Judy Animal Crossing

When Animal Crossing New Horizons was released, alongside old favorites, we also met eight new villagers who had never been a part of the franchise. Within this bunch were a handful of villagers who received unexpected love and popularity among fans, making them some of the most sought-after villagers of the entire franchise.

Within Animal Crossing, we are used to seeing some beautiful variations of species, incorporating colors you wouldn’t expect to see on an animal outside the game. However, the design of certain characters makes them unique and lovable, and as soon as they are easily recognized, they begin to become famous. This is why Judy is now so easily recognized and so highly praised!

Judy Animal Crossing

An Introduction to Judy

The release of eight new villagers within New Horizons showed that an entirely new Animal Crossing experience was coming. Within this mix of new critters, an intriguing ombre cub caught the eye of many. Out of over 300 villagers, an ombre pattern is something we haven’t come across before, let alone to this extent, so Judy’s design undeniably set her apart from the crowd.

Judy is one of twenty cub villagers to join the Animal Crossing crew and the only one to be released in the first wave of new islanders. At first, I found her colorful design a bit overwhelming. But after seeing her in action on my friends’ islands and even having a short experience of her on my island, I can see why she has become so well-loved amongst Animal Crossing fans.

Here are some general facts about Judy:

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Cub
  • Birthday: March 10th
  • Star sign: Pisces
  • First Appearance: New Horizons
  • Personality: Snooty
  • Catchphrase: myohmy

Judy’s Appearance

Judy is one of the most unique cub villagers in the Animal Crossing franchise. When I first saw her design, I was unsure whether it would suit the game and the existing cub villagers, but seeing her in New Horizons has completely changed my perception of her. I think she is an adorable villager!

Rather than having a block color or simple design, Judy’s entire body is covered in ombre fur. Her body is predominantly blue, pink, and purple, and she has a white muzzle and lower face. She’s the only islander to have this ombre design on her fur, which is one of the things that make her so unique! Additionally, she has two massive anime-style eyes which are constantly twinkling.

When Judy is shocked or surprised, her eyes go entirely white with two small dark blue pupils. Her eyes are also emphasized with blue eyeshadow and large black eyelashes. Her mouth is always curved into a smile, and she has a tiny black nose rather than a large snout which most cub villagers receive!

When I first saw Judy, it took me a while to realize she was a cub villager rather than a hamster. Obviously, her build is entirely different from a hamster villager, but at a glance, she doesn’t look like any villager we have seen before! Out of the first wave of new villagers in New Horizons, Judy rapidly became famous due to her expressive features and pastel design.

To match her predominantly pink body, the inner of her ears is a pastel pink, and she wears a pink Fairy Tale Dress. I love this little cub, and even though I’ll always have a soft spot for cub villagers, I think Judy could win the hearts of many!

judy singing

Judy’s Personality

Snooty villagers are a personality that I have tried to avoid in almost every Animal Crossing game. I find them to be incredibly rude, and since I’ve always loved lazy villagers, anyone who looks down on them is immediately written off by me.

Snooty villagers love gossiping with other villagers or occasionally the player, and they especially love talking about the activities or appearance of their fellow townsfolk. At first, this means they may appear rude or arrogant, which is where I struggle to want to befriend them. It takes a while for a snooty villager to warm up to everyone else, and they’ll usually hide their fear of new people behind a backhanded compliment. Sadly, despite Judy’s adorable design, she falls into this category.

Once snooty villagers warm-up, they tend to get on well with normal and peppy villagers. However, they do not get on with jock villagers since they think their way of life is sweaty and clueless. Jock villagers will consistently critique snooty villagers on their appearances, so snooty villagers will always claim that jocks just “don’t get fashion.”

Additionally, snooty villagers don’t get on with lazy villagers. Lazy villagers care very little about their appearance and will eat whatever delicious snack they can. To a snooty villager, this is an absolute nightmare! A snooty villager wouldn’t be seen wearing anything with a stain on, and they are quick to critique the food concoctions of lazy villagers.

