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Rosco is a gothic horse that’s been in Animal Crossing since the beginning. His aesthetic, from his clothes to his house, is very emo circa the early 10s. Only a few villagers have this aesthetic, so he is pretty popular with dark academia or other darker-themed islands (think goth, dark academia, etc.).

Bottom Line Up Front

Roscoe is a cranky-type male villager that has appeared in all Animal Crossing mainline games so far! This means he’s one of the oldest villagers ever. His birthday is June 16, meaning he’s a Gemini. He’s had four different houses—all set up differently, which is quite rare in this game.

General facts

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Horse
  • Birthday: June 16
  • Star Sign: Gemini
  • First Appearance: Dōbutsu no Mori +
  • Personality: Cranky
  • Catchphrase: Nay
  • Skill: Making crafts
  • Siblings: Roscoe is the third of six siblings


  • Favorite songs: K.K. Dirge, K.K. Rock, K.K. D&B
  • Default Clothing: Black biker jacket, checkered tee
  • Default Umbrella: Twig parasol, bat umbrella
  • Favorite Colors: Blue, brown, black, gray
  • Favorite Styles: Funky, strange, rock n roll, cool, and gorgeous
  • Favorite Colors: Black, gray
  • Least favorite styles: Charming, fresh,  cute
  • Goal: Lawyer
  • Coffee: Mocha with just a bite of milk and one spoonful of sugar


roscoe animal crossing

Roscoe is a black and gray horse. He has grayish-blue hair that’s spiked at the top of his head. The inside of his ears is a bright purple, and they semi-match his eyes—which are also a bright color, red this time.

He wears a leather jacket with a white shirt underneath. He also has a slim and small tail that’s two different gray colors.


Roscoe is a cranky villager, which means he’s rude and only vaguely nice to you once you become good friends. All cranky villagers are deep-voiced males, so you already know a little bit about one cranky villager if you’ve seen another.

Cranky-type villagers will come off mean and aggressive when you first meet them, much like snooty villagers, but they complain more about things than people’s actions. They will also have no limit if they want to yell at you—and don’t wake them up!

Cranky villagers aren’t usually close with others, but they tend to get along with lazy and normal-type villagers; they do NOT like peppy or sisterly-type villagers, and smug and snooty is a middle ground.

Why you want Roscoe on your island

Well, other than Roscoe being the only cranky horse (yes, ever!), if you want an island with only very unique villagers, he’s a great choice. He is also the most aesthetically pleasing horse in the game (if you like darker things). And, of course, if you want a horse-only island, you need Roscoe.

Besides that, he’s a unique horse with a unique aesthetic. Cranky villagers can be hard to get along with, but if you like the drama of older Animal Crossing villagers but in newer games, cranky and snooty villagers are the closest. But besides that, Roscoe is just a ton of fun. He can be sweet and a good friend.


roscoe house

Dōbutsu no Mori

Roscoe’s house in Dōbutsu no Mori is a fairly basic one, but cute nonetheless.


The outside of his house has a purple pointed roof with a window in the middle. The house is white and brick, with brown wood windows and a door with a heart shape in the middle.


  • Gold stereo
  • White knight
  • Black knight
  • Mini bowtoid
  • Bowtoid
  • Arowana
  • Modern bed
  • Modern wardrobe
  • Modern end table
  • Modern cabinet
  • Modern sofa
  • Walls are Plaza wall
  • Flooring is Chessboard rug
  • Music is K.K. Dirge

Wild World


  • Black knight
  • White knight
  • Gold stereo
  • Pachira
  • Modern bed
  • Modern lamp
  • Modern sofa
  • Walls are Plaza wall
  • Flooring is Modern tile
  • Music is K.K. Dirge

City folk has the same items, just a different layout.

New leaf

Ok, New Leaf is a little wild here.


The outside of Roscoe’s house is a square. The roof is red, with a chimney at the top left. The house is a cream color with black wood in a pattern. The door is black metal.


  • Weeping fig
  • Cube clock
  • Amp
  • Metal guitar
  • Sleek bed
  • Sleek dresser
  • Sleek sofa
  • Sleek table
  • Sleek closet
  • Sleek stereo
  • Walls are Modern wall
  • Flooring is Chessboard rug
  • Music is K.K. Dirge

New Horizons

roscoe animal crossing new horizons


The outside of Roscoe’s house features a square shape and somewhat pointed roof, which is black striped. The sides of the house have gray paneling, and there is a black vertical paned door. But, of course, it also has windows. It’s the most simple outside of any of his houses.


