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Animal Crossing is one of the most relaxing games that you could play (in my opinion at least) where you can spend your days on your island, which looks however you want it to look and depends on how much time you want to spend. On it! Not only that, but there are so many aspects to Animal Crossing that you can spend your time on; you can spend your days buying items and decorating your house, decorating your island, planting and harvesting crops, or socializing with others.

Animal Crossing is also known for its wide variety of characters, both in their species and their personality types. One of my favorite character types has always been peppy characters. They are so bubbly and happy to see you; they are also relatively easy to manage. They rarely cause any trouble on your island or any trouble with other characters.

One of my least favorite character types is snooty characters, one of which is the focus of this article! Snooty characters can be hard to deal with, especially if you don’t have a thick skin, as they can be dismissive and rude, often without them ever even realizing that they are being rude to you! Not only this, but snooty villagers can be hard to have on your island as they are often harsh and rude to other villagers, which can lead to conflict.

There are some benefits to having snooty characters. However, it really just depends on what kind of island you want to have and your motivators for the villagers on your island! One of the benefits of having Diana on your island (despite her rudeness) is that she is a visually stunning character with a very well decorated home; which can be tolerable once you get to know her a little bit better,

Bottom Line Up Front

Diana is a very pretty, primarily white deer with pink features, often credited as one of the most pretty characters available in Animal Crossing. Diana is known for her fashion sense as she is a snooty type of character, which has its downfalls (majorly, but there will be more on that later). Here are some basics about Diana;

  • Name; Diana
  • Gender; Female
  • Species; Deer
  • Birthday; January 4th
  • First Appearance; Animal Crossing New Leaf – as Deer were not present in Animal Crossing prior to New Leaf
  • Hobby; Education (Diana can often be found reading)
  • Siblings; Diana has four siblings
  • Personality; Snooty
  • Catchphrase; No doy (which means duh, didn’t you know?)
  • Style; Iconic

Who is Diana?

diana animal crossing new horizon
Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Diana is a female deer who is one of only eleven deer villagers who can appear in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Diana also has a snooty personality style. Snooty characters unsurprisingly can be quite rude and abrupt or judgemental with other villagers; they are not all bad, however, and can also be quite nice once you get to know them a bit better.

Diana is the only snooty villager who is a deer. Animal Crossing is known for quite a clever naming of its characters, and Diana is no exception. She is often referred to as Bambina, which has a clear influence on her appearance as she is quite similar to the character Bambi (who is also a deer)

However, the better theory (in my opinion) is that Diana is named after a goddess who turns a hunter into a deer; this is further substantiated by Diana’s home, which has a bathhouse style influence it.

Snooty villagers can be quite hard to have on your island as they often insult and look down upon other villagers who have different views than them, like peppy villagers, for example, or jock characters as they cannot understand their disregard for appearance and social rules; and will often be found gossiping or looking down on other characters appearance.

Diana’s Appearance

diana animal crossing new leaf
Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Diana is a lovely, colorful character; she is, of course, a Deer, and so has very cute ears and eyes! Diana’s body is primarily white, although she has an adorable pastel pink colored swirl of hair on her head. Diana’s ears are also pink, although they are darker than her hair; and only pink at the tips of the ears. Diana’s ears also have more depth of color on the inside; her ears are purple with blue markings. Diana’s eyes are black with black arched eyebrows and have black flicks off the top of her brows which flick upwards (like a winged eyeliner style). Diana also has a lovely little button nose and darker pink, almost red circles to indicate her blushed cheeks.

Diana is also very colorful; her primary outfit is a long-sleeved style dress; the front of the dress looks like velvet purple with sheer or mesh purple sleeves that have a floral pattern. Diana’s hands and feet are also dark pink/red to match the blush on her cheeks.

Diana’s Personality

Diana has the ”snooty” personality type, one of a grand total of 67 snooty villagers that you can get. Snooty villagers are not always well-liked as the name suggests and are often thought rude and dismissive. Snooty villagers are, therefore, not everyone’s favorite! Snooty villagers often communicate in a way that gives the impression that they look down on you; they also often use more complex language (which doesn’t help their case)

Much like peppy characters, snooty characters are quite keen on fashion and taste. However, interaction-wise, the two could not be farther apart. While peppy characters are always friendly and full of energy and happy to talk to you, snooty characters can be quite blunt and insulting.

A more apt comparison for snooty villagers is cranky villagers; snooty villagers are all female and so are essentially the female equivalent of cranky villagers. This means that Diana can be quite judgemental and keen to gossip. This is clear as one of Diana’s favorite phrases is ”No Doy” (which is essentially saying, duh, didn’t you know?)

Snooty villagers can also be quite sarcastic when you first get to know them. However, as I have Diana on my island and so interact with her quite often, I would never use these words to describe her now! As with any character (or indeed any person), people can change as you get to know them, and as you get to know Diana and become more friendly with her, she, in turn, becomes nicer and more friendly to you!

