Merry Animal Crossing

Even though Animal Crossing is a pretty positive experience anyway, it always helps to have that thing that makes you smile as soon as you log in. Then, of course, it’s the characters they have hand-selected to make their island or town so appealing for many players. I always catch myself grinning at something my inhabitants have done or said, which is why I hold them so close to my heart.

Even though there are over 400 characters to choose from and fall in love with. It’s challenging to pick from a crowd of so many. But Merry the cat is one of them! Her optimistic outlook and willingness to find the positives in even the rainiest of days make her one of the sweetest villagers Animal Crossing offers. The more time you spend with her, the more adorable she becomes.

Merry Animal Crossing

An Introduction to Merry

Merry joined Animal Crossing in Animal Forest e+, where she was available to scan in via her e-card, which came exclusively with the game. Animal Forest e+ (also known as Dōbutsu no Mori e+) was a Japan-exclusive update of the base game. Within the update, Nintendo added various new features to the game, including town decorations and 18 new islanders – which included our Merry. But unfortunately, these villagers were only obtainable via their e-cards, the 2003 version of amiibo cards.

Merry didn’t join Wild Word after her debut in Animal Forest e+, but she came back to the franchise in City Folk. Merry is one of the cutest cats in the game, so it would be sad to see a title without her. In New Horizons, Merry had a well-deserved bought of attention. Fans of the game were keen to invite her to their island due to her soft nature and adorable appearance.

The name ‘Merry’ is a synonym for happiness, which perfectly represents her character. Merry always has a smile on her face, no matter what she does.

Here are some facts about Merry:

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Cat
  • Birthday: June 29th
  • First Appearance: Animal Forest e+
  • Personality: Peppy
  • Catchphrase: Mweee

merry animal crossing

Merry’s Appearance

As one of twenty-six cat villagers across all Animal Crossing games, Merry is one of the cutest. She’s cream in color and has the iconic pointed ears of every cat villager. She also has a short, brown fringe which contrasts the rest of her color. I’ve never been a fan of the fringes some Animal Crossing villagers have, like Bubbles the hippo, but on Merry, it works. Even though it stands out more than a fringe with more subtle color, she would look ridiculous without it. It’s part of her sweet charm!

Her big, bright black eyes also feed into her cuteness. I think there’s something about wide eyes in Animal Crossing that is the highlight of anything cute. But Merry’s most significant selling point is her subtle double chin, which sent the internet wild. It’s not very easy to spot in previous games, but now we have access to a handheld camera in New Horizons and can see our villagers from our character’s perspective; everyone has been loving her little chin! I can see why; it is adorable.

Her inner ears, nose, and blush are a gentle pink, complementing her bright features. The combination of cream and pink is beautiful. Merry sports a dreamy sweater (also modeled by Marina) doused in pastel colors in New Horizons. Although this item is new to New Horizons, previous games had her wearing a Daisy Tee. The dreamy sweater is my favorite clothing item in Animal Crossing, and if I could have every villager on my island wearing one – I would.

I think it’s the perfect piece for any lightly colored/pastel villager!

Merry is always smiling. Her mouth is permanently curled into a grin, no matter what she’s doing. However, this changes when she’s frowning or angry. If you’re lucky enough to catch her smiling with an open mouth, you can spot two pointed fangs, which I find unusual for cat villagers. It’s rare for any villagers to show teeth unless their design already implements them. For cat villagers, in particular, fangs are never revealed.

merry sits by the pond
Image from Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki

Merry’s Personality

Merry’s peppy personality means she is usually in an excellent mood to accompany her constant smile. Which means she will always stop you for a chat! It’s common for Merry to get very excited about seeing you or other villagers, so she’s exceptionally chatty! Unfortunately, in conversation, she may overreact to trivial topics. If you say something she doesn’t like – prepare for a tantrum! But luckily, due to her short attention span, this grudge won’t last long.

