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Rosie is one of the original Animal Crossing villagers, and she can be found in every version of the game. She was also featured in the Animal Crossing movie, Dōbutsu no Mori. She is a sticker in Super Smash Bros, she is on the Animal Crossing collector’s edition Monopoly board, she has a special festival edition Amiibo Card, and she is the very first villager players meet in Pocket Camp when they choose the cute theme.

Rosie is a much-loved Animal Crossing icon. Her influence on the game has spanned over decades, with her first appearance in the original Animal Crossing coming out in 2001. She is one of only 73 villagers to appear in every version of the game; 105 are included in mainline games, but some aren’t part of the spin-off games.

Many things about Rosie have stayed the same throughout her Animal Crossing history, but there have been a few adjustments that make the Animal Crossing New Horizon’s version of Rosie by far the best. 

Rosie is a villager that I have had in my town since the very first game. She is the only peppy character that I truly adore. Like many other players, Rosie is an Animal Crossing staple for me. When Pocket Camp was released, I was thrilled to see Rosie as the introductory animal at my campsite. She was my first campsite manager, and she is the only camper I have obtained a picture from. In New Horizons, I made sure not to fill the last open slot on my island before I found Rosie and invited her. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Animal Type: Cat

Personality Type: Peppy

First Game: Animal Crossing 

Birthday: February 7th

Favorite Colors: Pink, Red

Favorite Style: Cute, Fancy

Rosie Animal Crossing
Image from Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki


Rosie is a light blue cat with big eyes and a cute kitty smile. Rosie’s eyes take up over half her face, giving her an anime character-like look. Her eyes do not have color, as many of the newer Animal Crossing villagers do, rather, she has large black pupils sitting in her white round sclera. Rosie has a cat smile that is similar to what cat emoticons looked like before emojis were invented.

It is a cute reminder of Rosie’s age and the relevant texting style at the time of her release. Aptly, Rosie has sweet rosy cheeks, and she dons a round pink blush right under her eyes. She does have some white accents in her fur; her hands, feet, and tips of her ears are white. Her tail has white rings throughout. Rosie has a small tuft of dark blue hair, which sits between her ears on the top of her head. 

Rosie’s original style hasn’t changed too much over the years. In the original Animal Crossing, Rosie wears the shortcake shirt. In every game after that, including pocket camp, Rosie can be found in her dazed shirt (Dazed dress in New Horizons). The switch to the dazed shirt from the shortcake shirt is the only complaint that I have about Rosie’s visual updates throughout the game’s history. The dazed shirt is far too plain for Rosie, and the shortcake shirt was such a lovely representation of Rosie’s sweet attitude.

I’m also not a huge fan of the checkered style shirts in general, so perhaps I am a bit biased about this change. However, as soon as I can, I give Rosie a different look that is more well suited for her bright and outgoing personality. 

rosie villager


Rosie is a peppy villager; perhaps the peppiest villager ever introduced in the Animal Crossing world. Peppy villagers tend to not be my villager of choice when it comes to who I would like to interact with on my island. The only peppy villagers I ever invite to my town or island are Rosie and Patty. 

Peppy villagers tend to be very self-involved. They are considered the stereotypical “diva” type; peppy villagers dream big, and they tend to think very highly of themselves. Rosie is no exception to this. In New World, Rosie’s description is “president of the Rosie fan club!”.

Her description has been updated since to “One good purr deserves another” however, Rosie is still the same fame-obsessed wannabe popstar she always was. Rosie has the music hobby, and you can often find her performing songs in the town square. 

Peppy villagers are extremely easy to make friends with. They are excitable, and they are always ready to have a chat with the player or with other villagers. Peppy villagers are almost always cheerful, and they show very little in terms of the range of emotion. Peppy villagers will like to put on a bit of a show and will often be found wandering around the island performing some sort of reaction.

At the max friendship level with peppy villagers, they will give the player the mischief reaction, which is appropriate since peppy villagers tend to cause a bit of mischief if they feel they are not getting enough attention. 

