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As a child, I have always wondered why Animal Crossing decided to add anteaters to their games. Being friends with cats, dogs, and bears makes sense, but who wanted to be friends with an anteater? Sure, they have long noses, wide, huggable bodies, and small cute ears, but who came up with this idea?

Well, the child in me will realize that anteaters are incredibly cute villagers, like the unique anteater Antonio. What makes Antonio unique compared to other villagers? For starters, there are only eight anteaters in New Horizons. It may be a lot, but consider that the game has around 413 villagers.

These anteaters make up 1.9% of the villager population! Even then, Antonio is unique from the other anteaters. He is the only anteater with a jock personality. I can hardly imagine an anteater lifting dumbbells and dunking basketball rings with their small and adorable arms and legs.

Antonio’s design is also intriguing. He looks like he has a beard that fits him dashingly well. His thematic colors are not harsh on the eyes, so you can fit him in a nice tuxedo (like I usually do). If you have Antonio as your villager, this guide will teach you more info about him.

Bottom Line Up Front

Here are essential details about Antonio in New Horizons that you need to know.

  • Name: Antonio
  • Species: Anteater
  • Birthday: October 20 (Libra)
  • Personality: Jock
  • Gender: Male
  • Catchphrase: “honk”
  • Preferred clothing style: Simple
  • Preferred colors: Aqua and Blue

What does Antonio Look Like in Animal Crossing?

Antonio is an anteater with dark gray fur. He also has black fur below his face that extends to his stomach. His face and snout are cream white. A white, long mark runs from his eyes down to his body, separating his dark gray fur from the black one on his stomach.

He has beady black eyes and eyebrows. The inside of his ears is pink. His arms are striped with black and white, but his hands are cream white like his face. His feet have a darker tip than the rest of his legs. His fluffy tail is mostly dark grey with black and white outlines. It is similar to a feather duster in a way.

What is Antonio’s Personality in Animal Crossing?

animal crossing antonio’s personality

Antonio is one of 57 jock villagers in New Horizons. Like Sprocket and Genji, Antonio likes to participate in physical activities such as exercising and lifting weights. He tends to invite the player and other villagers to work out with him. He is an energetic anteater, and other villagers may find him annoying.

Lazy and cranky villagers might think that Antonio’s extreme stamina is too overbearing for them. In general, though, he is a great neighbor to have. I have a more detailed guide that I wrote about jock villagers. If you want to learn more about the jock personality, I suggest you check it out.

In New Horizons, Antonio sleeps at 12:30 AM and wakes up six hours later (i.e., 6:30 AM). In New Leaf, he sleeps 30 minutes earlier and wakes up 30 minutes later (i.e., 12 to 7 AM). In City Folk and Wild World, he sleeps at 2 AM and wakes up at 6:30 AM instead. In the original game, it is 1 AM to 5:30 AM.

Antonio’s House Throughout the Animal Crossing Games

Antonio’s house throughout the games does not look similar to one another (except for City Folk and Wild World). Because Antonio has been in five games, i.e., Doubutsu no Mori e+, Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons, his house underwent many changes.

Below are detailed descriptions of Antonio’s house in every entry, including the items, room layout, exterior design, and more.

Antonio’s House in Doubutsu no Mori e+

In the first game Antonio appeared in, his house had cabana flooring and a plaza wall. The roof consists of yellow hay, and the exterior walls are white. His house has a checkered theme, as shown in his furniture and bedding.

Items Aloe Bromeliaceae Cello
Gold Stereo Modern Bed Modern Chair (x2)
Modern End Table Rare Painting Vibraphone
Wallpaper Plaza Wall
Flooring Cabana Flooring
Music Playing K. K. Ska

Antonio’s House in Wild World and City Folk

antonio’s house in wild world and city folk

The developers changed Antonio’s house entirely. Now, it has a tropical theme to it. His wall is called the Tropical Vista in-game, while the floor is called Tropical Floor. The furniture is also thematically similar, with lawn chairs, beach chairs, and the like.

Everything in his house in City Folk looks identical to his house in Wild World, such as the items, room layout, etc.

