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Molly is one of the most beloved villagers in Animal Crossing for a good reason. When Raymond was the hottest villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons, Molly sat right behind him—and unlike Raymond, she has an amiibo card, so you can easily invite her to your island without having to island-hop a few hundred times. Obviously, this made her even more popular. 

I know when I got her, I immediately understood the hype. She’s the most welcoming villager, super cute, and feels refreshing when compared to other villagers. Some people loved her from New Leaf; others grew to love her in New Horizons. She is also in Pocket Camp for anyone who strictly plays that! Whatever Animal Crossing you play, you don’t have to miss out on the goodness that is this adorable duck.


An Introduction to Molly

Molly was first seen in New Leaf, wearing a frilly shirt and winning us over with her catchphrases, “quackidee” and “water off a duck’s back.” 

While Molly’s not the most known character traits-wise, (as she’s newer), she still has a lot of personality. For example, she loves coffee, her favorite colors are yellow, pink, and beige, her goal is to become a florist, she loves nature, and she is the eldest of 9 siblings! 

Her catchphrase, “quackidee,” is a fun verbal twist on how ducks quack. In conversation, she often talks about cleaning her house, the current book she is reading, her parents, and what seems to be general anxiety. She worries about you often and wants to befriend you.

In different countries, Molly has other names, often with different meanings. For example, most of her names mean duck, but in China, her name means Asian/second beauty.

General Facts about Molly

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Duck
  • Birthday: March 7
  • Star sign: Pisces
  • First Appearance: New Leaf
  • Personality: Normal
  • Catchphrase: Quackidee
  • Early riser!
Molly Animal Crossing

Molly’s Preferences

  • Favorite song: K.K. Ballad and K.K. Soul
  • Default clothing: Lime Pintuck-Pleated Dress 
  • Default Umbrella:  White Shiny-Bows Parasol
  • Favorite clothing colors: Pink and Yellow
  • Favorite clothing styles: Simple and Cute
  • Favorite furniture colors: Brown, White, Yellow, Green
  • Favorite interior concepts: Stylish, Living Room
  • Hobby: Nature
  • Coffee: Blue Mountain, lots of milk, three spoonfuls of sugar

Molly’s Appearance

Molly is a small normal-type duck who looks the same in the three games she’s in: brown with yellow-brown spots and round pink blush, wearing a yellow-green dress/shirt.

molly the duck

Still the Same Great Molly in New Horizons

Unlike many other islanders that carried over to New Horizons, Molly didn’t change much from her New Leaf iteration. Her house has the same library/cozy study feel as in previous games. However, from the conversation and her house in Happy Homes, she seems to want to be a writer/publisher, which isn’t mentioned much before New Horizons.

Molly’s Personality

Since Molly is a normal villager, she conflicts with sisterly and cranky types. Normal villagers are extremely easy to befriend, as they like most gifts you can give to them and are automatically sweeter to you than any other personality. She’ll often see her out and about with a watering can, diligently tending flowers. I know I did for three straight days (thanks, Molly!).

Why You Want Molly on Your Island

Molly is an easy choice for favorite islanders. She’s probably the cutest and most charismatic normal villager, and she is adorable and quite easy to dress up. She fits in with any crowd and isn’t extremely hard to obtain, either. Molly would work best on an island with all short animals, all cute animals, or even a cottagecore-themed island, as she’s probably the best fit an animal could be for that theme, as she often reads books on gardening, fishing, bugs, and fossils.

While I had villagers come and go on my island, Molly always felt very natural and fit in, no matter my theme or who surrounded her. She (in my experience) also got into fewer fights than my other normal-type animals.

Molly’s House 

Molly’s house is as adorable as she is and features a cute cottage exterior, orange thatch roof, and a rounded top wooden door.

Inside, the house is quite welcoming. She has warm colors, lattice walls, plenty of music, wooden furniture, and books galore. There is a simple wooden bed with an orange spread, a music corner with a fancy violin and music stand, bookshelves, a comfortable couch with a tea set just waiting to be poured, and a plant to keep the nature vibe going. 

molly's house
Image source: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki

A Gift Guide for Molly 

Congrats! You have Molly! Now what? How are you supposed to know what gifts to give? It can be stressful, so I’ll give you some ideas of things to gift to Molly that she will absolutely love:

  • Ballet Outfit (pink)
  • Cute Rose Crown
  • Mama Bear
  • Simple Sofa
  • Open Wooden Shelves
  • Terrarium
  • Cat Tower
  • Pompompurin Outfit

Clothing Gift Ideas for Molly

My favorite clothing I ever gave Molly was an eggshell cap. It made me smile every time I saw her wearing it. Other clothing ideas for Molly (remember to focus on pink and yellow, if possible!):


  • Frilly Dress
  • Fairy Tale Dress
  • Linen Dress
  • Simple Checkered Dress
  • Ballet Outfit


  • Lacy Tank
  • Mom’s Hand-Knit Sweater


  • Halo
  • Giant Ribbon
  • Apple Hat
  • Princess Peach Crown
  • Heart Hairpin
  • Plumeria Hairpin

Furniture Gift Ideas for Molly

You want to continue her cozy, natural theme with some wooden items to give a vintage feel. These items will make Molly happy:

  • Fireplace
  • Old-Fashioned Alarm Clock
  • Yellow Coffee Cup
  • Birdcage
  • Large Bookshelf
  • Classic Desk
molly's exterior

Molly in Pocket Camp 

Molly was added to Pocket camp in 2018, making it her second appearance in the Animal Crossing franchise. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had a cookie of her own yet, but never say never! I think we would all love a book-themed cottagecore cookie. She is very similar in pocket camp to in new horizons as well.

