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Do you ever find yourself introducing someone to your friend group and thinking ”please don’t say the wrong thing” the entire time, on the edge of your seat, desperate for them to not cause any issues? That’s what I imagine I would feel like if I was friends with a smug villager that I wanted to introduce to others.

Smug villagers are hard to stomach at first as they are often quite rude and abrasive and can come off as arrogant or superior. Once you get to know them, however, they are actually quite nice and are often kind and caring toward you and make sure they support you. This is the benefit of being friends with Kyle; once you get past his outfits and style, that is…

Bottom Line Up Front

Kyle is a smug wolf villager with a music hobby, which is unsurprising when you see his favorite style is Rock and roll and that he decorates his home with musical instruments. Kyle’s birthday is on the 6th of December, and he has nine siblings.

Kyle is relatively new, only having joined us in Animal Crossing New Leaf but returning again in Animal Crossing New Horizons. In the Happy Home update, Kyle’s dream is for a light show-style home, and to make all of Kyle’s dreams come true, all you need is a Jukebox, Rocket lamp, and Whirlpool.

If you are eager to find Kyle, you need to look between the hours of 7 and 2 AM.

Who is Kyle?

Kyle (despite his arrogant-looking appearance) is a relatively nice character once you get past the disadvantage that his smug personality gives him. Kyle is a wolf who likes to dress in a rock and roll style that compliments his musical hobby and his music-themed homes in Animal Crossing New Leaf and New Horizons.

Kyle Animal Crossing

Kyle was born on the 6th of December and is the eldest of ten siblings. As a Wolf, it is not surprising that his saying is ” Never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Kyle’s Appearance

Have you ever been at a rock or pop-punk concert and looked around and saw at least ten men all dressed the same and thought, ”huh, I really do not want to talk to them”? As someone who has been at a lot of rock and pop punk shows, this is for sure something I can relate to. It is also the first thing I thought of the first time that I saw Kyle. 

Everything about Kyle’s appearance (to me) screams wanna-be edgy boy, the kind of guy that would ask you to name ten songs of the band shirt you are wearing (although maybe I am reading too much into this). I will let you be the judge of that when you hear what he wears.

Kyle In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Let’s get back into things (personal opinions aside). Kyle is a wolf, and his primary color for his body is a sandy color with brown tones to it; Kyle has inexplicably purple eyeshadow (it seems) and black pupils, framed with flat brown eyebrows. Kyle does have a cute black button nose with a shimmer highlight in the middle, the muzzle around Kyle’s mouth is a deep brown, and this also covers his eyes. Kyle has two large spikes at each side of his face that make him look dangerous to stand too close to; his ears stand straight at the top of his head and are pointed and spiky (he really is a walking risk). His ears do have a healthy pink inner ear, however, with black outer tips.

This is where I can feel my judgment seeping in; Kyle wears a plain white tee shirt with a black waistcoat, all tied together by what looks like a brown rope necklace and long silver pendant (he could easily be modeled after Alex from All Time Low) Kyle’s skin pattern is still nice, however, as his bottom half is covered with black spots which give him a more cool look, and at his feet, his skin becomes a dark black and white hue. Kyle does also have a cute bushy tail that I love which is white and extra fluffy looking.

Kyle’s Personality

Part of my disdain for Kyle is that he has a personality type that is not great; smugThis is not the worst personality type, however, as they can be a good friend for Snooty, Peppy, and Lazy villagers. Snooty villagers have a similar outlook on life as Smug villagers, as snooty villagers are like a female equivalent of Smug villagers. Smug villagers may not make a particular effort or share a whole lot in common with Peppy villagers, but Peppy villagers do often idolize Smug villagers due to their passion for fashion and appearance, which Smug villagers seem to be able to pull off.

How Does Kyle Get Along With Other Villagers?

Kyle In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Smug villagers can be challenging to have on your island because they cause a lot of friction with other islanders who are not smug; most notably, they frequently upset cranky and sisterly villagers. This upset often happens because they think a lot of themselves and often talk about themselves in conversation with others (which can often be unfounded). Smug villagers can upset sisterly villagers because sisterly villagers take a lot of pride in being honest and direct as well as protective of others, while Smug villagers often gossip and say things that are untrue about other villagers. 

Is There Anything Beneficial About Smug Villagers?

