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Animal Crossing has blessed our screens for twenty-one years now, and there are very few games that are capable of doing this. The lifeline of Animal Crossing has always been its characters and how it can keep itself fresh with updates and new features like the happy home update or the beloved Gyroids, which are one of my absolute favorite things to collect, and I line them all up around my home like a personal army.

To keep a game fresh for this long, you need a lot of variety of characters, and Animal Crossing to date has a shocking 397 villagers! With that in mind, it can be super hard to keep up or remember all the different characters and their own preferences, styles, personalities, and schedules.

Luckily for you, I am here to remind you of what we know about a cheeky monkey called Shari.

Bottom Line Up Front

Shari is a sisterly monkey and joined us in Animal Crossing New Leaf and has been present since. Shari has a music hobby and a regular sisterly villager schedule who gets up at 11 AM and returns to bed at 3 AM. Shari was born on April 10th and had three siblings, and is the second youngest.

Shari was added to pocket camp in 2018, and to invite Shari to your island, you need to be a level three friendship with her and also have an ornate rug, azalea stool, sitar, and lily lamp, and fireworks table. Shari’s holiday home vision is a house of flowers that requires a mum cushion, rose bed, and a Lily record player.

Who is Shari?

Shari is a sisterly monkey who joined the Animal Crossing legacy in New Leaf and returned again in New Horizons. Shari was born on April 10th and is the second youngest of four other children. Shari’s catchphrase is ”cheeky,” and while I love analyzing the names and phrases used in Animal Crossing, I think it is safe to assume that this one is a play on the phrase ”Cheeky monkey.”

Shari is a sisterly villager, and her schedule is to get up at 11 AM and go to sleep at 3 AM; Shari’s hobby is music, which is always fun to have on your island. The reason this hobby is fun is that it means that villagers with a music hobby can sing and dance anywhere on your island at any time – while other villagers can only do this if a stereo is playing.

Shari’s Appearance

Shari Animal Crossing
Shari From Animal Crossing Fandom

Shari is a monkey whose body is primarily a soft grey in color and looks almost soft and fuzzy (I love the level of detail they put into each character’s design). However, Shari’s feet, hands, and the base of her tail are a bright sunshine yellow color.

In terms of hair, Shari has a small peak at the top of her head and then has oval-shaped black eyes with three dramatic eyelashes on each eye (like a spider’s leg when you use bad mascara). The pupils in her eyes are white, and she has a grey muzzle with a cute black button nose. Shari also has rosy pink cheeks with slightly darker pink inner ears that are large and circular and grey on the outside.

In terms of her style and her clothes, Shari wears a light blue sleeveless top that is covered in flowers (think of how your old Polly pockets would dress, if you are old enough to remember that). Shari has long arms and legs and a small white stomach pattern. Shari’s tail is super cute and curved, just as monkey’s tails often are.

Shari’s Personality


Shari has a sisterly personality type; this type of personality is often characterized as supportive, caring, and nurturing. Although if any of you have an older sister, I am sure that you might disagree! Much like sisters in real life, sisterly villagers can also be described as blunt or rude and often give opinions or say things that they could keep to themselves. 

Sisterly villagers were only introduced in Animal Crossing New Leaf, which makes them relatively new to the Animal Crossing series; for this reason, they are actually the rarest villager type in Animal Crossing, and to date, there are only 26 sisterly villagers available. Do not lose all hope, however, as you do get one sisterly villager as a starter villager on your island, and so you have a chance of getting Shari!

Sisterly villagers, when they are your friend, will protect you at all costs and seek to support and care for you. Often when I am stung by a bee, sisterly villagers will offer me some medicine to get better (not before insulting me in a very blunt sisterly way by telling me I look awful – thanks, Agnes)

Sisterly villagers do easily get on with others for the most part, although they are almost too similar to cranky villagers, which means they may often have friction as neither will want to back down, and each will try and take over from the other. As is the case with most other personalities, they can be insulted or upset by smug and snooty villagers as they can be rude and judgemental.

