A Complete Guide to Canberra in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Australia, the land down under? For me, it is their wildlife. They are abundant in exotic animals, so it has become a meme on the internet. If you wish to see spiders eat birds, you can surely see them there.

Yet the animals that I think of instantly when talking about Australia are their kangaroos and koalas. In Animal Crossing, there are also villagers belonging to those species, and rightfully so. They are cute animals that you want to hug and protect, which is why I think they deserve some representation in the series.

However, one koala villager, in particular, sports a very nationalistic demeanor due to her name. This koala is Canberra, also the name of Australia’s capital. She is one of my two starting villagers on my island back in 2020, and to this day, she still lives here. If you also want to have Canberra as one of your villagers, read further to find out more about her.

Bottom Line Up Front

Here are essential details about Canberra in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that you need to know.

  • Name: Canberra
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Koala
  • Personality: Big Sister
  • Birthday: May 14 (Taurus)
  • Catchphrase: “nuh-uh”
  • Favorite clothing style: Active and Cool
  • Favorite colors: Green and Aqua

Who is Canberra?

Canberra in Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing Wiki

“It’s never too late to start over.” – Canberra’s favorite saying

Canberra is a female koala villager with a big sister personality. She debuted in New Leaf and appeared in New Horizons’ next and latest entry. She is not in Pocket Camp, although she can be a client in Happy Home Designer. She also appears in Amiibo Festival when you scan her Amiibo card while playing the game.

Her initial catchphrase is “nuh-uh,” her favorite saying is “it’s never too late to start over.” Her birthday is on May 14, which makes her a Taurus. In New Leaf, she prefers sporty clothing but dislikes iconic clothing, and she likes the color orange. In New Horizons, her favorite colors are green and aqua, and her favorite clothing styles are active and cool.

According to her biographical info, she is the second of six siblings and skilled in making faces, and her goal is to become a successful tennis player. In New Leaf, she prefers Kilimanjaro beans in her coffee with lots of milk and three spoonsful of sugar. In New Horizons, she has a play hobby, and so you might find her running around with her arms out at certain times of the day.

She shares the same name as Australia’s capital, yet despite this, she does not seem to have any nationalistic traits or appearance aside from her species. Other koala villagers share the same name with Australian cities like Alice (derived from Alice Springs), Melba (derived from Melbourne), and Sydney.

What Does Canberra Look Like?

Canberra is an orange koala with brown hair, eyebrows, and round, light blue eyes. She sports a broad smile below her light brown nose and has prominent, dark red cheeks. The tips of her paws on her legs and arms are white, and so are the inside of her ears.

Ever since New Leaf, she dons a green striped tank. In New Leaf, the umbrella that she carries around with her when it is raining is the petal parasol, but it is the melon umbrella in New Horizons. Furthermore, her phone case in New Horizons is green but will eventually become white with light blue stripes. She carries with her a paper bag and would sometimes read a comic.

What is Canberra’s Personality?

Canberra has the big sister personality, also known as the sisterly personality. The information presented here summarizes her nature, but if you want a complete analysis of it, you can visit the section about the big sister personality.

She acts like a big sister to you if you befriend her, as she will often give you fighting tips and tips on being relaxed. She will provide you with medicine if you talk to her while you are stung by wasps. She has a tough and protective demeanor yet is very caring about others, especially to those she treats like her younger siblings. As a big sister villager, she wakes up at 9:30 AM and sleeps at 3 AM.

She can get along well with jock villagers because of their shared interest in sports, lazy and normal villagers because of their calm lifestyle, and peppy villagers because of their shining aura. She may have problems with smug and snooty villagers because of their arrogance and cranky villagers because of their stubborn way of life. Still, she can become friends with everybody.

Canberra’s House Throughout the Games

Her house in New Leaf looks utterly different from her house in New Horizons, both exterior and interior-wise. In New Leaf, the external appearance of her house is composed of a red roof and brown walls. She has a golden door with a diamond-shaped window and a green doorknob.

Inside, her walls are light green and decorated with differently-colored citrus prints, and her floor is made of light brown wooden planks. The house has two windows on the left and the right side, and she has a cabana bed that rests in the upper-left corner. Beside the bed is a standing lamp. Meanwhile, there is a kitchen sink in the upper-right corner.

On the lower-left corner is a wooden couch with blue cushions, and in front of it is a tea table made from the same material. There is a pepper mill and a revolving spice rack on it. On the lower-right corner is a potted plant, and beside it is a wooden stool. In front of these two items is a wooden dresser with a red cassette player on top. Usually, the cassette plays K. K. House.

Her house seems to be made of wooden logs in New Horizons from an outside perspective. Every aspect of her home is made of wood, including the shingled roof, the dark brown door, and the sign in front of the window. There is a lantern above the door, and a chimney peeks out from the roof.