Peppy villagers get along with most other types of villagers, and they get along particularly well with jock types (which is often seen as the male equivalent of the peppy type). Peppy villagers do not like snooty and cranky villagers, and they will often be upset by some of the things that snooty and cranky villagers say. Peppy types won’t shy away from interacting with the snooty or cranky types on the island. However, they may complain about an insult that they received from one of these types. 

Why You Should Have Rosie on Your Island

While Raymond became the face of New Horizons pretty quickly after release, Rosie has been the face of the entire Animal Crossing franchise for years. She is the most cherished villager throughout the 11 years that the game has been out. Rosie is featured on many of the games’ covers and is often seen in promotional content or tutorials released by Nintendo. Rosie is recognizable enough to be included in Super Smash Bros as well as Mario Kart. 

Rosie is an Animal Crossing must-have villager. While I don’t encourage the inclusion of too many peppy villagers on your island, Rosie is the one you should have. She is the peppiest peppy type; there is no need for any other peppy villagers if you have Rosie! Rosie does have a bit of the self-centered attitude that comes with peppy villagers, but she is an absolute sweetheart once you become friends with her. 

Rosie is an imaginative dreamer. She will inspire the player to achieve whatever they wish, often encouraging them to chase their wildest desires. Rosie has a relatively short attention span and is very forgiving, which means that if you forget to give her that one thing she was looking for, she won’t hold it against you. Rosie’s nicknames for the player are endearing; she often calls me her number one bestie.

Her catchphrase is “silly” which is also objectively adorable. Having Rosie on your island is guaranteed to bring you smiles and laughs, which makes her a perfect villager. 

rosie singing

Home Appearance

Rosie has been in so many Animal Crossing games that she has had 6 different home appearances with 6 different interiors and exteriors. The first four, Animal Crossing, Wild World, City Folk, and Animal Forest are all relatively similar. The home design for these games is kind of odd for Rosie’s personality. There isn’t much cute furniture or anything pink in her home. The most notable feature of her original home design is the cowhide rug flooring, which spreads a large cowhide rug across the center of her home.

This makes little to no sense with Rosie’s personality. She is a diva, popstar obsessed, fashion-forward cat who doesn’t seem like the type to have traditionally country furnishings. In her original homes, she also has red and green drums (oil barrels), and other completely random furniture items.  

Rosie’s home appearance got a major rework in New Leaf. Rosie finally had a home that felt much more like her! She also finally got a main theme for her house; the lovely theme. Rosie’s home in New Leaf is a good mix of this bright pink lovely theme along with a few fancier items that accentuate her love of all things expensive. The clawfoot tub is the main example of fanciness in Rosie’s New Leaf home, but she also has her personal make-up case which is the perfect furniture item for Rosie.

The exterior of her home in New Leaf also got a huge makeover; she went from living in a log cabin to a bright pink home with a dark blue slated roof. The door to Rosie’s home in New Leaf is one of my favorite aspects of this version of her house; the metallic pink door has diamond-shaped accents which simply scream “Rosie”. 

Her final home appearance in New Horizons is more similar to New Leaf than the original versions, however, it is still quite different. Rosie has most of the cute series as well as a pink wooden crafted bed. She kept her claw-foot tub but no longer has her make-up case; instead, she has a wooden full-length mirror. Rosie’s home in New Horizons is a softer, pale pink, which I believe works better with Rosie’s character color scheme.

Rosie looks so cute walking around in her New Horizons home, and it certainly is the best version of Rosie’s house so far. The exterior of her New Horizons home is white stucco with a beige stone roof. Rosie did get to keep her signature pink door, which I am very pleased about. 

rosie's interior

Best Gifts for Rosie

Rosie likes all things cute and all things pink! Which is fantastic because she looks wonderful in cute pink dresses; my favorite item to gift her. Whenever I see a pink dress in the Able Sisters’ shop, I purchase it and immediately find Rosie to give her a new look. My top three pink dresses for Rosie are the Fairy dress, the Dreamy dress, and the Magical dress. Rosie looks so cute in these dresses! She becomes the popstar she always has dreamt of being.

