Scoot Animal Crossing Guide: The Adorable Duck

Scoot is a lovable duck who has been with us on this Animal Crossing journey since the beginning. Something about his stupid look is charming, and everyone I’ve ever talked to has seen him and has no clue what the heck is on his head—or why he wears a frog shirt when he’s a duck.

I can answer those questions, plus more! I know, you’re welcome; no need to thank me yet, though.

Bottom Line Up Front

Scoot is a jock-type duck villager who’s been in every Animal Crossing game except Wild World. He’s had four different house layouts (five houses in total), two cards, and one heart to share with all of us.

So today, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Scoot—and maybe even some stuff you didn’t know you needed to know, including basic facts, why you might want him, where to find him, etc. Spoiler alert: I recommend him to anyone.

General Facts about Scoot

Gender: Male

  • Species: Duck
  • Birthday: June 13th
  • Star Sign: Gemini
  • First Appearance: Dōbutsu no Mori
  • Personality: Jock
  • Catchphrase: Zip Zoom
  • Skill: Climbing trees


  • Favorite songs: My Place, Marine Song 2001, K. K. Calypso, Mr. K. K.
  • Default Clothing: Frog tee
  • Default Umbrella: Flame umbrella, blue umbrella
  • Favorite Colors: Blue and beige
  • Favorite Styles: Playful, trendy
  • Favorite Furniture Colors: Simple, active
  • Least Favorite styles: Historical
  • Goal: Rugby player
  • Coffee:  Mocha with a regular amount of milk and two spoonfuls of sugar


Scoot is a green duck (his shade of green varies, depending on the game) who is known for his white cap that has a strap under his chin. It is heavily debated what exactly his cap means or is from, but from what I gather, it’s most likely a Japanese swimming cap (more on that later).

His cap has the numbers 1-5 in New Horizons, and in other games, it’s 1-2 or 1-3. In Japan, this represents their grade in school, so we know he is a student!

He has small pink circles on his cheeks and a yellow beak that’s the same color as his legs! In every game, he wears a cream and green frog t-shirt. He has slightly closed eyes with visible eyelids and brown pupils.


scoot animal crossing personality

Scoot is a jock-type personality; this means Scoot’s interactions are almost always based on working out or playing sports. Jocks may ask you to work out with them if you’ve been active, etc. Jocks are also more likely to be seen doing workout-type movements in game! They are also pretty stupid, often misspelling common words.

But they are also sweet and sometimes can’t show their emotions very well, making excuses for why they’re crying: the whole “I’m sweating through my eyes” type shtick.

Jocks tend to get along with villagers with peppy, sisterly, smug, and normal personalities. They do NOT get along well at all with snooty/cranky, and of course, lazy types.

Honestly, I avoid having those four types on an island together because they can be the meanest. But hey, if you love the drama, then that’s the perfect chaotic combo. 

Why You Want Scoot on Your Island

Look, I’m not a fan of jock-type villagers. I’m playing a game; I don’t want to be reminded I’m not working out. But jocks are incredibly sweet and so stupid it’s funny. His look is unique, and something about ducks is always adorable.

He would fit in well with a themed island with ducks, jocks, weirder-looking villagers, or just a odd gathering of villagers that fit your own theme. His love for swimming is also a huge plus, especially when you put him right next to water!


Scoot has had five houses with four unique designs.

Dōbutsu no Mori, Dōbutsu no Mori+, and Animal Crossing

scoot animal crossing house


Scoot’s house has a blue pointed roof, with a wooden awning above the purple wooden door with a gold handle. The sides of the house are white with wooden corners. A wooden fence surrounds it.


