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Animal Crossing has its own unique community of individuals who have their own similarities and, indeed, differences. There are a lot of different villager types, and each often divides the fan base in terms of the pros and cons of each! Smug villagers, for example, can have beautiful homes and be aesthetically pleasing; while being a relative pain in the ass!

A villager type that rarely has any controversy is normal villagers; they are easygoing and very laid back and so do not like to argue or confront others; there are a lot of potential normal villagers that you can receive; one such beloved villager is Lily.

Bottom Line Up Front

Lily is a normal villager, which makes her very laid back and non-confrontational; she has been in all iterations of Animal Crossing and so can be somewhat of a fan favorite! She is a large female frog whose name is a play on words for lily pads that frogs tend to stay on. While there are a lot of frog characters, only a small portion of these are female and so Lily is relatively hard to get!

If you do have Lily, it may be worthwhile keeping her around, as while she may not be the most involved villager on the island, she surely makes the island easy to manage and is fun to talk to.

Who is Lily?

  • Name; Lily
  • Gender; Female
  • Species; Frog
  • Birthday; 4th February
  • First appearance; Lily is in all games in Animal Crossing 
  • Hobby; Education
  • Siblings; Lily is the oldest of all three of her sisters 
  • Personality; Normal
  • Catchphrase; Toady

Lily’s Appearance

Lily Animal Crossing
Image from Wiki

Lily is a frog species character and so looks like a giant, somewhat terrifying cartoon frog, as her head majorly, and I mean majorly, outweighs her body. Lily has two very large, almost comical pink circles at the side of her face to indicate her blushed pink cheeks; her eyes protrude at the top of her head and are a golden brown in color with eyeliner that just makes an incomplete circle with a small gap in the inner left corner. The top half of Lily’s head, including the portion that contains her eyes, is soft green. Part of her almost creepy appearance is that she has a permanent giant smile on her face that takes up a lot of her face. Beneath her rosy cheeks, the remainder of Lily’s spherical face is white/cream. Lily’s body is the same shade of green as the top of her head, and she likes to wear a white/cream sundress with pineapples on it, which is sleeveless and shows her green arms and legs.

While Lily may be cute to some, she is comical and almost terrifying, in my opinion! This is lessened only slightly by her bright sundress.

Lily’s Personality

Image from Wiki

Lily has the ”normal” personality style, so it is no surprise that Lily is female as all normal villagers are female! Normal villagers tend to be easygoing in terms of their style and appearance, unlike other more judgmental or obsessive fashionable villagers like smug villagers (or, to an extent, peppy villagers). The easygoing nature of normal villagers like Lily means that she will luckily get along with all the other villagers on your island, which makes her (and normal villagers in general) a good choice to have on your island if you really want the island harmony that is!

Lily’s Preferences

Each character in Animal Crossing has their own preferences when it comes to style, tastes, hobbies, and sometimes even sayings! Lily is no exception to this rule and has her own unique thoughts!

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, Lily prefers:

Image from Wiki
  • Default clothing; Icy Shirt
  • Default umbrella; Blue dot parasol
  • Favorite style; Cute
  • Least favorite style; Sporty
  • Favorite color; Green
  • Hobby; Education

In Animal Crossing New Horizon, Lily Prefers

  • Default clothing; Tropical Mumu
  • Default umbrella; Petal parasol
  • Favorite style; Cute and simple
  • Favorite colors; White and yellow
  • Favorite food; Sandwich
  • Favorite drink; Smoothie or coffee
  • Hobby; Education

In Animal Crossing City Folk Lily Prefers

  • Default clothing; Icy shirt
  • Default umbrella; Blue dot parasol
  • Favorite style; Fresh
  • Least favorite style; Cool

In Animal Crossing Wild World, Lily Prefers

Image from Wiki
  • Default clothing; Icy shirt
  • Default umbrella; Blue dot parasol
  • Favorite style; Charming
  • Least favorite style; Cool

In all Earlier Versions of Animal Crossing, Lily Prefers

  • Default clothing; Neoclassic knit
  • Default umbrella; Petal parasol
  • Favorite style; Fresh
  • Least favorite style; Cool

