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Animal Crossing is already a magical game, with talking animals and ancient wildlife and fossils scattering your island or town. But there are always little things to add to the magic, such as shooting stars or meteor showers and occasionally seeing a creature you never thought you would.

Most villagers usually have a relatively simple design and resemble an animal you’ve seen at least once in your life. But occasionally, an oddball will be thrown in and be the talk of the town. We have witnessed phoenixes, dragons, and something in a bunny suit, but I never thought we would see a unicorn in all my years of playing.

This is where Julian comes in! This magical horse is here to make your rainy island days slightly brighter.

I’ve always been impartial to horse villagers in Animal Crossing. They’ve never been my favorites, but they don’t upset me as much as they would other people. I’ve had a few horse villagers inhabit my town from Wild World onwards, but I’ve never gone out of my way to invite them permanently.

But the same can’t be said for Julian. Nevertheless, he is a fan favorite, and this guide will help you discover why!


Introduction to Julian

Julian first appeared in Animal Crossing New Leaf, and his design surprised us. Rather than being a standard horse villager, Julian is one of several villagers to reference a mythological creature. He is considered the rarest of them all, so if you are lucky enough to find him randomly or visit your campsite, it’s definitely worth inviting him!

His name is supposedly a reference to Julius Caesar since he claimed to be related to Venus, and Julian has a tremendous interest in astrological things. With Julian’s birthday also falling on the date of Caesar’s assassination, this claim is feasible!

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve always been impartial to horse villagers, but there is something about Julian that I find intriguing. Here are a few facts about him to get you started!

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Horse
  • Birthday: March 15th
  • Star sign: Pisces
  • First Appearance: Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Personality: Smug
  • Catchphrase: Glitter

Julian’s Appearance

Julian is a turquoise horse with an ever-so-slightly darker mane and tail. He has black hooves and white markings on his face. I’ve never loved horse villagers, but there is something special about him. I don’t know if that’s because he’s more than just a standard run-of-the-mill horse villager or if the color palette of his design is just pleasing to me, but there’s something more there.

He also has purple eyelids and long black eyelashes. Unusually, his eyes are permanently sealed shut. When looking at most Animal Crossing villagers, this seems to be a fairly standard feature. On the rare occasion you do see Julian’s eyes, they appear to be white with no pupils.

Although Julian is a member of the horse species, he looks very different compared to the other villagers of this type. More of a magical aura surrounds him, making him stick out. This may be down to the white horn protruding his head — so is he just a horse? I know unicorn villagers aren’t a thing, and if they were, Julian would be the only one at this time. However, it feels wrong to refer to him as just a horse!

In New Leaf, Julian proudly wears a Twinkle Tee to match his astrological personality and appearance. However, this changed when he joined the New Horizons crew and began to wear a Space Parka. Nevertheless, the star theme is still there and is reflected in his interior design (which I will cover later on!), so it’s clear that Julian knows what he likes!

If I didn’t know that Julian was a villager and I encountered him for the first time in Animal Crossing, I would assume he was a special character. However, I don’t know whether that’s because he is one of a few villagers to represent mythological creatures (like Drago the dragon or Pheobe the Pheonix) or because he has a garish color palette for his species.

There are seventeen horse villagers across Animal Crossing titles, and Julian is one of two with a predominantly blue design. Ed, another smug horse villager, also has a blue body with purple eyelids. However, he doesn’t have a horn. So my conspiracy of Ed being the “daytime version” of Julian cannot be accurate. Aside from these two, most horse villagers follow an expected color palette that reflects their species. Maybe that’s why I find Julian so magical!

There are notable differences in species within the horse villagers rather than just their coloring. Aside from Julian the Unicorn, Buck the Donkey, Papi the Okapi, and Savannah the Zebra. Alongside dogs, this makes them one of the only types of villagers to use their coloring to show different species!

julian appearance
Image source: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki

Julian’s Personality

While this magical blue horse is one of seventeen horse villagers, he is also one of three smug personalities within this species. When you first meet a smug villager, they may seem rude and bigheaded, but I promise there is a friend somewhere underneath all the ego. Once you start to befriend a smug villager, their polite nature and mannerisms will sweep you off your feet.