  • Air conditioner
  • Wall clock
  • Iron hanger stand
  • Skull door plate
  • Amp
  • Electric guitar
  • Rattan bed
  • Rattan end table
  • Rattan low table
  • Rattan table lamp
  • Portable record
  • Double sofa
  • Walls are Black brown wall
  • Flooring is Monochromatic tile flooring
  • Music is K.K. D&B

Gift list

Gifting is an essential part of Animal Crossing. It is so much fun to build friendships and realize the vision you want for your villagers on your island/town. Here’s what to gift Roscoe:


  • Young royal shirt
  • Front-tie tee
  • Text shirt
  • Gilet and shirt
  • Camo bomber-style jacket
  • Oversized shawl overshirt
  • Acid washed jacket
  • Thread worn shirt
  • Spider Web tee
  • Gold print tee
  • After school jacket
  • Nylon jacket
  • Animal stripes tee
  • Thank you dad apron
  • Tube top
  • Bomber-style jacket
  • Chesterfield coat
  • Vampire costume
  • Sea captains coat
  • Parka undercoat
  • Python print jacket


  • Long down coat
  • Suit with stand up collar
  • Magic academy robe
  • Tiger face tee dress
  • Tight punk outfit
  • Long pleather coat
  • Visual punk outfit
  • Vibrant tuxedo
  • Cyber suit
  • Oilskin suit
  • Pirate treasure robe
  • Bone costume
  • Samurai hakama
  • Jinbei
  • Pleather trench coat
  • Ruffled dress
  • Sequined dress
  • Iron armor
  • Ninja costume
  • Detective coat


  • Round shades
  • Labelle cap
  • Pirate treasure crown
  • Captain’s hat
  • Tiny shades
  • Fedora
  • Eye patch
  • Detective hat
  • Steampunk hat
  • Masquerade mask
  • Round frame glasses
  • Mage’s striped hat
  • Pixel shades
  • Bunny ears
  • Octagonal glasses
  • Impish horns
  • Prom crown
  • Crown
  • Superhero mask
  • Fox mask

Furniture Gift List

roscoe happy home designer

If you’re more of a decoration person, here are some great furniture and decorating gifts to give Roscoe. I include both indoor and outdoor recommendations. 


  • Cool low table
  • Ring light
  • Coffee cup
  • Cup with saucer
  • Serving cup
  • Nintendo
  • Switch
  • Round space heater
  • Desktop computer
  • Cool side table
  • Upright vacuum
  • Gaming desk
  • Floor light
  • Wooden waste bin
  • Electric guitar
  • Electric bass
  • Iron wall lamp
  • Silver mic
  • Essay set
  • Wood burning stove
  • Birdcage


  • Tourist telescope
  • Hose reel
  • Log extra long sofa
  • Public bench
  • Garbage can
  • Stone tablet
  • Lawnmower

Pocket Camp

roscoe pocket camp

Roscoe was added to Pocket Camp on October 25, 2017. His personality is cranky, his theme is cool, and his primary gift is steel.

With all Pocket Camp villagers, you’ll need to get to level 7 friendship before being able to invite them to your camp, as well as making special requested items for them. His items consist of modern and sleek furniture. What is required, you may ask? I got you, don’t even worry.

  • Modern lamp (requires six steel and costs 360 bells) 1 minute crafting time
  • Modern sofa (requires six cotton and costs 500 bells) 1 minute crafting time
  • Modern dresser (requires 15 wood and 15 steel, costs 1,070 bells) 5 hours crafting time
  • Modern chair (requires 30 steel and costs 1,390 bells) 2 hours crafting time
  • Sleek closet (requires 120 steel and three cool essence, cost is 2,340 bells) 9 hours crafting time

As your friendship levels up, you will get gifts! Every five levels, you’ll get better items. Prizes go up til 70, and give the same gift. After that, you’ve maxed out friendship! Of course, it takes a lot to max, so congratulations if you do.

