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There are lots to do in Animal Crossing; that is no secret for sure! I am sure there are times when you feel overwhelmed with choices because you have so many options ahead of you. When it comes to planting crops and making some money, Bamboo Shoots are a great place to start (if you can find them, that is!)

Bottom Line Up Front

Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo Shoots are useful things to have on your Island but can be hard to find! If you do find yourself with some Bamboo Shoots to spare, you can craft a range of exciting items such as;

  • A groove wall
  • A lamp

You can also craft some food items such as;

  • Soup
  • Jarred Bamboo Shoots

These, of course, can only be made if you have Bamboo Shoots to begin with, but they can be hard to find. There are, however, some ways that you can find Bamboo Shoots, such as;

  • In the post as a gift from Daisey Mae for supporting her by regularly purchasing Turnips
  • By visiting other islands that have Bamboo Shoots that you can then bring back by digging them up and then planting them on your own IslandIsland
  • If you have friends who also play Animal Crossing, you could ask them nicely to post some to you, or come visit your IslandIsland and drop off some!

What is the Purpose of Bamboo Shoots in Animal Crossing?

Using Bamboo Shoots for Crafting

Using Bamboo Shoots for crafting

You can use Bamboo Shoots to create a range of items in Animal Crossing, including;

  • A Bamboo Groove Wall; This item requires 3x Bamboo Shoots as well as 7x Young Spring Bamboos. In order to learn how to make this item, you need to find the recipe card, which can be found either in Balloons that appear at random on your IslandIsland or in Message Bottles that wash up at random on your beach. If you want to get the recipe from the Balloons, be sure to carry your slingshot to shoot them down from the sky.
  • Bamboo Shoot Soup; To make Bamboo Shoot Soup, you need only 2x Bamboo Shoots and the recipe. To get the recipe, you need to purchase it from Daisy Mae, who can be found only on Sundays on your IslandIsland.
  • Jarred Bamboo Shoots; To make Jarred Bamboo Shoots, you need only 3x Bamboo Shoots and the recipe, which you can purchase from Daisy Mae.
  • Bamboo-Shoot Lamp; To make one Bamboo Shoot Lamp, you will need 5x Bamboo Shoots as well as 4x Clay and 4x Young Spring Bamboo. Before you can make this, you need the recipe, which can be obtained from either the Balloons on your islands or the Message Bottles which appear on the sand on your IslandIsland, washed in by the water.

Selling Bamboo Shoots

If you find yourself in possession of too many Bamboo Shoots, or maybe you’ve everything that you wanted to make with them! In this case, you can always use your excess Bamboo Shoots to provide a bit more money for other more exciting things that you want to purchase!

You can take your Bamboo Shoots to Nooks Cranny or leave them in the drop-off box outside the shop; each Bamboo Shoot sells for 250 Bells!

Growing More Bamboo

You can use Bamboo shoots to grow even more Bamboo. When you have a Bamboo Shoot, you can plant it and grow a large Bamboo tree which you can then harvest and sell Bamboo from. I would personally always recommend planting Bamboo Shoots to grow into larger Bamboo trees, and when you break that down, plant at least one or two each time instead of selling it; this allows you to maximize your profits and ensure there is always a lot of Bamboo in steady supply which can provide a stable income for you and your IslandIsland!

Eating Bamboo Shoots

Eating Bamboo Shoots

If you have a big day ahead of yourself with lots of things that you need to do, you can also collect/harvest your Bamboo and eat them as they are thankfully edible! When you eat the Bamboo, you can then have enough energy to dig up trees or even break down rocks! As with any other food item within Animal Crossing, you can eat ten of them at once for energy; one energy point is then expended for every tree that is dug up or every rock that is broken.

How can I get Bamboo Shoots in Animal Crossing?

Bamboo Shoots in Animal Crossing

Getting Bamboo Shoots from Daisey Mae

Daisy Mae visits your islands on Sundays between 5 AM and 12 PM, during which time she sells Turnips! As a reward for buying Turnips from her, Daisey Mae will sometimes send you some Bamboo Shoots as a present!

Finding Bamboo Shoots on Other Islands

If you find yourself in possession of a lot of Nook Miles, you can use these to purchase tickets that you can then use to visit new and exciting islands. You can then visit the airport on your IslandIsland and use your miles to go visit a new one-time IslandIsland, if you do, you should be sure to empty your pockets and take your shovel with you (even better if you eat ten items before)

Once on the IslandIsland, they may have some Bamboo Shoots that you can dig up and take home back to your own IslandIsland so that you can plant them and grow some of your own Bamboo Shoots!


Bamboo shoots are a profitable business (although harder to find in Animal Crossing New Horizons than in Animal Crossing New Leaf). It is definitely worth your while harvesting and replanting Bamboo anytime you can for some financial income as opposed to crafting items.


Question: What can I do with Bamboo Shoots in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Depending on what your priorities are, there are a few options available to you if you have some spare Bamboo Shoots that you want to use up! If you are a keen decorator and crafter, you can make a range of items, including a Groove Wall, Soup, Jarred Shoots, or even a Bamboo Shoot lamp! If you get tired of making these, you can also gift some of these crafted items or recipes to other islanders! Just be mindful of who you gift the items to, as not everyone likes the same things.

Question: Where can I get Bamboo Shoots in Animal Crossing?

Answer: You can sometimes get Bamboo Shoots from Daisey Mae, but only if you purchase quite a lot of Turnips from her! This is also not a guaranteed way to get Bamboo Shoots, however, as this occurs at random in the post from Daisey Mae. The most stable way to get Bamboo Shoots is to dig them up from existing plantings or Bamboo Trees on other islands by using Nook Miles tickets. Your friends can, of course, also send you some if they are feeling generous!

Question: Are Bamboo Shoots edible in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Bamboo Shoots are edible! You can eat ten of them in the same way that you can eat other items in Animal Crossing. Eating items allow you to have enough energy in order to dig up trees and break down the rocks that you want to get items from! You can also use Bamboo Shoots to make Bamboo Soup which is, of course, edible as well.

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