Items Beach Chair Claw-Foot Tub Clothesline Pole
Lawn Chair Life Ring Picnic Table
Red Boom Box Refrigerator Tea Set
Wallpaper Tropical Vista
Flooring Tropical Floor
Music Playing K. K. Faire

Antonio’s House in New Leaf

They did a redo on Antonio’s house again for New Leaf. This time, the wall is white with designs of plants, and the floor is made of wooden planks. From the outside, his house has dark brown walls, and his roof is black and arched. The house’s door is white with a diamond window.

Items Blue Bed Blue Dresser Blue Table
Blue Wall Shelf CD Player CD Shelf
Cream Sofa Flat-Screen TV Refrigerator
Sink Stove  
Wallpaper Alpine Wall
Flooring Common Floor
Music Playing K. K. Faire

Antonio’s House in New Horizons

Antonio makes his way in the latest entry, New Horizons. The interior design is very different from the previous ones. The wall is white with various designs of stars. The floor is composed of wooden planks. Most of his furniture is blue, like his bed, table, chairs, and more.

In terms of external design, Antonio’s house has a black stone roof shaped like a cone, and it has a white tip on the top. The walls are made of clay painted white, and the door is wooden and beige.

Items Mini DIY Workbench Stack of Books Throwback Skull Radio
Unfinished Puzzle Wooden Bookshelf Wooden Chair
Wooden Chest Wooden End Table Wooden Simple Bed
Wooden Table    
Wallpaper Starry Wall
Flooring Wooden-Knot Flooring
Music Playing K. K. Ragtime

Antonio’s Preferences

animal crossing antonio’s preferences

  • Favorite furniture or clothing style
    • Subtle (Doubutsu no Mori e+, City Folk)
    • Conservative (Wild World)
    • Basic (New Leaf)
    • Simple (New Horizons)
  • Favorite colors
    • Red and yellow (Wild World)
    • Aqua (City Folk, New Leaf)
    • Aqua and blue (New Horizons)
  • Style dislikes
    • Funky (Doubutsu no Mori e+)
    • Zany (Wild World)
    • Striking (City Folk)
    • Ornate (New Leaf)
  • Initial clothing
    • Big Star Shirt (Doubutsu no Mori e+ to City Folk)
    • Big Star Tee (New Leaf)
    • Bone Tee (New Horizons)
  • Initial umbrella
    • Noodle Parasol (Doubutsu no Mori e+)
    • Bat Umbrella (Wild World to New Leaf)
    • Blue Umbrella (New Horizons)

All about Antonio in Happy Home Games

Antonio appears in New Horizons’ DLC, Happy Home Paradise, and in the 3DS game Happy Home Designer. If you are designing his house, he will request the following specifics from you:

  • Thought bubble
    • “Is it too much to ask for a simple stronghold?” (Happy Home Paradise)
    • “Sometimes the simple things are really the best!” (Happy Home Designer)
  • Client’s vision
    • A Simple Stronghold (Happy Home Paradise)
    • A place decorated simply. (Happy Home Designer)
  • Items you need to include
    • Simple Bed, Simple Chair, Simple Table (Happy Home Paradise)
    • Minimalist Chair, Minimalist Mini-table (Happy Home Designer)
  • Favorite song: Space K. K.

You can flex your design muscle for his vacation house as long as you incorporate his required items in the design. As you are designing his house, a bunch of furniture will unlock for you to use. You can buy them from Wardell through the HHP Catalogue after designing many vacation homes.

All about Antonio in Pocket Camp

Antonio has been in this mobile game since nearly the beginning; he was introduced in version 1.0.2 on December 5, 2017. Below is the important stuff about Antonio in Pocket Camp.

