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Introduction to Fauna

Fauna is an adorable deer villager introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Since finding her camping in my New Leaf town, she’s been one of my favorite villagers, and I’m still hunting for her in New Horizons. Her loving personality and simple appearance make her a great fit for any island.

This sweet deer’s name is a pun referencing the word for a baby deer, fawn, and the term fauna used to refer to animals in nature. So it makes sense that Fauna resembles a typical deer more so than other deer villagers and likes nature and earthy colors.

Gender: Female

Species: Deer

Personality: Normal

Birthday: March 26th

Star Sign: Aries

Catchphrase: Dearie

Hobby: Nature

Favorite Song: K.K. Stroll

Fauna’s Appearance

Source: Animal Crossing Wiki

Fauna’s color palette consists primarily of earthy and natural colors. Her body is a rich chocolate-brown, and her face is a lighter, yellow-brown that curves over her eyes and cheeks, which have a ruddy red blush. The back of her head has seven white dots. She has yellow hooves and a slight yellow gradient at the tips of her little tail.

Her nose is a little black oval. Her eyes match the color of her nose and are larger, taller ovals with two eyelashes beneath them and a white oval in the center. Usually, I’m unnerved by characters with black eyes and white pupils, but on Fauna, I think it only adds to her simple charm.

Some deer villagers have horns that make them distinct, but Fauna stands out among them due to her lack of horns. This makes her look shorter compared to the other deer, and the lack of sharp points and angles that come from horns gives her appearance an overall more round and friendly look.

In New Leaf, Fauna wears a shearling coat. The soft look of the shearling coat made Fauna look even softer and cuddlier looking.

In the move to New Horizons, Fauna changes into a red Bohemian Tunic Dress. This dress adds more color to her palette, being primarily white with touches of red and blue. While her new outfit keeps her rustic look with cute scalloped flower embroidery around the hems, it removes her from the soft animal connotation her name and earlier shearling coat gave her. She still looks adorable, though.

Fauna’s Personality

Fauna's Personality

Like the other normal villagers, Fauna is very kind, loving, and creative. Her dialogue in New Horizons often references crafts, baking, and reading. Fauna has a fondness for music, as seen in her Happy Home Paradice theme, My Piano Hangout, and the ebony piano she gives the player in Pocket Camp.

Talking to Fauna will always make you feel appreciated and cared for. She’s not ostentatious and enjoys the simple things in life, like spending quality time with her friends or alone.

As one of two normal deer villagers, Fauna represents the idea of deer as quiet and timid creatures. Though she isn’t shy and opens up to you quickly, she doesn’t feel the need to be the center of attention and would much rather express herself quietly and privately.

Fauna’s House

Fauna's House

Like most villagers, Fauna’s house changes between games. Her New Horizons house is sparser than her New Leaf house, and I don’t think either represents her personality very well. The New Leaf house’s colors clash, and the furniture in the New Horizon’s house doesn’t represent her interest in nature.

Fauna’s house in New Leaf had a rounded, three-tiered straw roof. It ended about halfway down the house, covering most of the dark wood siding. The house itself was circular and surrounded by a wooden fence. The door was pink with a diamond pattern and arched top.

The interior of Fauna’s New Leaf house has a pink parlor wall covered in flowers and a pastel-dot rug. The furniture is organized in such a way to divide the room into three sections, a sitting area, a table area, and a bed area. The sitting area consists of an alpine sofa in the bottom left corner facing a retro stereo and an aloe plant.

A modern wood clock hangs on the wall. Behind the retro stereo is the table area with an alpine table decorated with a tea set and dandelions. Next to that is a modern wood stool and a modern wood chest. In the bedroom area along the right wall are an old sewing machine, classic bed, radiator, and dapper tee.

Overall I think the furniture choices for the New Leaf house are good. I like the combination of the modern wood and alpine sets to give a comfortable yet rustic feel. Yet I can’t get over the pink wallpaper that clashed with the more natural colors.

In New Horizons, Fauna has a very simple house exterior. Her house is round beige stucco with a brownstone roof and a maple rustic door. The interior has a red brick wall and mint dot flooring. All her furniture is pushed against the wall except a wooden-block table and chair in the middle of the room, both of mixed wood.

From the perspective of entering the room, there is a kitchen in the top left corner with a red gas range and a red mini-fridge. On the mini-fridge is a dark wood cutting board with a red cloth. On the wall above the fridge and range is a wooden pot rack. In the middle of the far wall is a red cuckoo clock.

To the left of the door is a wooden-block bookshelf that matches the table and a wooden vintage T.V. tray. On the opposite side of the door is a red portable record player on a wooden-block dresser. The right wall has a wooden-block bed beneath a wooden-block stool that houses a white bookstand.

Like the New Leaf house, I find the choice of wallpaper to be lackluster, though the dark red doesn’t clash as bad as the pink. Yet the room itself feels far more generic than I would expect from this sweet natural deer. It lacks any plants, and the wooden-block furniture is the closest tie to nature she has but that, to me, feels more childish than natural. When Fauna is finally on my island I intend to redecorate her house immediately.

Fauna’s Gift Guide

Giftable items in New Horizons are classified by style and color. Each villager has one or two favorite styles and colors. When giving gifts to villagers keep these like in mind! If a villager gets a gift with a color or style they like then they’ll be happier!

Fauna’s favorite styles are cute and simple. Her favorite colors are beige and white. Her styles and colors fit wonderfully with her earthy design, loving personality, and natural theming.

