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As I explained in my guide about Punchy the cat villager in Animal Crossing, they are cute creatures you want to be around 24/7. They are a pain in the butt at times (which is especially true for my cat, who will bite and scratch me if I touch his belly), but their purrs are like the chimes of pure and innocent bliss.

During my first playthrough of the newest game in the franchise, New Horizons, one of my villagers was Lolly, a normal cat villager. I loved her to bits and showered her with gifts; her eyes are so cute! Because of my adoration for Lolly, I looked up other cat villagers and saw one similar to her: Mitzi.

Mitzi is a cat with the same personality as Lolly, but instead of being a grey cat with black stripes, Mitzi is a white cat with blue features. I would love her too much if she were on my island. So, I dedicated countless visits to mystery islands to find her. It sapped the time and Nook Miles out of me!

After an incredibly long while, I gave up on finding her. However, I still remember the parts I love about her. This guide will help you learn more about her if she is a villager on your island. Hopefully, you will realize how precious of a cat Mitzi is!

Bottom Line Up Front

Here are essential details about Mitzi in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that you need to know.

  • Name: Mitzi
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Cat
  • Personality: Normal
  • Birthday: September 25 (Libra)
  • Catchphrase: “mew”
  • Favorite saying: “Practice makes purrrfect!”
  • Favorite clothing style: Simple
  • Favorite colors: Beige and Brown

Who is Mitzi in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Mitzi in Animal Crossing
Image from Animal Crossing Fandom

Mitzi is a female cat villager with a normal personality. She appears in every game in the franchise, from the first one (Doubutsu no Mori) to the latest one (New Horizons). She also appears in spinoff games, namely the Happy Home Designer for the 3DS, Amiibo Festival for the Wii, and Pocket Camp on mobile.

However, Mitzi does not appear in the 2006 film, which is a shame. Her birthday is on September 25, making her a Libra. In New Leaf, more information surfaced; she is the eldest of three siblings and wants to be a professor. We can assume that Mitzi is a smart cat that values education most.

She is skilled in hula dancing and afraid of the Bug Mask during Halloween. She prefers her coffee with mocha beans, a little bit of milk, and a spoonful of sugar. Her initial catchphrase is “mew,” and she likes to say, “practice makes purrrfect!” It is a pun on the word “perfect” and the purring of a cat.

In New Horizons, she is interested in education, which aligns with her desire to be a professor. She occasionally reads a novel outside, eats a chocolate donut, drinks from a tea can or yellow mug, or licks an orange popsicle.

What does Mitzi look like in Animal Crossing?

Mitzi is a cat with mostly cream-white fur. She has blue details all over her body; her ears, paws, and feet are blue (though the inside of her ears is orange). She also has a blue, oval-shaped mark on her face, almost covering her eyes. Her mouth is cutely shaped like that of a cat’s smile.

Her eyes are shaped like a rounded archway or a headstone; if you are a math nerd, you would probably refer to this shape as the Norman window. They have a dark blue outline, making her look like she is wearing eyeliner. Her pupils are brown.

Her tail is striped with alternating colors between blue and light purple. Her ears are triangular, pointing upward. She does not have eyebrows like some villagers. Because of her slender build and the blue fur on her face, paws, and feet, she looks like a Siamese cat.

What is Mitzi’s personality in Animal Crossing?

Mitzi’s personality in Animal Crossing

Similar to Pekoe and Maple, Mitzi is a normal villager. We have a dedicated guide about the normal personality here if you want an in-depth explanation of it. Mitzi acts sweet and friendly to everyone she meets, including you, the player.

All villagers with this personality are females. Mitzi is often naïve about many things and tends to get along well with anyone regardless of their personality.

In New Horizons and New Leaf, Mitzi sleeps at 12 AM and wakes up at 6 AM. In City Folk and Wild World, she sleeps at 1 AM and wakes up at 5 AM instead. In Animal Crossing, she sleeps at 9 PM but still wakes up at 5 AM.

Mitzi’s house throughout the Animal Crossing games

Mitzi’s house looks incredibly similar from the first game to New Leaf. In general, the flooring and walls are mostly the same, and the rattan furniture remains throughout. In New Horizons, Nintendo decided to change it while still maintaining the atmosphere of being her home.

