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Taking pride in Animal Crossing comes in a vast number of forms. From making sure you have the perfect entrance to having the most beautiful beachfront resort, several things make each person’s experience unique. One of my favorite things to see when I visit my friends in-game is introducing myself to their islanders. I find that neighborhoods seem to tell the most about a person.

The islanders (or villagers, if we are talking post-New Horizons) are carefully selected by anyone who picks up the game, so they’re very telling.

I will admit that I am a sucker for anything cutesy and pastel-colored from the get-go. If you visit my island on New Horizons, it’s covered in pastel things and tiny duck lamps. My islanders are pretty reflective of that, and I home quite a few stereotypically cute friends. My neighborhoods are neatly laid out with pink and purple flowers, so as you can imagine, it’s sickeningly cute.

Hence, I think islanders are a great way to tell a lot about someone. I spent hours getting amiibo cards and entering bid battles for certain villagers when the game came out. I had it all planned out rather than waiting to see who I was randomly assigned.

As soon as I can get my hands on anything tiny and adorable (extra points for a fitting color scheme), I will. The release of Sanrio-inspired villagers was beneficial for anyone who takes pride in their island in the same way as me!

Etoile Animal Crossing

An Introduction to Étoile

Étoile, alongside the Sanrio amiibo collection, debuted in Animal Crossing: Welcome Amiibo. She is one of thirteen characters that is exclusively unlocked by amiibo card. The Animal Crossing x Sanrio collection of amiibo cards was released on 25 November 2016. A pack of all six cards is available via the Nintendo Store online. You will receive a card for all six Sanrio villagers within the collection. Rilla, Étoile, Chai, Toby, Marty, and Chelsea.

Étoile is the Animal Crossing equivalent to Kiki & Lala, a pair of twins commonly referred to as Little Twin Stars. They are the only humanoid Sanrio Characters featured in the amiibo collaboration. Unfortunately, there aren’t any references to why Nintendo picked a sheep to represent them, but I’m not complaining! In my opinion, Étoile is one of the cutest Sanrio villagers.

Here are some general facts about Étoile to give you a basic introduction to just how adorable she is!:

  • Gender; Female
  • Species; Sheep
  • Birthday; December 25th
  • First Appearance; Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo
  • Personality; Normal
  • Catchphrase; Fuzzy
  • Style; Cute

Étoiles Appearance

Étoile is one of sixteen sheep villagers and one of seventy-seven normal personality characters. Her name comes from the French term for star or pattern in the shape of a star, referencing her inspiration from the Sanrio pair Little Twin Stars. Étoile is a straightforward character to speak to, and her dialogue lines are incredibly wholesome. It’s all charming, from asking which tea is your favorite to gently suggesting how to make the most of a day.

One of my favorite Animal Crossing characters, Olive, the little grey cub, has a normal personality and is heart-wrenchingly cute sometimes.

Her face and arms are a soft pink color, while most of her body is purple wool dotted with bits of pink and yellow. Her hooves are a darker pink color than the rest of her body, and her facial features are a mix of the same dark pink and brown. As a ram/sheep villager, she also has the iconic swirled horns to the side of her head, striped with bright and a darker yellow. She is such a cute character, and even though I am someone who loves the entire Sanrio villager collection, Étoile is one of my favorites.

She perfectly captures the essence of Kiki and Lala (Little Twin Stars) and is such a beautiful addition to anyone’s island or town.

In previous games, sheep villagers would only wear a scarf instead of a whole shirt, but in New Horizons, sheep villagers were given the same shirts as every other villager. Also, due to Étoile being part of the Sanrio amiibo collection, she comes with her own Little Twin Stars-inspired furniture and clothing collection. One of these items is the Kiki and Lala outfit, which is the outfit Étoile has worn in every game she has been in.

Image from Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki

Étoiles Personality

As I already mentioned, Étoile has a normal personality. For example, she’s much easier to befriend than a cranky villager, and I’ve realized she is always keen to stop for a chat while you run around. One of my favorite things about having Étoile on my island is that I will always find her singing. There will always be a song to follow shortly no matter where she is. Depending on how long she’ll sing for, my other islanders are always eager to sit and listen or sometimes join in.