As of New Horizons, there are sixty-seven snooty villagers. When they’ve stopped appearing so self-centered, snooty villagers are keen to give the player fashion advice and always stop for a chat. But this won’t stop them from making the occasional snide comment!

They go to sleep at 2:30 AM, get up at 8:30, and spend a lot of time in their homes where they don’t have to deal with ‘gross-looking insects.’ Of course, snooty villagers appreciate the comfort of their homes, so when you don’t see them admiring the art in your museum, you’ll most likely find them cleaning up or cooking something delicious.

I’ve always struggled to get along with snooty villagers. Still, they create amusing dialogue when fighting with another islander! I just try to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

Judy’s Preferences

Since Judy is one of the newest villagers in New Horizons, she doesn’t have as many preferences as characters from the previous games. However, her snooty personality means she will let you know her preferences, especially if you do something she doesn’t like!

When you first meet her, it’s safe to assume that Judy loves all things pastel and cute, which I relate to in every aspect! I can’t wait to see her character develop in the next Animal Crossing game, as she is a terrifically unique character with a lot of personality.

Judy’s preferences in New Horizons are as follows:

  • Favorite song: K.K. Lullaby
  • Default clothing: Pink Fairy Tale Dress
  • Default Umbrella: White Shiny-Bows Parasol
  • Favorite clothing colors: Pink and White
  • Favorite clothing styles: Cute and Elegant
  • Favorite furniture colors: Purple, Colorful, Aqua, White, and Pink
  • Favorite interior concepts: Fancy, Child’s Room
  • Hobby: Music

The music hobby is one of my favorites, as it usually means your villagers will stop whatever they are doing and start singing. Villagers with the music hobby are also more likely to sit and watch K.K. Slider perform, and love standing near a stereo or tape deck if you have one out and playing music on your island!

Additionally, I love how you can personalize the sound of your island by changing which song your islanders sing. There’s nothing quite like seeing a small villager like Molly bust out a perfect rendition of K.K. Metal!

judy sitting on a lawn

A Gift Guide for Judy

Due to Judy’s snooty personality, her gift taste is more expensive than you may expect. Although she loves to be spoilt, a new player may struggle to find the funds to shower her with presents. However, it is a great way to boost your friendship, and her tastes are not refined to one specific thing. Judy is more than happy to accept a gift that makes you think of her.

Regarding clothing, Judy’s favorite styles are cute and elegant, and her favorite colors are pink and white. New Horizons introduced a new wardrobe of fashion, so there’s a colossal amount of items to choose from. I adore Judy’s style; she loves everything pink, making it much better. If she lived on my island, I feel like our outfits would match most of the time.

Here are some clothing gift ideas for Judy:

  • Princess Dress (Pink) – 5’500
  • Dreamy Dress (Pink and Purple) – 2’080 bells
  • Fairy Dress (Pink) – 3’640 bells
  • Magical Dress (Pink) – 3’180 bells
  • Tiara (Pink)– 4’300 bells

However, if you don’t want to change Judy’s already adorable outfit, you may want to consider gifting her some furniture. Judy’s house is filled to the brim with pastel colors and cute decor. The best way to please her is to continue the theme! Her favorite house styles are child’s room and fancy, and her favorite colors are purple, colorful, aqua, white, and pink.

Surprisingly, her taste in interior decoration isn’t as expensive as her taste in clothes. Which I think is the case for a lot of snooty villagers! While they may look the part, their homes are a truthful window into their personality, and Judy loves all things cute and colorful. I think we could be excellent friends!

Here are some furniture gift ideas for Judy:

  • Anthurium Plant (Pink) – 990 bells
  • Dollshouse (Pink or White) – 4’000 bells
  • Mama Bear (White or Pink) – 2’300 bells
  • Book Stands (Pink or Colorful) – 1’100 bells
  • Toy Box (Pink or Colorful) – 2’500 bells

judy gift guide

Judy’s House

As I’ve mentioned, Judy’s house, alongside most snooty villagers, is a true insight into their personalities. Some villagers may maintain their elegant and uptight front, but some love expressing themselves through their homes. This is one of my favorite elements of New Horizons because it brings villagers to life and gives them a good personality while showcasing all their hobbies and interests!