  • At level 7, you’ll get a checkered tee and one sparkle stones
  • At level 9, you’ll get one sparkle stones
  • At level 15, you’ll get a craft unlock of a weight bench (it’s also a special request quest)
  • At level 20, you’ll get Roscoe’s pic and one sparkle stones
  • Through levels 25-70, you’ll get one sparkle stones per five levels

Roscoe is also one of the lucky few villagers to have his own fortune cookie: Roscoe’s diner fortune cookie. Fortune cookies are limited-time events and release usually once or twice a year after the initial release. You can get one cookie for 50 leaf tickets or five cookies for 250 leaf tickets.

You can also sometimes get it from gift boxes, which have a slight chance of giving you Roscoe’s fortune cookie (there is no data for the statistics of the drops).

  • Festive fireworks gift and festive firework gift+
  • Pumpkin party and pumpkin party +
  • Yellow gift and yellow gift +
  • Decade diner

His theme is diner-related, so it’s a niche fortune cookie, but it comes with some cool furniture and an adorable outfit. They are:


  • Handheld diner meal
  • Diner apron dress


  • Decade diner counter
  • Decade diner jukebox
  • Decade diner classic car
  • Decade diner booth
  • Veggie burger meal
  • Neon diner sign
  • Decade diner table
  • Decade diner chair

Happy Homes

Roscoe’s first thought bubble reads, “why go color when you can go black and white?” And that’s very much what he asks for. Roscoe’s vision for his home is a black-and-white bastion. “What’s a bastion,” you might ask. It’s a defensive part of fortification, i.e., barriers of a castle.

Only two items are required, and that’s the modern sofa and modern table, so you have a lot of room to make it your own


roscoe amiibo card

Roscoe has both an E-reader card and an Amiibo card. E-reader cards go much more into detail about the villager, in contrast to the more sleek, cute-looking amiibos.

However, they’re easy to get, and if you’re looking for a way to quickly get Roscoe as your villager, they are a great resource.

You can buy amiibos individually from Etsy shops or amazon even (as well as many other online sellers), or you can buy the mystery pack and hope you get him! Each pack comes with three random villagers, and his amiibo is from series 1!


From series 3 of e-readers, Roscoe’s e-reader card has a pink background and has Roscoe in the middle with his crossed arms, I mean hooves? Both? At the bottom, it says dōutbutsu no mori+. In the corners, it shows a horse icon (his type) and his number, #071.

On the back, it shows a lot more about him, listing that he’s a Gemini, his favorite phrase is “bururu,” he wears checkered clothes, and it states a little bio of sorts:

A floating red eye in the darkness… Whoa, it came out! Huh? Oh, it’s Schwarz-kun. Wow, that was scary. But, even if I can see his whole body, Schwarz-kun is still scary…”

His favorite saying is, “the eye is the window to the soul.” Super emo, right?


Roscoe’s amiibo is a part of series 1 of amiibo packs and can be easily found online. Roscoe is standing (in a pose horses cannot do) in front of an orange background. In the corners, it shows basic information symbols: his number (#071), his type (horse), his birthday (June 16), his dice value (1), and his hand sign (rock).


Question: What are some fun facts about Roscoe?

Answer: All villagers have different names in different countries! For example, Shubarutsu is Roscoe’s name in Japan, which means black. In Korea, Roscoe has a very similar name as well. In Germany, his name is Jolly! And in most other countries, it’s Roscoe or a variation on the spelling of Roscoe.

Question: Is Roscoe a rare villager?

Answer: No, Roscoe is not rare. He has an E-reader and amiibo and has been in the games since the beginning. However, I see few people choosing him for their island. So rare to find? No. Rare to see? Yes. Maybe you can be the one to home him!

Question: Which games is Roscoe in?

Answer: Roscoe appears in every mainline game, such as Dōbutsu no mori, Dōbutsu no mori+, Dōbutsu no mori e+, Animal Crossing, Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons. He also appears in Happy Homes, Amiibo Festival, and, as we covered, Pocket Camp. He also appeared in the Animal Crossing film.


Roscoe is an interesting villager with a unique aesthetic (and is charming?). His attitude and look are perfect for past or present emo kids. This unique look and cranky personality make for a fun villager to have on your island, even if he is a bit rude.

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