Below are detailed descriptions of the interior and exterior designs of Mitzi’s house throughout the entries in the franchise.

Mitzi’s house in Animal Crossing

Mitzi’s house in Animal Crossing
Image from Animal Crossing Fandom

In Animal Crossing, she has a green wooden floor with a diamond pattern. This floor type is known as Ranch Flooring in the game. The wall has vertical white lines with a red tussle-like design above them. It also has a green baseboard; this wall in the game is called Kitchen Wall.

There is a square window on the left and right walls. North of the room, from left to right, you can see a potted plant known as the Weeping Fig, two gyroids (namely, a Gargloid and a Warbloid), a blue wooden bed with white and yellow bedding, and a blue, wooden dresser with an orange lamp on top.

Near the window on the left side of the wall is a cabana bookcase. Meanwhile, near the window on the right side of the wall is a red boom box playing K. K. Swing. Another potted plant sits neatly on the lower-right corner of the room, and in-game, it is known as a Bromeliaceae.

Items Weeping Fig Gargloid Warbloid
Blue Bed Blue Dresser Cabana Bookcase
Red Boom Box Bromeliaceae  
Wall Kitchen Wall
Floor Ranch Flooring
Music K. K. Swing

Mitzi’s house in Animal Crossing: Wild World

In Wild World, her flooring is still the same, but the wall is slightly altered. Instead of being a Kitchen Wall, it is a Modern Wall. It is still white, though, but it has a marble-like texture and does not have a baseboard. There is still a window on the left and right sides of the room.

Mitzi retains her blue aesthetic but also expands on her cabana furniture. From left to right, the north of the room now has a cabana screen, a blue wooden table with a yellow cloth on, and the cabana bookcase. Near the left window is a cabana dresser.

Beside it is a brown chair with a white cushion and a red boom box. Mitzi’s blue, wooden bed is now near the right window. Beside her bed are a potted fan palm and a ukulele. At the center of her room is a Warbloid. Compared to the previous game, her blue dresser and Gargloid are nowhere to be found.

Items Cabana Screen Blue Table Cabana Dresser
Cabana Bookcase Warbloid Blue Bed
Exotic Chair Fan Palm Red Boom Box
Wall Modern Wall
Floor Ranch Flooring
Music K. K. Swing

Mitzi’s house in Animal Crossing: City Folk

Mitzi’s room in City Folk is exactly similar to the previous game, i.e., it contains the same furniture, wall, flooring, and song. It also follows the same layout as her room in Wild World. Apparently, Mitzi loved her home’s interior design in the earlier entry; she did not change anything!

Items Cabana Screen Blue Table Cabana Dresser
Cabana Bookcase Warbloid Blue Bed
Exotic Chair Fan Palm Red Boom Box
Wall Modern Wall
Floor Ranch Flooring
Music K. K. Swing

Mitzi’s house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Mitzi’s house in Animal Crossing

Mitzi’s house in New Leaf receives a slight makeover. The flooring remains the same, but the wall is different again. Now, it resembles horizontal planks of light brown wood; this wall is called Wood Paneling in the game.

The north side of the room still contains the cabana screen and blue table, but with some minor additions. On the blue table are sunflowers in a yellow vase. Also, instead of the cabana bookcase next to the blue table, it is now the cabana dresser. On it is a yellow tea set with green cloth underneath.

The windows on the left and right sides also remain, but the furniture near them has switched places. The blue bed is now on the left side, while the cabana bookcase is on the right side. Next to the table is a tall, wooden turntable and her Warbloid.

Then, next to the cabana bookcase to the right is a potted fan palm and a blue wooden chair. A wooden analog clock hangs on the left wall, and a white air conditioner sticks out on the right wall just above the blue chair. In the middle of the room is her ukulele.

On the outside, her house has brown wooden walls with a blue shingled roof. The door is orange with a circular window.

Items Cabana Screen Blue Table Sunflower
Cabana Dresser Tea Set Blue Bed
Cabana Bookcase Turntable Ukulele
Fan Palm Warbloid Blue Chair
Cabin Wall Clock Air Conditioner  
Wall Wood Paneling
Floor Ranch Flooring
Music K. K. Swing

Mitzi’s house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Like many villagers, Mitzi’s house got a huge makeover. However, it still feels like her home! Firstly, her flooring and wall have changed; the floor is still wood, but it is light brown now and following a herringbone pattern. In the game, it is known as the Light Herringbone Flooring.

