Pietro Animal Crossing

I’ve been an avid fan of Animal Crossing since Nintendo released New Leaf, and like many of you reading, it became one of my favorites in the series.

As well as being my introduction to the Animal Crossing franchise, it was also the introduction of my favorite villager: Pietro! From his first “Honk Honk!” to his most recent appearance in the franchise, I’ve held a soft spot for this gaudy little guy.

His colorful personality and presentation never fail to make me smile! I understand that my opinion is a bit of a hot take.

Clowns in as a concept are divisive at best, and even Pocket Camp’s description of him hints that “most people are creeped out by his whole deal.” But I think it’s high time to give my favorite AC character his due, to show the world that there’s much more about Pietro to smile at than to fear.

If you’re looking for an opinion as to who should take up residence on your New Horizons island, look no further!

Meet Pietro!

Pietro Animal Crossing

Pietro is a sheep villager, whose appearance resembles the perfect clown of your dreams (or nightmares, as the case may be).

He’s a smug villager, who never fails to mix his superiority with politeness. Still, he’s a kind and generous character who just asks that, in exchange for his attention, you appreciate his flamboyant flair.

Who is Pietro?

  • Name: Pietro
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Sheep
  • Birthday: April 19
  • First Appearance: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Hobby: Music, Art
  • Personality: Smug
  • Catchphrase: “Honk honk!”


Pietro is a sheep villager, decked out in the neon make-up of a clown. His left eye is framed by a pink heart, and his right eye has a small teardrop hanging from it, perhaps in honor of the dual nature of clowns and their styles of entertainment.

Though his big red smile is one of his trademarks, no clown sheep worth their salt would be complete without a big red clown nose, which Pietro has. Complete with his teal horns, Pietro is easily the most colorful and extravagant sheep in the franchise.

In New Leaf and in Pocket Camp alike, Pietro’s neon fluff is on display for all to see. The only item of clothing that is visible is a scarf made from the pattern of the Dawn Tea, and any clothing you gift him becomes automatically repurposed as a design for that scarf.

I spent many hours trying to dress Pietro up in silly clothes like my other villagers, but nothing ever really changed, and in time I learned to love the little scarf.

In New Horizons, things have changed: Pietro now wears a jester costume, with yellow and purple vertical stripes, complete with a jingly bell collar.

But don’t worry! Despite his new, slimmer silhouette, Pietro’s colorful fluff is still visible underneath his shirt. And his clown makeup has simply never looked better.


Pietro is a Smug Villager. Though you may find his appearance off-putting, Pietro is a polite and gentlemanly villager.  All of his conversations with players are pleasant, if not a little stuffy.

His astrological sign here proves true, (Aries is the ram constellation, after all), as Pietro sometimes comes off as a bit of an attention-seeker, often saying things that come off as pretentious or egotistical.

He’s awesome, and he wants to make sure you know it too! But don’t let this fool you: Pietro has manners, and never fails to behave like a perfect gentleman!

His attitude is usually manageable and subtle, and more often than not, his attempts to show off often make him out to be…well, a clown. Male smug villagers always try to ‘hit on’ female players, or at the very least charm them.

Pietro is no exception, as much of his dialogue comes off as silly attempts to be suave. With male players, Pietro is still a genteel and kind villager, who never passes up an opportunity to show the player how sophisticated he is. Pietro’s personality meshes very well with most other personality types, except for Cranky villagers.

Though Pietro may strike you as the class clown, (he has described himself thus,) there is more to this little clown than meets the eye: he wants to be an artist!

He loves to craft, and in New Horizons, he loves to sing! If you invite him to your island, you’re sure to find him singing his little heart out somewhere, though whether or not it’s “Vesti La Giubba,” I cannot say.


New Leaf

New Leaf Pietro's Birthday
  • Favorite Style: Flashy
  • Favorite Color: Colorful
  • Default Clothing: Dawn Tee
  • Default Umbrella: Modern
  • Skill: Crafts
  • Favorite Song: K.K. Parade
  • Coffee: Blue Mountain Beans, A little bit of milk, One spoonful of sugar

Pietro is a flashy character, composed of bold colors and an even bolder personality. It follows, of course, that his taste in furniture and clothing should follow suit! Pietro’s favorite style is the Flashy style, and by default, his least favorite is the Basic style. His favorite color is anything Colorful, multicolored, and bright: just like he is!

Pietro’s first appearance is in the Dawn Tee, though he’d be happy to wear any flashy article of clothing you may gift him! Just don’t present him with a Werewolf Hood, his Halloween fear.

Pocket Camp

  • Preferred Theme: Hip
  • Primary Reward: Paper
  • Default Clothing: Dawn Tee

Pietro’s preferred theme is hip. Any snacks, furniture, or clothing that falls under this category (marked by an orange mushroom design) is something Pietro will love!

Give him snacks and gifts from this category to make him become your fast friend. When you give him gifts or fulfill one of his requests, he will more often than not reward you with the Paper crafting material in addition to any bells your item may be worth.

New Horizons

New Horizons Pietro
  • Preferred Style: Gorgeous, Simple
  • Favorite Color: Colorful, Red
  • Hobby: Music
  • Default Clothing: Jester Costume
  • Default Phone: Red
  • Default Umbrella: Rainbow
  • Food: Lollipop
  • Drink: Soda Can
  • Popsicle: Ramune-soda
  • Favorite Song: K.K. Parade, K.K. Mariachi

Pietro’s preferences were expanded a bit in New Horizons, giving him an additional favorite color: red! Which makes sense, considering his shiny clown nose. His fashion tastes are now either Gorgeous style or Simple style, giving him more variety than ever before.

His first appearance is in the Jester costume, which is a purple and yellow-striped shirt with a jingle-bell collar. If you choose to gift him clothing, make sure it’s colorful, flashy, or red! He’ll be thrilled with any of these choices.


