Beau Animal Crossing

Beau is one of the most popular characters in Animal Crossing. His name means handsome or attractive in French. It is pronounced as “Bow.” Beau certainly embodies and embraces his name; he often likes to talk about how irresistible he is to other people.

To be fair, Beau is an adorable little deer! When players were participating in the “underground villager market” for the first few months of the Animal Crossing New Horizons release, Beau was one of the villagers being sold for a few million bells. He may not be as popular as Raymond, but Beau still tops the ranking charts consistently. 

Beau was first released in New Leaf, but he gained his following when New Horizons came out. Players, including me, really like Beau for his adorable design and his super sweet demeanour. Beau’s catchphrase, “saltlick,” charmed a lot of players.

Wild deer, and antelopes, are attracted to deposits of minerals and nutrients they often lick at. These places of mineral deposits are called salt licks; Beau’s catchphrase is a reference to that. The Animal Crossing developers did a great job making this fun fact into a cute catchphrase for Beau. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Beau Animal Crossing

Animal Type: Deer

Personality Type: Lazy

First Game: Animal Crossing New Leaf

Birthday: April 5th

Favorite Colors: Beige and orange

Favorite Style: Simple and cute

Hobby: Nature

Favorite Song: Mountain Song


Beau is categorized as a deer, but his design reflects more of an antelope. He has a slight curl to his horn, much like Zell, but slightly less extreme. Beau’s curl starts at the top 1/3 of his horn, making the tips branch out away from each other. Beau is primarily orange in color, which I normally wouldn’t like.

However, Beau’s orange is a light orange; he is almost tangerine. Beau’s orange fur isn’t too bright or obnoxious; it matches his personality well, very light and simple. Beau has white accents on his snout, in his ears, and around his eyes.

You can also see the bottom of a white oval on his stomach, most of which is covered by Beau’s clothing. The tips of Beau’s ears are black. Beau has “sleepy eyes,” which means that his eyes are always half-closed.

This gives Beau the relaxed, chill look that works so well with his personality. His eyelids are light peach, and his eyes are blue. His little button nose, as well as his hooves, are dark brown. Beau’s horns are cream-colored, with horizontal rings striped throughout. 

Beau wears deer-themed outfits in New Leaf, New Horizons, and Pocket Camp. In New Leaf and Pocket Camp, Beau dons the deer shirt. The deer shirt is really cute; it almost looks more like a sweater; it is a knitted beige sweater with a stitched image of a deer on the front, which looks suspiciously similar to Beau himself.

In New Horizons, Beau wears the reindeer sweatshirt, which is green with beige stripes. I like this color combination on Beau; the green goes with his tangerine orange fur quite nicely. However, I can’t say that I’m not a huge fan of Beau’s original outfit, the deer shirt. Mostly because it does seem like Beau would wear a shirt with his face on it in a very subtle way. 


Beau Animal

Beau has a “lazy” personality. Some players theorize that the lazy personality is the male equivalent of the normal personality for female villagers. Lazy villagers are extremely laid back, having a passion for food and relaxation.

Lazy personalities get along well with most other types, except snooty and jock types. Snooty and jock types don’t understand the lazy villagers’ lack of desire to do anything. They are a bit more uptight, usually having lofty goals or being heavily influenced by an active lifestyle. For this reason, there may be some drama on your island if you invite Beau, but you have other villagers with the snooty or jock personality type.

If it is important to a player to have Beau on the island and make everyone happy, you have to keep in mind that he will clash with certain other villagers. Lazy villagers are very easy for the player to get along with because of their laid-back attitudes.

They make friends quickly, and they are incredibly sweet. Lazy villagers enjoy relaxing hobbies, such as fishing or reading. For Beau specifically, since he has the nature hobby, you can often find him sitting against a tree or on a bench reading a book about nature.

If you have other lazy villagers on your island, Beau will get along with them well. Beau enjoys talking about comic books, food, and superheroes. Most other lazy villagers also like engaging in conversations about these topics. If you interrupt one of these conversations, they will often ask your opinion about a particular type of food or your favorite superhero. 

The lazy personality type has undergone quite a few changes since its introduction in the original Animal Crossing. At first, the lazy type was meant for “older” villagers, which meant that villagers who had this personality type were designed to look elderly.

Lazy villagers were meant to be the town elders, with their lifestyle choices mainly being due to their age. However, in more recent games, the lazy personality type has done a complete 180. The lazy personality type is now attributed to youth, villagers who are young and perhaps irresponsible, choosing to live their life in the most relaxed way possible.