Smug villagers were introduced in New Leaf, as was Julian, so he was one of the first. Their amalgamation of other personality types makes them reasonably easy to get along with. However, they may butt heads with cranky villagers — but who doesn’t? These grumps are always ready to ruin someone’s day. However, on my bad days, I feel that too. Although smug villagers mean no harm, their ego will sometimes get the better of them, so both cranky and sisterly villagers find it difficult to gel with them.

I love stopping to talk to a smug villager because you never really know what you will receive. From giving valuable life advice, which sometimes comes in handy, to speaking logically about islanders’ situations and problems — smug villagers are surprisingly one of the most down-to-earth personality types.

In addition, they love practicing foreign languages, which usually end up being Italian, and they are never shy of referring to you as their catchphrase. To Julian, you will be known as ‘glitter’ until you or he changes it!

In New Horizons, smug villagers wake up around 7 AM and go to sleep at 2 AM, so there is plenty of time for you to hang out and share stories and gossip. Unfortunately, most of my villagers had lazy personalities when I began my island on New Horizons. Which became pretty dull when I realized I was the only person awake before 8 AM! Luckily, Marshal moved in and became an early bird with me, so we spent a lot of time fishing before the rest of the world woke up.

Due to Julian’s musical interests, a day in his island life usually involves him singing either to himself or an audience. In addition, he’s fond of interacting with all sorts of island decorations and will stop every villager for a chat several times a day if he can. If there’s one villager that will make you stop and chat by teaching you a new reaction or sharing a story with you, it’ll be Julian.

He would be an excellent addition to anyone’s island because of his chatty nature. My island could benefit from some energy! As much as I love lazy villagers, I think we could all do with some excitement.

Julian’s Preferences

When I was first introduced to Julian, I figured his preferences would be as regal as his appearance. However, he looks like the type of character who would have a refined taste, and he follows through with this idea! Despite his gift preferences being a little expensive, his base preferences are relatively simple. There are only a few differences between games in what Julian wants, primarily related to his clothing.

Julian’s preferences in New Leaf are as follows:

  • Default clothing: Twinkle Tee
  • Favorite song: Stale Cupcakes
  • Coffee Preference: Kilimanjaro, no milk, no sugar
  • Life goal: Designer
  • Skill: Speed Reading
  • Hobby: Music

Julian’s preferences are further cemented in New Horizons, and the emphasis on his love for all things space is supported by the release of Celeste’s Star Fragment furniture series. The song he uses in his house also feeds into this love!

Julian’s preferences in New Horizons are as follows:

  • Favorite song: Space K.K.
  • Default umbrella: Rainbow Umbrella
  • Life goal: Designer
  • Skill: Speed Reading
  • Hobby: Music
  • Default clothing: Space Parka

julian unicorn

Julian Gift Guide

It’s hard not to want to be best friends with Julian once you start to get to know him. He’s a beautiful character, and due to his smug personality, his positive attitude makes him a desirable best friend. But, the best way to get into someone’s good books is to give them gifts! In Animal Crossing, you can present a villager with one offering a day, and over time, this will boost your friendship with them.

Each villager has their niche and specific tastes. Alongside their general preferences, they have their favorite colors and concepts for the interior of their homes. When buying or crafting gifts, it’s essential to consider these things, as suitable gifts will result in a more considerable friendship boost!

Here are some clothing gift ideas for Julian, but once again, he has some pretty refined taste:

  • After-School Jacket (Blue/Purple) – 1’050 bells
  • Noble Coat (Blue/Yellow) – 4’800 bells
  • Young Royal Shirt (Blue) – 1’440 bells
  • Comedian’s Outfit (Blue) – 2’500 bells
  • Flashy Jacket (Purple/Bue) – 1’960 bells

In terms of interior decorating, Julian’s preferred concepts are fancy, space, and expensive (who would’ve guessed it), and his favorite colors are white and yellow. Due to his favorite concept being expensive, you can probably imagine the items in Nooks Cranny are pretty costly! So if you’re a bit tight on cash, clothing might be a better alternative for gift giving while getting started on your friendship journey.

