Dotty Animal Crossing Guide: Why Dotty is the only Peppy-type Villager You Need

Ah, Dotty, the classic peppy villager (a type that has barely changed over the years); she is one of the original villagers (who also hasn’t changed much!). While Dotty is often forgotten amongst the many, many villagers in Animal Crossing, she is a nostalgic character for those who have been playing Animal Crossing for a long time.

Dotty also has one of the prettiest patterns of the rabbit villagers. There’s a ton of information on her and her aesthetic, more than most villagers!

Bottom Line Up Front

Dotty was one of the first villagers I’d ever seen, way back in the day, and something about her design is incredibly nostalgic. If you had played any other Animal Crossing games leading up to New Horizons, you’ve probably already had her as a villager.

She’s dependable, fun, and adorable. She’s not among my top favorites, but she always brings a smile to my face, and I’m sure she’ll do the same for you.

Today we will be going over some gift ideas, all about her (and more stuff you probably didn’t know about her), Happy Homes, older games, who she gets along with and who she doesn’t, as well as a few more deliciously Dotty things along the way.

General Facts about Dotty

facts about dotty

  • Gender: Woman
  • Species: Rabbit
  • Birthday: March 14th
  • Star Sign: Pisces
  • First Appearance: Dōbutsu no Mori
  • Personality: Peppy
  • Catchphrase: Wee One
  • Skill: Home repair

Dotty’s Preferences

  • Favorite Songs: Aloha K. K, Drivin’ K.K., K. K Jazz, K. K. Lovers, K. K. Technopop
  • Default Clothing: Blue check tee, sleeveless tunic
  • Default Umbrella: Yellow umbrella, Lacy parasol
  • Favorite Colors: Blue and black
  • Favorite Styles: Stylish, fancy, modern, simple, and cute
  • Favorite Furniture Colors: Colorful
  • Least Favorite Styles: Cool and official
  • Goal: Tennis player
  • Hobby: Fashion
  • Coffee: Blue Mountain, lots of milk, three spoonfuls of sugar


Dotty’s appearance is based on the real-life Dutch rabbit: a black and white rabbit with a primarily black face and a white stripe in the middle. Dotty also has blue on the inside of her ears, referencing the Dutch rabbit with blue eyes.

She has black down the sides of her arms, and the rest of her is a pale white. Dotty has big circle eyes with large black pupils.


Dotty is a peppy villager, meaning she is thrilled by life, friendly, and ready to become a superstar at any time. Peppy villagers will generally talk to others, including the player, in a nicer way at the beginning of a friendship than most; they will also ask for more favors.

Peppy villagers get along best with other peppy villagers (my favorite combo, as they are so cute together), jock, lazy, and normal. They do not get along with snooty or cranky villagers. (This is primarily one-sided hatred with the snooty and cranky ones.)

Why You Want Dotty on Your Island/Village

dotty on your island

Dotty has a very clever design for a villager, and she stands out far more in earlier games than in the newest ones. I highly recommend her for anything between Dōbutsu no Mori and Wild World.

She can blend in with other peppy or rabbit villagers, so unless you’re aiming for an animal or personality-type-specific island or village, she could easily be a pass for you.


Dotty’s house has gone through some severe renovations throughout the years, going from a moon-themed (speculated to be related to the rabbit moon, which is the same house theme shared by four other rabbit villagers: Carmen, Ruby, Mira, and Sasha), to newer, more modern styles, to one older one that’s kind of just there?

She’s wild. Let’s get into her different homes and what’s in them.

Dōbutsu no Mori & Dōbutsu no Mori+


In both Dōbutsu no Mori and Animal Crossing (possibly Wild World and City Folk as well; I could not find any information on the look of her house in those), she has the same exterior house design, which is a cream wood-paneled house, with a red roof and dark wooden windowed door.


  • Work ahead sign board
  • Fence
  • Tape deck
  • Orange cone
  • Mini sputnoid
  • Lunar lander
  • Barricade
  • Space station
  • Detour arrow
  • Request signboard
  • Wall is Tropical vista
  • Flooring is Tropical floor
  • Song is K.K. Technopop

Animal Crossing


Animal Crossing has the same exterior as Dōbutsu no Mori. How original.


  • Five Moai statues
  • Two Garden stones
  • Toilet
  • Tape Deck
  • Alarm clock
  • Wall is Tropical vista
  • Flooring is Tropical floor
  • Song is Aloha K. K.