The wall is made of vertical planks of wood painted light blue. In the game, it is known as the Blue Painted-Wood Wall. There is still a window on the left and right sides of the room.

On the room’s northwest corner, you can see a blue wooden mini-table with a pink cloth on its surface. On top of the cloth is potted cat grass. Next to the wooden mini-table is a blue wooden chest.

Attached to the wall above the mini-table is a gray iron rack with a small potted cactus and a white container. On the northeast corner of the room is a white refrigerator, and a white gas range is next to it.

Near the left window is a blue wooden bed; its bedding is a yellow and orange gingham pattern. In the middle of the room is a blue wooden low-table. Finally, a potted fan palm is in the southeast corner of the room.

The exterior design is different from New Leaf. Her roof is still blue but now made of slate. The walls are made of yellow stucco, and the door is wooden and gray. A small iron lamp sticks out near the door, and there is an arched window near the house’s wooden sign.

Items Wooden Mini Table Cat Grass Wooden Chest
Gas Range Refrigerator  Wooden Simple Bed
Wooden Low Table Fan Palm Iron Wall Rack
Wall Blue Painted-Wood Wall
Floor Light Herringbone Flooring
Music K. K. Love Song

All about Mitzi throughout the games

Mitzi animal crossing

All about Mitzi in Animal Crossing

Initial attire

  • Initial clothing: Patchwork Top
  • Initial umbrella: Classic Umbrella

Style preferences

  • Most favorite style: Fresh
  • Least favorite style: Striking

Most favorite live song gift: K. K. Swing

All about Mitzi in Animal Crossing: Wild World

Initial attire

Mitzi in Animal Crossing Melon Umbrella

  • Initial clothing: Gumdrop Shirt
  • Initial umbrella: Melon Umbrella

Style preferences

  • Most favorite style: Charming
  • Least favorite style: Zany

Default hobby: Garden

Furniture request preferences

  • Favorite furniture color: Green or Pink
  • Favorite furniture series: Classic or Blue Series
  • Favorite furniture category: Houseplant or Instrument

All about Mitzi in Animal Crossing: City Folk

Initial attire

  • Initial clothing: Gumdrop Shirt
  • Initial umbrella: Melon Umbrella

Clothing style preferences

  • Most favorite clothing style: Fresh
  • Least favorite clothing style: Striking

Furniture style preferences

  • Most favorite furniture styles: Dignified and Trendy
  • Most favorite furniture series: Cabana Series
  • Most favorite furniture color: Brown

All about Mitzi in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Initial attire

  • Initial clothing: Gumdrop Tee
  • Initial umbrella: Melon Umbrella


  • Most favorite clothing style: Historical
  • Least favorite clothing style: Iconic
  • Most favorite color: Brown


  • Siblings: Eldest of three kids
  • Skill: Hula dancing
  • Goal: Professor
  • Halloween fear: Bug Mask

Coffee Preference

  • Type of beans: Mocha
  • Amount of milk: A little bit
  • Amount of sugar: One spoonful

All about Mitzi in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Initial attire

  • Initial clothing: Gumdrop Dress (Pop variant)
  • Initial umbrella: Raindrop Umbrella
  • Initial phone design: Beige
  • Final phone design: Striped – Fabric 16


  • Most favorite clothing styles: Simple
  • Most favorite colors: Brown and Beige

Hobby: Education

Carried items

Animal Crossing Carried bag Veggie-Print

  • Carried bag: Veggie-Print
  • Book: Novel
  • Food: Chocolate Donut
  • Drink: Tea Can or Yellow Mug
  • Popsicle Flavor: Orange

All about Mitzi in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise

Mitzi can be your client if you have the New Horizons DLC, i.e., Happy Home Paradise. She will tell you the specific requests below if you are tasked to design her house. Note that you must place the required items as part of her house’s design.

  • Thought bubble: “A mountaintop restaurant with Japanese food… yum!”
  • Client’s vision: Mitzi’s Mountaintop Eatery
  • Required items: Senmaizuke Barrel, Azumaya Gazebo, Zen Bench
  • Favorite song: Spring Blossoms

If you make her satisfied with your design (again, she will only be happy if you place the required items), you will unlock a lot of furniture pieces that you can order and purchase from the HHP Catalogue.

