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Animal Crossing is a simulation game that allows you to run your own island, decorate it however you like, and make friends with the inhabitants. You also get to visit other islands, such as other NPC’s islands, or visit your friend’s islands and see what they have done. I have a friend who loves to make her island as creepy as possible, but I love visiting her island to see what she has managed to create with what seem like normal items!

Another exciting part about Animal Crossing is seeing what villagers you get, as you can only have a certain amount. Still, there are so many possibilities as to what villagers you will get. If you are lucky, you will get villagers you love (or will grow to love), although there may also be times when you get villagers you do not like and want to get rid of. I am still trying to get rid of Hippeaux on my island.

However, with Bluebear, I don’t think you will have any concerns or desire to get rid of her as she is so sweet!

Bottom Line Up Front

Bluebear is a peppy cub villager (and a female as all peppy villagers are). She is so adorable and a pastel blue color, as the name Bluebear would suggest! Bluebear has been around in every version of Animal Crossing and is a much-beloved character in the game. Her birthday is on the 24th of June, and she loves all things cute and blue, and her favorite hobby is fashion!

Who is Bluebear?


Bluebear is an adorable peppy villager that you may find on your island one day. There is much to know about Bluebear (and I will get into all of that later), but for now, here are some key facts about Bluebear:

  • Name: Bluebear
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Cub
  • Birthday: 24th of June
  • First appearance: Bluebear has appeared in all versions of Animal Crossing to date
  • Hobby: Fashion
  • Personality: Peppy
  • Catchphrase: Peach

Bluebear’s Appearance

As the name would suggest, Bluebear is literally a blue bear cub and a super cute bear cub at that! Bluebear is an icy blue color (almost green). She has a soft color palette with white feet that have a gradual gradient from her legs to her feet.

On her torso, she wears a very cute cream-colored cable knit jumper (think generic Christmas present). Her tiny little hands poke out of her jumper, and these are also white to match her feet.

Bluebear’s head is the same color as her body, and she has two rosy pink circles to indicate her blushed cheeks on the sides of her face. In the center of Bluebear’s face, she has a white snout with a cute black button nose with a very cute closed smile.

She has two big eyes with black pupils with white circles and darker blue hair. Bluebear’s hair contrasts with her light blue body. It is a darker blue with a little middle part up top. At the very top of her head are two small ears, which are also blue with white inner ears.

Bluebear’s Personality

Bluebear has the peppy personality style, making her my favorite type of villager! Peppy villagers are my favorite because they are so kind and friendly. Some people accuse peppy villagers of being dramatic or overreacting, but in reality, they just do everything with zest and gusto.

Unlike other villagers, like cranky or smug villagers, peppy villagers are not judgemental or rude toward others and get along well with almost anyone. Peppy villagers are always excited to see you and are quick to become your bestie!

Peppy villagers often want to be pop stars or fashion models, and because they are fun and excitable, some villagers look down on them as being childish or immature; but I say they just are living their dream!

Bluebear’s Preferences

Bluebear's preferences

Bluebear, as with all other villagers in Animal Crossing, has her own opinions and styles, and as she grows and develops as a person, these preferences change. This means in each version of Animal Crossing, Bluebear’s preferences can change (although not too dramatically), such as;

In Animal Crossing:

  • Default clothing: Lemon gingham tee
  • Default umbrella: Icy umbrella
  • Favorite style: Funky
  • Least favorite style: Gaudy
  • Favorite color: Blue

In Animal Crossing Wild World:

  • Default clothing: Lemon gingham tee
  • Default umbrella: Blue dot parasol
  • Favorite style: Hip
  • Least favorite style: Gauche
  • Favorite color: Blue

In Animal Crossing City Folk:

  • Default clothing: Lemon gingham tee
  • Default umbrella: Blue dot parasol
  • Favorite style: Funky
  • Least favorite style: is Gaudy
  • Favorite color: Blue

In Animal Crossing New Leaf:

  • Default clothing: Lemon gingham tee
  • Default umbrella: Blue dot parasol
  • Favorite style: Cute
  • Least favorite style: Iconic
  • Favorite color: Blue

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are some small changes:

  • Default clothing: Aran-Knit Sweater
  • Default umbrella: Strawberry umbrella
  • Favorite style: Cute and Simple
  • Least favorite style: Iconic
  • Favorite colors: Blue and white

Bluebear’s House

Bluebear's house

In each version of the game, there are some small changes as the characters grow and develop and find new interests and styles. The same is true for how Bluebear decorates her home across the versions of Animal Crossing, as this is an expression of her personality. Let’s see how Bluebear’s home develops over time.

Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, Bluebear’s home has the following items:

  • A polka parasol
  • A coconut palm
  • A rock guitar
  • A red boom box
  • Two red armchairs
  • A blue bed
  • A blue dresser
  • Two conga drums
  • Two baby bears
  • A cabana table

In this house, Bluebear has green cabana flooring and an exotic wall pattern. Overall this house is quite dark in its design and is really different from the most recent versions of Bluebear’s home (which I much, much prefer).

Animal Crossing Wild World

In Animal Crossing Wild World, Bluebear’s home has the following items:

  • Blue wardrobe
  • Blue bench
  • Blue table
  • Blue bed
  • Blue clock
  • Red boombox
  • Coconut palm
  • Rock guitar
  • Cabana table
  • Red snapper

This is similar in a way to the first version of her home and still has the same cabana flooring and exotic wall, although it has evolved as the furniture matches more than the previous home (and she got rid of those obnoxious red chairs).

Animal Crossing City Folk

In Animal Crossing City Folk, Bluebear’s home is exactly the same as in Wild World, except she no longer has a red snapper.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, we see a super dramatic change in Bluebear’s home. It now is much more colorful and organized and has the following items:

  • Large alpine table
  • Alpine low table
  • Minimalist sofa
  • Minimalist lamp
  • Minimalist vanity
  • Minimalist clock
  • Blue bookcase
  • Blue chair
  • Blue bed
  • Mega Pinkoid
  • Pachira
  • CD player
  • Tea set
  • Display set

Part of the big change in this version of Bluebear’s home is the difference in the floor, and the walls, as Bluebear now has green ranch flooring and a pastel polka dot wall.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Bluebear sticks with the general color scheme and theme of her home in New Leaf, but it is much more refined, and everything matches so much better! Bluebear’s latest home has the following items:

  • Cute DIY table
  • Cute sofa
  • Cute chair
  • Cute wardrobe
  • Cute bed
  • Cute tea table
  • Cute vanity
  • Cute floor lamp
  • Cute music player
  • Cute wall mounted clock

You can see what I mean about the theme now, right? Bluebear’s floor carries the theme now of the walls in his previous home, and they are polka dot blue with simple blue cloth wallpaper.

Bluebear in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Bluebear in Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, if you are eager to have Bluebear move in with you, you will need the following items:

  • Friendship level three
  • Alpine sofa – this requires 15 wood and 15 cotton
  • Alpine low table – this requires six wood
  • Alpine rug – this requires six cotton
  • Alpine lamp – this requires three wood and three steel
  • Pachira – this requires six wood

As you progress your friendship with Bluebear in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, there are some nice rewards! These include;

  • Lemon gingham tee and sparkle stone at level seven
  • Sparkle stone at level nine
  • Bluebear will request a papa bear from you at level fifteen
  • Bluebear’s picture and sparkle stone at level twenty
  • Sparkle stone at level twenty-five


This is everything that you need to know about our delightful Bluebear! If you ever have the pleasure of having her on your island, I hope that you enjoy getting to know her and treat her really well. Many people want Bluebear on their island and live in the hope of the day she arrives with her little bag.


Question: When did Bluebear Join Animal Crossing?

Answer: Bluebear is actually an OG when it comes to Animal Crossing and has been present in every version of Animal Crossing to date, making her a much loved and valued character when it comes to the fans of Animal Crossing.

Question: Is Bluebear a Girl or a Boy Character in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Bluebear is a girl character as she is a peppy villager and all peppy villagers are female!

Question: When is Bluebear’s Birthday in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Bluebear’s birthday is on the 24th of June (making her star sign cancer)

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