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Even though I have many fond memories with wolf villagers, snooty villagers are a type I’ve never managed to get on with. Their initial oppressing attitude is offputting, and ever since my first experience with Animal Crossing in Wild World, I’ve gone out of my way to avoid snooty villagers. In a way, I think one bad experience with a villager will put you off for life – and that’s precisely what happened between Whitney and me.

But when she appeared at my campsite in New Horizons, I figured it was time to give her a second chance. So despite the backhanded compliments, she packed her things and moved to my island, where our friendship began to bloom.

whitney sings

An Introduction to Whitney

Whitney made her grand debut in Animal Crossing Wild World, where she rapidly became one of the villagers I’d avoid during my daily visit. I hated her attitude, so I decided I didn’t want to give her any of my time or effort. I’ve always struggled to get along with snooty villagers, and I’m sure this is where it began. Eventually, she moved out, and I didn’t have to see her again. Until New Horizons, of course.

Seeing her as I walked into the tent at my camp made my heart sink. All the memories of her commenting on my outfit in Wild World came flooding back, and I didn’t want to give her the time of day. But I had a change of heart. I decided to bite the bullet and invite her to live on my island. It took some time, but once you get to know her, she is a sweetheart deep down. Even with her sharp wit and distaste for the dirt of island life, everyone could learn to love Whitney.

Here are some general facts about Whitney to get you started:

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • Birthday: September 17th
  • Star Sign: Virgo
  • First Appearance: Wild World
  • Personality: Snooty
  • Catchphrase: Snappy

Whitney’s Appearance

Whitney is a stunning, light blue wolf who almost appears white. Her baby blue pigment will shine in certain lights, especially alongside her deep blue eyes. In addition, some aspects of her fur, such as the tips of her facial fur and tail, are a darker shade of light blue.

Above each eye are a slight grey eyebrow and a large tuft of neatly styled hair between her ears. Additionally, Whitney is one of the only villagers to wear makeup, or at least have a pattern on her fur which resembles makeup. Each eye is decorated with a dark grey stripe of eyeliner, some blue eyeshadow on the top lid, and some purple eyeshadow on the outer eye. Typically, snooty villagers are the only personality who will appear to be wearing makeup.

Whitney has a brown nose on her snout, and it is hard to see her mouth, so you can’t gauge her emotions. The same goes for alligator villagers, so both species rely on their eyes to speak for them. In a way, this benefits the snooty personality since they don’t like to show any emotion to the player until they become friends anyway.

Finally, the lower half of Whitney’s jaw is white, which matches the tip of her paws and feet. Because of her clothing, it’s hard to see if she has a white tummy, but because of the fur you can see at her collar, I’d assume so.

whitney doing yoga

Whitney’s Personality

Out of every single personality type in Animal Crossing, I have always struggled the most to get on with is snooty. I’ve felt they’ve been unnecessarily rude to the player since our first interactions as early as Wild World. Also, my intense love for lazy villagers meant I didn’t like any personality that was mean to them. However, their tone can sometimes come across as offensive and self-centered because of how well-spoken they are, so you need to work on befriending them before they start to change.

Snooty villagers are proud of their luxurious living, so they take great pride in how their home appears. Like normal villagers, they are obsessed with cleanliness – hence their distaste for the lazy villagers’ way of life. This personality type seems more mature and uptight to mirror their lavish lifestyles, which is probably why I didn’t like them so much.

As a kid obsessed with snacks and gaming, the idea of an immaculately clean, luxurious home was no interest to me. I could relate to lazy villagers, so every time snooty villagers made a dig at them, it felt like a dig at me!

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, snooty villagers tend to follow a strict schedule of sleeping at 2:30 AM and waking up at 8:30 AM, which doesn’t feel like an exceptionally long time given how much they go on about needing their beauty sleep. Additionally, when a snooty villager is new to an island, they spend more time within their home than out exploring because they are obsessed with cleanliness. So, for example, when Whitney moved to my island, I only saw her outside when she walked to the shops.