Wild World & City Folk

dotty wild world & city folk house


Does not have exterior decorations.


  • Tall sproid
  • Satellite
  • Lunar rover
  • Lunar lander
  • Three spaceman sams
  • Wall is Desert vista
  • Flooring is Saharah’s desert
  • Song is K.K. Technopop

New Leaf


In New Leaf, Dotty gets an exterior update! She has a round-shaped house with a black roof, red borders and windows, and a yellow door. In addition, the fence around her home is white.


  • Small spotlight
  • Sleek stereo
  • Cream sofa
  • Sleek lamp
  • Sleek side table
  • Pachira
  • Storage case
  • Shower stall
  • Modern bed
  • Wall is Stripe wall
  • Flooring is Sleek carpet (lotta sleek here)
  • Song is K. K. Technopop

New Horizons


Another significant design change! Outer and inner! The shape of her house is square, with a black roof, light gray stucco exterior, and a gray windowed door.


  • Pop up toaster
  • Gas range
  • Simple kettle
  • Tea set
  • Portable record player
  • Yucca
  • Floral swag
  • Floor lamp
  • Pot rack
  • Wooden simple bed
  • Wooden wardrobe
  • Wooden full-length mirror
  • Ironwood clock
  • Mini fridge
  • Wooden end table
  • Woodland low table
  • Green shaggy rug
  • Wall is Green intricate wall
  • Flooring is Pine board flooring
  • Music is K.K. Drivin’

Gift Guide

dotty gift guide

Dotty is a very easy villager to give gifts to because she has various likes! The only part that may be difficult is furniture since you can give her about anything, and it can be harder to narrow down a good list. So I’m here to help you narrow it. I’m like an editor but free, and it’s Animal Crossing.


  • Milkmaid dress
  • Maxi shirtdress
  • Sheep costume
  • Long chenille cardigan
  • Trench coat
  • Tee dress
  • Pajama dress
  • Bubble skirt party dress
  • Ribbons and hearts knit dress
  • Sleeveless shirtdress
  • Floral lace dress
  • Sailor collar dress
  • Simple dots dress
  • Full body tights
  • Magical dress
  • Sushi chef outfit
  • J. outfit
  • Design overalls
  • Loose fall dress
  • Steampunk dress
  • Shorts outfit
  • Sheep costume (it’s adorable, trust me)


  • Tube top
  • Humble sweater
  • Layered shirt
  • Boa blouson
  • Acid washed jacket
  • Raglan shirt
  • School uniform with ribbon
  • Fired up kanji tee
  • Tight-knit sweater
  • Ribbon straps tank
  • Plaid puffed sleeve shirt
  • College cardigan
  • Hello kitty tee
  • Argyle sweater
  • Loungewear shirt
  • Sailor style shirt
  • Hanten jacket
  • Dreamy sweater
  • Tank
  • Silk floral print shirt


  • Giant ribbon
  • Round frame glasses
  • Sushi chef hat
  • Snowy knit cap
  • Impish horns
  • Heart hairpin
  • Ribboned garden hat
  • Plain paperboy cap
  • Octagonal glasses
  • Plain do-rag
  • Ribboned small hat (my favorite)
  • Sailors hat
  • Patchwork tulip hat
  • OK Motors cap
  • Eye mask
  • Shallow knit cap
  • Nurse cap
  • Blue rose crown
  • Square glasses
  • Bunny ears (iconic)
  • Ribboned straw hat


dotty's furniture

  • Nordic low table
  • Simple bed
  • Cartoonist set
  • Tea set
  • Changing room
  • Simple small dresser
  • Microwave
  • Laptop
  • Fresh food trays
  • Glass jar
  • Fan palm
  • Floor lamp
  • Pet bed
  • Revolving spice rack
  • Retro fan
  • Mug
  • Sewing machine
  • Cutting board
  • Dessert carrier
  • Cool side table
  • Sloppy bed
  • Stand mixer
  • Nintendo switch lite
  • Tulip surprise box
  • Espresso maker
  • Cinnamon roll tray
  • Simple small dresser
  • Ranch bed
  • Ranch cupboard
  • Plastic closing organizer
  • Gift pile