Smug villagers are hard to be around, but only for a while! Smug villagers are kind of like coconuts that way; they are hard to crack, but when you do, there is a lot to appreciate! If you can stomach hearing them brag about themselves and their superiority complex, over time, they open up to you, and they can be polite and treat you with gentleman-like respect, and can be kind.

What Schedule Does Kyle Have?

If you want to catch up with Kyle in Animal Crossing New Leaf, you will find him between 8;30 AM and 2 AM. If you are playing the most recent Animal Crossing, New Horizons, Kyle gets up at 7 AM and goes to bed at 2 AM. 

Kyle’s Preferences

Pippy is a big fan of green when it comes to her clothing! Green remains a staple of Pippy’s wardrobe throughout the many versions of her that are present in the Animal Crossing series, although her style changes a lot!

In Animal Crossing New Leaf

Kyle In Animal Crossing New Leaf
Image from Fandom
  • Default clothing: Pleather vest (it just got worse, right?)
  • Default umbrella; Busted umbrella (it really never ends)
  • Favorite style; Rock N Roll (This is really still happening)
  • Least favorite style; Ornate
  • Favorite color; Grey (at least this is relatable)

In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Kyle In Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • Default clothing: Gilet and shirt (It is somehow worse than before)
  • Default umbrella; Spider umbrella
  • Favorite style; Gorgeous and Cool
  • Favorite color; Black and white

Kyle has quite a funky vision and almost an immersive light experience for a home in the Happy Home Update;

  • Kyle’s Vision; Kyle wants a home that ”shows off his exquisite lighting collection” and his description is ”A home with cool lighting.”
  • Required items; Rocket lamp, Whirlpool bath, and a Jukebox.

I love this vision that Kyle has, as I cannot imagine anything more relaxing than a whirlpool bath with a lava lamp for ambiance along with some tunes from the Jukebox.

Kyle’s House

Pippy’s (many) homes alternate between three basic designs, although some of the specifics do change over time! The three basic design styles include a grassy picnic area in a park, an old-fashioned bath house, and a more normal style home!

In Animal Crossing New Leaf

Kyle In Animal Crossing New Leaf

  • Ebony piano
  • Cardboard table
  • Drum set
  • Ringside table
  • Iron frame
  • TV Camera
  • Amp
  • Electric guitar
  • Mic stand
  • Effects rack
  • Flower Bouquet
  • Sleek stereo
  • Wall mounted speaker
  • Air conditioner

The interior of this house is so fancy, which is why it is so surprising that the walls are shanty walls and steel flooring, which really takes away from its appeal.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Kyle In Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • Grand piano
  • Piano bench
  • Drum set
  • Effects rack
  • Portable record player
  • Mic stand
  • Electric guitar
  • TV Camera
  • Amp
  • Cardboard box

The interior of this house is a lot nicer; although still not put together, it looks like a good starting point for a music room. It has a grey shanty wall and steel flooring.

Kyle in Pocket Camp

Kyle in Pocket Camp

If you have love for Kyle and want him to join your mobile Island on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp you will need;

  • Friendship level seven with Kyle (so get working on that friendship!)
  • Speaker (Which requires 30x steel and 3x friend powder)
  • Record Box (Which requires 30x Wood)
  • Effects Rack (Which requires 6x Steel)
  • Sleek side table (Which requires 60x Steel, 60x Cotton, 3x Cool essence)
  • Sleek sofa (Which requires 60x Cotton, 60x Steel, 3x Cool essence)

Kyle puts his own spin on gifts for you as you become better and better friends such as;

  • At level seven; Pleather Vest and Sparkle Stone
  • At level nine; Sparkle Stone
  • At level fifteen; Mic Stand crafting request
  • At level twenty; A picture of Kyle and Sparkle Stone
  • At level twenty five+; Sparkle Stone


Kyle is probably not as bad as I originally thought when I interacted with him on my island; if you can look past his cringe style and appearance, and if you can stomach his rude nature initially, he is actually a very nice man who can be enjoyable to be around. Sometimes you have to give even Smug villagers a chance to get to know and love them. 


Question: Does Kyle Have Any Brothers or Sisters?

Answer: While we do not know the exact ratio of boys to girls, we do know that Kyle is the oldest of ten children.

Question: What Animal Crossing Does Kyle Appear in?

Answer: Kyle features in Animal Crossing New Leaf and in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Question: What is Kyle’s Hobby?

Answer: Kyle has a music hobby which means that he can dance and sing anywhere in the town at any time, not just in the town square when KK slider is playing.

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