Inside, her walls are designed to look like a beach with blue skies and white, puffy clouds. The sea extends over the horizon, and the waters meet the shore. Her floor looks like sand to pair with her house’s theme.

A tall, blue lifeguard chair is on the upper-right corner, and the upper-left corner is a wave breaker. To those unfamiliar with a wave breaker, it is a concrete structure designed to stop harsh waves from crashing down the shores. In New Horizons, you can craft one, and its DIY recipe is redeemable through Nook Miles.

Beside the wave, breaker is a green coconut cut in half with a straw protruding out to suck out the coconut juice. Along with the juice is a beach chair that one can sit on. In the middle of the room is an erect sandcastle, while lamps designed like coconut palm trees stand tall in the lower corners.

On the left side of the room is a beach towel laid on the floor that one can lie on, and beside it is a red and white life ring. There seem to be no windows in the house. The house may ring with the music of K. K. Island, which comes out from a speaker designed like a seashell. This speaker is beside the lifeguard chair in the upper-right corner.

Below is a detailed description of the items within her house.

Canberra’s House in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Items Cabana Bed Cassette Player Kitchen Sink
Minimalist Lamp Pachira Pepper Mill
Ranch Couch Ranch Dresser Ranch Tea Table
Revolving Spice Rack Tall Cactus Ventilation Fan
Wooden Stool    
Wall Citrus Wall
Floor Neutral Floor
Music K. K. House

Canberra’s House in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Items Beach Chair Beach Towel Coconut Juice
Life Ring Lifeguard Chair Palm-Tree Lamp (x2)
Sand Castle Shell Speaker Wave Breaker
Wall Tropical Vista
Floor Starry-Sands Flooring
Music K. K. Island

Canberra’s details throughout the games

New Leaf and New Horizons have different elements in their gameplay, and so they have slightly different information about Canberra. This section lists Canberra’s various attributes and characteristics in those two games. If you are revisiting New Leaf and you have Canberra as a villager, the information presented here may come in handy.

Canberra’s Details in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing Wiki

Personality: Big Sister

Birthday: May 14 (Taurus)

Catchphrase: “nuh-uh”

Initial attire:

  • Initial clothing: Green-Stripe Tank
  • Initial umbrella: Petal Parasol


  • Most favorite clothing style: Sporty
  • Least favorite clothing style: Iconic
  • Most favorite color: Orange


  • Siblings: Second of six siblings
  • Skill: Making faces
  • Goal: Tennis player
  • Halloween fear: Werewolf Hood

Coffee Preference

  • Type of beans: Kilimanjaro
  • Amount of milk: Lots
  • Amount of sugar: three spoonsful

Canberra’s Details in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Personality: Big Sister

Birthday: May 14 (Taurus)

Catchphrase: “nuh-uh”

Initial attire:

  • Initial clothing: Striped Tank (Green)
  • Initial umbrella: Melon Umbrella
  • Initial phone design: Green
  • Final phone design: Striped – Fabric 8


  • Most favorite clothing styles: Active and Cool
  • Most favorite colors: Green and Aqua

Hobby: Play

Carried items:

  • Carried bag: Paper bag
  • Book: Comic
  • Food: Lollipop
  • Drink: Soda can
  • Popsicle: Ramune-soda

Canberra’s Details in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise

Animal Crossing Wiki

You can have Canberra as one of your clients in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ DLC, Happy Home Paradise. Below are the essential details like her thought bubble, her vision, and more of what she wants her ideal paradise home to be.

  • Thought bubble: I want to serve food from around the world…
  • Client’s vision: International Eatery
  • Required items: Chafing Dish, Nigirizushi, and Fried Rice
  • Favorite song: K. K. Bazaar

Having Canberra as your client will let you unlock many items that you can purchase from the Nook Shopping Catalogue. Listed below are the mentioned items, and they are arranged in a table for easy reading and brevity.

Canberra’s Unlocked Furniture in Happy Home Paradise

Aji Fry Anchoas al Ajillo Bamboo Wall Decoration Biryani
Blood-Orange Juice Bottled Ship Canberra’s Photo Canberra’s Poster
Carpaccio di Capesante Carrot-Tops Curry Chandelier Checkout Counter
Chinese-Style Meal Coffee Cup Deer Decoration Dual Hanging Monitors
Exit Sign Fancy Tea Set Fancy Water Pitcher Fish and Chips
French Fries Frozen-Drink Machine Fruit Scones Gnocchi di Zucca
Hanging Scroll Hanging Sign Hearty Ramen Imperial Dining Chair
Imperial Dining Lantern Imperial Dining Table Japanese-Style Meal Large Café Table
Low Folding Table Melon Soda Minestrone Soup Modern Cash Register
Omurice Pad Krapow Pesce All’acqua Pazza Pizza Margherita
Poke Potato Galette Ranch Cupboard Reception Chair
Risotto Round Light Fixture Salad Bar Sample Case
Sautéed Olive Flounder Sea-Bass Pie Serving Cart Small Café Table
Snack Bread Spaghetti Napolitan Stall Standing Shop Sign
Table Setting Table with Cloth Tantanmen Tapestry
Timber Doorplate Tomato Curry Traditional Tea Set Western-Style Meal
World Map Yunomi Teacup Zen Bench Zen Cushion