The exterior of Judy’s home is simple. It has grey walls, a red front door, and a dark blue roof. Unfortunately, I find her home looks incredibly bland from the outside, which is a shame as some villagers even have their homes’ exteriors reflect their characters.

For example, Stitches’ home looks like his character inside and out; I really wish Judy got the same treatment! Luckily with the Happy Home Paradise DLC, I can change how her home looks from the outside – but from the get-go, her home is straightforwardly simple for such an elegant character.

However, the interior of the home makes up for the dull outside. She displays the starry wallpaper and the blue dot flooring, which creates a cozy pastel tone throughout her home. I love this wallpaper, and I wish I had it in my own home! I think it’s so soft and simple, yet so sweet. To continue the starry theme, the entire ceiling of Judy’s home is adorned with purple star garlands.

Aside from a sky full of stars, Judy displays nine items from the wooden-block furniture series, which is exclusively handmade. Rather than keeping its authentic coloring, Judy has each piece in the pastel variation. Initially, I was skeptical about this furniture series, but after seeing it all placed together and colored so nicely, it looks beautiful. It looks incredibly similar to the kiddie series, which is why it’s perfect for anyone who loves the child’s room theme.

The wooden-block furniture series includes:

  • Wooden-Block Bed
  • Wooden-Block Bench
  • Wooden-Block Bookshelf
  • Wooden-Block Chair
  • Wooden-Block Chest
  • Wooden-Block Stereo
  • Wooden-Block Stool
  • Wooden-Block Table
  • Wooden-Block Toy
  • Wooden-Block Wall Clock

This furniture series can also be customized to several colors. So while Judy adores the pastel variation, you can also have vivid, mixed wood, colorful, or natural if you’re a fan of how softwood looks. The colorful variation is what resembles the kiddie collection closely, and crafting these items is significantly cheaper than buying furniture. Just make sure you have a storage full of softwood!

judy's house

Judy in Pocket Camp

Judy was released into Pocket Camp in March 2020, alongside Sherb, Dom, and Audie through Blather’s Treasure Trekking. The “Audie and Pals” island was released alongside New Horizons and has since been the only way to gain access to the first wave of new islanders. Sadly, I never got the opportunity to visit the island and try my hand at getting some of the villagers’ maps, so I’m hoping it comes back into the game!

The Audie and Pals island takes six hours to get there, and you have a one-in-eight chance of getting Judy’s map. Other rewards you may receive are the maps for Sherb, Audie, or Dom, or if you’re particularly unfortunate, like me, you may get bronze, silver, or gold treats. Finally, there’s also an opportunity to receive a gold leaf ticket map, which has the lowest odds out of all the possible rewards!

If you do receive Judy’s map, prepare to use your cute essence! The map hosts twenty-five spaces, and each roll will set you back twelve cute essences. The map is scattered with silver and bronze treats and is relatively simple to complete, given you receive some decent dice rolls! I’ve never been a massive fan of the treasure trekking element to Pocket Camp, though I think that may be down to me never having enough materials to spare.

If you should be lucky enough to invite Judy to your campsite, her favorite theme is cute (obviously!), and she primarily gives steel as a reward. I currently have a fairy-themed camp, and I think Judy would be a stunning addition to my camping crew, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that the New Horizons villagers will get a second lease of life in Pocket Camp!

