach him.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The sailor seagull washes ashore and could have an alter-ego known as Gullivarrr! He seems to always have shipwreck troubles. Gulliver does not know which direction he should be heading in. If you help, he always gifts furniture as thanks. He has shown up in every Animal Crossing game.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Unsure about which haircut to give to your player? No need to worry! After a few questions, this pink poodle will give the haircut she feels fits better. She appears from Wild World onwards. Harriet works in different locations such as the Nookington’s or her store or just beside the fire on Harvey’s island in New Horizons.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This hippy dog is a recent addition to the Animal Crossing franchise, but he is already a fan favorite. He shows up in the campground as his big debut for Welcome Amiibo in New Leaf. In New Horizons, Harvey has his island where you can access Photopia and other features from expansions.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

An interesting fact is that Isabelle, probably the most beloved character in the franchise, first showed her cute face in New Leaf. She has played crucial roles in the franchise ever since. Isabelle helps around the town or island and keeps everything together. She is also the franchise representative in other Nintendo games such as Smash Bros or Mario Kart. She’s just too adorable to pass on!


Image from Animal Crossing wiki

Another seasonal character whose head and identity are hidden… or maybe he is a pumpkin head after all? Jack seems to trigger fear in the villagers. They always hand him out candy, which is beneficial if you disguise yourself as him with his pumpkin head. Jack is the czar of Halloween, in his own words. He is present in every game besides Wild World.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Jingle does all the Christmas business in the Animal Crossing world. This deer sure spreads the cheer! He will ask you to help him a bit. As a reward, you can take on the honorable task of handing out gifts for your beloved villagers. He is not present in Wild World.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The original stock market seller in Animal Crossing, with her domestic turnips. Joan has been selling her turnips for over 60 years, every Sunday.

KK Slider

Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The stage name of Totakeke. KK Slider is the chart-topping musician in Animal Crossing and one of the most famous characters in the series. His career spans over 107 songs you can listen to in the game. He has shown up in every Animal Crossing title. His appearance is likely based on a white Jack Rusell Terrier.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

She is mainly known as the mother of the cat Katie. Kaitlin shows up once you open your town to the internet. She will show up to check up on you, but only in Wild World and City Folk.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This character is based on Japanese folklore yet takes the appearance of a turtle. Kapp’n is often seen singing sea shanties when giving you a ride on his trusty old and rusty boat. He shows up from Animal Crossing onwards with the same jolly role of taking you to different locations.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This cheeky cat will show up randomly looking for her mother, Kaitlin. She shows up from Wild World onwards. As some of the games are older, Katie might be unavailable as the internet connection services are shut down.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The fortune-telling Panther is ready to give you your future in exchange for your bells. Nothing is for free! She appears in every game and predicts which villager will arrive next, how a present villager feels about it, or simply what your fortune is.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Kicks are the shoe-selling skunk. He shows up from City Folk onwards to sell the player some shoes of all kinds. He would polish the player’s shoes in City Folk but upgraded to selling in stores or showing up with a pop-up shop in the central plaza in New Horizons.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

One of the Able Sisters, Label is a designer in the Animal Crossing universe. She was once involved with Tom Nook before they went their separate ways. Label starts as a clothing store assistant in City Folk. She later becomes a designer and makes sporadic appearances in New Horizons.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The plant-lover cute sloth has been running around collecting weeds, selling seeds, and running gardening shops. Leif’s first appearance was in New Leaf.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Kapp’n and Leilani’s only daughter is always happy to see you from New Leaf onwards. She first shows up on Tortimer Island. Leilani will ask to play supermarket with the player. In New Horizons, she will show up with the rest of her family to the Roost if any are invited.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Leilani first shows up in New Leaf on Tortimer Island. In New Horizons, she may be called to the Roost with the rest of the turtle family. She stands at the reception desk in New Leaf.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Previously known as Gyroid or Gyroids. When they appear to collect funds in New Horizon, they are all called Lloyd. He shows up in every title besides Wild World.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The pink otter first made her splash in the New Leaf extension Welcome Amiibo and has remained in the game ever since. She constantly improves homes for players and villagers as part of Nook’s Homes to Paradise Planning to Happy Homeroom in Pocket Camp.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This dreamy tapir made her debut in New Leaf. She lets players travel to other islands through Wi-Fi without damaging anything. You can also get an Amiibo card and talk to her in the Roost.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This glasses-wearing otter is deeply rooted in the Happy Home Academy and earlier on with insurance. His first appearance in Wild World was a bit shady, spawning theories about his origins. There is no reason not to trust him!


