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Cherry is an edgy, gothic dog villager who was added to the Animal Crossing world in New Leaf. She quickly rose in popularity due to her unique style and loving personality. There aren’t too many goth types in Animal Crossing; most villagers have a very cheery look. However, Cherry is one of few who embraces the color black, wears edgy tees, and has a good bit of makeup on (her gorgeous lashes are fake; they are placed over her eyes rather than on them).

I love Cherry, and she is a staple at my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp campsite. I have not had the opportunity to add her to my island in New Horizons, but if she were to visit, I would try to get her to stay for good. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Animal Type: Dog

Personality Type: Sisterly

First Game: Animal Crossing New Leaf

Birthday: May 11th

Favorite Colors: Black and purple

Favorite Style: Cool and elegant

Cherry Animal Crossing


Cherry is one of my favorite villagers, purely based on appearance. I am obsessed with her chic gothic style! Cherry likely gets her name from her coloring; most of her face is a dark red cherry color. The bottom half of her body is black and she has black accents on her paws, ears, and one black patch of fur on her left eye.

Cherry’s mouth is in an asymmetrical position; she is always showing her relaxed attitude with a smirk! Her nose is purple, which I think looks odd against the cherry red of the rest of her face. She has two white stripes on the bottom of her left ear. 

One aspect of Cherry’s character design that I love is her fake eyelashes. There are a few villagers with long lashes, but Cherry is the only one with clearly fake lashes! Cherry’s upper lashes are placed significantly above her actual eyes, which give them the appearance of those thick, fake lashes that people with heavy makeup often wear.

I think that Cherry’s character design would have been taken to the next level if the developers had enhanced this look even more by giving Cherry a dark, smokey eye look, or by giving her a thicker black lipline. Cherry’s mouth is just a line, she does not have any lips. However, the mouth line is black, so I like to pretend Cherry is rocking a dark black lipstick. 

Cherry’s original outfit in both New Horizons and New Leaf is the spider-web tee. This shirt is perfect for her! The black base of the tee emphasizes her deep cherry fur and her black fur accents, while the white chaotic lines highlight the stripes in her ears and the asymmetrical nature of her face.

When it rains, you can find Cherry carrying the matching spider-web umbrella in New Horizons; in New Leaf, she shows off her elegant umbrella. I prefer Cherry with the spider-web umbrella, however, the elegant umbrella does match her skin tone well and it brings complementary colors to her fur with its black and white accents. 

cherry villager
Image source: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki


Cherry’s personality is unique; she has the sisterly personality. Sisterly villagers are the least common of all personality types; there are only 26 total sisterly villagers in New Horizons. The sisterly personality is occasionally called the “big sister” personality. Sisterly villagers act as the player’s older sister or mother.

They are caretakers, which means that they will do certain things for the player that other villagers won’t. For example, if you are stung by bees and get that puffy eye, sisterly villagers will immediately give you medicine! Sometimes snooty villagers will also get you medicine when you are stung, but only if you have a very high friendship level. 

While sisterly villagers can be loving and will act as the town’s caretakers, they are also highly blunt. Sisterly villagers will tell it like it is, and they will not pull punches when it comes to criticism. The straightforward nature of sisterly villagers can often come across as rude, but they don’t mean it that way! Sisterly villagers have a unique way of speaking. Sisterly villagers are much more casual in their speech; they drop the g’s off of the “ing” words, they call the player “dude” often, and they will occasionally use slang. 

Sisterly villagers are meant to be the most tomboy female villagers. All sisterly villagers are female, but sometimes other villagers will refer to them with he/him pronouns. Nintendo has not made an official statement as to why this happens, whether it is intentional or a bug in the code. Either way, it is interesting to consider the androgyny of some of the sisterly villagers. Certain sisterly villagers are more feminine, the most feminine being Agnes (a pig). 

Sisterly villagers get along with almost all other types of villagers; they may clash with snooty and smug villagers at first, but their caring nature will overcome the personality difference in the long run. Sisterly villagers are meant to be “older” than other villagers, similar to cranky villagers. Sisterly villagers will mention stories from their youth or befriending the neighbor’s kids. 

