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My first experience with wolf villagers came from Lobo moving into my town in Wild World, and since then, I’ve had some particularly fond memories with the species. Although he was particularly cracky on a bad day, he was one of the first few villagers I remember wanting to befriend – so wolf villagers have always carried a nostalgia with them. 

But over the years, I lost touch with my love for wolf villagers. It had been a while since I found one I loved, like Lobo. So when Skye was introduced to the franchise in New Leaf, it felt like a blessing. This pastel-colored wolf helped me find my love for these villagers again!

An Introduction to Skye

Skye Animal Crossing

Along with the deer and hamster species, New Leaf introduced over one hundred new animals to the franchise, and this beautiful wolf is one of them. To anyone who loves pastel colors and general cutesy things as much as I do, I cannot express how much you need to consider moving Skye to your island. If her optimism and satisfaction with island life aren’t enough, then her adorable design might be the selling point. 

Here are Some Facts About Skye to Get you Going

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • Birthday: March 24th
  • Star sign: Aries
  • First Appearance: New Leaf
  • Personality: Normal
  • Catchphrase: Airmail

Skye’s Appearance

Skye is one of thirteen wolf villagers and my favorite out of the lot. She is light-blue in color with a cloud-like white patch on the top of her head. To match this puff of fur, her paws and feet are tipped in white, as are her pointed ears. To contrast the light blue, the inner of Skye’s ears is a beautiful shade of baby pink. Additionally, the same fluffy cloud design found on the top of her head covers her muzzle. 

Wolf villagers have an incredibly recognizable, rather sharp design, making them easy to separate from dog villagers. In addition, the back of each wolf villager’s head hosts four spiky-looking tufts of fur. To add to her sky-like appearance, Skye’s are blue with white tips. Furthermore, the end of her tail is white, and a patch of white tummy fluff can be spotted under her shirt. 

She has a light brown nose, which matches the outline of her eyes. Alongside their brown outline, Skye’s eyes have an oval shape with white inners, which a tiny black pupil separates. Usually, I’d find this design on villagers vacant and unsettling, but because of how soft Skye’s color palette is, I find it charming. 

Because wolf villagers have an incredibly prominent muzzle, it’s hard to see their mouths – but it’s rare to come across Skye when she’s not smiling! 

Skye’s Personality

Skye 1

Skye is the only wolf villager with a normal personality. Many Animal Crossing players think villagers with this personality are boring and repetitive. Still, I have no shame in stating that it’s one of my favorite personality types! After really falling in love with Olive, the normal cub villager, I’ve learned to love their appreciation for the simple things in life. However, I didn’t expect Skye to be a normal type when I first met her. I expected something like peppy or snooty, so I was pleasantly surprised!

Normal villagers tend to have a sweet and optimistic outlook on island and town life; however, they also have an occasionally self-deprecating attitude and lack self-worth. In addition to this, they have an obsession with cleanliness. But, they are always grateful for what they have and will share that with the player and the other islanders. They are easy to get along with and rarely clash with others. Generally, normal villagers are the peacekeepers of island life. 

The normal personality type is essentially the female equivalent of lazy villagers – which might be why I love it so much. I resonate deeply with normal and lazy villager types, so it checks out! The two personalities share many characteristics regarding how they speak to the player. Additionally, they spend a lot of time in their homes rather than out exploring. But just because they spend a lot of time locked away doesn’t mean they don’t follow a schedule. For example, in New Leaf and New Horizons, normal villagers wake up around 6:00 AM and go to sleep at 12:00 AM. 

Because of Skye’s music hobby, it’s not unusual for her to drop everything and burst into song when she is seen outside. When I first encountered this in New Horizons, it really made me smile. Watching your villagers sing away to themselves is one of the most wholesome features of New Horizons. Similarly, she almost always stops by the plaza to watch K.K. Slider perform on a Saturday. And she doesn’t mind sticking around for the whole set, either!

Skye’s Preferences

Since she was only introduced into the Animal Crossing series in New Leaf, Skye’s personality took a little while to develop. From the get-go, she seems like an incredibly elegant villager who is satisfied with the simplicities of town and island life. But, much like every villager, she knows what she likes, and her openness with the player means she isn’t afraid to share that with you. 

One of my favorite things about normal villagers is how keen they are to share information on their preferences, which makes it easy to learn everything about Skye!

Here are Skye’s preferences in New Leaf:

  • Default clothing: Spring Shirt
  • Favorite song: Forest Life
  • Coffee Preference: Kilamanjaro, no milk or sugar
  • Life goal: Pastry Chef
  • Skill: Chopping Vegetables
  • Hobby: Music

During the transition from New Leaf to New Horizons, Skye’s preferences only changed slightly, with more emphasis on her home and clothing than before. In New Leaf, interior concepts and clothing styles weren’t as important. But, the Happy Home Paradise DLC release introduced us to a new concern for interior decorating. Seriously, I feel like my skills have never been tested to this extent. 