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Mabel runs Able Sisters together with her sister Sable. This hedgehog-owned clothing shop has been present in the franchise since Animal Crossing. She takes on the charismatic role of selling clothes and looking after the shop. She also has a third sister, Label.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Nat is Flick’s father. They have a different approach to the Bug-Off and bugs. Nat prefers to eat them, which gives way to many conflicts between him and his son. He has shown up in the game since City Folk and has been there ever since.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This cheeky grey langur shows up only in Pocket Camp but was first introduced to New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC. He works to help you plan paradise housing for your villagers and not only! If you choose to design a home for him, Lottie will take his place of service.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Orville dodo is in charge of the airport in New Horizons. He takes on deliveries and sales of postcards made by three different animals. Lots of work for this dodo! He is named after Orville Wright, one of the Wright Brothers.


The player’s actual parents are present in the Animal Crossing series, but they only communicate through letters. Sometimes the mom will write more like in New Horizons, but the dads get the spotlight in New Leaf. They send gifts to the player as a reminder that they are missed and loved.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Pascal, the otter, made his debut back in Wild World. He is seen giving advice, which is a nod to being named after a philosopher. If you complete his requests, he will gift you a piece of furniture. Pascal loves to lay some hard truths on you.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This eccentric peacock first showed up in City Folk, partying and dancing all the way. Pavé speaks about himself in the third person and is quite the diva. He appears to celebrate Festivale with the villagers and players.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

She is the pelican in charge of the post office during the day throughout the entire series until New Horizons, when the dodos took over. Pelly would also announce events. Her only role in New Horizons is to be invited to The Roost, where she discusses her life over a cup of well-brewed coffee.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Pete is a pelican in charge of the post before New Horizons. The island getaway shuffled many jobs, but he can still be called to the Roost for a get-together.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This fur seal shows up first in City Folk. His mission is to bring joy to children and give items to the player, usually furniture. In New Leaf, he makes hangout badges.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This pelican usually takes the night shift in the post office or the town hall. Unlike the other pelicans, she is always cranky about her job.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Porter is a monkey who runs the train station in all the games where there is one. He does not show up in Wild World or City Folk. Little is known about him, but he has a monkey brother who is a train engineer.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Our favorite cousin! Redd is a fox with a history of scheming. He is known to be at odds with Tom Nook and is the closest you have to an antagonist in the game. He sells many things you cannot find elsewhere, but with a significant markup. This sly fox has been in every game trying to get your bells.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

One of the few married animals in Animal Crossing, this pink alpaca is married to the blue alpaca Cyrus. She has worked in Re-Tail and shows up for the Wedding Event in June with her partner. She has been in Animal Crossing since New Leaf.

Mister Resetti

Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This mole appears every time you try to reset/restart the game. Mr. Resetti has quite a temper and keeps count of how many times you have attempted to sneak past him. In New Horizons, he confesses that he should be softer on players.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This cat had the role of setting the player up, as you would travel together on the train. As the games progressed, his roles changed. Rover shows up in the May Day event in New Horizons. He is always lovely and happy to see the player, like a trusty old friend.


Image from Animal Crossing wiki

Not only one hedgehog is not immune to the charms of Tom Nook. Sable had feelings for the raccoon, but it is never confirmed whether Tom Nook felt the same way. Sable has shown up in every single game since Animal Crossing, sewing patterns and clothes ever since.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The cute camel in charge of selling flooring, wallpaper, and rugs is Saharah. She has shown up in all the games. In some of them, Saharah is seen as male and in others as female.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This cutie shows up in City Folk only. Serena is the goddess dog and appears in front of the fountain to give the silver and golden ax.