Cherry is unique among the sisterly villagers because of her gothic style. Cherry does imitate goth personalities; she is oftentimes too cool to care. Cherry sometimes will act like she is above a situation, or as if something doesn’t bother her (when in reality, it does). Cherry’s catchphrase is “what what”, which stresses her laid-back, cool personality.

Cherry is slightly more feminine than other sisterly villagers, although not quite as feminine as Agnes. Cherry is the perfect blend of sweet, sisterly caretaker, with the cool laid back, looks-focused attitude of a snooty villager. 

cherry animal crossing

Why You Should Bring Cherry to Your Island

Cherry is a great addition to any island! She will bring edgy style and her big caretaker heart, enhancing both the look and feel of your little piece of utopia. Cherry is great for themed islands, she fits in sisterly islands, dog islands, and “dark” style villager islands.

Cherry gets along well with most other personality types, so she won’t be a troublemaker on your island. She is easy to shop for since she has two favorite colors and two favorite styles! The Able sisters almost always have something in stock for this fierce gothic pup. 

Cherry also has a fantastic personality. As a sisterly villager, she will do her best to look after you, the player, as well as the island. She always does her best to act in a loving and nurturing manner; even through her super cool, hard exterior. Cherry is easy to become friends with, as most sisterly villagers are.

Sisterly villagers stay up very late at night; they are awake until 3 in the morning! For a late-night player like myself, it is essential to have at least one sisterly villager on my island so I always have someone to interact with. 

If you are a fan of goth or pink vibes, Cherry is the perfect villager for you. I am obsessed with this style, most of my closet is black. Seeing my style reflected in an Animal Crossing villager is cool, and it makes me feel closer to Cherry since we share similar wardrobes. Cherry is a very popular villager because she is one of the only characters in Animal Crossing to embody this punk style.

There are a few others, but none that do it as well as Cherry. Cherry doesn’t often show up on the top of tier lists for Animal Crossing characters, but she is solidly in the middle, and many critics believe that Cherry is significantly more popular than the tier lists give her credit for. 

cherry the dog animal crossing

Home Appearance

Cherry is one of very few Animal Crossing characters who has a better home design in New Leaf than in New Horizons. Most homes in New Horizons were improved because they had a cluttered, chaotic look in New Leaf; however, Cherry’s home was so well put together that the changes made in New Horizons decreased the aesthetic value of her home. 

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, Cherry’s home had the perfect color combination; black, white, and red! These colors are my favorite when it comes to interior design; if I could have my house look like Cherry’s home from New Leaf, I would be thrilled. She has mostly pieces from the sleek series; the bed, dresser, stereo, table, and clock. She has red accents throughout her home, the largest pieces being the simple loveseat and simple chair which are placed in the center of her floorplan.

She also has the snowboard and the simple kettle, the former against the back wall, and the latter on the sleek table against the right wall. Cherry has the stripe all, which has a super cool chic vibe; chaotic asymmetrical lines running throughout in black and white. She has the modern tile floor. Technically the modern tile floor is navy blue, however, with the lighting in Cherry’s home, it looks black. 

house tour cherry villager

In New Horizons, Cherry no longer has the punk rock, sleek look that her New Leaf home embodied. Oddly, most of her furniture in New Horizons is flower-themed. Her furniture is still in black, white, and red, but it is scattered and it doesn’t have the same feng shui that it had before. Her largest piece is the rose bed in red, which sits in the very right corner of the room.

The rose bed itself is a beautiful piece of furniture; one of my favorite home designs is Agnes’s home which features the rose bed in black, in the center of her room. However, it is strikingly bold in bright red; the massive size of this piece of furniture makes the neon red overwhelming in Cherry’s home.

Cherry also has two mum cushions, one in red and one in white. The only piece of furniture that I like in Cherry’s home is the whirlpool bath in black, but it still doesn’t match her punk vibe. Additionally, sitting right next to the whirlpool bath is a staunch white beach towel. This towel looks as if it is simply strewn on the floor and forgotten about. It makes Cherry’s home look cheap and dirty. 