Canberra’s Unlocked Interior Designs in Happy Home Paradise

Blue Persian Rug Dark-Block Flooring Gray Diner Wall Gray Vinyl Flooring
Green Bamboo Mat Imperial Rug Red Delicate-Blooms Wall Red Persian Rug
Retro Restaurant Wall Shoji Screen Simple White Flooring Tatami Flooring
White European-Style Wall      

Canberra’s Unlocked Clothing in Happy Home Paradise

Note that all the unlocked clothing comes with all of the variations of each piece.

Ancient Sashed Robe Chef’s Hat Chef’s Outfit China Poblana
Sari Silk Shirt    

Canberra’s Details in Other Games

Canberra appears in two games apart from the main game: Amiibo Festival and Happy Home Designer. Since there is not much-known information about Canberra at Amiibo Festival, below are the essential facts in Happy Home Designer.

Canberra’s Details in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing Wiki

Like Happy Home Paradise, you can have Canberra as a client in Happy Home Designer. You can unlock the furniture, clothing, and interior designs related to her. Below are essential details you need to know for Canberra in Happy Home Designer.

  • Thought bubble: I’ll open a restaurant with food from around the world!
  • Client’s vision: An international restaurant.
  • Required items: Samgyetang, Curry Plate, and Tacos
  • Favorite song: K. K. Bazaar

Canberra’s Unlocked Furniture

Bureom Canberra’s Pic Cheese Curry Plate
Dream Catcher Genie’s Lamp K. K. Bazaar Kimbap Plate
Samgyetang Sausage Table with Cloth Tacos

Canberra’s Unlocked Interior Designs

Persian Rug Tent Rug Tent Wall  

Canberra’s Unlocked Clothing

Alpinist Dress Alpinist Hat Chef’s Hat Chef’s Outfit
Chima Jeogori Dress Fairy-Tale Dress Flamenco Hat Gaudy Dress
Genie Pants Genie Shirt Green-Stripe Tank Milkmaid Dress
Milkmaid Hat Petal Parasol Pink Polka Dress Puffy Hat
Shamrock Hat Turban Wooden Clogs  

Ideal Gifts to Give to Canberra

In both games that Canberra makes an appearance, she has particular clothing styles that she likes. She also has favorite colors for her clothes and furniture. If you are looking for a guide on what to give Canberra, the information presented below is the only thing you need.

Note that I will not list every item you can buy, but I will only list some examples. Do not worry, though, as they are perfect gifts for Canberra.

Ideal gifts for Canberra in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing Wiki

In New Leaf, Canberra favors sporty clothing and furniture items and does not favor iconic ones. She also loves orange. Below is a list of furniture items that are either orange or sporty (or both).

Furniture item Price Where to buy from
Astro Bed 3,200 Bells Timmy and Tommy’s store
Baby Bear 800 Bells
Grapefruit Table 1,500 Bells
Milk Case 1,800 Bells
Rococo Candlestick 3,120 Bells
Scoreboard 2,200 Bells
Tangerine Chair 1,300 Bells
Gerbera 780 Bells Garden Shop
Spooky Sofa 4,124 Bells Timmy and Tommy’s store;



Sunflower Stereo N/A Wedding Day;



If you wish to give Canberra sporty clothing, a few samples of such are below.

Zap helmet - Blue | Animal Crossing (ACNH) | Nookea
Animal Crossing Wiki
Clothing item Clothing type Price Where to buy from
Blue-zap Helmet Headgear 2,400 Bells Labelle
Space Helmet 600 Bells
Bicycle Helmet 500 Bells
Explorer Tee Tops 360 Bells Able Sisters
Firefighter Shirt 320 Bells
Wrestler Tank 640 Bells
Orange Pants Bottoms 480 Bells
Racing pants 640 Bells
Basketball Shoes Footwear 640 Bells Kicks
Hiking Boots 800 Bells

Ideal Gifts for Canberra in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Active and cool clothing are favorites of Canberra. In New Horizons, she no longer likes orange. Instead, she now enjoys the colors green and aqua. Below is a list of furniture ideas that Canberra would love.

