CaLea Johnson

CaLea has been gaming since she was a child. Now, she combines her love for gaming and writing by creating reviews, guides, and news stories about her favorite franchises! Her all-time favorite is Animal Crossing and she loves nothing more than showing of her island to anyone that will pop in and visit.

Genji Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing took Japan by storm upon its first release in 2001. The rest of the world got to experience the magnificence of this game a few years later, and people couldn’t get enough of it! Animal Crossing became successful because the creators did an incredible job making residents with distinct personality traits, dialogue, and

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Cranston Animal Crossing

There’s nothing like playing Animal Crossing and catching up with your villagers! The delightful catchphrases and wholesome dialogue provide a calming effect, making me return for more gameplay to destress.  Some villagers are more relatable than others. Cranston, in particular, is one I adore most due to his easygoing personality and laidback lifestyle. Continue reading

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