The only aspect of Cherry’s home in New Horizons that is an improvement is the exterior. If I could switch put the interior of her New Leaf home with the exterior of her New Horizons house, Cherry would have the perfect place! The exterior in New Horizons is black, with a bright red roof and white panel siding.

In New Leaf, her home looks like a tiny little box, with a pale red exterior and a flat black roof. The exterior of Cherry’s home is another benefit to having her on your island! This house looks fantastic in a “city” setting. The colors and the design are so chic; that it stands out as one of the best home exteriors in the game. 

cherry's house

Best Gifts for Cherry

Cherry is easy to shop for, especially as someone who loves black clothes. I buy almost every single black item that I see in the Able sisters’ shop; often I will buy items twice because I forget I already own something that I find super stylish! While Cherry will enjoy any gift that comes in black or purple, her preferred styles are cool and elegant. 

Some of the best clothing items for Cherry are the biker jacket, visual-punk outfit, long pleather coat, pleather trench coat, and the visual-punk dress. The visual-punk dress is my go-to outfit for my Animal Crossing character, so it would be super fun for me to match with the edgiest punk/goth islander there is!

I think that Cherry looks best in black, but, if you prefer to see her in purple there are a few items that would work for her; any of the Label items in purple, the after school jacket, the desert princess outfit, or the elegant dress all match her style and color recommendations. 

If you are looking for headwear or eyewear to gift Cherry some options are; the fedora, round frame glasses, tiny shades, round shades, or the wide-brim straw hat in black. I don’t like to give Cherry head and eyewear because I think her character design, particularly her ears and eyes, is so fantastic that I wouldn’t want to cover it up! 

I love to give Cherry some fun, punk outfits in black, however, my preference is to gift her furniture since her home is awful. Over time, you could redesign her home entirely by giving her items that she wants to see in her house! Some great punk/goth options for Cherry are; the skeleton, the folding floor lamp, fortune-telling set, wooden chairs in black, iron table, birdcage in black, the elegant bed, elegant chair, or, my absolute favorite item for Cherry, the zen-style stone. 

Cherry in Pocket Camp

Cherry is one of only 40 villagers who has been in Pocket Camp since its release in 2017. I added Cherry to my campsite relatively early on, as my secondary preferred theme for my campsite was “cool”. Originally, I had invested in “cute” furniture and amenities more than any other style.

However, after playing for a bit, I realized that the “cool” style was much more to my taste. I acquired most of the sleek set quickly, as well as the simple love seat; all items which are on the list of required furniture to bring Cherry to your campsite. I was able to craft the electric guitar and the Bromeliaceae with ease. Cherry has been at my campsite ever since! 

One of my favorite things about Cherry in Pocket Camp is her special furniture that the player unlocks at friendship level ten. Her special item is the sports car! It’s a full-sized car that you can craft and show off at your campsite. Unfortunately, you can’t drive it around, but it looks cool sitting at your site. The car is bright red, with a smooth leather interior, and, it is a convertible that is shown with the top down! 

Cherry mainly gives steel as a reward for completing quests. She wears her spider-web tee, although I changed her into the biker jacket at my campsite, and she has her same catchphrase, “what what.” At friendship level twenty you will unlock Cherry’s picture, which comes in a grey frame. 

cherry pocket camp

Cherry’s Amiibo Card

Cherry’s Amiibo card is not one of my favorites. It has a dark, forest green background which looks terrible with the colors on Cherry’s fur and clothes! I think a lighter color would have highlighted Cherry better, and enhanced the overall appearance of the card. I may be biased, as green is definitely not one of my favorite colors, but it does clash with Cherry’s color scheme. 

Cherry is posed with her face to the camera; she would have looked better at a three-quarters angle. Cherry’s asymmetrical mouth is one of the things that makes her unique, but it can look strange when you see it straight on. It isn’t too often in the game that you will be looking at Cherry straight on for a prolonged period of time; the animals all move around quite a bit. However, in a static image that shows Cherry’s face forward, it doesn’t look great.