Here are some furniture gift ideas for Julian:

  • Cute Sofa (Aqua/Blue) – 9’600 bells
  • Mic Stand (Grey/Black) – 1’000 bells
  • Cello (White) – 130’000 bells
  • Birdcage (White) – 960 bells
  • Magic Kit (White/Blue) – 980 bells

julian music abilities

Julian’s House

Julian’s house has changed between games to encourage more of his personality to shine through. While his first house in New Leaf emphasized his expensive taste, his home in New Horizons is much more reflective of his mythological nature.

In New Leaf, Julian adores the Regal Series, which might be why he asks for so much of it in Pocket Camp! His house in New Leaf is filled with this furniture, such as the Regal Bed, Regal Sofa, Regal Bookcase, and Regal Vanity. Since he has a music hobby – he also houses a harp. I can see Julian playing the harp over any other instrument! Which I believe references his magical aura.

The interior of his house in New Leaf also hosts a Lunar Horizon wallpaper and a blue floor. The song he chooses to play is Stale Cupcakes, which is my favorite K.K. Slider song!

The exterior of his house is rounded in design, and the walls are unsurprisingly turquoise! There’s a firm pattern of Julian loving all things blue as you delve deeper into his character. It must be down to his design as to why he loves this color, but I like to think maybe because he’s seen as some mythological creature, his love for blue is supposed to reflect a world beyond the clouds. The roof of his abode in New Leaf is dark grey, which pairs with the ornate grey fence surrounding his home.

When he moved over to New Horizons, a similar approach was taken to the exterior of his house. It has a similar rounded design, but instead of turquoise walls, it has white walls and a teal tiled roof with a grey chimney. The Julian theme is continued with a blue front door, which has more similar-toned furniture behind it!

The interior of Julian’s house in New Horizons is a little different than in New Leaf. Rather than the regal series, Julian showcases furniture from the Zodiac series. As much as I adore this series, I wish it was obtainable through purchase rather than just Celeste recipes. Filbert also uses some of this series in his New Horizons abode, as it suits any space-loving villager.

I wish I could get my hands on some of the Zodiac set, but due to how rare it is for Celeste to visit your island, I’ve had no luck getting any of the items I’m after so far. Plus, the rarity of Celeste has resulted in a lot of people like me searching for her furniture set — meaning actual prices on Nookazon are still ridiculously high!

With the addition of villagers’ ability to display items on their walls now, Julian’s house also features the star garland across the borders, the Sagittarius Arrow, and the Leo sculpture. However, due to the position of these items, you have to rotate the camera to see them. Surprisingly, Julian’s house features every item in the Zodiac furniture series, the only exception being the Fortune Telling set.

julian's house

Julian in Pocket Camp

Julian was added to Pocket Camp in a 2018 update. His profile suggests that he is a very free-spirited character who is a little wild. Which I think perfectly sums up his personality!

Despite being a popular villager, he wasn’t part of Blather’s Treasure Trekking. So if you are on the hunt for this lovely lad, it’s worth keeping an eye out on the surrounding islands. He will crop up randomly, or you can invite him for thirty leaf tickets for three hours of interaction. It’s worth doing this to boost your friendship with him quickly.

To invite Julian to your campsite, your friendship level will need to be at least seven. Alongside this, you’ll need to craft the following items — and they don’t come cheap!

  • Regal Sofa (Starry Sky)
  • Regal Lamp
  • Regal Clock
  • Aquarius Urn
  • Regal Table

Crafting these items will cost you 9’440 bells in total and 40 pieces of wood, 180 steel, 30 wood, and nine elegant essences. It’ll also take eighteen and a half hours to craft these items! So if you’re searching to invite Julian to your campsite, you’ll probably want to start preparing as soon as possible!

