Teddy Animal Crossing Guide

Ah yes, Teddy—the big jock bear with a huge heart; he has been with us throughout the entire Animal Crossing franchise. He is one of the only jock villagers I like, and I’ve never heard a bad thing about this good bear.

Bottom Line Up Front

Here is your all-you-ever-need guide on everything Teddy. You’ll get details on his preferences, clothing, gift ideas, house exterior and interior, DLC content, as well as any spinoff Teddy may appear in the Animal Crossing franchise. Since Teddy has been in Animal Crossing since the beginning, he has had some changes throughout the years (most original villagers do, and most of the significant changes were made in New Horizons, which is very interesting!).

General Facts

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Bear
  • Birthday: September 26th
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • First Appearance: Dōbutsu no Mori
  • Personality: Jock
  • Catchphrase: Grooof
  • Skill: Playing old maid
  • Coffee: Blend, regular milk, two spoons of sugar


  • Favorite songs: Mr. K.K., K.K. Salsa, K.K. March
  • Default Clothing: Club tee, energetic sweater
  • Default Umbrella: Paper parasol, frog umbrella
  • Favorite Colors:  Brown, green, black, yellow, orange
  • Favorite Styles: Simple, basic, fresh, charming
  • Least Favorite styles: Strange, funky, ornate
  • Goal: Police officer


Teddy is a very run-of-the-mill jock villager, just cozier and more normal-looking than most jocks. His colors are deeply reminiscent of a Teddy bear, and his cute collar shirt is very mall-store stuffies with cute clothes.

He’s a tall villager with brown/orange fur and lighter yellow spots on his face, chest, arms, and legs. His ears are rounded, and the insides are pink. His face is rounded, with big black bushy eyebrows, closed eyes in a rectangle shape, and a yellow snout with a black nose and smile.

His appearance has made Teddy a fairly popular villager, especially for the bear animal type, as their shorter counterpart, cubs, have many, many more famous villagers than bears.


teddy happy home paradise

Teddy is a jock personality type. This means he values exercise, working out, and protein shakes. He will talk about how many reps he did or how much he ran today. Jocks will also speak with you about your working out.

They are generally pretty dumb but charming: A classic himbo type. Other villagers generally do not like jock-type villagers. Who really wants to be told to work out, right? Jock villagers love normal and peppy-type villagers, they like smug villagers, and they hate cranky, snooty, and lazy villagers due to their contrasting natures. They also don’t get along well with sisterly types.

Why you Want Teddy on your Island

If you like jock villagers but sometimes not the look, this cute teddy bear villager would be a perfect fit. He’s easy to dress up, and it’s fun to design his house. He’s also a tall villager, which can be hard to run into! If you’re doing a type-specific island, like bear or jock, I’d put him near the top of my list of villagers you must have.


Animal Crossing


Teddy’s house has a rounded bright red roof, matching colors with the door awning. The walls of the house are off-white with wooden beams. It has a small window at the top and a cute wooden fence around it.


  • Dracaena
  • Mama bear
  • Ebony piano
  • Space heater
  • Writing desk
  • Retro stereo
  • Blue golf bag
  • Retro T.V.
  • Writing chair
  • Walls are Chic wall
  • Flooring is Plush carpet
  • Song is Mr. K.K.

Wild World

There is no outdoor to look at specifically! But the indoors is campy and cozy.


  • Mama bear
  • Ebony piano
  • Retro T.V.
  • Retro stereo
  • Writing chair
  • stool
  • Writing desk
  • Fireplace
  • Blue golf bag
  • Walls are Chic wall
  • Flooring is Plush carpet
  • Song is Mr. K.K.

City Folk

Teddy City Folk House Outdoors

Same as Wild World: nothing to see on the outside! The inside is the same as Wild World but rearranged.


  • Mama bear
  • Ebony piano
  • Fireplace
  • Writing desk
  • Writing chair
  • Stool
  • Retro stereo
  • Retro T.V.
  • Blue golf bag
  • Walls are Chic wall
  • Flooring is Plush carpet
  • Song Mr. K.K.

New Leaf


Teddy’s house is charming and very different from the usual houses in Animal Crossing. His house is made from wood logs, and the slanted green roof matches its spunkiness. It has a lighter-colored wooden door with small glass windows at the top. A brick fence surrounds the house.


  • Ebony piano
  • Yellow certificate
  • Globe
  • Fireplace
  • Dracaena
  • Writing desk
  • Writing chair
  • Large bookshelf
  • Retro tv
  • Retro stereo
  • Golf bag
  • Pink velvet stool
  • Walls are Chic wall
  • Flooring is Plush carpet
  • Song is Mr. K.K.

New Horizons

Teddy New Horizons House


Another significant change in Teddy’s house can be seen in ACNH. The outside has a log cabin feel, with entire logs making up the house. It has a dark red roof that slants down like a triangle. It has a light above the door, which is windowed maple. It’s a basic square-shaped house.


  • Log dining table
  • Log bed
  • Log extra long sofa
  • Log wall-mounted clock
  • Log decorative shelf
  • Portable record player
  • Fan palm
  • Macrame tapestry
  • Walls are Cabin wall
  • Flooring is Cork flooring
  • Song is Mr. K.K.