All about Mitzi in other games

All about Mitzi in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

Happy Home Designer lets you become a house designer for villagers, and if it sounds familiar, it is the inspiration for the Happy Home Paradise DLC. Mitzi is in this game and can be one of your clients. Below are the important facts about Mitzi’s desires for her house.

  • Thought bubble: “I’d like to open a restaurant full of round, zen furniture!”
  • Client’s vision: A café with round, zen items.
  • Required items: Large Tea Table, Round Pillow
  • Favorite song: Spring Blossoms

Below is a list of all the furniture you can unlock after designing Mitzi’s house.

Mitzi’s unlocked furniture

Ceramic Hot Pot Fish Grill Fish on Board
Large Tea Table Mitzi’s Pic New Year’s Noodles
Round Electric Sign Round Pillow Spring Blossoms

Mitzi’s unlocked housing designs

Old Brick Wall Tatami

Mitzi’s unlocked clothing

Gum drop Tee Kanji Tee Melon Umbrella Pinafore

All about Mitzi in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The developers added Mitzi to Pocket Camp back on December 21, 2017. Below are the essential details about her in this game.

  • Personality: Normal
  • Birthday: September 25 (Libra)
  • Catchphrase: “mew”
  • Initial clothing: Gumdrop Tee
  • Biography:
    • Description: “Everybody knows Mitzi! Many an awkward meeting between two strangers has turned delightful at the mere mention of her name.”
    • Preferred theme: Rustic
    • Primary reward: Wood
    • Version added: 1.0.2
    • Date unlocked: December 21, 2017

Items required to invite

    • Required Friendship Level: 5
    • Fan Palm
    • Cabana Chair
    • Cabana Screen
    • Bistro Table
    • Ukulele

Friendship rewards

    • Level 7: Gumdrop Tee and Sparkle Stone
    • Level 9: Sparkle Stone
    • Level 15: Ceramic Hot Pot (Crafting Request)
    • Level 20: Mitzi’s Pic and Sparkle Stone
    • Level 25 to 60: Sparkle Stone

Ideal gifts to give to Mitzi

Ideal gifts for Mitzi in Animal Crossing

Blue Grid Shirt

Mitzi loves fresh clothes; below is a list of things you can buy for her.

Furniture item


Where to buy from

Blue Grid Shirt 340 Bells Tom Nook’s Store
Cloudy Shirt 320 Bells
Deep Blue Tee 380 Bells
Fresh Shirt 380 Bells
Icy Shirt 390 Bells
Light Line Shirt 380 Bells
Neo-classic Knit 380 Bells
Peachy Shirt 390 Bells
Silk Bloom Shirt 480 Bells
Sunset Top 290 Bells

Ideal gifts for Mitzi in Animal Crossing: Wild World

If you plan on giving her some furniture, remember that she loves furniture that is either green or pink. She also loves furniture from the classic or blue series and furniture that are categorized as houseplants or instruments. Below are some examples of ideal furniture to give her.

Animal Crossing Corn Plant

You can buy all these things at Tom Nook’s Store.

Furniture item

Color, Series, or Category


Corn Plant Houseplant 1,300 Bells
Lady Lamp Houseplant 1,200 Bells
Japanese Drum Instrument 1,300 Bells
Folk Guitar Instrument 1,600 Bells
Classic Sofa Classic Series 2,240 Bells

Mitzi loves charming clothes, so the ones on this list will make her heart full. You can purchase everything in this list at the Able Sisters.

Animal Crossing Aqua Polk Shirt

Clothing item

Clothing type


Aqua Polk Shirt Top 360 Bells
Blue Retro Shirt 360 Bells
Bubble Shirt 410 Bells
Fern Shirt 300 Bells
Green Bar Shirt 320 Bells

Ideal gifts for Mitzi in Animal Crossing: City Folk

In this game, Mitzi likes furniture that is brown, dignified, or trendy. She also likes furniture from the cabana series. Below is a list of sample gifts you can buy for her. Note that all of the items in this list are brown, dignified, and trendy, and you can buy them all at Tom Nook’s Store.