But despite their initially intimidating nature, snooty villagers are worth befriending. They may find it hard to socialize with other villagers at first, but once they settle in, they find it easy to get on with cranky, smug, and normal villagers. However, they find it challenging to understand the lifestyle of jock and lazy villagers. Also, because peppy villagers won’t hold back from speaking their mind, they’ll sometimes say something a snooty villager won’t want to hear, leading to an argument.

However, due to Whitney’s fashion hobby, as she begins to open up and become kinder to the player, she will offer fashion advice and frequently gift clothing. Paired with her love for luxury, these items will occasionally be quite expensive too!

Whitney’s Preferences

Whitney’s preferences didn’t begin to apply to her character until New Leaf when a stronger emphasis went on villagers’ likes and dislikes, and there was an encouragement for the player to consider them. When I first played Wild World, villagers seemed happy to be spoken to, and there wasn’t a lot of information about them to remember – aside from their birthdays, of course.

But after adjusting to the change, I learned to appreciate my favorite villagers’ preferences. In a way, it gave them more personality and reinforced existing traits. It gave a new level of bonding with your friends, which I think benefitted every Animal Crossing fanatic. It’s one thing absolutely adoring a game, but it’s another to love everything that makes those within it so special!

Whitney’s personality already provides a pretty significant insight into what makes her tick. For example, I’ve always found that snooty villagers are the first to correct the player if you do something they don’t like. Which, as a kid, was one of the things that put me off befriending them. But as I’ve grown alongside Animal Crossing and become familiar with my preferences, I can understand why some villagers, Whitney in particular, were so quick to judge.

Here are Whitney’s preferences in Animal Crossing New Leaf:

  • Default clothing: Floral Knit Tee
  • Default Umbrella: Zebra Umbrella
  • Favorite song: Lucky K.K.
  • Coffee Preference: Mocha, a little bit of milk, one spoonful of sugar
  • Life goal: Makeup Artist
  • Skill: Typing
  • Hobby: Fashion

There was only a tiny change in villager preferences between New Leaf and New Horizons. Rather than focusing on their favorite coffee, there is more of a focus on the villagers’ favorite interior designs and clothing. The emphasis on these points is a massive help if you want to befriend a particularly picky villager since knowing their preferences will ensure you can buy an appropriate gift when necessary.

Despite only showcasing slight differences, here are Whitney’s preferences in New Horizons:

  • Favorite song: K.K. Soul
  • Default clothing: Sleeveless Shirtdress
  • Default Umbrella: Purple Chic Umbrella
  • Favorite clothing colors: Blue and White
  • Favorite clothing styles: Elegant, Cool
  • Favorite furniture colors: White, Black, Blue, Aqua, Purple
  • Favorite interior concepts: Living Room, Childs Room, Fancy
  • Hobby: Fashion

whitney under the rain

A Gift Guide to Whitney

Snooty villagers are quite intimidating personalities to befriend, but the best way to sweeten them is by giving them gifts. They are quite a materialistic personality, so a little gift goes a long way if you want to be best friends with one! Either clothes or furniture is deeply appreciated, especially by Whitney. And even though she has refined taste, when it comes to buying gifts, her likes aren’t too expensive either.

Starting with clothing, Whitney’s favorite colors are blue and white, and her favorite clothing styles are anything elegant and cool. Knowing these preferences makes shopping for clothes more manageable, and Whitney is a relatively simple character to satisfy. As you present her with gifts, she begins to warm up to you and turns into an incredibly loveable character. So it’s best to start as soon as you meet her!

Here are some fabulous clothing gift ideas for Whitney:

  • Gown Coat (Blue or Aqua)  – 2’000 Bells
  • Retro Sleeveless Dress (Blue)  – 1’600 Bells
  • Beret (Blue) – 880 Bells
  • Prim Outfit (Blue or Aqua) – 1’920 Bells
  • Trench Coat (Aqua) – 1’680 Bells

But if you’re willing to splash out and spoil this precious pup, you may want to consider buying her some furniture. With the extensive catalog of Happy Home Paradise, paired with the items available in your catalog and at the Nook shop, your limits are somewhat endless. Whitney’s favorite interior concepts are living room, child’s room, and fancy, and her favorite colors are white, aqua, black, blue, and purple.