Diana’s Preferences

Diana has her own unique likes and dislikes, which is not surprising, seeing how judgemental she can be.

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, here are some of Diana’s preferences;

  • Default clothing; Natty Tee
  • Default umbrella; Petal Parasol
  • Coffee; Kilimanjaro
  • Favorite style; Iconic
  • My least favorite style; Rock N Roll
  • My favorite color; White
  • Life Goal; Dermatologist

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, here are some of Diana’s preferences;

  • Default clothing; Mysterious purple dress
  • Default umbrella; Black chic umbrella
  • Favorite drink; Tea
  • Favorite food; Chocolate donut
  • Favorite style; Gorgeous and elegant
  • My favorite color; Purple/Pink
  • Hobby; Education – Diana can often be seen reading a book

Diana’s House

As previously mentioned, Diana can be quite superficial as she is a snooty type of character and loves the finer things in life. Diana also views herself as better and more put together than other characters, which is reflected in her home design.

In Animal Crossing, New Leaf

Diana's House Interior in New Leaf
Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

The inside of her house is fancy and color-coordinated in a pink and purple style, almost like a French and very chic-inspired home. Diana’s home has the following items in New Leaf;

  • Regal dresser and table
  • Mermaid screen and lamp
  • Chaise Lounge
  • Whirlpool bath
  • Minimalist mini table
  • Phonograph
  • Harp
  • Corinthian Post
  • Croton

Diana’s wallpaper is Rococo Wall, and her floor is kitchen tiles. The outside of Diana’s home has a purple roof and blue walls with a rustic wooden sign and white fencing.

In Animal Crossing, New Horizons 

Diana's House Interior in New Horizon
Diana’s House Interior in New Horizon

As a nod to her namesake, Diana’s home in Animal Crossing New Horizons looks like a fancy bathhouse or spa. Diana’s home has the following items;

  • Whirlpool bath
  • Shell bed
  • Rattan vanity, rattan end table, and low rattan table
  • Shower set
  • Fragrance sticks
  • Fireplace
  • Lily record player
  • Deer decoration
  • Beach towel

Diana’s house has a white botanical tile wall and stone tile floors. The outside of Diana’s house matches the inside décor and is stone colored with a darker grey roof.

In Happy Home Designer

Diana's House in Happy Home Designer
Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

Diana requests a ”serene space,” and her vision is a tranquil sanctuary (which sounds fantastic). To create this, you need the following;

  • Lotus Lamp
  • Incense burner
  • Aroma pot

Diana in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

diana animal crossing pocket camp
Image from Animal Crossing Wiki

In the mobile version of Animal Crossing (Pocket Camp), you can invite specific villagers to join you, and you can invite Diana to join you on your island, but you need the following items;

  • Friendship level five as a minimum
  • A regal dresser
  • A clawfoot tub
  • A standing sink
  • A towel basket
  • A hanging chair

Once you do have Diana as a friend, there are some fun rewards! These include;

  • Level seven; Sparkle stone and natty tee clothing
  • Level nine; Sparkle stone
  • Level fifteen; Jewellery case
  • Level twenty; Sparkle stone and Diana’s picture
  • Level twenty-five to sixty; Sparkle stone


As you will now know, Diana can be loved but can also be disliked. It can be hard to like a character or give them a chance if they are always rude and self-centered, not to mention judgemental. If you are keen to have a lot of very aesthetic and pretty characters on your island, I cannot imagine a better or prettier character than Diana. If your focus is on a harmonious island with friendly and pleasant characters (which my goal is personally), I would not recommend Diana as she is not very welcoming to other character types, especially lazy, jocks, and peppy characters. Diana judges lazy characters for not looking after themselves more; she also judges Jocks for not spending more time on their visual appearance and fashion choices and looks down on peppy characters for being too chatty and judging their fashion choices.

While Diana has warmed to me overtime on my island as I have gotten to know her, she is still always rude to me to some level and quite unpredictably. She is also very self-centered in her conversations with you.


Question: How do I get Diana on my Island in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Diana is a much sought-after character in Animal Crossing because she is so pretty and visually striking. It is no surprise that people are eager to find her. However, finding Diana, or indeed any character, is primarily down to luck. Luckily, a villager may show up on your campsite and be convinced to stay.

Question: What Character Type is Diana?

Answer: Diana is a snooty character type; this is not the most desirable personality type if I am honest. Common traits of snooty villagers include being rude, judgemental, self-centered, and dismissive. Diana does soften over time as you get to know her. However, that rude and judgemental nature never leaves her.

Question: When did Diana Join Animal Crossing?

Answer: Diana is a deer character, which did not exist in the Animal Crossing games until New Leaf, which is where Diana made her first appearance.

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