Sisterly villagers share the same schedule and will get up to go about their day at 9 30 AM and will return home to go to bed at 3 AM.

Shari’s Preferences

Goldie’s preferences in terms of her styling and her interests seem to be constantly changing with time and with every new version of Animal Crossing. You can see what I mean and learn more about these below;

In Animal Crossing New Leaf

Silk bloom tee
Silk Bloom Tee From Animal Crossing Fandom
  • Default clothing: Silk bloom tee
  • Favorite color: Beige
  • Default umbrella: Lacy parasol
  • Favorite style: Cute
  • Least favorite style: Iconic

In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Exquisite parasol
Exquisite Parasol From Animal Crossing Fandom
  • Default clothing: Garden tank
  • Default umbrella: Exquisite parasol
  • Favorite style: Cute and active
  • Favorite color: Aqua and yellow

Shari Has the Following Vision for Her Home in the Happy Home Update for Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • Shari’s Vision: A house of perennials (flowers that live all year long)
  • Required items: Lily record player, a Mum cushion, and a rose bed.

Shari’s House

Shari's House

Shari’s houses are completely different in New Leaf and in New Horizons, and I personally prefer the New Leaf house. At this early stage, it is hard to tell what Shari’s true style really is and what we can expect from her in future versions and in other homes.

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, Shari’s House has

  • Cabana bed
  • Cabana bookcase
  • Retro stereo
  • Cabana table
  • Cabana screen
  • Pachira
  • Cabana chair
  • Exotic lamp
  • Djimbe drum
  • Sitar
  • Incense burner
  • Cabana wall radio

Part of what makes this version of Shari’s home so beautiful is that it has the most beautiful floor using an opulent rug, as well as a gorgeous cabana wall.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Shari’s Home is a Bit Much on the Eyes, But at Least the Furniture is Matching

NH House
  • Rattan low table
  • Rattan armchair
  • Rattan waste bin
  • Rattan variety
  • Hanging terrarium
  • Rattan end table
  • Rattan wardrobe
  • Rattan towel basket
  • Long bathtub
  • Rose bed
  • Iron shelf

To be completely fair, this version of Shari’s home gets more hate from me than it probably deserves. The furniture is actually beautiful, and I love rattan furniture; the main offender is the bright purple rose bed combined with the purple Moroccan walls with rosewood flooring.

Shari in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Image From Animal Crossing Fandom

Shari was added to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp back in 2018, and so you can now get her on your island if you really want, and to do that, you need;

  • Friendship level three
  • Azalea stool
  • Ornate rug
  • Fireworks table
  • Lily lamp
  • Sitar

Shari will gift you with some items as you develop your friendship with her, such as;

  • Friendship level seven; A silk blossom tee and sparkle stone
  • Friendship level nine: Sparkle stone
  • Friendship level fifteen: Shari wants you to make her a Flashy Flower Sign
  • Friendship level twenty: Shari gives you a portrait of herself along with sparkle stone
  • Friendship level twenty-five: Sparkle stone


Sisterly villagers like Shari are definitely underrated, and they love so fiercely and protect you so much that they are a pleasure to have on your island. They can at times be overbearing, but you should always remember that they are coming from a good place. If you do have Shari on your island, you should for sure check in with her regularly and make sure she isn’t feeling picked on by any snooty or smug villagers on your island.


Question: Is Shari a Rare Villager?

Answer: In the sense that Shari is a sisterly villager, she is a rare villager as these are the most recent villager to be added, and there are only 26 sisterly villagers available in Animal Crossing and only ten sisterly monkey characters.

Question: Does Shari Have Any Siblings?

Answer: Shari has three siblings in total and is the second youngest of these four.

Question: Is Shari New to Animal Crossing?

Answer: Shari was added to Animal Crossing in the New Leaf version and returned in New Horizons; Shari was also added to Pocket Camp in 2018.

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