Whitney loves to be cozy in her home, so if you find something that gives you the autumnal fuzzies, she will probably love it. I have a lot of similar tastes to Whitney, so I tend to buy one thing for me and another for her, which pays off when I need to cheer her up!

Here are some furniture gift ideas for Whitney if you’re still stuck:

  • Portable Record Player (Aqua and Black) – 4’000 Bells
  • Desk Mirror (White and Aqua) –  1’600 Bells
  • Cute Music Player (White and Aqua) – 2’600 Bells
  • Humidifier (White) – 1’400 Bells
  • Nail Art Set (Black and Colorful) – 1’000 Bells
  • Magazine – 210 Bells

Whitney’s Home

In Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf, Whitney’s home face little to no differences. Each version of her home displays a round carpet, the stone wall, and several items from the classic furniture series. In Wild World, Whitney also displays a baby bear and a weeping fig in the center of the room, but these items tend to move between games.

In New Leaf, Whitney’s house changes ever so slightly, gaining a stained glass and croton plant. Additionally, the cabana lamp which affectionately inhabits her house in the two previous games has been lost in the move. To be honest, I dislike the cabana furniture series, so it was a relief not to have to see it again!

However, like most villagers in New Horizons, Whitney’s home received a complete makeover as she made her island debut. In a way, I think she deserved it since her house maintained the same design throughout every game she’s been in. To match her elegant style, Whitney’s New Horizons home displays the blue intricate wall and the blue-paint flooring. Additionally, she houses many ‘high-end’ expensive items, such as a 50-inch wall-mounted TV and a ring.

I adore Whitney’s home in New Horizons, especially the purple rose bed, which takes center stage. I think it perfectly represents her character and personality, which I think previous games missed with many villagers. Additionally, this house signifies change since her favorite song in previous games was Lucky K.K. In New Horizons, it became K.K. Soul.

whitney's home

Whitney in Pocket Camp

Whitney was added to Pocket Camp in April 2018, only a handful of months after the game’s initial launch. As she joined the camping crew before Blathers Treasure Trekking was released, she is one of a few villagers to appear randomly on the islands surrounding your campsite.

I prefer this method to invite campers to come and visit since it saves on both time and materials, and you’re guaranteed to receive a villager you like. Unfortunately, with Treasure Trekking, finding the thing you’re after is difficult, not to mention how much it costs to complete a map.

But unlike treasure trekking, campers you can invite when they appear randomly on islands come equipped with a list of furniture they need to have crafted before staying at your camp. At first, I found materials so difficult to come by, so crafting requirements always took me ages to finish. But as the game has aged and I’ve become more aware of what I need to do to save materials, I find these requests much more manageable.

To invite Whitney to live at your campsite, you need to have a base friendship level of seven, and you need the following items present at your camp:

  • Regal Lamp
  • Gorgeous Floor
  • Regal Vanity
  • Ranch Table (White)
  • Chaise Lounge

Crafting these items will cost 7’590 bells and take eighteen hours to prepare. Which, given how popular Whitney is, is only a short amount of time. In terms of materials, these items will cost 90 steel, 90 pieces of cotton, 130 wood, and six elegant essences.

But once you’ve gone through the effort of preparing your campsite for her, Whitney will ensure she rewards you for your hard work. As any camper does, she comes armed with various rewards as your friendship level increases, tailored to her personality and appearance.

Whitney’s friendship level rewards are as follows:

  • Level Seven – 1x Floral Knit Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level Nine – 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level Fifteen – Whitney will request you craft a bell
  • Level Twenty – 1x Self Portrait and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level Twenty-Five to Sixty-Five – 1x Sparkle Stone every five levels

Whitney’s Rose Fortune Cookie

Whitney’s Rose Fortune Cookie was first released on June 15th, 2018, and was available for purchase until August 14th, 2018. Since then, it has been re-released six times, varying from once to twice a year.

When the cookie is reissued, a single piece will cost you fifty leaf tickets – which I tend to find incredibly expensive. But the rewards seem to pay off depending on how lucky you are. Occasionally, a single fortune cookie can be found on the cart for 5’000 bells. I always struggle to snag a fortune cookie for this low price, but it feels like a blessing if you are fortunate enough, even if the reward you receive isn’t that great!

