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Animal Crossing New Leaf introduced many new elements to the franchise, including NPCs and new areas to explore. Amongst this release were a handful of new villager species and characters, which have since become fan favorites. Among these newbies lie the hamster species, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the species does have some notable mentions!

Beyond their puffy cheeks and bright eyes, the hamster species is a valuable addition to the Animal Crossing franchise. They’ve always said good things come in small packages, and it’s safe to say this species delivers. Even though they’re a new addition to the franchise, it’s hard to vision future games without them!

I, for one, was not a huge fan of hamster villagers when they were first introduced into the franchise. As much as I love small villagers, and squirrels have been my favorite since Wild Word, there was something about hamsters I couldn’t adore. It took me a while to come around to them, but after Hamlet moved into my island on New Horizons I found my love for them. They’re precious, bubbly personalities who just want to spread the love. So I have to stop doubting them!

But, with every new species, players have their favorites. Of course, as I’ve already said, not everyone loves this species. But those who do aren’t afraid to express it. Plus, with characters as sweet as Apple – what’s not to love? So, if you find yourself against hamster villagers right now, this guide may provide an insight into a particular group member who is sure to win you over. Meeting Apple certainly helped me warm up to them.


An Introduction to Apple

Apple is one of ten hamster villagers who came into Animal Crossing when New Leaf was released. As I said, I’ve never been head over heels for hamsters, but after seeing them on my friends’ islands or in my pals’ towns, before Hamlet moved into mine, I started to warm up to them! I remember meeting Flurry and Apple for the first time and realizing not all hamsters were bad news.

Apple’s adorable appearance and sunny disposition make her one of my favorite hamster villagers, if I had to choose, and after learning a little about her, she may be one of yours too!

Here are some general facts about Apple to start you off:

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Hamster
  • Birthday: September 24th
  • Star sign: Libra
  • First Appearance: New Leaf
  • Personality: Peppy
  • Catchphrase: Cheekers

Apple’s Appearance

Due to her species, Apple is one of the smallest Animal Crossing villagers. Hamster villagers are known for their rounded features and chunky snack-storing cheeks, which may be where she gets her nickname for the player from! She’s one of ten palm-sized sweethearts; however, she is by far one of the most favorable.

Apple’s name is derived from her light red fur, which covers her entire body. Additionally, it may reference someone being ‘apple-cheeked,’ meaning someone with red rosy cheeks – another feature of Apple’s design. To match the darker red on her cheeks, her paws, ears, and feet are colored the same.

Although her inner ears are bright green, this is technically the only color on her body besides red. However, at the bottom of her shirt, we can see a bit of white tummy fluff, which matches the bottom half of her face and the underside of her arms.

Additionally, Apple has a dark red stripe going down her forehead. On either side of this stripe are her two large, shining eyes. She has large black pupils and dark red eyelashes to emphasize them. I’ve noticed a pattern that every time I call a character cute or go on about how sweet they are, it’s usually because of the size of their eyes. Apple is an exception to this!

Contrasting her large eyes, she has a tiny black nose and a single tooth in the center of her mouth. Usually, a single tooth is an element to characters that puts me off entirely. But when it comes to hamster villagers, I like it. It’s such a recognizable and unique characteristic it would be hard to imagine them without it!

apple the hamster

Apple’s Personality

Although she looks like she’d suit a normal personality, Apple is one of sixty-three peppy villagers. However, she’s always in a good mood and is constantly excited to share stories with the player. Additionally, she’s more than willing to give life advice when necessary! Befriending a peppy villager means you always have a ray of sunshine nearby, even if they do come in a small package!

Peppy villagers tend to get on with every personality, though they will occasionally clash with cranky villagers. But then again, which personality type doesn’t collide with these grumps? They rarely argue; peppy villagers just tend to complain about how ‘old’ and ‘boring’ they are. Aside from this, it’s relatively rare to hear any sort of complaint!

I have always made sure that Peppy villagers are a part of my town or island. They are such a positive influence to other villagers and make day-to-day life so much fun! Peppy villagers always have something to say, and when you begin to get really close with them they’ll ask you questions about your goals and provide valuable life advice! As someone who turned to Animal Crossing a lot on my cloudy days, having such a positive attitude to speak to was really helpful.