Teddy Gift Guide

An essential part of the game is giving villagers gifts! Here’s what to gift Teddy:


  • Simple parka
  • Short peacoat
  • Hoi tee
  • Layered polo shirt
  • 3 shirt
  • College cardigan
  • Nook Inc. tee
  • Puffy sleeve blouse
  • Cardigan shirt combo
  • Energetic sweater
  • Fired up kanji tee


  • Jumper work suit
  • Raincoat
  • Simple dots dress
  • Trench coat
  • Long chenille cardigan
  • Parka dress
  • Linen dress
  • Denim overalls
  • Maxi shirtdress
  • Full body tights


  • Tulip hat
  • Eye mask
  • Nook Inc. bandana
  • Double-bridged bridge glasses
  • Plain paperboy cap
  • Do-rag
  • School hat
  • Bottom rimmed glasses
  • Knit hat
  • Bandage

Furniture Gift List

Gifting is an essential part of animal crossing! But you may not think to gift furniture or need clarification on what they may like. Here’s a clear list of what Teddy would like most based on color preferences and styles ideas


  • Nordic shelves
  • Aroma pot
  • Simple sofa
  • Barbell
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Throwback wrestling figure
  • Magazine rack
  • Terrarium
  • Baby bear
  • Upright speaker
  • Floating biotope planter
  • Table lamp
  • Vintage dresser
  • Patchwork bed
  • Laptop
  • Log decorative shelves
  • Nordic sofa
  • Floor lamp
  • Patchwork low table
  • Foosball table


  • Surfboard
  • Ball
  • Angled signpost
  • Campsite sign
  • Mush table
  • Street lamp
  • Potted starter plants
  • Tire stack
  • Round topiary
  • Garden lantern

Pocket Camp

Teddy Pocket Camp

Teddy is a hard villager to get here. He was added early in 2019 and is a Treasure Trekker; that means you have to find his map and play it through. Villagers aren’t guaranteed in maps, and you first have to find the specific one of the villager’s maps you want. His map is of gold rarity.

Teddy’s theme is natural, and his main gifts are paper. His friendship rewards are very interesting, as well. And because he’s a map villager, you don’t need higher friendship to get him to move to your camp.

Friendship Gifts

  • At level seven, you’ll get one Club Tee and one Sparkle Stones
  • At level nine, you’ll get one Sparkle Stones
  • At level 15, you’ll get a special request item with the crafting recipe of the Wooden Bear item
  • At level 20, you’ll get Teddy’s Pic and one Sparkle Stones
  • At levels 25-70, you’ll get one Sparkle Stones every five levels
  • Plus, at level 8, you unlock being able to dress your villager, and at level 10, you unlock lost item requests for the villager

Happy Homes

In Happy Homes, Teddy will ask for “something to celebrate my victories.” His vision is an award podium. Only two items are required: a platform and a mic stand. From there on, it’s all you!

The following items are unlocked for decoration when you decorate his home:

  • Mic stand
  • Platform
  • Teddy’s pic
  • Gold HHA trophy
  • Desktop mic
  • Ringside table
  • K. salsa
  • Sporty floor
  • Sporty wall
  • Paper parasol
  • Club tee


Teddy Amiibo

Teddy has both an amiibo and e-reader card.


Teddy’s e-reader card looks very 80s-inspired. The background is purple with an orange shape; Teddy stands in the middle, posing with his back facing forward and looking over his shoulder.

On both the front and back are symbols of the bear type and a male sign. More on the back: it says his star sign (Libra), his clothes (club shirt), his phrase (grooof), and below that, his profile, which reads,

Teddy is obsessed with his health and fitness. He truly believes that if everyone would play sports, the world would be a peaceful place. That’s probably because he’s never met a sore loser before.

His number is #016; he’s a part of series 1.


Teddy’s amiibo has a purple background, where he’s posed in front with a victorious pose and a wide smile, fist bumping the air. On the left, it shows his type (bear) and his dice value (4). On the right, it shows his number, #161. Below that is his hand sign (rock. Finally, at the bottom, it has his name and his birthday (9/26). His amiibo was a part of series 2.

You can get either of these off reseller sites like eBay, Etsy, and Mercari; you can also take a chance at getting his card in the mystery packs.


Question: Does Teddy have any plushies?

Answer: Teddy does not have any officially licensed plushies, but many handmade ones are sold online by small businesses.

Question: Is Teddy rare?

Answer: No, not particularly. Teddy has been in the Animal Crossing franchise since the original Animal Crossing game, and he has an e-reader card and an amiibo. You can often see him in villager trading groups, as well. This doesn’t mean he’s disliked; actually, a lot of the beloved villagers get traded the most. You shouldn’t have to pay to get him or take forever to find him, so don’t pay real money for a trade or spend hours on island hopping.

Question: Is Teddy a popular villager?

Answer: On many popularity lists, he’s placed very differently, but the general consensus is he’s an average villager. Unlike Raymond or Molly, you’ll never have to give an arm and a lung to get him. That doesn’t make him an unlikable villager, though. You can see for yourself!


Teddy is just a cute Teddy bear with a push-up-focused twist. He’s fun, and though jocks can be trouble with how many villagers hate them and how much they love working out, they’re very entertaining. He’s worth the time and energy in any game he’s in.

If you don’t like jocks, this is the jock for you. If you do like jocks, this is the kick for you. His different look and personality make him unique and incredibly likable to anyone.

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