  • Initial clothing: Big-Star Tee
  • Biography
    • Preferred theme: Sporty
    • Reward: Steel
  • Invitation requirements
    • Friendship level: 5
    • Blue Chair
    • Blue Table
    • CD Shelf
    • Refrigerator
    • Sink
  • Rewards for friendship
    • On Level 7: Big-Star Tee and Sparke Stones
    • On Level 9: Sparkle Stones
    • On Level 15: Mouth of Truth (Crafting Request)
    • On Level 20: Antonio’s Pic and Sparkle Stones
    • On Level 25 to 60: Sparkle Stones

Ideal Gifts to Give to Antonio

animal crossing ideal gifts to antonio

Ideal Gifts for Antonio in Doubutsu no Mori e+

In this game, Antonio prefers clothes with a subtle style. He hates it when you give him clothes with a funky style. Below is a list of clothing items that Antonio would love. You can purchase all of them from Tom Nook’s Store.

Clothing item Price
Chevron Shirt 320 Bells
Windsock Shirt 320 Bells
Houndstooth Tee 350 Bells
Red Bar Shirt 360 Bells
Red Grid Shirt 360 Bells
Blue Scale Shirt 370 Bells
Deer Shirt 380 Bells
Noble Shirt 380 Bells
Gray Tartan 420 Bells
Argyle Knit 460 Bells

Ideal Gifts for Antonio in Wild World

In Wild World, Antonio prefers conservative clothes instead. He dislikes zany clothes, so avoid giving them to him. Below is a list of tops that Antonio would be delighted to have as a gift. You can buy all of them from the Able Sisters.

Clothing item Price
Vegetarian Shirt 280 Bells
Beige Knit 320 Bells
Yellow Bar Shirt 320 Bells
Mint Gingham Top 330 Bells
Club Shirt 360 Bells
Jade Check Print 360 Bells
Circus Shirt 370 Bells
Asian Shirt 380 Bells
Dawn Shirt 380 Bells
Folk Shirt 380 Bells

Ideal Gifts for Antonio in City Folk

Antonio’s preference for subtle clothing is back in this game, but instead of hating funky clothes, he hates striking ones. Below is a list of tops that would be ideal gifts for Antonio. They are all in the Able Sisters.

Clothing item Price
Doctor’s Coat 300 Bells
Chinese Shirt 320 Bells
Graduation Gown 320 Bells
Blue Check Print 360 Bells
Molecule Tee 360 Bells
Sky Shirt 360 Bells
Deer Shirt 380 Bells
Green Vest 380 Bells
Yellow Tartan 430 Bells
Chef’s Outfit 640 Bells

Ideal Gifts for Antonio in New Leaf

animal crossing ideal gifts for antonio in new leaf

In New Leaf, Antonio likes basic styles of clothes and furniture and hates ornate ones. Also, it should preferably be aqua since it is his favorite color. Below is a list of basic and aqua furniture that Antonio would love to have as gifts. You can buy them all from Timmy and Tommy’s Store.

Furniture item Variation Price
Spa Chair N/A 600 Bells
Game Shelf Blue 980 Bells
Simple Kettle Blue 1,200 Bells
Men’s Toilet N/A 1,600 Bells
Blue Bookcase Light blue 1,900 Bells
Blue Bed Light blue, any pattern 2,100 Bells
Blue Dresser Light Blue 2,100 Bells
Water Cooler N/A 2,200 Bells
Bathtub Tile 2,400 Bells
Blue Cabinet Light blue 2,400 Bells

Likewise, below is a list of basic and aqua tops you can buy from the Able Sisters that Antonio would love to wear. You can find them all from the Able Sisters except for the Cyan Argyle Tank, which you can find from GracieGrace.

Clothing item Price
Blue PJ Shirt 240 Bells
Aqua Polka Tank 280 Bells
Blue Tie-Dye Tank 280 Bells
Cloudy Tee 320 Bells
Blue-Grid Tee 340 Bells
Spade Tee 340 Bells
Aqua Polka Tee 360 Bells
Blue Tie-Dye Tee 380 Bells
Blue-Grid Shirt 420 Bells
Cyan Argyle Tank 5,400 Bells

Ideal Gifts for Antonio in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

ideal gifts for antonio in animal crossing - new horizons

In New Horizons, Antonio likes furniture that is blue or aqua. If something has both colors in it, then Antonio would be happier. Below is a list I have written containing miscellaneous and houseware furniture that is both blue and aqua.

You can buy them from Nook’s Cranny or Nook Shopping Catalogue if you have purchased one previously.