Since this change, many villagers who were originally lazy have been moved into other personality types, most frequently the cranky personality type. A few villagers have remained lazy, but they have had minor character redesigns to make them look younger. 

Lazy villagers are quite confident about their lifestyle, and they don’t see any problem with it. Lazy villagers are lackadaisical and often act very silly or overdramatic. If you become good friends with a lazy villager, you will hear them explaining wild dreams they had about you or other villagers.

An odd quirk of lazy villagers in New Horizons is that they will sometimes mention the “bugs living in the walls” of their homes. It’s not entirely clear what this means or why they say it. 

Why You Should Bring Beau To Your Island

Beau is a fantastic addition to any island that isn’t full of snooty or jock-type characters. Beau is laid back, sweet, and adorable. Beau will wander around the island lazily all day, bringing a bit of orange brightness wherever he goes.

Beau is one of the most popular villagers for a reason; he is really easy to connect with. Beau has a good mix of hobbies, and he is super easy to become fast friends with. Beau will connect with the player quickly, treating him or her as his very best friend from the second or third conversation. 

Talking to Beau is always a good time. Beau is usually very nice, but the cherry on top of Beau’s sweet disposition is his naive sense of humor. Beau loves to make cute jokes to the player or even invent his own inside jokes with the player. He also acts (or is) ignorant about seemingly very simple things.

Beau struggles to understand why anyone would want to do anything other than hang out, eat a lot of food, and sleep. Beau’s attitude is a nice escape from the daily slog of reality. Beau encourages the player to relax, live in the moment, and enjoy life’s simplicities.

This may be why so many players have fallen in love with Beau. His unwavering positivity is infectious; just one conversation with this little deer can change my mood for the entire day. 

I think Beau is at his best when he is fishing. I have wandering rivers throughout my town, and I often find Beau standing with his rod, fishing for nothing. He looks incredibly peaceful as fishes, and it reminds me to slow down a little bit. Animal Crossing is a calming game for the most part, but when it comes to bug and fish catching, I can get a little competitive about it.

There is an achievement in the game for catching 50 fish in a row without missing a single one. When I get to over ten fish in a row, I start to get stressed out about hitting that 50 mark. But when I pass Beau, without a care in the world, I remember that catching fish should be for fun. 

Home Appearance 

Beau’s house

Beau’s house in both New Leaf and New Horizons has a very specific theme. Even in Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp, Beau is obsessed with this nature-focused picnic theme. Beau has the Wildflower Floor (called the Daisy Meadow in New Horizons), and the wallpaper is the Summit Wall (Meadow Vista in New Horizons).

His furniture is picnic-themed, but I think it looks a lot better in the New Horizons version. In New Leaf, he has a picnic bench, a hammock, a tree standee, and a dog house. But in New Horizons, he has the outdoor picnic set, the picnic basket, a smoker, a brick oven, the pond stone, a log bench, a sleeping bag, and a cassette player.

The interior of his New Horizons home looks like a campsite where someone has set up a picnic. The interior of his New Leaf home makes it look more like someone has tried to make the inside look like the outside but failed miserably. To be fair, the graphics and design in New Leaf are nowhere close to the quality in New Horizons; still, the redesign in furniture worked wonders for Beau’s home. 

The exterior of his home in both versions is a log cabin look. In New Horizons, this log cabin exterior is spectacular. The detail in each log, and the way they are connected, really make it look like a beautiful log cabin. I like to place Beau’s home in a heavily wooded area, specifically somewhere with a lot of pine trees.

It gives this humble cabin a very authentic woodsy vibe. In New Leaf, the exterior of Beau’s home is still wood, but instead of connecting logs, it is simply vertical slats. If you ever find yourself hanging out in Beau’s home, it is a good idea to pay attention to his music choice. Beau’s favorite song, Mountain Song, plays on a constant loop. 

Best Gifts for Beau

Beau likes anything beige or orange, and his preferred styles are simple and cute. Fortunately, some great clothing options are in these colors and styles! Gifting for Beau is fun, but I will say that I like him a lot in his original outfit. Usually, I have to shop for the characters that come to my island because they look horrible in their normal clothes, but it is difficult to one-up Beau on his fashion choice. 

The best options for gifts to Beau are the Boa Fleece in beige, the Denim Overalls in orange, the Mini Straw Boater in orange, and the Tortoise Specs in beige. These items are all the correct color and style combinations. Beau will adore any of these options.