Aside from this, the only notable difference is in Skye’s clothes. In New Leaf, she wears the Spring Shirt, like her appearance in Pocket Camp. But with the extensive catalog of the Able Sisters in New Horizons, I’d be more surprised if her clothing didn’t change. So rather than wearing the Spring Shirt, Skye now wears the Peasant Blouse. 

Here are Skye’s preferences in New Horizons:

  • Favorite song: Forest Life
  • Default clothing: Peasant Blouse
  • Default Umbrella: Lacy Parasol
  • Favorite clothing colors: Blue and White
  • Favorite clothing styles: Cute
  • Favorite furniture colors: White, Aqua, Blue, and Beige
  • Favorite interior concepts: Child’s Room, Fancy, and Living Room
  • Hobby: Music

A Gift Guide for Skye

Skye Animals

I don’t know about you, but when I start to befriend a villager, my first point of call is finding them a fantastic gift. It’s the best way to boost your friendship alongside sending letters, and when you know the ins and outs of your favorite villagers, it’s hard not to find a suitable gift. So every time I visit the shops on my island, I always try and pick something up for my best friends. It’s become part of my daily routine now!

Clothing is always the most accessible and affordable place to start regarding gift giving. It’s much cheaper than buying furniture, and you can score cute matching group photos with your villagers this way! Skye’s favorite clothing style is cute, which is expected, and she loves anything blue and white. So adorn your favorite frilly dresses, and let’s get to work!

Here are some clothing ideas for Skye based on her preferences:

  • Boa Blouson (White or Blue) – 1,680 Bells
  • Pom-Pom Sweater (White) – 1,440 Bells
  • Fairy-Tale Dress (Blue and White) – 2,400 Bells
  • Magical Dress (Blue and White) – 3,180 Bells
  • Dollhouse Dess (White) – 2,800 Bells

However, if you don’t want to change what Skye is wearing, you may want to buy her some furniture. As cute as her current home is, it could do with a little more decor! Skye’s favorite interior concepts are Child’s Room, Fancy, and Living Room, so as you can imagine, she likes to keep things cute and cozy – which leaves the doors open for many potential gift ideas. Her favorite colors are easy to remember, too, since they are blue, aqua, beige, and white. So basically, if it looks anything like Skye, she will probably love it!

If you’re still stuck, here are some furniture gift ideas for Skye:

  • Desk Mirror (White or Aqua) – 1,600 Bells
  • Cute Music Player (White or Blue) – 2,600 Bells
  • Floor Lamp (White and Blue) – 1,400 Bells
  • Floating Biotope Planter (White) – 1,600 Bells
  • Cat Tower (White) – 3,000 Bells

Skye’s House

Skye Animals Crossing

Normal villagers tend to have a more elegant approach to interior design, which can be said for both of Skye’s homes. However, in New Leaf, the exterior of her home has light blue walls, a matching roof, and a soft pink door. Paired with a white picket fence, it’s a charming exterior design for our favorite cloudy wolf. It perfectly matches Skye’s appearance and makes her house instantly recognizable. 

The interior isn’t as extravagant or symbolic as we are used to in Animal Crossing games, and there isn’t as much character injected into the decorating as I would’ve liked to see. But as I said, normal villagers love the simplicities in life. In New Leaf, Skye displays a few pieces from the alpine furniture series, an upright piano, a modern wood lamp, a minimalist sofa, and several plants. The flooring is simple and wooden, and she has pastel dotted wallpaper. 

In New Horizons, the exterior of Skye’s home is changed. The pastel blue walls are exchanged for white, the same as her shingled roof. Instead of a soft pink door, it’s a grey-ish blue color. The house also has light brown beams, which act as accents across the exterior. As mature as I love the appearance of homes in New Horizons, I miss the chaotic color palettes of villager homes in previous Animal Crossing titles. Luckily, players can change the look of the exterior of homes with the Happy Home Paradise DLC, but it’s not the same. 

The interior of the home received a revamp between games as well. Rather than displaying pieces from the alpine series, Skye has numerous pieces of furniture from the wooden series. All colored white. She has the same upright piano as before and a few plants dotted around. Additionally, she’s gained an old-fashioned clock and a few pieces of wall decor. But the main difference comes in the wallpaper and flooring. The pastel dotted wall has been replaced with a blue heart-pattern wall, and the flooring is simple and white rather than wooden.  

Skye in Pocket Camp

Even though she is an incredibly popular villager, Skye didn’t join Pocket Camp until an update in January 2019. I’m also amazed that she wasn’t added to Pocket Camp as part of Blathers Treasure Trekking since most cute and popular villagers are locked behind that. So for all us Skye fanatics, we have the chance of finding this cutie randomly on the islands around our campsite. 

But if you don’t like playing the waiting game, once you hit level five, you can use a calling card to invite Skye to Breezy Hollow for a few hours. This comes at the cost of thirty leaf tickets, but it’s a small price given how sought-after this villager is! However, like many other campers, Skye has a list of items that need to be crafted so she can feel at home at your campsite. 