The squad of snow folk appears in every game of Animal Crossing, but Snowboy shows up in all of them, unlike the other members. He is built by the player. When properly put together, Snowboy hands out winter-related items.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This lady of snow only shows up in New Leaf. Once built, she will ask for snowflakes in exchange for an item. She is the second largest of the Snowfolk in the games.


This snowfolk only shows up in New Leaf. He is the largest of the snowfolk species. Once Snowman has been built, the player will receive winter-related items until he melts. As with other snowfolk, he lasts three days.


This snowy fella wants to see his snowfolk family in New Leaf. He is the smallest of the species. Snowtyke will mail the player his gift once he is built, but only after the rest of his family is done.

Timmy & Tommy

Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Also known as Timothy Nook and Thomas Nook, these nooklings were adopted by Tom Nook. They work for Tom Nook and have shown up in every Animal Crossing game. There is no concrete evidence on which of the raccoon twins is older. They are so alike that even Tom Nook confuses who is who at times.

Tom Nook

Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The much-loved, bells-hungry, cute raccoon Tom Nook needs no introduction. His tired face is plastered across the marches. Tom Nook is responsible for loans the player can take, some of which may feel eternal. Players always celebrate being out of debt, and Nook gets that! He has been in Animal Crossing forever, and there are no plans to change this. After all, there are always bills to pay.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

In the earlier games, Tortimer is the old tortoise who is also the acting mayor. After New Leaf, where the player becomes the mayor, he retired and moved to Tortimer Island where he works as a guide. In New Horizons, he lets the player access his storage. Tortimer can be invited to The Roost.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The reserved manatee is exclusive to the Happy Home Paradise DLC. He is a very new character. Wardell prefers for others to talk as he is shy. He works for Paradise Planning, which is the service that designs paradise homes for villagers.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

This artistic walrus has shown up in every game besides Pocket Camp. A painter with a hungry nature, he is a reference to the starving artist trope. Wendell has a different role in each game. These vary from visiting dreamlands to selling wallpaper or just being an artist.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The aviator sunglasses-wearing dodo has a reason to wear them, as he is the only pilot in New Horizons. He takes the player to Harv’s Island, mystery islands, events, and lets you visit your friends. He is a new character to New Horizons and has a lot of love from the community.


Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Wisp is a cheeky ghost that gets spooked easily in New Horizons. He has appeared in the games before, except for Wild World and New Leaf. He is always there to ask you to complete a task and later reward you for it.

Zipper T. Bunny

Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

One of the feared bunnies by the Animal Crossing community due to its costume. Zipper claims that this is not a costume despite his back having a zipper. This bunny is all about Easter and celebrating it! He has been in the game since City Folk. Nobody knows who is behind the costume.


Question: How do you get Special Characters in Animal Crossing?

Answer: You get introduced to special characters in Animal Crossing from the get-go. They can be Tom Nook selling an island getaway or Rover telling you how to play the game on the train. As you progress through the game, get DLCs and unlock more things, you will come across more special characters as well.

Question: Who is the Rarest Special Character in Animal Crossing?

Answer: In my opinion, it would be Serena. She only shows up in City Folk to give you a silver or golden ax if one is thrown into the fountain. Plenty of other characters only show up once and are either forgotten or dearly missed.

Question: What are the Special Characters in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Special characters are the animals that do not become villagers. They show up for different reasons. These include giving out tasks, sending mail, or mingling for a little while.

Question: How Many Special Characters are There in New Horizons?

Answer: There are 36 special characters in New Horizons, plus 3 in the DLC.

Question: Does Celeste Come Every Week?

Answer: There is no schedule for Celeste to appear. She requires a clear night sky and will at least show up once a month, although some lucky fellas have seen her multiple times a week!

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of characters that come and go, but they stay forever in our hearts and are very memorable. You can always find some that strike a chord and leave a pleasant smile. Animal Crossing is the cutest game out there to me, and both villagers and special characters stand as proof.

I always love Tom Nook, even though I do not want to owe him any more bells for a lifetime. The dodo brothers are also lovely. Regardless of who you bump into, you are in for a fun time. There are plenty to choose from as your favorite!

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