  •     Pop machine
  •     Drink vending machine
  •     Cabana armchair
  •     White boombox
  •     Two corn plants
  •     Two Mini Lamentoid
  •     Two Mega Lamentoid
  •     Crustacean carp
  •     Pond smelt
  •     Piranha
  •     Small bass
  •     Wall is Cabin walls
  •     Flooring is Shanty mat
  •     Song playing is K.K. Calypso

City Folk


  •     Cabana bed
  •     White boombox
  •     Two Mega Oombloid
  •     Two corn plants
  •     Pike
  •     Salmon
  •     Wall is Cabin wall
  •     Flooring is Shanty mat
  •     Song playing is Marine Song 2001

New Leaf

scoot animal crossing house new leaf


Scoot’s house has a yellow pointed roof, blue paneling on the sides, and small windows. The door is a metal white with a shaped window at the top. A bush fence surrounds it.


  •     Wall fan
  •     Soda case
  •     Scale
  •     Milk case
  •     Ice cream case
  •     Wash station
  •     Spa chair
  •     Bathtub
  •     Massage chair
  •     Tea tansu
  •     Lady palm
  •     Walls are Bathhouse wall
  •     Flooring is Slate flooring
  •     Song playing is Marine Song 2001

New Horizons


Scoot’s house is square, with a turquoise slate roof and white stucco siding. The house has a pale blue basic door with a silver door handle.


  •     Cute music player
  •     Simple DIY workbench
  •     Poolside bed
  •     Log bench
  •     Beach towel
  •     Portable toilet
  •     Plastic pool
  •     Handy water cooler
  •     Hose reel
  •     Garden faucet
  •     Wall is Backyard fence wall
  •     Flooring is Backyard lawn
  •     Song playing is My Place

Gifts for Scoot

animal crossing gifts for scoot

Scoot is a reasonably easy villager to gift to. There’s a lot of simple, active, sporty, peppy, and trendy clothing and furniture. Blue is his favorite color, which is also one of the most common colors in game. You’ll probably be fine if you don’t gift historical items, but here’s a curated list of the best gifts to give Scoot.

Clothing Gift List

I would choose more school-like fashion and furniture because it is speculated that Scoot would be in 5th grade, judging from the numbers on his swimming cap. A 5th grader living alone on an island is wild enough, so you might as well make it fun, too? It’s weird.


  •     Football shirt
  •     Boa fleece
  •     Camo tee
  •     DAL tee
  •     Down ski jacket
  •     Muscle tank
  •     Basketball tank
  •     Acid washed jacket
  •     Down jacket
  •     Mountain parka
  •     Open track jacket
  •     Athletic jacket
  •     Layered shirt
  •     Puffy vest
  •     Track jacket
  •     V-neck sweater
  •     Labelle knit shirt
  •     Gym tee
  •     Fischerhemd
  •     Hoi! Tee
  •     Tee parka combo
  •     Hip wrap shirt
  •     College cardigan
  •     Cardigan school uniform top


  •     Tee dress
  •     Linen dress
  •     Parka dress
  •     Long chenille cardigan
  •     Zap suit
  •     Long denim cardigan
  •     Fishing waders
  •     Sleeved apron
  •     Farmer overalls
  •     Jinbei
  •     Ice hockey uniform
  •     Baseball uniform


  •     Do-rag
  •     Tropical hat
  •     Straw hat
  •     Bottom rimmed glasses
  •     Swimming cap
  •     Plain paperboy cap
  •     Sports cap
  •     Mini straw boater
  •     Outdoor hat
  •     Goggles
  •     Rain hat
  •     Plain do-rag
  •     DAL eye mask (or regular)
  •     Student cap
  •     OK motors cap
  •     School hat
  •     Bicycle helmet
  •     Sporty shades
  •     Double bridged glasses

Furniture Gift List

animal crossing scoot furniture gift list


  •     Surfboard
  •     Milk can
  •     Beach towel
  •     Rattan towel basket
  •     Rattan waste bin
  •     Tire stack
  •     Weight bench
  •     Fresh cooler
  •     Imperial partition
  •     Drinking fountain


  •     Hose reel
  •     Windmill
  •     Plain wooden shop sign
  •     Hammock
  •     Scooter
  •     Barbecue
  •     Evergreen ash
  •     Birdbath
  •     Outdoor bench
  •     Playground gym

Pocket Camp

Scoot is a relatively new character to Pocket Camp, being introduced in June of 2021. Because of this, there isn’t too much in the game for him. He doesn’t have a fortune cookie, but he does have some good friendship item gifts! He has the sporty theme and is still that lovable jock personality. His main gift is steel.