As you increase your friendship level with Judy, she will reward you as follows:

  • Level 7 – 1x Red Riding Dress and 1 x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 9 – 1 x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 15 – Judy will request you craft a Boxed Figurine
  • Level 20 – 1x Self Portrait and 1x Sparkle Stone
  • Level 25-60 – 1x Sparkle Stone every five levels

judy pocket camp

Judy’s Blooming Cookie

To commemorate her release into the game, Judy’s Blooming Cookie was released in November 2020. This cookie is perfect for anyone looking to decorate their campsite with some adorable pastel flowers. The collection has a lot of more oversized, interactive items rather than smaller furniture pieces. So if you’re keen to get your hands on cottagecore decor, you better clear some space!

Judy’s Blooming Cookie was for sale from November 2020 to January 2021 and has been reissued three times since. However, if you missed it, you may still get lucky and find the cookie in a Red Gift, Red Gift+, Blooming Gift+, Third-Anniversary Gift, Third-Anniversary Gift+ and Cookie Jar Gift. As Judy is still considered a new and popular villager, I would be surprised if her cookie wasn’t reissued for the fourth time.

Judy’s Blooming Cookie contains the following rewards:

  • Big Pastel Blossom A
  • Big Pastel Blossom B
  • Pastel Blossoms
  • Pastel Blossom Trampoline
  • Pastel Blossom Arch
  • Pastel Blossom Fountain
  • Pastel Hot-Air Balloon
  • Pastel Blossom Dress
  • Pastel Blossom Parasol

The Pastel Blossom Swing is my favorite item in this entire collection, and I would love to see it in my camp! I love more oversized items my campers can interact with, so Judy’s Blooming Cookie is a perfect selection, especially considering I already have a mushroom-filled pastel-colored camp!

judy's blooming cookie

Judy’s Amiibo Card

Since she is relatively new to Animal Crossing, Judy’s amiibo card is part of Series Five. This series was initially released in November 2021 to coincide with the launch of Happy Home Paradise. Before her amiibo card was released, Judy was considered a rare villager since she could only be acquired in New Horizons by luck or island hopping.

Due to her rarity, Judy has an average price of five-million bells on Nookazon, or an equivalent cost of 120 Nook Miles Tickets. When New Horizons was first released, Judy was among the top five most popular villagers on the website, and thousands of players were hoping to have her move to their island!

Before resetting my island, I had Judy as one of my islanders, and I can understand why she is so sought after. She’s an adorable cub once you get past her initial rudeness, and her design makes her incredibly unique. If I hadn’t reset my island, I could see her becoming one of my favorite villagers due to our love of all things pink.

However, once her amiibo card was released, she lost the title of a rare villager. In series five, she is the only cub villager and is number 430. The series contains many well-loved characters, like Raymond, so it is incredibly sought after. Unfortunately, this series sold out within minutes of being released, so if you want to complete your set of amiibos, I suggest buying a pack or two whenever you see them. They are tough to come by!

judy's amiibo card
Image source: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki


Question: Is Judy a Rare Villager?

Answer: Before her amiibo card was released, Judy was considered a rare villager. But so was any villager who couldn’t simply be scanned into the game. Now she has her card; she doesn’t seem so rare despite the odds of getting her card from a pack remain very slim. But, of course, she’s much easier to come by in terms of players willing to trade when she’s moving, so I’d say she’s nowhere near as rare as when New Horizons came out!

Question: How do I Invite Judy to my Camp in Pocket Camp?

Answer: Judy can only be invited to your campsite in Pocket Camp by finding her map via treasure trekking. The Audie and Pals island isn’t in circulation, so finding Judy’s map seems relatively impossible. But due to her high demand and fan popularity, I would be surprised if she doesn’t become easier to invite!

Question: How Many Cub Villagers are There?

Answer: As of New Horizons, there are twenty cub villagers. However, only seventeen are in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Three cub villagers were exclusively released in Animal Forest e+ and haven’t been in an Animal Crossing title since.


Even though I was skeptical about Judy’s design when it was first announced, I am glad I gave her a chance. As far as snooty villagers go, she is one of the softest and worth inviting to move to your island if you can! I’m pretty sad that I had to leave Judy when I restarted my island – so I like to think she’s packed up and moved to someone else who can love her as much as I could!

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