To invite Skye to your campsite, you need a minimum friendship level of five and to craft the following items:

  • Gerbera – 480 – 3 steel 3 wood – 1 min
  • Flower Rug – 370 – 6 cotton – 1 min
  • Blue Dresser – 30 wood – 880 – 2 hrs
  • Blue Clock – 15 wood – 15 steel – 1180 – 4 hrs
  • Blue Bureau – 60 wood – 3 natural – 2030 – 1 hour 30 mins

Crafting all Skye’s requirements will take seven hours and thirty-two minutes, which is a pretty short crafting time in Pocket Camp. Of course, you can always speed things up with leaf tickets, but I’d recommend saving them for Skye’s fortune cookie, which I’ll cover in more detail later! In terms of bells, this project will cost 4,940 Bells and 18 steel, 108 wood, six cotton, and three natural essences. All in all, it’s a fairly reasonable cost for such an adorable villager. 

But of course, Skye’s generosity means you won’t be left unrewarded! As you increase your friendship level with her, she will present you with the following rewards: 

  • Level 7 – 1x Spring Shirt and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 9 – 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 15 – Skye will request you craft a fancy doll
  • Level 20 – 1x Self Portrait and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 25-65 – 1x Sparkle Stone every five levels

Skye’s Lavish Ball Cookie

Lavish Ball

In November 2019, Skye’s Lavish Ball Cookie was released into Pocket Camp. Showcasing a variety of exquisite rewards, this fortune cookie is filled with stylish furniture to decorate your campsite with. As its name suggests. I’ve always been a fan of a themed camp, so the items found in fortune cookies always appeal. But for a price of fifty leaf tickets per cookie, I’ve never had much luck getting a complete set!

Since its release, this fortune cookie has been reissued five times, so I’d be surprised if it doesn’t continue to go up for sale. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available in any gifts, so should it be reissued again, I’d recommend snapping it up! Since it can only be purchased when it’s reissued, a rarity level has been added. I hope I’m fortunate to find one on the fortune cookie card for a few thousand bells next time it’s reissued, as there are some beautiful items in this set that I would love to add to my campsite. 

The rewards found in Skye’s Lavish Ball Cookie are as follows:

  • Lavish Blue Column
  • Lavish Flower Stand
  • Deep-Blue Dance Floor
  • Glass-Slipper Stand
  • Lavish Carriage Couch
  • Light-Blue Dance Floor
  • Striking Clock Balcony
  • Lavish Ball Gown
  • Lavish Hair Clip

Skye’s Amiibo Card

Skye’s Amiibo Card

As she only joined the Animal Crossing crew in New Leaf, Skye wasn’t one of the first villagers to receive an amiibo card. Instead, her card was released in Series Three. In this series, she is one of two wolves alongside Wolfgang. 

Among several other villagers, Skye became incredibly popular when New Horizons was released, making her amiibo card incredibly hard to get ahold of. At the rate packs were selling out, it felt like the only way you could get her card was to buy it second-hand. But due to her popularity, these second-hand sales came with a pretty significant price tag, which is why people turned to Nookazon to get their favorite villagers. 

Luckily Skye’s price tag on Nookazon isn’t as detrimental as the price of buying her amiibo card individually. So for an average of 500,000 Bells, or 10 Nook Miles Tickets, this beautiful cloudy wolf could come and live on your island. After seeing Skye on my friend’s island, I’ve considered this many times since I’ve never been lucky enough to pull her card. She is such a beautiful villager, and she could get along with my other normal islanders!

The Skye’s the Limit!

Skye Crossing Animals

 Even though Skye and I don’t go as far back as my relationship with other wolf villagers, my experience with her on other people’s islands has made me want to invite her to mine. She is an adorable addition to every island, and even if you’re not particularly fond of normal-type villages – how could you resist that face?

Next time a slot frees up on my island, Skye will be one of the first islanders I look for. And maybe after reading this guide and learning the ins and outs of her, she’ll be on your list too!


Question: How Many Wolf Villagers are in New Horizons?

Answer: Throughout the timeline of Animal Crossing titles, there have been thirteen wolf villagers, but only eleven made it to New Horizons. Tarou, a purple wolf, is an Animal Forest exclusive of the species. The final missing wolf, Wolf Link can only be accessed in New Leaf when a Link, Zelda, or Wolf Link amiibo is scanned.

Question: Is Skye the Rarest Wolf Villager?

Answer: It’s hard to claim which villagers are rare, especially now every villager has an amiibo card in circulation. However, in terms of popularity, I would say that Skye is among the most popular, alongside Whitney and Audie. This is even more reason to invite her to your island whenever possible!

Question: How Many Normal Wolf Villagers Are There?

Answer: Interesting, Skye is the only normal wolf villager. Additionally, she’s the only female wolf without a snooty personality. This is why I expected her to be arrogant when I first spoke to her and was so surprised when she seemed so kind. I’m relieved that Skye maintained the elegance of a snooty villager without the pretentiousness! Being mean just wouldn’t suit her adorable personality and appearance. 

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