If you are looking to gift Rosie some headwear, the Giant ribbon or Floral hairpin is certainly the way to go. Rosie does also like red, so if you prefer to see her in red rather than pink, she will be just as happy. I like the pink and blue color combination; I think that red is a bit harsh against her blue fur, but it certainly isn’t the worst color for Rosie. Some good red-colored clothing options for Rosie are; the Cherry dress, the Dollhouse dress, the Heart sweater, and the Heart hairpin. 

If you are looking to update Rosie’s home with some fresh furniture, pink and fancy type furniture will look great in her house! One of the items I set out to look for to give to Rosie is the cat tower in pink. Not only is this an adorable item, but it also makes sense for Rosie to have a cat tower as she is a cat. Both of the cat characters on my island (Rosie and Raymond) have cat towers in their homes.

The gift pile in pink and white also works well with Rosie’s personality; they are gifts sent to her by her doting fans, of course! I like the Cherry blossom petal pile if you are looking for something really pretty to craft for Rosie. The Nail art set is another great option; I do miss her makeup case from New Horizons, and the Nail art set is a relatively good replacement option. 

Rosie in Pocket Camp

Rosie is the very first camper a player meets when they choose the cute theme at the beginning of Pocket Camp. There are only 40 villagers who have been in Pocket Camp since its release, and Rosie, of course, is one of them. No Animal Crossing game would be complete without her perfect kitten face!

Rosie’s desire for fame seems to be fulfilled in Pocket Camp as her bio reads: “Rosie’s something of a town celebrity. If you ever see a crowd of people in a state of frenzy, you can be sure Rosie’s on the other side of it”. By the time Pocket Camp was released in 2017, this statement was pretty true; Rosie is an Animal Crossing celebrity. 

Rosie’s preferred theme is the cute theme, and she mainly gives wood as a reward for completing tasks. She wears her signature Dazed tee, just like in all of the other versions of the game. At level 16 friendship, Rosie will request that the player craft her a make-up case, which I think is the perfect furniture choice to represent Rosie. At level 20, you can get Rosie’s picture, which I have proudly displayed on the lovely table in the middle of my campsite. 

rosie in pocket camp

Rosie’s Amiibo Card

Rosie is unique because she has 2 Amiibo cards as well as an Animal Crossing e-reader card. Animal Crossing e-reader cards were released when the game first came out from 2001 through 2003. Players were able to scan in the card on the Gameboy Advance or type in the password on the card to receive a letter from the character in the mail. Unfortunately, Rosie’s e-reader card is quite rare. Some people sell these vintage collector’s cards online.

However, I was unable to find a Rosie card even after searching for hours. The e-reader cards didn’t have as much in-game utility as Amiibo cards do, and especially now, they are mostly considered collector’s items. 

Rosie has 2 Amiibo cards, one is her regular Amiibo card, and the other is a Festival Amiibo card. Rosie’s regular card is number 386, she has the paper hand sign, and her dice value is 4. Rosie is pictured in a cute pose with one hand on her hip and the other hand in the air. Her mouth is open in a large smile. The background of Rosie’s card is pink, and it is the perfect complement to the Dazed tee that she wears. 

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival is one of the least known spin-offs in the Animal Crossing series. It is also the lowest selling game in the series and received harsh criticism from players and game critics alike. Amiibo Festival was released for the Wii U in 2015. The play of the game relied entirely on purchasing Amiibo cards. To aid in the promotion of the game, Nintendo released specialty Amiibo cards that were specific to Amiibo Festival.

Rosie is one of the few Animal Crossing characters to receive an Amiibo Festival card. The card looks essentially the same as her regular card, but she is wearing a fishing cap and has a fishing pole. 

amiibo card for rosie
Image from Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki

Rosie Merchandise

As Rosie is one of the oldest and most popular Animal Crossing villagers, there is a ton of fantastic merch for her. Some of my favorite items include a remake of Rosie’s Dazed dress, an inspirational Rosie tank-top, a Rosie embroidered dad hat, and of course, tons of Rosie stickers! 