Lily’s House

As Lily has been present in all of the games and iterations of Animal Crossing, she has a lot of houses with varying designs and styles! The most extravagant of all Lily’s homes is Animal Crossing New Horizons.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Lily’s Home has the Following Items

Image from Wiki
  • Rattan bed, end table, low table, and towel basket
  • Wooden block stool
  • Mini fridge
  • Shower set
  • Clawfoot tub
  • Bathroom towel rack
  • Plain sink
  • Dish drying rack
  • Gas range
  • Standard umbrella
  • Cute music player
  • Hyacinth lamp
  • Simple panels

Lily’s wallpaper is a bright blue one labeled” Misty-garden wall,” and her flooring is also bright blue with polka dots called ”Blue dot flooring”. Lily’s wallpaper is very extra, and over the top, it is bright blue with trees printed on it at the top of the wall and floral bushes at the bottom of the wallpaper. I do love how Lily’s home is designed, as she has her room split into quadrants for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and casual area. It is a very good inspiration for your own home, actually!

The external of Lily’s home is cream with wooden paneling around the door, which is a dark blue, which is actually super nice. Her roof is also blue (it must be her favorite color)

In Animal Crossing New Leaf

Image from Wiki

Lily’s home is much more basic (and very, very similar to all the other older iterations of her home in previous versions) and contains the following;

  • Clawfoot tub
  • Shower
  • Green counter, dresser, and table
  • Cream sofa
  • Stove
  • Retro fridge
  • Froggy chair
  • Fan
  • Cassette player
  • Minimalist clock

Lily’s floor is ceramic tiles that alternate between yellow and white tiles. Lily also has a rather obnoxious ”groovy wall” wallpaper which is orange and yellow swirling patterns. The external of Lily’s home is an awful shade of green (almost neon) with a dark blue roof (that doesn’t match at all)

In Animal Crossing City Folk, Lily’s Home is the Same

In Animal Crossing Wild World, Lily has the Following Items

Image from Wiki
  • Green dresser and counter
  • Cream sofa
  • Cabin table and low table
  • Red boom box
  • Fan
  • Retro fridge
  • Stove
  • Froggy chair

Lily has the same home as in other versions as she has the ceramic floor and groovy wall.

In the Happy Home Designer Update, Lily has the Vision of ”A Calm Clearing in Nature”, in Order to Fulfill this Request for Lily, you Need

  • Glowing Moss stool
  • Humidifier
  • Schefflera

Lily In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Image from Wiki

Lily is an available villager in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and if you really want her on your island, you need the following items after reaching friendship level five;

  • Green chair
  • Green bench
  • Green table
  • Green counter
  • Green wardrobe

There are also rewards to friendship (much as in life), and as you become closer and closer with Lily, you will receive the following rewards!

  • At friendship level seven, Lily will give you an Icy Shirt and some Sparkle Stone
  • At friendship level nine, Lily will give you Sparkle Stone
  • At friendship level fifteen, Lily will request a Lucky Frog from you
  • At friendship level twenty, Lily will give you a picture of her and some Sparkle Stone
  • At friendship level, twenty-five to sixty, Lily will only give you Sparkle Stone


This is all we have to know about the wonderful Lily! Her easygoing nature and lack of interest in arguing with or judging others make her the easiest villager type to have on your island! This allows island harmony with minimal intervention on your part; I personally am on a mission to banish any snooty or sporty villager that comes to my island to replace them with peppy and normal villagers as they are much more pleasant and fun to be around and require minimal reporting to the services desk.


Question: What Type of Villager is Lily in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Lily is a normal type of villager who is often characterized as friendly, sweet, and placid. Normal villagers are also known for being kind to other residents.

Question: How Long has Lily Been Around in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Lily is present in all versions of Animal Crossing and all of its updates, including the mobile-based Pocket Camp Animal Crossing.

Question: What do I Need for Lily in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer?

Answer: Lily’s vision for her home is ”a calm clearing in nature” which sounds idyllic and requires Schefflera, a glowing moss stool, and a humidifier.

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