When giving gifts to villagers I prefer giving them clothes, that way I can see them using my gifts without the risk of ruining the interior design of their houses. Here are some clothing ideas for Fauna:

  • Faux-Shearling Coat (beige) – This’ll be reminiscent of her New Leaf look!
  • Aran Knit Sweater (white)
  • Flower Sweater (white)
  • Pom Casquette (white)
  • Straw Hat (brown)

Furniture is sometimes tricky to gift a villager. You don’t always know where they are going to put it in their house and if you stray too far from their existing interior design it may become an eyesore. Here are some ideas of furniture you can give Fauna that will fit in her house:

  • Baby Bear (caramel mocha)
  • Brown Sugar cupcakes
  • Open Wooden Shelves (brown)
  • Puppy Plushie (beige)
  • Mum Wreath

I always recommend giving a wreath or door decoration to your villagers! It’s an easy way to personalize the outside of their house and if you don’t like it you can always give them a different one and they’ll replace it!

Why You Want Fauna on Your Island

The real question is why wouldn’t you want Fauna on your island? She fits in with most island designs and her personality doesn’t clash with the resident rep or any other villager you have on your island. How could it? She’s far too sweet to cause trouble.

Though I think Fauna could make a great addition to any island, I think she works the best on natural or cottage-core islands. Her adorable design makes her right at home in a natural forest setting or a cute little cottage in a field of flowers.

Fauna in Pocket Camp

Fauna is part of the original set of villagers included in Pocket Camp’s release. Seeing as Fauna looks like the kind of animal you would come across when camping, I think this is quite fitting. Her favorite camping theme is natural.

You can find Fauna camping on the islands when you reach level 19. After finding her you need to reach friendship level 7 and craft the furniture she likes, just like the other villagers in Pocket Camp. The furniture she requires is as follows:

  • Aloe
  • Pastel-Dot Flooring
  • Modern-wood Closet
  • Modern-wood Sofa
  • Pink Velvet Stool

To craft all these pieces you will need 246 wood, 45 cotton, 15 steel, 6 natural essences, and 7,280 bells. Being one of the initial campers her ingredients are fairly basic but being one of the later campers unlocked some of her furniture items require a lot of materials and time. She mainly rewards the player with steel and natural essence. Her level-up rewards are as follows:

  • Level 7: Shearling Coat and 1 Sparkle Stone
  • Level 9: 1 Sparkle Stone
  • Level 15: Ebony Piano
  • Level 20: Fauna’s Pic and 1 Sparkle Stone
  • 1 Sparkle Stone every five levels after that

Like many other popular villagers in Pocket Camp, Fauna has her own set of furniture from fortune cookies. Fauna’s Toy Day Cookie was released on November 28th, 2018, and has been reissued each December to celebrate Toy Day.

The clothing and furniture gained from eating these cookies are adorable rustic pieces that make fantastic holiday decorations. From these cookies you can obtain:

  • Gift-Filled Sled
  • Light-Up Deer
  • Ornamented Tree
  • Toy Day Treat Counter
  • Toy Day Cookie Counter
  • Toy Day Decor Counter
  • Snowy Toy Day Sleigh
  • Snowy Toy Day Cap
  • Snowy Toy Day Dress
  • Snowy Toy Day Sweater

Fauna’s Amiibo

Fauna’s amiibo card was released with the first Animal Crossing series in 2015. Fauna had the honor of being one of the first twenty cards, being number 19. Series one also included many of the staple Animal Crossing characters, such as Tom Nook and Isabelle. Other villagers sharing series 1 with Fauna are old favorites such as Bob, Roald, and Bluebear

In New Horizons Fauna’s amiibo can be used to bring her to the player’s campsite and then invite her to move to the player’s town or island after crafting her three items over three days. It can also be used to invite Fauna to drink coffee with you at The Roost and build her a vacation home in the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Much like New Horizons, the updated version of New Leaf also lets the player use Fauna’s amiibo to bring her to a campsite, this time run by Harvey, to then invite her to move to your town. Outside of the game, her amiibo can be used to add Fauna to pictures taken on the D.S.

Like many other villagers getting Fauna’s amiibo can be a pain. In 2015 when her card was released you would have to rely on luck for her card to be in the pack you bought and now you have to scour the internet to find a card being sold at a reasonable price. Thankfully, while Fauna is well-liked she isn’t one of the insanely popular villagers, and her card is often more fairly priced.


Question: How to get Fauna in Animal Crossing?

Answer: The only sure way to get Fauna in Animal Crossing New Horizons is by getting her Amiibo card and using it to invite her to your campsite. If you can’t get your hands on her amiibo then you’ll need luck and persistence. The most you can do is visit mystery islands when you have an empty lot on your island. There’s no telling how many islands it’ll take to find her so you’ll need to save up some Nook Miles, then take the time to buy Nook Miles Tickets and visit Mystery Islands until you find her. Another option is hoping Fauna shows up at your campsite and when she does don’t stop talking to her and playing games with her until she agrees to move to your island.

Question: Is Fauna a Good Villager?

Answer: Ultimately, it is up to you if Fauna is a good villager. Everyone has different tastes when decorating their island and interacting with their villagers. If you ask me, Fauna is one of the best villagers. I can’t get enough of her kind eyes and sweet words.

Question: Is Fauna a Rare Villager?

Answer: Short answer, no. Fauna has the same chance of showing up like any other villager. However, with 413 villagers in New Horizons looking for any specific villager can be difficult and all of them feel rare.

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