Apple’s personality, paired with her hobby, also means she will spend a lot of time outdoors. While speaking with the player, she will occasionally ask to play a game, one of my favorite elements of Animal Crossing. Although there is a lot of fun in speaking with your favorite villagers, actually playing a game with them is a different level. My favorite minigame is Hide and Seek, which Apple is particularly good at due to her small size.

When she’s not playing a game with the player, Apple can usually be seen running around the island or playing with another villager on the plaza. I love visiting the plaza and seeing two of my villagers running around with each other, holding sticks as wands. It’s precious, and when I first saw it in New Horizons, I swear my heart exploded.

Luckily your time to play with Apple isn’t cut short either. Peppy villagers follow a strict schedule of waking up at 7:00 AM and going to sleep at 1:30 AM. So there is definitely enough time in the day to make the most of our favorite rosy-cheeked sweetheart! I used to sign into my Animal Crossing game before going to school when I was a child, just to squeeze in one final chat before the day started. Having villagers that wake up so early is such a bonus for anyone who does the same!

Apple’s Preferences

As it tends to go the majority of new villager species introduced to New Leaf, Apple has two predominant sets of preferences. One is her preferences in New Leaf, which only changed slightly but still changed enough to justify notes in New Horizons. My first and only experience with Apple has been through New Horizons, but now I know more about her; I’d love to see how she appears in previous games!

Here are Apple’s preferences in New Leaf:

  • Default clothing: Lite-Polka Tee
  • Favorite song: I Love You
  • Coffee Preference: Blend, a regular amount of milk, two spoonfuls of sugar
  • Life goal: Movie Star
  • Skill: Karaoke
  • Hobby: Play

Funnily enough, Apple wears the same shirt in New Leaf and New Horizons. However, it faced a name change between games, so it changed from a Lite-Polka Tee into the Marble-Dots Tee we have become familiar with. But there are no drastic changes to the actual design of the shirt, only the name. Aside from this, Apple’s preferences in New Horizons are incredibly similar to those in New Leaf. New Horizons was essentially just to cement her personality and character into the game.

Here are Apple’s preferences in New Horizons:

  • Favorite song: I Love You
  • Default clothing: Marble-Dots Tee
  • Default Umbrella: Candy Umbrella
  • Favorite clothing colors: Red and Colorful
  • Favorite clothing styles: Simple and Cute
  • Favorite furniture colors: Red, White, and Pink
  • Favorite interior concepts: Child’s Room, Fancy, and Living Room
  • Hobby: Play

It’s easy to assume that any villager with a play hobby will adore the interior theme of Child’s Room. As long as they have space to play with toys, they don’t care. For example, Stitches is a lazy cub villager with a play hobby – and the child’s room theme is one of his favorites. He even has a corner of his house dedicated to displaying his toys! The two elements go hand in hand, making it much easier to remember which designs Apple likes.

apple's yard

A Gift Guide to Apple

If you’re lucky enough to be called home by this sweet red hamster, you may wonder how you can make a good impression. Luckily, she has refined taste in gifts, and her personality makes it incredibly easy to learn what she loves. There are two sides to gift-giving in Animal Crossing, you can gift furniture or clothing, and in turn, you’ll begin to climb the ladder of friendship with your favorite villagers.

In clothing, Apple’s favorite colors are red and pink – which you can guess from her appearance, and her favorite themes are simple and cute. This rotation of themes is popular among many villagers, so as soon as you find something one villager likes, you’re probably onto something to please the whole island!

I always buy multiples and gift them to everyone, but it looks strange when everyone wears a holiday jumper in July, which is something to consider. Once you’ve given a piece of clothing, it’ll be worn all year round!

Nevertheless, here are some clothing gift ideas for Apple:

  • Heart Sweater (Red) – 1,000 bells
  • Dollhouse Dress (Red) – 2,800 bells
  • Fairy-Tale Dress (Red and White) – 2’400 bells
  • Poncho Coat (Red) – 2’320 bells
  • Heart Apron (Red) – 1’000 bells

The heart sweater and apron are two items of clothing I fell in love with as soon as I saw them in the Able Sisters. If you know your villagers are fans of cute things, which can be said for many of them, these two items are heart-wrenchingly sweet to hand out. I find that gifting villagers’ clothing pulls together an island’s design, an element I hadn’t ever considered before New Horizons.