Furniture item


Billiard Table 1,800 Bells
Computer 1,720 Bells
Range 1,800 Bells
Ringside Table 1,320 Bells
Siphon 1,780 Bells

Mitzi likes fresh clothes and dislikes striking ones. Below is a list of ideal clothing gifts for her that she will enjoy. Everything in this list is available at the Able Sisters. Note that they are all tops.

Animal Crossing Blue Tartan

Clothing item


Speedway Shirt 290 Bells
Blue Tartan 390 Bells
Aqua Polka Shirt 360 Bells
Aurora Knit 380 Bells
Lotus Shirt 400 Bells

Ideal gifts for Mitzi in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In New Leaf, Mitzi loves brown or historical furniture. Below are gift ideas for her that are both brown and historical. Like the previous lists, you can find every item here in Timmy and Tommy’s Store.

Furniture item


Antique Clock 2,350 Bells
Cash Register 6,480 Bells
Clay Furnace 1,800 Bells
Fireplace 2,200 Bells
Hibachi 1,200 Bells

In this game, she loves brown or historical clothes, which is a big leap from her desire for fresh clothes. She hates iconic clothes, so be careful. Below is a list of historical and brown clothes. They are all tops and can be found in the Able Sisters.

Clothing item


Camel Shirt 280 Bells
Caveman Tank 380 Bells
Fall Leaf Shirt 420 Bells
Fall Leaf Tee 280 Bells
Subdued-print Tee 320 Bells

Ideal gifts for Mitzi in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In New Horizons, Mitzi likes everything that is brown or beige, and that appeal extends to furniture. If you plan on giving her some furniture to spice up her house, I suggest giving her something in line with those colors. Below is a list of sample furniture pieces that are brown and beige.

Animal Crossing Vintage Dresser

As always, everything here is available in Nook’s Cranny. If it is in your catalog, you can purchase it directly from the Nook Shopping Catalogue.

Furniture item

Variation Type


Antique Map Ship-route map Miscellaneous 31,000 Bells
Decorative Plate Brown, sepia floral design 14,000 Bells
Vintage Dresser Brown Houseware 34,000 Bells
Scooter Ivory, none 13,000 Bells
Glass Showcase Dark brown 12,000 Bells

Other than liking brown and beige, Mitzi also likes simple clothes. The list below contains clothes that have all the said properties, making them ideal gifts for Mitzi. You can buy the pieces in this list from the Able Sisters.

Clothing item

Variation Type


Checkered Sweater Vest Brown Top 1,440 Bells
Coverall Coat Beige 1,120 Bells
Conductor’s Cap Brown Headwear 1,680 Bells
Tweed Cap Brown 1,100 Bells
Frugal Dress Brown Dress-up 490 Bells

Frequently Answered Questions

Question: Is there a Mitzi plush from Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Answer: You can find a plush of Mitzi on Etsy, although it might be a bit expensive. Customized plushies are expensive due to the time and effort it takes to make one.

Question: How rare is Mitzit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Answer: I would consider Mitzi to be more uncommon than others since there are only three cats that have normal personalities. However, among all the cats, I think others are rarer than Mitzi. For example, the famous Raymond is the only smug cat. Ankha is incredibly famous for dangerous reasons, though.

Question: When is Mitzi’s birthday in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Answer: Mitzi’s birthday is on September 25, which makes her a Libra. Her birthday stays true across all the games (even in Pocket Camp).

Conclusion: Is Mitzi a good villager in Animal Crossing?

Mitzi is a lot like Lolly; they are both cats with normal personalities, and they are both incredibly cute. I think Mitzi would be a great addition to any island as she brings warmth across every corner. She will get along well with anyone, even with smug villagers. Talking to her will bring a smile to your face.

On my island, I would fall in love with villagers that have a unique gimmick going on. For example, Lolly’s unique eyes make me fuzzy inside. What makes Mitzi unique and distinguishable from other cat villagers is her similarity to a Siamese cat. If you have a Siamese cat in your house, Mitzi will be perfect.

Mitzi having a normal personality also complements well with her design. She has a pleasant smile plastered on her face, giving off a sultry sensation. Her aura reminds me of people who are kind to anyone they meet. If you are a fan of cats or pleasant villagers, Mitzi is a no-brainer.

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