Outdoor Decorations

  • Rattan towel basket
  • Tulip surprise box
  • Wooden mini table
  • Menu chalkboard
  • Retro gas pump
  • Rattan end table
  • Sturdy sewing box
  • Lily pad table
  • Laptop
  • Painting set
  • Bamboo doll
  • Street lamp
  • Iron garden bench
  • Wedding candle set
  • Fortune cookie cart
  • Cypress plant
  • Plant partition
  • Wedding flower stand
  • Maypole
  • Ironwood low table
  • Natural garden chair
  • Flower bed

Pocket Camp

dotty animal crossing pocket camp

Dotty came to Pocket Camp on February 15th of 2018 and is a reasonably easy villager to get since you don’t need a map to find her. You can stumble on her visiting islands, and her requirements to invite her to your camp are also extremely easy.

To do that, you need to have a level three friendship with her first; then she will ask you to make an assorted amount of the “natural” type furniture.

  • Minimalist lamp (requires six steel and 290 bells to craft)
  • Coffee maker (requires six steel and 550 bells to craft)
  • Aloe (requires six wood and 430 bells to craft)
  • Hammock (requires three wood and three cotton, as well as 420 bells to craft)
  • (basic) Counter table (requires three steel and three wood, as well as 510 bells)

Once you have her at your camp, start befriending her more! There are rewards at certain levels you reach with friendship. They go as follows:

  • At level 7, you get one blue checked tee and one sparkle stones
  • At level 9, you get one sparkle stones
  • At level 10, you get a reversi piece
  • At level 20, you get Dott’s pic and one sparkle stones
  • Every five levels following (up to 70), you get one sparkle stones

Dotty also has her own fortune cookie! It’s called Dotty’s tea party and is an extremely cute, semi-gothic fortune cookie. If you are still waiting to learn what fortune cookies are in Pocket Camp, they can be obtained (usually for 50 leaf tickets) each and are mystery boxes! Each box can contain several things, like clothing and decor.

A fortune cookie can also be found in gifts, which is a triangle-shaped item that can give many rewards, though it would be very rare to get her fortune cookie from the many, many, many they can drop.

If you can get your hands on that fortune cookie, yay! Here’s what you may be able to get:

Decor Items

  • Royal rabbit teapot
  • Royal rabbit treats
  • Royal rabbit rug
  • Royal rabbit teapot
  • White egg lamp
  • Black egg lamp
  • Royal rabbit spoon


dotty's clothing

  • Royal rabbit crown
  • Royal rabbit dress
  • Royal rabbit suit

Happy Homes

In Happy Homes, Dotty’s request is to make a black and white house, just like her! It is one of the most manageable requests due to its very open-ended nature, and it only requires a modern bed, with an added bit of her favorite song, K. K. Jazz.

I recommend a Modern sofa and a Modern dresser to start! Because this is a simple “two-color” request, it can be highly varied, so have fun!


Question: Does Dotty have an Amiibo?

Answer: Yes! She has an E-reader card and an amiibo. What is an e-reader? It is the first version of an amiibo to be used in older games (i.e., Gameboy era). They read exactly like an amiibo and look nearly the same, but there are a few differences between her cards!
E-reader: The front of the E-reader looks precisely like an amiibo, with an order and the villager in the middle, and her name, gender, and animal type on the front.
On the back, it goes into more detail, stating gender, animal type, and name again on the top, then going into a few more details, like her star sign (Pisces), what she wears (blue check shirt), her catchphrase (wee one), and a short description, which reads:
“Dotty is a talker. Most of the time, she’s just talking about herself, and there’s plenty to talk about! Let’s just say Dotty has “unique” ideas when it comes to interior design.”
She is in the series 1 e-reader and is #049
Amiibo: Unlike the E-reader, amiibos have plain backs with a white design and random items in a pattern across them. The front of the card has been streamlined, with a pink background, her name at the bottom, her star sign, and up top, there’s her animal type (rabbit), number (series 4, #335), and her hand sign (rock).

Question: Is Dotty a Good Villager?

Answer: Yes, I believe so! As noted, I think she’s best in earlier installments of Animal Crossing, but if you like a black-and-white aesthetic, there aren’t many villagers like her.

Question: Is Dotty Rare?

Answer: Not particularly. She has an amiibo, and has been in all games, so she’s easy to find across all platforms and games!


I understand why Dotty doesn’t get a ton of love. Still, her changing aesthetic, interesting house designs, amazing pattern on her fur, and peppy personality makes her an extremely easy villager to love.

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