If you want to represent a theme, this is how to do it! Clothing is always my first call when it comes to gift-giving, and that hasn’t changed since the only way you could send gift was via letter!

However, if it’s not something you particularly care for, then gifting furniture is more likely the approach to take. Regarding furniture themes, Apple’s favorites are Childs Room, Fancy, and Living Room. She loves everything to make her home as cozy as possible. Her favorite colors are red, white, and pink, so they don’t stray too far from her appearance and clothing preferences. If you apply any of these preferences to a gift, I’m sure you’re on to a winner.

If you’re still stumped, here are some furniture gift ideas for Apple:

  • Dollshouse (Pink and White) – 4’000 bells
  • Book stands (Pink and Colorful)  – 1’100 bells
  • Mini-Cactus Set – 400 bells
  • Nintendo Switch Light (Pink) – 19,980 bells
  • Portable Record Player (Pink) – 4’000 bells
  • Birdcage (White) – 960 bells

Any villager who adores the child’s room theme will benefit from receiving a dollhouse as a gift. It’s a reoccurring item which crops up in every gift list I’ve made for similar villagers. It’s such a versatile item, I’ve even got one of my own! My favorite color palette is the same as Apple’s, I just can’t resist the pink and white.

Apple’s House

Across New Leaf and New Horizons, the exterior of Apple’s house has appeared relatively similar. Both homes have a rounded design and a shingled red roof, which matches the darker red on Apple’s fur. However, in New Leaf, the walls are brown and wooden, yet pale pink in New Horizons. Which I find particularly amusing since Apple’s front door in New Leaf is pale pink, yet in New Horizons, it’s brown. It’s like the home designs were inverted rather than entirely redone.

On the other hand, the interior faced a pretty drastic shift in design between games. Apple’s house in New Leaf showcases the neutral wall and plush carpet, and a lot of the furniture is from either the polka-dot series or the lovely series. She has two poinsettias, an apple clock, and an apple TV. These apple-themed items are the only two she showcases, but New Horizon’s didn’t shy from changing this!

Since you gain the ability to craft using your island’s fruit in New Horizons, a whole world of fruit-themed furniture opens up. This is where Apple gains most of her interior decorating skills! Even if your native fruit isn’t apples, she will still adorn her home with her hand-crafted furniture.

In her New Horizons home, Apple showcases the apple wallpaper and a simple white floor, but an apple rug stands prominently in the middle. Additionally, she has the same apple TV as New Leaf and an apple chair to sit and watch it in. Outside of apple-themed furniture, she also has a paisley cushion, a red gas range, a red mini-fridge, a red dish drying rack, a pink wooden low table, pink drawers, and a white waste bin. However, unlike her New Leaf home, she doesn’t showcase any furniture from the lovely series.

apple's house

Apple in Pocket Camp

Apple joined Pocket Camp in October 2017, so she was one of the first villagers to participate in the game. Since then, she has been a valuable and praised addition to anyone’s camp! However, since she was one of the first villagers in the game, crafting her required furniture seemed almost impossible.

Materials were hard to come by, and you had to invest time if you wanted to get anywhere or level up. I spent hours a day on Pocket Camp when it first came out – so luckily, my materials are stacked high now. Now materials seem easier to come by; you may want to invite Apple to stay at your campsite!

As well as increasing your friendship level to five, you need to craft the following items to invite her:

  • Weeping Fig
  • Polka Dot TV
  • Polka Dot Stool
  • Polka Dot Low Table
  • Polka Dot Sofa

Preparing these items will take twenty-three hours and cost 7’900 bells. In terms of materials, this cutie will set you back thirty wood, 135 steel, 105 pieces of cotton, and three friend powders. So, all in all not too expensive, but the crafting time is by far the most significant investment. If you have the leaf tickets to spare, I’d recommend using them to speed things up!

When she has arrived and is settling in, Apple is more than happy to reward you for your efforts. Her favorite reward to give is wood, and she’s always delighted to interact with the furniture in your camp. Of course, increasing your friendship level with her will unlock several rewards, but it’s nice to have a predominant ray of sunshine on your campsite.