The remake of Rosie’s Dazed dress is perfect for anyone who is looking to embody their favorite peppy cat! The dress is loose-fitting and flowy, which makes it incredibly comfortable and adorable. The pattern is the same as Rosie’s Dazed dress or Dazed tee. The pink and cream-colored diamonds are cute enough to get compliments on this dress even from someone who wouldn’t know it is a reference to your favorite Animal Crossing villager!

Rosie's Shirt A-Line Dress

The only criticism that I have for this dress is that it does run a bit short, so if you are taller than 5’6 you might have to wear it as a long shirt with some jeans or leggings underneath. It still looks great, but it is less of a dress for those of us with long legs. The price is a little high at 45 dollars, but the quality and style of the dress make it well worth the price tag. 

This inspirational Rosie tank top is perfect Rosie casual wear. The shirt reads “Always Be Yourself,” with Rosie pictured underneath surrounded by pink and blue sparkles. You can get this design in tee-shirt or sweat-shirt styles as well, but I like the tank-top version because I think that the design works well spacially on the tank-top. This particular Rosie design is great because it is so “her”.

Women's Nintendo Animal Crossing Rosie Racerback Tank Top White Heather Medium

Rosie is full of positivity and she always encourages the player to embrace exactly who he or she is and fulfill all of his or her dreams! The shirt is sold by Walmart and is currently selling for a reduced price of 13.99. It is a great value for this comfy cotton tank top. 

I am a huge fan of the dad-hat look, and one of my favorites is this Rosie embroidered dad-hat. It is a relatively simple hat. It features Rosie’s perfect face embroidered onto a dad hat in the color of your choice. I particularly like the pink and white hats, and I think that the black hat doesn’t work well with the darker blue color that the maker chose for Rosie’s fur. The hats are only 18 dollars, and they are a great way to show off your love for Rosie while looking super stylish! 


Finding the perfect Rosie sticker is not easy since there are so many! If you search for Rosie stickers on Google, you can find stickers that are unique to your style. This Rosie sticker is my favorite because the design is so cute. The sticker accentuates Rosie’s giant eyes and her kitty smile. I also really like the gradient on Rosie’s ears. The artist did a wonderful job with the transition from Rosie’s white tips into her light blue fur.

Animal Crossing Rosie Sticker

This particular sticker is 3.50, and it looks great on any computer, water bottle, or journal you may want to place it on. Or, if you are like me and you can’t ever use the sticker you buy, it looks great sitting in your sticker collection as well. 


Question: How Many Fames has Rosie Been in?

Answer: Rosie has been in every game since Animal Crossing’s release in 2001. Rosie has been in all five main series games and the 3 spin-off games. Rosie was also part of the Animal Crossing movie, Dōbutsu no Mori.

Question: What are Rosie’s Favorite Colors and Styles?

Answer: Rosie likes anything cute in either pink or red. Since most things in Animal Crossing are pretty cute, I like to look up whether an item falls under the cute category before officially purchasing it for Rosie. Rosie’s original outfit, the Dazed tee or Dazed dress, is pink and most of the items in her home are pink. I like to keep Rosie in pink looks, as well as gift her pink furniture for her home. But, if you prefer a red Rosie, she will be just as happy.

Question: Is Rosie a Popular Villager?

Answer: Yes! Rosie is one of the most consistently popular villagers in the history of Animal Crossing. In Animal Crossing tier lists for New Horizons, Rosie usually falls in either tier 1 or tier 2. Unfortunately, Rosie has lost popularity due to her being seen as a more “common” villager. With the release of New Horizons, players began to give preference to villagers who seemed more rare or uncommon.
Rosie’s face has been closely connected to all things Animal Crossing for years, so she wasn’t seen as being as uncommon as some of the other characters. 


Rosie is a great addition to any island or town in any Animal Crossing game. Her peppy positivity will bring you a ton of smiles and laughs. Rosie is a unique Animal Crossing character because she has been part of so many different Animal Crossing projects. Rosie is also featured in Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Rosie is a super cute, sweet cat with big dreams of becoming a pop star. Until she reaches her goals, she is happy to bring a bit of light to your town or island.

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