Cherry’s left paw is under her chin, and it almost looks attached. The way the ombre pink to black works in her arm makes it look as if there is shading underneath her chin, and that there is a strange tube-like limb coming out from her neck. The only thing about Cherry’s pose that I like is her legs; they are crossed over, giving the picture a bit of movement. 

Considering how cool Cherry is, I think that the designers of her card did her a huge disservice. Cherry could have rocked the picture on her Amiibo card, but unfortunately, it fell flat. Her hand sign is paper and her dice value is six. She is number 077. 

cherry amiibo card
Image source: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki

Cherry Merchandise

Cherry is a popular villager with a unique style, so naturally, there is a lot of fantastic merch of her! Fortunately, for any Cherry fan, there are tons of different art styles and products to choose from when it comes to buying an item that represents your love for this pretty punk pup. I’ve found some great items that highlight three interesting art styles and the most commonly bought merch for video games. 

This Cherry phone case is one of my favorite pieces of merch I have ever come across. The art style is so unique! Most Animal Crossing drawings are either in the Animal Crossing style or in a chibi anime-esque style. However, this realistic depiction of Cherry as a “golden” retriever is absolutely incredible. The artist is able to capture Cherry’s essence while still showing exactly what she would look like if she were to exist in our world.

Cherry iPhone Case

I also love that the artist turned Cherry’s ear stripes into punk rock earrings! It gives Cherry a bit more flair than she would normally have. This phone case in particular is $23.10, and the design also comes as a sticker for much less money. I would also recommend checking out the artist’s other designs! They have made cases and stickers for a ton of different Animal Crossing characters, all in a realistic style. If I could afford to, I might just buy them all! 

This t-shirt featuring two of the most popular dogs from Animal Crossing, Cherry and Goldie, is absolutely adorable! I love both Cherry and Goldie; despite their vastly different looks, these cute dogs make great gal pals. The art style is not the original Animal Crossing design, but rather a cutesy cartoon character-like look for the pups.

Goldie and Cherry Classic T-Shirt

Goldie and Cherry are holding hands, walking through some Animal Crossing grass. You can get the shirt for $23.60 and it comes in multiple different styles and fabrics for both men and women. 

Finally, this is by far my favorite Cherry sticker currently on the market. The sticker shows Cherry’s cute punk face in the original Animal Crossing style, and underneath reads “Dismantle Oppressive Systems.” The anarchist, punk rock vibe of this phrase is something I could definitely see Cherry saying! Her style and personality perfectly represent the aggressive punk way of loving others. Cherry is a caretaker at heart; a sisterly villager. She would want everyone to be accepted! 

cherry says dismantle oppressive systems! Sticker


Question: What is Cherry’s Catchphrase?

Answer: Cherry’s catchphrase is “what what.” It’s not my favorite catchphrase in Animal Crossing, however, it suits Cherry well. Cherry dresses goth and often portrays a “cool” personality. Deep down though Cherry is just a big sweetheart who wants to make everyone happy. 

Question: Is Cherry a Good Islander?

Answer: Yes! Cherry is a great islander! She will certainly stand out from your other islanders with her unique style. I think it is important that every island has at least one sisterly villager; if you ever get stung by a pesky wasp, you know you have someone to go to for that sweet medicine. Cherry is easy to shop for, and she looks amazing in the clothes she prefers. The exterior of Cherry’s home is beautiful, and it will look great anywhere on your island! 

Question: How Many Games is Cherry in?

Answer: Cherry has been included in four Animal Crossing games. She has been in two of the main games; New Leaf and New Horizons, as well as two of the spin-off games, Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp. 

cute cherry


Cherry is the perfect punk goth puppy to add to your island. She has a unique style that sets her apart from almost all other Animal Crossing characters. Cherry has a sisterly personality, which means she will be a wonderful caretaker for your island. She is more on the feminine side of the sisterly personality spectrum, which works well for her style. She likes to wear black and purple, and she rocks cool and elegant clothes.

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