Ruby Animal Crossing

I feel like no matter how much experience you have had with the Animal Crossing franchise, you have probably found yourself chatting away to a Bunny villager. From Poppy’s haunting red eyes to Sacha’s cheerful personality, Bunny villagers are another integral species to the game, which we have learned to love. Even as early as …

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Muffy Animal Crossing

Introduction Animal Crossing is a much loved and fiercely protected franchise that has been around for so long that it has really become a staple of people’s lives and childhoods! Part of what allows Animal Crossing to hold our attention for so long is that it feels like a big hug; it is super comforting …

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Kyle Animal Crossing

Introduction Do you ever find yourself introducing someone to your friend group and thinking ”please don’t say the wrong thing” the entire time, on the edge of your seat, desperate for them to not cause any issues? That’s what I imagine I would feel like if I was friends with a smug villager that I …

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Mira Animal Crossing

Introduction You know that friend that you have that would tell you that your outfit was horrible and to go change before leaving the house? But would you also threaten to fight anyone else who said the exact same thing to you? That is a sisterly friend. Sisterly friends are the best; they are fiercely …

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Pippy Animal Crossing

Introduction Do you know those people that you cannot walk past without getting into a conversation with them? Likely you initially make polite small talk, and sometimes you don’t really want to talk to them, but they wear you down, and suddenly you cannot imagine your life without them. That is exactly what peppy villagers …

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