There are sixty-three peppy villagers in New Horizons, and all sixty-three are female. Several characteristics make recognizing peppy villagers easy, such as their typically high-pitched voice and always talking about wanting to be famous. For example, Merry looks quite shy at a glance, but once you get her talking, she will always mention being a world-famous pop star. Peppy villagers also tend to use phrases like “ohmigosh!” and interject “like” where it might seem redundant.

This personality type also seems to spend more time outside of their house, waking up around 7 am and going to bed in the early hours of the morning. Peppy villagers are the definition of early birds and always want to be the first person to say hello. But due to their upbeat attitudes, they seem to be the center of the joke among cranky and snooty personality types. Luckily they bite back if they’re being spoken about, creating some very amusing voice-lines if you eavesdrop in a conversation!

Peppy villagers get on well with normal, lazy, smug, and jock villagers outside of this conflict.

The peppy personality has been referred to as the female equivalent of jock villagers since they always use energetic jargon and believe they are the best. Jock villagers are also very easy to get on with and carry this across with every other personality type.

merry catches grasshopper

Merry’s Preferences

Any wannabe popstar will know what they like and dislike. Merry is the type who won’t tell you that she doesn’t want anything – she still has her preferences! In Animal Forest e+, it was too early for villagers to develop a style. But now, there have been several updates to how villagers decorate and present themselves, so it’s easier for them to be themselves!

Comparing New Leaf to New Horizons, a few changes can be noted in terms of Merry’s preferences. However, she’s still very easy to please, and a little will go a long way if you want to befriend her!

Here are Merry’s preferences in New Leaf:

  • Default clothing: Daisy Tee
  • Favorite song: D.J K.K.
  • Coffee Preference: Blue mountain, regular milk, two spoonfuls of sugar
  • Favorite style: Cute
  • Life goal: Figure Skater
  • Skill: Vaulting
  • Hobby: Fashion

Here are Merry’s preferences in New Horizons:

  • Default clothing: Dreamy Sweater
  • Favorite song: Neapolitan
  • Favorite style: Cute
  • Life goal: Figure Skater
  • Skill: Vaulting
  • Hobby: Fashion

merry cat

Merry’s House

Merry’s house is relatively basic in design in every game she has been in.

In City Folk, Merry’s house is bare and follows an effortless design. However, it’s always ready for a tea party, with three chairs and a green table holding a tea set on top. She also has a retro fridge and a stove – even though villagers couldn’t cook in this game. I appreciate that she has kept the kitchen approach to her house, and it makes sense in New Horizons since you can walk into her house and find her cooking now!

At the beginning of City Folk, Merry doesn’t have a stereo, which is unusual, as it’s an item most villagers tend to have.

Her house in New Leaf and New Horizons are almost identical. Even down to her kitchen unit! Merry is a massive fan of the green furniture series, filling most of her house. I don’t like green furniture and definitely wouldn’t decorate my house with it. I wish Merry’s house were more fitting for her cute personality. For example, Gayle’s house is filled with heart-adorned furniture from the lovely furniture set. I think this would look perfect in Merry’s house!

Luckily now we can rearrange and redecorate islander homes with the Happy Home Paradise DLC. So once I get my hands on the lovely set, it’s time for a home upgrade!

The only real difference in Merry’s house between New Leaf and New Horizons is the exterior. In New Leaf, the body of Merry’s home is a brown color with a purple roof. It’s garish for a home design, especially considering how soft Merry’s color palette is. Her house in New Horizons is much more fitting, with an off-white body with grey brickwork and a pale pink roof. Her front door is a light blue with ornate grey detail. This is the house equivalent of what Merry looks like, so it fits well!

It’s a shame the interior is disappointing and doesn’t follow the same color scheme!

merry's house

Merry in Pocket Camp

Merry joined Animal Crossing Pocket Camp in the 2018 update. She wasn’t one of the original villagers to be released into the game – yet she was one of the fans most anticipated! Her preferred campsite theme is cute, and she is relatively easy to invite. With the number of villagers now released in Pocket Camp, she’s pretty rare. But for thirty leaf tickets, you can call her to an island to complete some requests. Then, when you reach friendship level three, you can invite Merry to come and stay with you!