Furniture item Variation Type Price
Ring Blue Miscellaneous 69,000 Bells
Tablet Device Blue, home menu 12,000 Bells
Small Vase Waves & cranes 4,800 Bells
Cute Music Player Sky blue 2,600 Bells
Baseball Set Gray & Blue 1,300 Bells
Fine Vase Roses Houseware 130,000 Bells
Gaming Desk Light blue, third-person game 53,000 Bells
Peacock Chair Peacock blue 27,000 Bells
Scooter Blue, blue text 13,000 Bells
Popcorn Machine Blue 4,900 Bells

Likewise, Antonio likes clothes that are blue or aqua. However, he also likes clothes that are simple. So, below is a list of simple clothes that are blue and aqua; they would be perfect gifts for Antonio. You can find them all from the Able Sisters (or the Nook Shopping Catalogue if it is already unlocked).

Clothing item Variation Type Price
Dynamic Tank Top Navy blue Top 800 Bells
Color-Block Dress Shirt Blue 960 Bells
Loungewear Shirt Blue 1,320 Bells
Argyle Vest Blue 1,440 Bells
Yodel Cardigan Ice blue 1,440 Bells
Top Coat Light blue 2,000 Bells
Tweed Cap Blue Headwear 1,100 Bells
Sailor’s Hat Blue 1,680 Bells
Farmer Overalls Blue Dress-up 1,600 Bells
Concierge Uniform Light Blue 1,920 Bells

Antonio’s e-Reader Card

Antonio’s e-Reader Card has a blue background with a circle in the middle. Within the circle are the words “Doubutsu no Mori e+.” Antonio is facing to the left while looking and waving (using his left hand) at the front. He is wearing his signature Big Star Shirt.

On the card’s top-left corner is a symbol of an anteater, and the top-right corner is his card number, #063.

The back is white, and the text boxes have blue borders on them. Here, it is noted that his star sign is Libra, and his favorite phrase is “ホントに” which is “really” in English. His profile is also found here; it is in Japanese, but in English, it says:

“He seems to be proud of his coat. “Being the genuine article” is cool, he says. Now I see it. When he puts it that way, the pattern does look nice.”

Antonio’s Amiibo Card

antonio’s amiibo card

Antonio’s Amiibo card has a purple background with various symbols, including his species (anteater) at the top-left corner and his card number (#295) at the top-right corner. Below his card number is a hand sign symbol representing rock.

Meanwhile, below his species symbol is a die with one value on its face. Antonio is now facing right, but he is still looking to the front while waving his left hand. At the bottom, you can see his name, his date of birth (10/20 or October 20), and his star sign (Libra).

Frequently Answered Questions

Question: How Do I Get Antonio in Animal Crossing?

Answer: If you are playing Animal Crossing games older than New Horizons, the methods are different. Usually, you just need to wait for them to come to you. In New Horizons, though, you can invite him through Amiibo or if he visits your campsite. You can also visit Mystery Islands to meet him by chance.

Question: Is Antonio Rare in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Antonio is rare in the sense that he has a unique personality with regard to his species since he is the only jock anteater. However, the chances of meeting him in Mystery Islands are the same with every other villager. It is even possible for him to be one of your starting villagers.

Question: Is Antonio Popular in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Antonio has a decent fanbase in Animal Crossing. You can find many of his fans on fan groups like Reddit, Facebook, and more. People have different reasons to like him. I like him because of his color scheme; he looks slick in his grey fur.

Conclusion: Is Antonio a Good Villager in Animal Crossing?

I think Antonio is a good villager because he is a real bro you can hang out with. His jock personality is something that everyone can vibe with (unless you are a lazy villager who is repulsed by high energy). He is also a unique anteater since he is the only jock of his species.

If your island follows a color scheme, Antonio would fit greatly on a black, gray, and white island. One player discovered that he looks quite charming in a tuxedo, so I suggest you let him wear one when the opportunity arrives.

Overall, I would not regret Antonio joining my island. You can always give him an invite once you encounter him at your campsite or on a Mystery Island. If you think his vibe kills your island’s mood or theme, you can always try to kick him out.

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