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Animal Crossing is a cult classic game and certainly has a cult-like following, which is understandable, and it certainly earns its place. Animal Crossing has been running amazingly well since 2001 (when I was 6), and I distinctly remember trying it as a kid on my Nintendo DS and being super confused by everything. Luckily though, that doesn’t happen anymore, and it is a wholesome full circle moment to now be able to play it on my switch at the weekend with my family.

That is one of the most amazing things about Animal Crossing is that it brings different generations together and is appealing to anyone of any age. There is so much to love about Animal Crossing, whether you want to get lost and lose track of time fishing, digging, garden planning, tending to your crops, or just socializing!

Animal Crossing does an incredible job at making their characters super cute and appealing (which sells lots of merch, I am sure, as the proud owner of a KK slider plushie and a nook’s cranny coin bag). Some characters are quite realistic and normal, others are so stunningly beautiful, and some are even completely eccentric. If you are a fan of crazy designs and eccentric villagers, you will love Zucker!

Bottom Line Up Front

Zucker is an octopus with a lazy personality who has only been present in Animal Crossing New Leaf and Animal Crossing New Horizons. Zucker is the 3rd of five children, and his name is a nod to the suction cups you can see on his hands and the german word for sugar which hints at his sweet tooth (he even puts a candy floss maker in his home) 

Like other lazy villagers, Zucker’s hobby is nature, and so he likes to read about and study nature up close, so you will likely find him at rivers, trees, and floral beds. You should look between the hours of 8 AM and 11 PM as this is when he sleeps and gets up.

 Zucker’s head looks like a giant cookie, and the rest of his body is a red octopus body, covered by a blue wrap that is similar to a kimono. 

Zucker has a vision for a festival ground-style home in the Animal Crossing Happy Home update, and you will need a shaved-ice maker, cotton candy stall, and a pinball machine.

Who is Zucker?

Zucker Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing Fandom

Zucker is the most eccentric (at least visually) character I have ever seen in Animal Crossing. Zucker is an octopus which is part of what makes him so unique as there are only five octopus villagers that you can get in Animal Crossing as well as this Zucker, is the only lazy octopus character in the entire series!

Zucker has only appeared in Animal Crossing New Leaf and Animal Crossing New Horizons, which means he is still a super new character in his introduction to the Animal Crossing series. One of my favorite things to do with Animal Crossing villagers is to deduce the meaning of their names, as all characters in Animal Crossing have meaningful names, usually with hidden meanings. 

To decode the meaning or origins of Zucker’s name, you need to have some understanding of the anatomy of an octopus; his name is a nod to the English word ”sucker” because of the suction cups on his arms which help real-life octopus’ to navigate and explore. As is expected with Animal Crossing, there is more than one layer to Zucker’s name; if you can speak German, you will also know that Zucker is German for ”sugar”, and later in this article, you will learn that Zucker has one hell of a sweet tooth. However, this could also refer to his easy-going and friendly nature as a lazy villager.

Zucker’s birthday is on the 8th of March, and Zucker is the third born of a set of quintuplets (which means a set of five babies) Which is typical as octopuses have hundreds of eggs at one time. As a lazy villager, Zucker has a nature hobby (which is the hobby I would want as a villager). The nature hobby centers around books, although these books will always have a nature theme. Zucker is not just about reading, though; he will also love seeing nature up close as he studies both in written form and through real-life experiences. If you see Zucker under a tree with a book, for example, you can look more closely and see that the book he is reading is about trees.

If you want to try and track Zucker down, it is important to know that Zucker has a fairly normal schedule and will get up at 8 AM and go to sleep at 11 PM (Which is yet another reason that I would want to be a lazy villager)

Zucker’s Appearance

Zucker is one of the most originally and uniquely (and insanely) designed characters in Animal Crossing that I have ever seen! Zucker may be a unique character in Animal Crossing.

I am sure by now you are dying to know what makes Zucker so unique (and loveable), and do not worry because I am here to explain what Zucker looks like (to the best of my ability)

Zucker is so abstract that it is like someone took a part of each other characters in Animal Crossing and meshed them together, so let’s start at the top and just work our way down! Zucker’s head is like a chocolate chip cookie, it is light brown, and instead of chocolate chips, he has green chip-like freckles (three of them) on either side of his mouth. His mouth resembles a bright pink donut and gives the impression that he is very dramatically breathing in (kind of like a hoover). His eyes bring some normalcy to his appearance as they are plain black ovals, and his hair is a dark chocolate brown that looks as though his head was just dipped in chocolate.

Now it is about to get even weirder; Zucker’s body is a red octopus body (bright red, tentacles and all). He has a bright red chest which is covered by a wrap-over piece, kind of similar to a kimono. This is deep blue and has black trim detail, and on the bottom, the inch has blue and light blue checked design. This is held together with a white rope that ties in the middle, and there is a peak of the same wrapping around his body underneath the top. His arms are tentacles with three suction cups on each tentacle, and he has four tentacle legs that poke out the bottom of his wrap.

I told you he is super bizarre and cool, so make that what you will!