As your friendship level with Apple increases, she will reward you as follows:

  • Level 7 – 1x Lite Polka Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 9 – 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 15 – Apple will request you craft a juicy apple TV
  • Level 20 – 1x Self-Portrait and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 25 – 60 – 1x Sparkle Stone every five levels

Apple’s Glazier Cookie

Following Apple’s release into Pocket Camp, she was fortunate enough to get a fortune cookie. In 2019, two years after the game was released, Apple’s Glazier Cookie hit the fortune cookie card and introduced a world of stained glass beauty into Pocket Camp! I expected Apple’s cookie to be apple-themed, if I’m honest, but I think the stained glass approach is just as cute. Since its first release, this cookie has been reissued five times, so I struggle to believe it won’t be reissued for a sixth.

A single cookie would set you back fifty leaf tickets or 5’000 bells if you catch the cart on a very good day. If you’re after a box, it’ll cost you 250 tickets. I’ve never been one to fork out for these things since leaf tickets are far too precious to waste on a lucky dip! However, the rewards from fortune cookies are worth the investment.

Here are the potential rewards from Apple’s Glazier Cookie:

  • Stained-Glass Apple Lamp
  • Stained-Glass Birdbath
  • Stained-Glass Mirror
  • Stained-Glass Path
  • Stained-Glass Apple Tree
  • Stained-Glass Bed
  • Stained-Glass Well
  • Stained-Glass Fountain
  • Stained-Glass Dress
  • Staind-Glass Tiara

If you’re going for a more elegant approach to your camp, this may be the cookie for you. There’s something about stained glass that screams expensive, even in Pocket Camp. However, I can’t imagine the Stained Glass dress would be very comfortable!

apple's glazier cookie

Apple’s Amiibo Card

Despite debuting in New Leaf, when amiibo cards were first introduced to the Animal Crossing community, Apple’s card wasn’t released until Series Four. She is one of two hamsters released in this series, alongside Graham, so she’s undeniably the favorite of the pair!

I can’t say that Apple is an overly popular character, so if you’re on the hunt for her card, you’ll probably find it in circulation. However, since she is proclaimed an adorable character, this factor can occasionally increase the price. It seems unfair, I know, but if you are really in love with this sweetie, I’m sure you’ll pay the fee! If you’re just looking to complete your collection, Apple is number 359.

If amiibo cards aren’t something you collect, Apple can also be found on Nookazon for an average price of 200’000 bells or ten Nook Miles Tickets. In a way, I think this is a much better way to move her into your island! She’s on the cheaper end of the scale when it comes to villagers on Nookazon, so it’s always a worthy endeavor.

apple amiibo card
Image source: Animal Crossing Fandom


With her bright eyes and chipper attitude, I can happily say that Apple would be a valuable addition to anyone’s island or town. From New Leaf to New Horizons, she has been spreading joy and smiles since her debut, and I don’t think she will stop any time soon! Although she doesn’t live on my island, after learning more about what makes her so charming, I can see her being a member of my island in the future.


Question: Is Apple part of Blathers Treasure Trekking?

Answer: Apple is not part of Blathers Treasure Trekking in Pocket Camp. Luckily, Treasure Trekking wasn’t a part of the game when it was first released, so Apple is one of the villagers who will randomly appear on the islands around your campsite from time to time. If you still can’t find her, try going into your contact list and using a calling card to summon her for a few hours! You’ll be able to complete three requests, but if you give a few treats and leaf tickets, you’ll be hitting a level five friendship in no time.

Question: Is Apple the rarest Hamster villager?

Answer: I wouldn’t say that any hamster villagers are rare, but I would say that Apple and Flurry are two of the most sought-after hamsters. They’re easily the cutest of the crew! Before the release of Series Five amiibo cards, Marlo was considered the rarest hamster since he couldn’t be scanned into the game. It’s hard to say which villager is the ‘rarest’ now they all have an amiibo!

Question: How many hamster villagers are in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Answer: Although there are ten hamster villagers through Animal Crossing, only nine of them make it into New Horizons. The only hamster who didn’t make the cut was exclusive to New Leaf in Japan and didn’t have an amiibo, so when New Horizons was released, he was somewhat forgotten! Likewise, several villagers were New Leaf exclusive and haven’t been heard of since.

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