How to Get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a super comforting game that really gives the player agency over their own islands, in terms of the relationships within the Island, the running of the Island, and most excitingly, its decoration.

There are so so many options when it comes to decorating your Island, but to get there, you need to move through the earlier stages of the game in order to open up all the options that the game has to offer! Besides being super bossy and taking all of your money and threatening to turn your lovely Island into a capitalist dream, Tom Nook has some benefits.

Tom Nook will provide you with everything that you need in the early gameplay to open up all the shops and exciting parts of the game that you will want to sink your teeth into. Of course, like all other things, everything Tom Nook gives you comes at a price; in order to open up the game, you need to; among other things, build a bridge, and so this will require Log Stakes.

log stakes How to Get Log Stakes in Animal Crossing

Bottom Line Up Front

Log Stakes are items that you will need primarily in order to build your first Bridge Construction Kit, which will allow you to place your first bridge on your Island at the request of Tom Nook. Log Stakes require 3x regular wood and can be made at your construction bench.

To get regular wood in order to make your own Log Stakes, you will need an Axe; at the beginning of your game, Tom Nook will gift you with the flimsy ax and recipe if you provide him with two fish or bugs (or a fish and a bug) Each regular wood tree will give you three wood bundles once you hit them with the Axe.

The flimsy ax is, much as the name suggests, flimsy. It will break quite early in, but as you have the recipe, you will be able to build another, and all you will need is 5x tree branches and 2x stones. If you don’t have these items or struggle to find them, you can purchase the flimsy ax from Nooks Cranny for 220 bells.

Uses for Log Stakes

You will need Log Stakes in order to make a bridge construction kit, which is one of the first and most exciting milestones on your new Island in Animal Crossing. Tom Nook will ask you to create a bridge and lay the bridge construction kit on whatever area of land you want to build the bridge on!

The bridge is a cute wooden (like rope bridge almost but not suspended) bridge, and to make the Bridge Construction Kit, you will need;

  • 4x Log Stakes (this will require a grand total of 12 regular wood)
  • 4x Clay
  • 4x Stone

log stakes for bridge construction

How to Get Log Stakes

Getting Your Axe

You can get Log Stakes by obtaining wood from around your Island. To do this, you will need to be sure to carry your ax with you and also be sure to empty your pockets to make sure you can carry all the wood that you get home with you! Although that being said, it is also safe to leave lying on the Island for a few minutes while you go home, drop some stuff off, or sell some stuff at Nooks Cranny!

Just be sure not to leave it too long, or villagers may start complaining about items left scattered around the Island, as I was once told when I checked on my island evaluations (oops)

If you don’t already have your first ax, you can easily craft one, so there is no need to panic! You need to bring items to the notorious Tom Nook in order to get your recipe for the ax. You need to go to the resident services, where Tom Nook is always stationed (waiting to take your items and money like a dictator). This happens after you get the fishing rod and net, so you will be capable of catching Fish and Bugs from around the Island.

You then need to catch two of either of these and bring them back to Tom Nook, and he will present you with the flimsy ax.

obtaining wood

Identifying Normal Trees on Your Island

Great! Now that you have the Axe and the recipe for building any subsequent Axes, you can now begin to cut down trees on your Island, which is necessary for Log Stakes. There are different types of trees on your Island, and you will need to pay special attention to the trees that you are chopping with your ax, as only normal/regular trees provide the right kind of wood for Log Stakes.

Other tree types include hardwood and softwood trees; the easiest way to tell is to simply hit the tree once and check what kind of wood comes out of it when you hit it!

Cutting Down Trees on Your Island

Once you have correctly identified a regular tree, you can hit each tree three times with your ax for three piles of wood! Much like all the other resources in the game, once struck, the tree will throw out wood onto the ground in front of you and allow you to collect it and do what you wish with it from there!

cutting down the trees

Making Log Stakes

The recipe for Log Stakes can be found in the DIY recipes app on your smartphone! To make one set of Log Stakes, you need three pieces of regular wood, so once you have all the wood that you need, you should then take the wood to the workbench and craft the Log Stakes that you need!

As each tree can be hit three times per day to give items, I would recommend doing this daily, even when you do not think that you need any wood (of any kind), as it is always good to have this in supply or in storage in the back of your home as you never know when you might need the wood or what other items you might want to create with it; and you would not want to be stuck for sure!

Cutting Down Trees on Other Islands

If you do, however, find yourself stuck without all the wood that you need and you are super eager to build something, you can always visit other islands! To do this, you could purchase a ticket from the Nook Terminal and take it to the airport on your Island, and go to a mysterious island in order to get all the wood that you could get from that Island.

You could also visit friends’ islands if you have friends who are playing Animal Crossing by again visiting the airport on your Island and selecting that you want to go and see someone and selecting a friend (who will need to open their gates for visitors) and once you are there you can also hit trees until your heart is content (or at least until your ax breaks)

wood crafting


Log Stakes are a key part of Animal Crossing, and you really cannot progress without them; luckily, they are very easy to create as wood is very easy to find on your and on other islands. The log bridge is a very cute addition, although sometimes looked down on as it is the cheapest option of all the bridges. I think it is very cute and adds to the simplistic and idyllic style of the Island (but everyone designs their Island differently)

Once you have got your bridge built, I am sure that you will be super proud of it; plus, it’s one less ravine to vault over, so it really has no downsides!


Question: What do I Need Log Stakes for in Animal Crossing?

Answer: The first time that you need Log Stakes in Animal Crossing, they are for the creation of a bridge construction kit. Tom Nook requests that you make a bridge construction kit in very early gameplay, and in order to create the kit, you will need 4x Log Stakes, 4x Clay, and 4x Stone. Once you have the bridge construction kit, you can then place the kit wherever you would like the bridge to go.

Question: How do I Make Log Stakes in Animal Crossing?

Answer: In order to create Log Stakes, you will need 3x pieces of regular wood only in order to create one set of Log Stakes. You will find the recipe for the Log Stakes in the DIY app section of your smartphone and create the Log Stakes by approaching your workbench with the correct amount of required items.

Question: How do I get a Replacement Axe?

Answer: Once your flimsy ax breaks in Animal Crossing, you can purchase another one from Nooks Cranny for 220 bells, or you can, of course, make another one that requires 5x tree branches and 2x stones. There is also always the option to create more sturdy axes like the stone ax or even the golden ax, which will last much longer than the very aptly named flimsy ax.

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