Due to how often Whitney’s Rose Cookie has been reissued, I find it hard to believe that it won’t continue its pattern of being reissued yearly. So if you’re keen to support such a sweet little wolf, I recommend keeping your eyes peeled on the cookie cart. Plus, the rewards are just as sweet as Whitney!

The rewards you could get from Whitney’s Rose Fortune Cookie are as follows:

  • Rose Wedding Cake
  • Rose Wedding Chair
  • Rose Flower Stand
  • Rose Wedding Table
  • Rose Wedding Arch
  • Rose Wedding Pool
  • Rose Wedding Stage
  • Rose Wedding Headpiece
  • Wedding Tuxedo Jacket
  • Rose Wedding Dress

Even though every reward from this collection states it has a ‘rose wedding’ theme, these items are pretty subtle in design. They don’t explicitly have to be used in a wedding setting, and frankly, I think they would perfectly suit any pastel, plant-themed campsite. Especially during Spring! The only directly wedding-themed items are the clothing, but of course, you can always design your character around them to make it less formal.

My favorite item from this collection has to be the Rose Wedding Pool, as it’s not something I’ve ever come across in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I think it’s such an adorable addition to any camp, and on hot days I feel every camper would love to cool off. Unfortunately, I have yet to obtain this item for my campsite, but I hope you can see your campers enjoying a paddle.

Whitney’s Rose Fortune Cookie

Whitney’s Amiibo Card

Series Two of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards were released in October 2015 and has become one of the more popular series for fans to collect over the years. Unfortunately, this set is home to many favorite villagers, such as Tia, Beau, Coco, and Ankha, so as you can imagine, these packs are relatively difficult to come by.

Whitney is one of two wolves in this collection, alongside Freya, and her card number is 148. When New Horizons was released, Whitney received some well-deserved popularity, and her card massively increased in value. Sadly, paired with the popularity of amiibo cards in general and the number of fans wanting to buy packs, they felt impossible to come by. I tried desperately to get my hands on a few packs of amiibo cards for months but had no luck until about a year after New Horizons came out.

Luckily the hype about getting amiibo cards has faded, so packs are far easier to come by. But if you don’t want to buy a pack and gamble on who you’ll get, Whitney is also frequently available on Nookazon. It’s essential to consider what I said about her popularity, though, as she is on many players’ wishlists. So if you see her, it’s best to invite her as soon as possible!

With an average price of around one million bells, or forty Nook Miles Tickets in equivalent, Whitney is undoubtedly on the more expensive scale of villagers. But, with such adoration for a lavish lifestyle, can you expect anything less?

whitney amiibo card
Image source: Animal Crossing Wiki Fandom


If Whitney hadn’t appeared at my campsite on New Horizons, I probably wouldn’t be able to speak about her with such love. She’s not a villager I’d go out of my way to find, and after previous experiences with snooty villagers, I certainly wouldn’t pay to have her move in. But after learning what makes her happy and having her open up and become one of the kindest villagers on my island, I can’t imagine my game without her.

So if you were like me and didn’t give snooty villagers a chance, maybe this guide will change your mind. I promise Whitney is a fantastic wolf to love.


Question: Is Whitney a popular villager?

Answer: Out of every single villager in Animal Crossing, I wouldn’t say Whitney is one of the most popular. But in terms of wolf villagers, she’s one of the most sought-after. Even with her offputting self-centered attitude, she’s a worthy addition to anyone’s town or island. I regret how long I thought I hated snooty villagers because of their initial attitudes, so make sure you don’t make the same mistake!

Question: How many snooty villagers are there?

Answer: As of Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are sixty-seven snooty villagers. One feature of this personality which I find super interesting is that every single snooty villager is female. Smug and cranky villagers are said to be the male counterpart of snooty villagers, which makes a lot of sense.

Question: Who was the first wolf villager?

Answer: Although it’s hard to say who the first wolf villager was, there are two potential ways to answer this question. Five wolf villagers appeared in the first Animal Crossing game, and there has been no exploration into which one was designed first. But in terms of appearance, I’d say that Dobie was the first wolf villager due to his age and appearance!

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