Zucker’s Personality


Zucker has the lazy personality type, which has always been a favorite of mine (despite the negative connotations that come with the word lazy). All lazy villagers are male and share basic common traits, which typically include a relaxed and easy-going nature; they can easily form friendships with others due to their relaxed and disarming nature which makes them easy to trust and speak with.

The nice thing about lazy villagers is that they are excited to see you and take an interest in you, some common approaches that lazy villagers have toward you include;

  • ”Hey! Look, it’s my old buddy.”
  • Hey there! It is always so good to see you.”

So I am sure you can understand just how lovable and what a wonderful addition to your island that lazy villagers can be. Lazy villagers will easily get along with most other personality types, although they can often become upset or hurt when other less accepting villagers direct criticism or judgment their way (I am looking at you, jock and snooty villagers)

Lazy villagers can be fun when you get to know them, as they often have interesting theories, to say the least, about the island, which include that someone sits inside the machine in the square to make it talk, and a strange assumption that there’s a hidden basement in Nooks Cranny which contains stuffed animals.

All lazy villagers have the same schedule, which means that you can find Zucker outside between the hours of 8 AM when they get up and before they go to bed at 10 PM.

Zucker’s Preferences

Zucker has only appeared in Animal Crossing New Leaf and Animal Crossing New Horizons, so we do not get as holistic a view of how he expresses himself in terms of his clothes and accessories and style, but here is what we do. Know!

In Animal Crossing New Leaf

  • Default clothing: Flan tank
  • Default umbrella: Red umbrella
  • Favorite style: Official
  • Least favorite style: Sporty

In Animal Crossing New Horizons:

  • Default clothing: Happi Tee
  • Default umbrella: Blue umbrella
  • Favorite style: Simple and cute

In Animal Crossing New Horizons with the Happy Home Paradise update, Zucker has a specific vision:

Cotton candy stall
Cotton Candy Stall From Animal Crossing Fandom
  • Zucker’s Vision: Festival grounds
  • Required items: Cotton candy stall, Shaved-ice maker, and a pinball machine.

Zucker’s House

Zucker House
Image From Animal Crossing Fandom

Zucker only has two houses because he has only appeared in Animal Crossing New Leaf and Animal Crossing New Horizons, so it is not super clear yet what his style and personality can look like in his home, and both homes are completely different. I prefer his home in New Horizons as he is living my dream, but I will let you decide for yourself!

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, Zucker’s Home Has a Darker Design With a Nod to His Culture

  • Conveyor belt sushi x2
  • Medicine chest
  • Sink
  • Ringside table
  • Soda case
  • Clay furnace
  • Barrel
  • Garbage pail
  • Record player
  • Ventilation fan
  • Hospital TV

The most significant nod to Zucker’s culture is that he has a Shoji screen wall and dark walnut old floorboards. Although I do love this design in terms of what is a nice practical home, I think his next home is much better.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Image From Animal Crossing Fandom
  • Log bench
  • Cotton candy stall
  • Outdoor generator
  • Party garland x3
  • Cooler box
  • Outdoor table
  • Stall
  • Portable radio
  • Stand mixer
  • Cutting board
  • Steamer basket set
  • Cardboard box x2

This is an amazing house. It has an indoor picnic area with a backyard lawn floor and a candy floss stall with a super cute chain link fence like a fairground. Who would not love that?

Zucker in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Image From Animal Crossing Fandom

If you want an octopus/donut hybrid with an addiction to candyfloss on your island (and who would not?), there are some requirements to get Zucker, who was added to Pocket Camp in November 2020.#

You will need to:

  • Complete Blathers Treasure Trek, in which you need to get the Zucker villager map and be able to collect 12 of Zucker’s essence on the board to get Zucker.

Every villager that you befriend has their rewards, which is a super common mechanic in the game and is a common part of life where your closest friends and those you make an effort with reciprocate that back to you.

  • Friendship level seven: Zucker will give you a Flan Tee and Sparkle Stone
  • Friendship level nine: Zucker will give you Sparkle stone
  • Friendship level fifteen: Zucker will ask you to make him a Mini Fridge 
  • Friendship level twenty: Zucker will give you a picture of himself along with some sparkle stone
  • Friendship level twenty-five: Zucker will give you some sparkle stone



Now that you know all that there is to know about Zucker in terms of his preferences, his behavior, and his homes, hopefully, now you can see how many layers there are to Zucker, and there is so much to love about him outside of his appearance. However, that is not to say that Zucker is not incredibly cute from an aesthetic perspective. Hopefully, you get Zucker on your island if you do not have him already, as he is super cute and super sweet (pun intended)


Question: What Kind of Animal is Zucker?

Answer: Zucker is an octopus and the only lazy octopus that you can get in the game, although I can understand any confusion that someone might have in terms of what animal he is (he does have a cookie head)

Question: Does Zucker Have Any Siblings?

Answer: Zucker is the third born of five children in total who were quintuplets

Question: Is Zucker New to Animal Crossing?

Answer: Zucker is relatively new when you think about the life span of Animal Crossing as he only appears in Animal Crossing New Leaf and Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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