When crafting the regal sofa (starry sky), you will already need a regal sofa (basic). This will cost you a separate load of 120 pieces of cotton, three elegant essences, and 2’210 bells. If you don’t have this item already, you’ll need to add eight and a half hours to your total crafting time!

However, for all your hard work and materials, Julian is generous with rewards and is a happy camper once he gets comfortable. As any camper will, he is more than happy to shower you with gifts as you increase your friendship level with him. Of course, his favorite reward to give is steel, but there are a few more perks along the way.

Julian’s friendship rewards are as follows:

  • Level 7: Twinkle Tee and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 9: 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 15: Request that you craft a carriage
  • Level 20: 1x Self Portrait and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 25 to 60: 1x Sparkle Stone every five levels

Julian’s Stardust Cookie was released alongside the update that brought him to Pocket Camp. If you want to make your campsite a perfect spaceport for Julian, this cookie is for you! They run a little expensive, at one cookie for 25 leaf tickets or 250 leaf tickets for a box of five. It’s not currently for sale but has been reissued several times since its release, so I’d imagine it would happen again.

If you’re fortunate and have friends who frequently send you gifts, you may receive one of these cookies from a Lucky Tangerine Gift, Lucky Tangerine Gift+, or a Stardust Gift+.

The possible rewards from Julian’s Stardust Cookie are as follows:

  • Stardust Fence
  • Stardust Planter
  • Stardust Table
  • Stardust Canopy Sofa
  • Stardust Fountain
  • Stardust Rug
  • Giant Planetarium
  • Stardust Dress
  • Stardust Hair Pin
  • Stardust Top Hat

All items in this cookie are part of the elegant theme, Julian’s favorite theme for a campsite, so it’s only fitting!

julian pocket camp

Julian’s Amiibo Card

Series Two of the Animal Crossing Amiibo Card was released in 2015 and contained a lot of famous villagers people were after, such as Beau and Ankha.

This series became incredibly popular when New Horizons was released, as did most other amiibo series’ since people wanted to find their favorites and invite them to stay.

In series two, three horse villagers were released. Alongside Julian, Savanna and Ed joined the crew. Julian is the most popular out of these three, so his card is being sold on its own for slightly more money, but it’s still in circulation and not too challenging to come across.

With over one hundred cards in the series, you’d have to have a lot of luck on your side to find him in a pack. But if this is the approach you’d instead take, this series of cards are available for purchase on the official Nintendo Store!

Julian is number 173 in the series and had a new lease of life upon the release of New Horizons. He became an incredibly popular villager due to his lax nature and magical appearance. Unfortunately, on Nookazon, his average price is about 850’000 bells, or 28 Nook Miles Ticket, which is relatively expensive considering he’s been around since New Leaf!

julian amiibo card
Image source: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki


Question: How Many Horse Villagers are There?

Answer: There are seventeen horse villagers in the Animal Crossing franchise, but two are only available via Amiibo in older games. Epona and Filly are the only two horse villagers unavailable in New Horizons.

Question: Is Julian a Unicorn?

Answer: Although Julian is a unicorn by design, he isn’t classed as a unicorn in his species. He has a horn, and due to the design of horse villagers, he does appear as a unicorn, but there is never any explicit declaration that he is a unicorn! However, both the character design and the design of his house would suggest he is a unicorn — yes.

Question: How do I get Julian on Pocket Camp?

Answer: Julian can be found randomly on the islands surrounding your campsite, or you can use a calling card and bring him to an island for three hours. Using a calling card will cost you thirty leaf tickets, though, so it’s worth saving up!


Even though I still feel impartial to horse villagers, I can see myself inviting Julian to the future of my island. He’s a charming character and seems to have specific energy I would become obsessed with. As he is the rarest of the mythological creature-inspired villagers, I find it hard to think I would encounter him randomly. But there’s no use saying never!

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