Pietro House Tour

In his first appearance in New Leaf, Pietro lived in a house as vibrant and as colorful as he. It was the perfect domicile for a clown sheep, populated with balloon series of furniture! Players could relax to the dulcet tones of K.K. Parade while reclining on the finest of balloon beds, not to mention the balloon table.

He also kept the colorful spinning wheel, as well as two wooden rocking horses. Perhaps his décor is a little on the (clown) nose, but this attention to detail was a wonderful extension of Pietro’s showy and colorful personality!

His wallpaper and flooring of choice was the Illusion series, reminiscent of the trippy art of M.C. Escher.

New Horizons has a more mature Pietro living in a more toned-down house of a light teal, with a bright green door. Pietro’s home has the Sky wall and Cloud Flooring, keeping with the dreamlike, surreal feeling of being inside the home of a clown.

Once players pass through the entryway, framed by two large crescent moon chairs, they’ll notice the return of the colorful wheel! This time it’s coupled with a numbers wheel of black and red, a nice addition to his home.

While I was initially disappointed by the lack of balloon furniture in this updated home, I was pleasantly surprised by the substitution: a pink cotton candy stall and two Springy Ride-Ons, playground toys shaped like yellow and pink horses.

And, of course, no home of Pietro’s would be complete without K.K. Parade playing in the background.

New Leaf

Pietro appeared in my village quite by accident, as I had failed to check in with all of my villagers in a timely manner… Yes. I lost Apollo.

But the surprise arrival of Pietro was more than enough to make up for it! I was so shocked by his appearance and his jovial personality that I was excited to get to know him. I found the absurdity of his existence to be quite charming indeed, and I gladly showed him off to all my friends.

Was I the only one who took joy in having Pietro in my village? Perhaps. But he fit right in with the strangeness of my mismatched village anyway.

He was easy to befriend, and every time I’ve play the game I’ve looked forward to running into him as he waters the plants, greeting me with his silly little “Honk Honk!”

Pocket Camp

Our favorite clown sheep has been a character in Pocket Camp since January 30, 2018. Here’s how to get him to visit your campsite!

First, get your friendship level to a 7, and then craft the following:

  • Balloon TV
  • Balloon-Dog Lamp
  • Balloon Chair
  • Balloon Table
  • Balloon Bed

It’s not actually necessary to decorate your camp with this furniture if you don’t wish to, but I had a great time arranging all of the balloon staples to lure my favorite clown sheep to my camp. Once he’s invited to your camp, you can expect all kinds of rewards from him as you advance your friendship level!

  • Level 7: Dawn Tee, Sparkle Stone
  • Level 9: Sparkle Stone
  • Level 15: Crafting Request – Pop-up Book
  • Level 20: Pietro’s Framed Picture
  • Level 25: Sparkle Stone

Pietro has never left my campsite since I’ve invited him, and to my knowledge, he’s a happy camper!

New Horizons

Pietro Dream House New Horizons

Pietro is not one of the first island residents to appear on an island, which caused me some worry at first. Would I not be able to have my jovial little lad take up residence in my island?

However, with an open plot and lots of Nook Miles, I was able to eventually find him on his own private island, singing away. I couldn’t believe my luck, as I had searched for something close to a month.

He fits in very well with all of my other islanders, and I simply cannot imagine playing a game where he wasn’t a resident! Most of my villagers are either Peppy, Lazy, Jocks, or Normal, so Pietro hasn’t had a hard time with any of them.

All in all, he’s been a charming addition to my island, and I love watching him singing in the town square with his friends. I like to picture him as the leader of the choir, and I think he’d back me up on that.


New Horizons Pietro

Since his first appearance in the Animal Crossing franchise, this silly, Smug, and colorfully tailored Sheep has been my villager must-have.

No matter if I’m playing New Leaf, Pocket Camp, or New Horizons, I don’t consider my vision complete until Pietro has taken up residence.

Pietro’s very existence has caused controversy for many reasons. Lots of people who play the AC franchise prefer to tailor their villages, islands, and camps to very specific aesthetics. That’s easy to do with most of the characters, but Pietro has always stood out.

He’s colorful, loud, and doesn’t really have any other character that matches his inherent chaotic energy. There’s also the fact that…he’s a clown. Coulrophobia is a very real factor in people’s opinions of poor little Pietro.

Still, Pietro is always a cheery, well-mannered little gentleman who never fails to make me smile with his charming attitude and flashy style.

If you’re not bothered by this colorful clown, and if you want to invest in a sheep with a song in his heart and a smile on his face, consider adding Pietro to your island. After all, everybody loves a clown!


Question: Is Pietro a Rare Villager?

Answer: Pietro is, sadly, a rare villager. I was very lucky when he arrived, unprompted, in my New Leaf village. But never fear! You can always purchase his amiibo to summon him to your New Horizons island.
Though the cost of his card skyrocketed in the early days of New Horizons, you can now purchase his amiibo for the relatively low price of $24.95 on Amazon. Hey, it’s better than the $40 it used to be!

Question: Can I Find Pietro on a Mystery Island Tour?

Answer: Yes you can! If you’ve got the Nook Miles and the dedication, persevere, and get that clown!

Question: Why is he Named Pietro?

Answer: There are lots of theories behind the meaning of his name! My personal favorite being that it’s astoundingly close to the name “Pierrot.” Pierrot is a character from the commedia dell’arte, a stock character clown that originated in the 17th century.
It would only make sense to name a clown sheep after a famous clown archetype. The name was also adapted as a loanword, ‘Piero,’ which is synonymous with ‘clown.’  Some have argued that his name is just ‘Pie Throw,’ sans the ‘H’ and the ‘W.’

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