In Pocket Camp, her preferred theme is civic, and you’ll have to make these items to be able to invite her to your campsite:

  • Scattered Papers
  • Small Magazine Rack
  • Classic Chair
  • Classic Desk
  • File Cabinet

You’ll get items or materials for when you level up your friendship with any villager. While she might not provide a lot of cool stuff, I think it’s worth it to befriend her for the large bookshelf. This is what Molly gives:

  • Level 7: One Canary Shirt and one Sparkle Stones
  • Level 9: One Sparkle Stones
  • Level 10: large bookshelf craft unlock
  • Level 20: One Molly’s Pic and one Sparkle Stones
  • Level 25-64 (Every five levels): One Sparkle Stones

Molly in Happy Homes

Every villager in New Horizons can be found in Happy Homes. Molly requests a small publishing house and asks you to use stacked magazines and a filing cabinet. How cute is that?

There’s not much to give to her concept house, but you can use many items to create the exact feel you want for Molly’s publishing house. Want a more vintage place? Use wooden and classic items, add paintings and maps, and avoid bright colors. Prefer a more modern look? Use mostly metal items, add white lights, and add more small floor items like magazines, metal shelves, and computers.

While there isn’t a ton of versatility in her home idea, it’s more about creating an environment that fits a particular time or aesthetic. A publishing house doesn’t have to be all grey. If you have visited a small business, you know they tend to be charismatic and charming, so you don’t have to go with dull items; make it as beautiful as the stories she wants to publish.

Molly’s Amiibo Card

Molly is #099 in Series One of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards. Her dice value is four, and her hand sign is Rock.

molly's amiibo card
Image source: Animal Crossing Fandom

Molly Merchandise

Who doesn’t want more Molly in their lives? Here we have a whole article on animal crossing merch, but if you want some more specific Molly gear, I’ve linked to a few of my favorites. 

Molly iPhone Case

molly sticker

Molly with a Peach Sticker

molly's sticker


Question: How do I get Molly?

Answer: As most players know, getting the exact villager you want can be hard, but it’s worth it once you have them.
There are several ways to get Molly to come live on your island: 
You can use an amiibo card to invite her to your campsite, which will prompt her to ask you if you’re sure (you need to invite her three times before she can move in)
She can naturally (albeit randomly) show up at the campsite
You can island-hop when you have an open plot of land. 
The other option is going into free villager trading groups on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and looking for or asking about the villager you want. Sometimes these villagers are free; sometimes players will ask for items or bells. Never take a villager when someone asks for real money, as it could be a scam.

Question: Is Molly Worth it when you have Another Normal Type Villager?

Answer: It can get exhausting having two of the same personality types on your island in New Horizons, as they all have the same dialogue. This is a choice entirely up to you. I know my favorite type is smug, and I don’t mind having three because I like what they say and do. But I will mention that Molly is the only normal villager I never had to move out, which says a lot about her. She feels a bit different because she is so short and cute…and very fun to style, especially in that egg hat.

Question: Is Molly a Rare Villager?

Answer: Because she has an amiibo card, she is not as rare as some coveted villagers, but she is just as hard to find as any other character. However, she doesn’t have a shortage of amiibo cards, so you can easily buy her. Otherwise, you can take the chance and possibly get her on an island while island hopping.

Question: Where can I Find Molly’s Amiibo Card?

Answer: You can buy a pack of series one amiibo cards for a chance to get her (these packs are sold at any given store like Target or Walmart, but also on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy); otherwise, people sell amiibos separately or even make their own. If you buy her individually, she’ll run you anywhere from $2-10.
A pack itself can cost $4-12 dollars, depending on where you buy them. You can also trade for her card if you have another card someone is looking for; there are plenty of groups where people post daily on wanting to trade!

Question: How does Molly Interact with Other Villagers?

Answer: Molly is a normal type villager, therefore she interacts fairly well with most other types. Listen in to her conversations with other villagers to get a glimpse into this cutie’s way of being in the world. On rare occasions she gets in a tiff with another villager, it will tend to be with a cranky or sisterly type.

Why Molly Is One of My Favorites

Molly is one of 17 ducks in Animal Crossing, but her straightforward style and friendly nature make her stand out more than most other ducks. She was my first normal villager, and her caring conversation made me love her immediately. It’s a good day when you can see her watering the flowers on a sunny afternoon, as it reminds me of summer on a lake, where I can see brown ducks much like her paddling by in the water.

She always makes me feel cozy and warm, and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone thinking of getting her.

Quackidee, What Are You Waiting for?

Molly is one of the most refreshing characters in Animal Crossing. She is always sweet, funny, and kind. Having an easily accessible amiibo card makes it even easier to get her, which I highly suggest. She’s the longest resident I have ever had, and I’ll never give her up; I love her.

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