I like Beau in the Cardigan School Uniform (beige). It gives him a soft and sweet look. It also accentuates his youthful attitude. I also like the Printed Fleece Sweater in orange. This feels like a more nature-focused choice, something one might wear while camping. With Beau’s love of all things outdoorsy and his passion for comfort, the Printed Fleece Sweater is perfect for him.  

As far as furniture goes, I like to give Beau gifts that fit the nature theme in his house. Some great items for this are the Garden Wagon, Log Stakes, Green Leaf Pile, Barbeque, Mountain Bike, or the Beekeepers Hive. There are tons more items that you can both craft or buy that would work well in Beau’s home. Beau is one of the few villagers I would give crafted gifts to just because the wooden set or the log set both look great in his house.  

Beau in Pocket Camp

Beau in Pocket Camp

Beau was introduced pretty much as soon as pocket camp was released. He was one of the earliest characters in the game and one of the most popular. His preferred theme is natural, and he primarily gives steel as a reward for completing tasks.

Beau requires five items to accept an invitation to your campsite; the round mini cactus, green chair, ranch hutch, ranch bed, and green desk. All of these items have really short crafting times, 3 minutes, with the one exception being the green desk which takes 6 hours.

However, compared to the time it takes to craft other villagers’ requests, Beau’s is short and simple. You must also get Beau to friendship level 3 before inviting him to your campsite, like most other characters. 

One of the biggest perks of having Beau at your campsite is that it makes it easy to get the deer sweatshirt, which I think is cute. Beau gifts you the deer sweatshirt at friendship level 7, and from then on, you can wear it whenever you’d like!

Beau’s Amiibo Card

Beau’s Amiibo card is a dark pink, almost red, color. I’m not a huge fan of this choice, especially with his orange fur. Beau’s hand sign is scissors, and his number is 167. His roll number is three. His request is a self-indulgent picnic spot.

His request is so perfect for Beau’s personality! I think a lot of the animals’ requests on their cards are confusing or make little sense, but Beau’s is spot on. Beau loves two things; nature and food. Of course, a picnic would be his ideal spot! 

Beau’s pose on his Amiibo card shows him looking like he is in a daydream sort of state. He is staring off into the distance, with his arms hanging at his sides. His mouth is slightly open and curved into a bit of a smile. I don’t know if this is the best pose to show off Beau’s adorable design, but it does a good job of representing his dreamy, lazy personality. 


Question: Is Beau A Good Villager?

Answer: Whether or not a character is a “good” villager can be subjective. However, there are a few criteria that a villager should meet to be considered generally “good” for your island. One of the most important for me is that the villager is nice to you, the player. Some villagers take a lot longer to warm up to the idea of friendship with the player. Beau is not one of those villagers. Beau is incredibly kind and friendly, always wanting to put a smile on the player’s face. The second thing about Beau that makes him a great villager is the fact that he does get along well with most other villagers. The snooty and jock types aren’t my favorites, so I don’t have any of them on my island. Except for these two personalities, Beau can make fast friends with anyone! The last hallmark of a “good” villager, for me, is uniqueness. How different is the villager from the hundreds of others in the Animal Crossing world? Beau is very unique! From his quirky catchphrase to his antelope-style horns, Beau stands out in the deer category. Overall, Beau is a great addition to any island! 

Question: How Do I Get Beau on My Island?

Answer: There are two sure ways to get Beau to come to your island. The first, and possibly the easiest, is purchasing Beau’s Amiibo card. When you scan his Amiibo card into your Switch, as long as you have the town hall and the campsite, Beau will show up, and you can invite him to move in from there. The second way is to find a friend who has Beau on his or her island. You can make friends with Beau by visiting that player’s island, and he may decide to island-hop from there. However, most players enjoy having Beau on their island, so it might be hard to find someone willing to let him go! 

Question: What is Beau’s Catchphrase? 

Answer: Beau’s catchphrase is “saltlick”. His favorite phrase is “You snooze, you lose.” This is ironic, considering Beau’s love of sleeping. Beau says a lot of cute, quirky phrases. You will be able to hear them all if you get him to move to your island! 


Beau is one of the most popular villagers for a good reason. Beau is an adorable little deer who brings a bit of brightness wherever he goes. Beau reminds players to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Since Beau has a lazy personality, he is easy to get along with, and he interacts well with most other villager types.

Beau likes gifts that are beige or orange and have a simple or cute style. Beau’s home is super cute, with an outdoorsy picnic theme. Beau can often be found fishing or reading, enjoying the nature on the island. Beau is a sweet, lazy deer who will be a great addition to your island!

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