If you want to invite Merry to your island, you’ll need to craft these items:

  • Painting set
  • Aloe
  • Modern Wood Stool
  • Sweets Table
  • Hammock

The crafting time for these items is nine hours and two minutes, which is short for inviting a camper to stay! Crafting Merry’s requested items will cost you eighteen pieces of wood, three pieces of cotton, eighteen pieces of steel, and fifteen preserves. In addition, it’ll cost 2’320 bells. Easy! Then when you’ve got her in one place and can work on increasing your friendship, Merry isn’t shy of showering you with gifts!

Merry’s friendship rewards are as follows:

  • Level 7; 1x Daisy Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 9; 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 10; Request you to craft a washing machine
  • Level 20; 1x Pic of Merry and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 25 – Level 60; 1x Sparkle stone every five levels

Merry also has her fortune cookie, titled Merry’s Sakura Cookie. Launched on April 1st, 2020, and available until June 30th, 2020, a single cookie could be purchased for fifty leaf tickets or a box of five for 250. Since its first release, this cookie has been reissued once, but the reissue only lasted from April 18th to April 25th. The rewards fall under the harmonious theme.

Items you may receive from Merry’s Sakura Cookie are:

  • Sakura Meal Set
  • Sakura Shamisen
  • Sakura Stone Lantern
  • Sakura Tunnel
  • Sakura Koto
  • Sakura Pond
  • Sakura Rickshaw
  • Sakura Viewing Picnic Set
  • Sakura Kimono
  • Sakura Umbrella

Since the cookie has just been reissued, there aren’t any updates on when it’ll appear for sale again. But most villagers’ cookies do; it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled if this set would suit your campsite!

merry sakura

Merry’s Amiibo Card

After Merry’s e-Card was released in 2003, she needed an updated amiibo card for the later Animal Crossing games. As a result, she was a part of the series three amiibo card release, alongside Lily the frog and Marina the octopus. Who are two more incredibly popular villagers! Merry is number 252 in the series.

Series three of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards was released in 2016 and has been for sale since. But when New Horizons came out in 2020, this series was one of the most popular. I remember waiting for it to restock for months while it remained sold out across the internet. It features a lot of favorite villagers, Merry included in that list, so as you can imagine, everyone wanted to try their luck at a pack or two!

merry amiibo card
Image from Animal Crossing Wiki Fandom


Question: When Will Merry Appear on Pocket Camp?

Answer: There is a chance Merry will appear on an island randomly in Pocket Camp, but there are so many villagers now available that it is hard to guarantee when. However, if you are desperate to invite her to stay, it’s worth saving up your leaf tickets to call her to an island to complete her requests and increase your friendship level! Spending thirty leaf tickets will keep her on an island for three hours.

Question: How Popular is Merry?

Answer: Merry is one of the most popular and hunted villagers on New Horizons, alongside characters like Marshal and Raymond. On Nookazon, she is often traded for an average of one million bells or fifty nook miles tickets. However, since her amiibo card is so hard to come by, and she’s one of the most popular dreamies, people will do anything for her to join their island!

Question: What is an e-Card?

Answer: e-Cards were released alongside the update of Animal Forest. They were amiibo cards before amiibo cards were sold and worked in a very similar way. Merry was one of the villagers added to the Animal Crossing e+ update, and Walker, Maggie, Rod, Angus, and Willow also had e-Cards! They are challenging to come across now since they were released in 2003, but sometimes you’ll find them being auctioned online. E-Cards are not compatible with any game other than Animal Forest e+.


I have never been a massive fan of peppy villagers, but Merry is a bundle of joy that could hugely improve the outlook of any town or island. Unfortunately, I don’t have her on mine, but I’ve been on the hunt for her amiibo card since I first got New Horizons. I hope one day I’ll be excitedly greeted by her! If you’re lucky enough to have her, consider me jealous. She is such a sweetheart, and I’m glad she’s so popular!

Now her amiibo series has lost its hype and is more accessible; I may try my luck to find her. Fingers crossed!

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