You can only get Scoot at your camp via his map from Gulliver’s ship. 

Scoot’s map is of gold rarity, and you must go through Blather’s treasure trek to unlock Scoot. This requires you to spend sporty essence (12 each) to roll a die and move forward in the map. It is much like a board game, but you have to constantly give it money. Less fun.

  •     At level 7, you’ll receive a Frog Tee and one Sparkle Stones
  •     At level 9, you’ll receive one Sparkle Stones
  •     At level 15, you’ll receive a plastic pool craft (item request quest)
  •     At level 20, you’ll receive Scoot’s pic and one sparkle stones
  •     Every five levels after that ‘til level 70, you’ll receive one sparkle stones

Just like every other villager in Pocket Camp, at level 8, you’ll unlock being able to dress your villagers; at level 10 you’ll be able to have lost item request quests.

Happy Homes

animal crossing scoot happy homes

In Happy Homes, Scoot’s thought bubble reads as, “I need to live in a house with a pool so I can train.”

The required items are backyard pool, shower, and a life ring. Everything else is up to you!

I recommend placing him next to the ocean, even if it’s a smaller plot. I’ve seen the outside of his house being more decorated than the interior. It would be interesting to have the inside of his house a post workout spa, and the outdoors being the training place!



Scoot’s E-reader card is purple and brown on the front, with Scoot posed in a happy manner. The card reads Animal Crossing at the top, and at the bottom, there’s a sign that shows a duck and his card number, #050.

On the other side is more information, his name again, his gender (male), and his star sign (Gemini). It also states the clothing he wears (frog tee) and his catchphrase (zip zoom)

Below that, the profile reads:

To put it bluntly, Scoot is an odd bird. He’s convinced everyone is out to get him, so he wears that goofy cap on his head for protection. Maybe he’s just been whacked on the head with a net one too many times.”


His amiibo card background is a bright orange, and Scoot is posed waving in the middle. On the left, it shows his species (duck), and right below that, it shows his dice value (2).

On the other side, it shows his # number in a circle (#147) and his hand sign, which is paper. He is in series 2 of Animal Crossing amiibos.


Question: Is Scoot a Rare Villager?

Answer: Not particularly. He’s not a highly popular villager, but he’s been in most games and has an e-reader card and amiibo.

Question: Which Games are Scoot in?

Answer: Scoot is in Dōbutsu no Mori (and +), Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing City Folk, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Question: What is the Easiest Way to Get a Specific Villager Like Scoot?

Answer: The absolute easiest way is to buy his amiibo card, either buying it separately from an independent seller or in an Animal Crossing amiibo card pack.
But if you do not want to spend money, you can always look on online groups for people who wish to trade villagers or just want them gone. Most of my favorite villagers came from Facebook groups where people posted their villagers in boxes that were free to get.
Never pay money for trading like that. Always be safe with who you talk to, and always double-check.
And, of course, the bleh way that no one likes: visiting islands. Generally, to get the villager you want, you’ll use 20+ nook miles tickets to go to islands (when you have an open plot), and there will be a villager wanting to move in!
A little weird they’re on an island alone, but either way. Of course, this method never guarantees success, and it can take hours, but it is entirely free and safe. One trick is not carrying a ladder; the villager will be on ground level so you can get in and out more quickly.


Scoot is just an adorable, lovable duck jock. He’s been in the games so long now I’m sure that for many players, he’s nostalgic. I know his cap always makes me laugh when paired with a hat. Out of all the jocks, he has to be up there with the very best.

I really cannot recommend him enough—I mean a green duck with a frog tee alone is great, but his little cap? His dumb but sweet attitude? Who can say no? Plus again, he is a literal child, so you really can’t say no…

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