Furniture item Price Where to buy from
Baby Bed 825 Bells Nook’s Cranny
Bottled Beverage 170 Bells
Bottled Ship 1,800 Bells
Changing Room 3,700 Bells
Cypress Plant 1,000 Bells
Mixer 1,400 Bells
Minicar 26,000 Bells
Framed Poster 1,4000 Bells
Electric Guitar 17,750 Bells
Evergreen Ash 775 Bells

If you wish to give Canberra clothing, it is best to give her active or cool ones. Meanwhile, the colors should be green or aqua. Here is a list of both green/aqua and active/cool clothing.

Clothing item Clothing type Price Where to buy from
Outdoor Hat Headwear 275 Bells Able Sisters
Knit Cap with Earflaps 250 Bells
Retro Shades Accessories 390 Bells
Browline Glasses 260 Bells
Ninja Costume Dress-Up 560 Bells
Oversized-sweats Dress 375 Bells
Flashy Animal Costume 425 Bells
Pullover Jacket Tops 420 Bells
Hawaiian-print Apron 320 Bells
Kids’ Smock 375 Bells

Canberra’s Statistics in Animal Crossing

Canberra’s Personality

Canberra is one of the ten koala villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Among the ten, she is one of the two koalas who are big sister villagers, along with Faith. Before New Horizons, though, Faith used to be a normal villager. Both of them make up 20% of the entire koala population with the big sister personality.

Meanwhile, Canberra and Faith are two of the 26 big sister villagers that belong to the koala species. Statistically, she is part of the 7.7% of the big sister population that are koalas.

Canberra’s Gender

Canberra is part of the six females in the latest entry among the ten koala villagers. The female koalas make up 60% of the population. Out of the six females, the other four koala villagers aside from Canberra and Faith are Alice, Melba, Sydney, and Yuka. Alice, Melba, and Sydney are normal villagers, while Yuka is a snooty villager.

Canberra’s Birthday

Canberra’s birthday is on May 14. Only one other koala villager celebrates their birthday in May: Ozzie. Ozzie is a lazy male koala villager, which is entirely different from Canberra. His birthday is on May 7. Canberra and Ozzie make up 20% of the koala population in New Horizons, whose birthday lies in May. Also, Canberra becomes a unique villager judging by the personality and birthday alone.

Canberra’s Debut Game

Animal Crossing Wiki

Canberra debuted in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Two other koala villagers debuted in the same game: Eugene and Lyman. Both of them are male and were born in October. Eugene is a smug villager whose birthday is on October 26, while Lyman is a jock villager whose birthday is on October 12. So, 30% of the koala population debuted in New Leaf.

Summary of statistics

Overall, Canberra is the only female big sister koala villager whose birthday is in May. Faith, the other big sister koala villager, celebrates her birthday on March 21. Judging by her personality and birthday alone, she becomes a unique koala villager among the rest.

Frequently Answered Questions

Question: Is Canberra a Girl in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Yes, Canberra is a girl in her appearances in New Leaf and New Horizons. She has the big sister personality, and the big sister villagers are all females.

Question: What Does Canberra Like in Animal Crossing?

Answer: In New Horizons, she likes green or aqua items. She also likes clothing that is either active or cool. An example of an ideal gift for her would be the green and aqua retro shades that you can buy from the Able Sisters since it is an active piece of clothing. However, in New Leaf, she likes orange and sporty furniture and clothing. She also does not like iconic items.

Question: When is Canberra’s Birthday in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Canberra celebrates her birthday on May 14, so her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Question: When is Canberra’s Personality in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Canberra is a big sister villager, also known as a sisterly villager. They are caring and protective of those she views as their younger siblings, like the player. She cannot stand smug, cranky, and snooty villagers but gets along well with lazy, jock, normal, and peppy villagers.

Question: Is Canberra a Rare Villager in Animal Crossing?

Answer: I would consider Canberra as a rare villager, considering that there are only ten koalas in New Horizons. Furthermore, she is one of the only two big sister villagers that are koalas.

Conclusion on Canberra

Canberra is a female koala villager with a big sister personality. Her birthday is on May 14, which makes her a Taurus. She makes her first appearance in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and appears in the next game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She is an orange koala with red cheeks and blue eyes. Her paws and the inside of her ears are white, her nose is light brown, and her hair is brown.

Her initial catchphrase is “nuh-uh,” and her favorite saying is, “it’s never too late to start over.” Her hobby is playing. Thus, you can find her extending her arms and running around at particular times of the day. She can interact well with jock, lazy, normal, and peppy villagers but may conflict with smug, snooty, and cranky villagers.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, her favorite clothing style is active and cool. Her favorite colors are green and aqua. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, she likes sporty furniture and clothing and orange. She dislikes iconic styles.

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