She follows a strict schedule of waking up at 6 am. In New Horizons, her daily tasks are usually watering flowers, reading, or, as I mentioned standing in an inconvenient place and bursting into song. In Pocket Camp, once invited to your campsite, Étoile will happily interact with most of your items. From my own experience, she is a very curious villager and is always investigating a piece of furniture or a new bug.

Of course, the same goes for most normal personality villagers, but there’s something extra wholesome about Étoile’s curiosity.

But there’s a dark side to Étoile. Rather than staying sweet and friendly to all villagers, she is more likely to clash with cranky or sisterly villagers. These conflicts can be amusing in-game because it’s usually over something minimal. But when you’re stranded on an island, I’m not surprised people get upset when their flowers are trampled.

etoile blue

Étoiles Preferences

As expected, Étoile has a refined taste for what she likes. Although most games she is featured in revolve around the same preferences, there are a few differences between Welcome Amiibo and New Horizons. For example, in Welcome Amiibo you can work in The Roost and make your villagers their favorite coffee, but it’s not possible in New Horizons. I hope this is implemented in a future update because it was such a fun feature in New Leaf!

Anyway, you need to know each villager’s individual coffee preference to make them happy. Of course, you don’t want to be doing it wrong! But that’s just one difference in the likes of Étoile between games. There are a few others. They just aren’t as significant.

In Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo, here is everything you need to know about Étoile:

  • Default clothing; Kiki & Lala Outfit
  • Favorite song; K.K. Lullaby
  • Coffee Preference: Kilimanjaro, lots of milk, three spoonfuls of sugar
  • Favorite style; Cute (obviously!)
  • Life goal: Interior Designer
  • Skill: Handiwork
  • Favorite colors; Purple and Pink
  • Hobby; Music

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Étoile’s preferences are as follows:

  • Default clothing; Kiki & Lala Outfit
  • Default umbrella; Purple Shiny Bows parasol
  • Favorite song; K.K. Lullaby
  • Favorite style; Cute
  • Life goal: Interior Designer
  • Skill: Handiwork
  • Favorite colors; Purple and Pink
  • Hobby; Music

Étoiles House

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the game in which Étoile debuted, her house matches her appearance almost to a T. The exterior is hot pink in color, with a purple roof. It’s got a more rounded style than other villager houses. The interior is the selling point, though, with the whole house decorated with the Kiki & Lala furniture collection. I adore this collection so much.

I’d argue it’s the best collection out of all the Sanrio furniture, but that might be because, as I mentioned, I am a bit of a sucker for anything pink and adorable.

etoile house

The Kiki & Lala collection includes:

  • Cloud making machine
  • Kiki & Lala bed
  • Kiki & Lala clock
  • Kiki & Lala Sofa
  • Kiki & Lala Table
  • Kiki & Lala Wall
  • Kiki & Lala Floor
  • Kiki & Lala Outfit
  • Kiki & Lala Wand

However, in Étoile’s New Leaf abode, she also displays:

  • Mermaid vanity
  • Pink marshmallow chair
  • Mermaid shelf

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Étoile’s house is a softer pink with a white roof, yet still has the same rounded design. She exclusively features the Kiki & Lala collection with the addition of the Kiki & Lala rug (my favorite part of the collection). Étoile also houses a cute workbench, sometimes substituted for a compact pink kitchen. Either way, she is always willing to share her DIY or tasty recipes!

Étoile in Pocket Camp

Étoile joined the pocket camp crew in August 2019 alongside the Keroppi-inspired character, Toby. The update was titled ‘The Sanrio Character Event’ and was the third collection released. She’s an essential camper for anyone going for an all-cute campsite theme. If you’re like me and picked a cute theme at the beginning of the game, she is a must-have. Especially after Diana’s Fay fortune cookie was released in March 2019.

Pulling these items together and inviting Étoile makes for some picturesque cottagecore camping!

In March of 2021, Étoile was available as a ‘treasure trekker’ and could be obtained using Gulliver’s Cargo Ship, but the event only ran from March 26th to May 10th.

Once you begin building your friendship level with Étoile as you gear up to invite her to your campsite, she will give several rewards:

  • Level 7; Kiki & Lala outfit and sparkle stone
  • Level 9; Sparkle Stone
  • Level 20; Portrait and Sparkle Stone
  • Level 25 to Level 60; Sparkle Stone every five friendship levels

She is someone to consider inviting over! Also, I love seeing  Étoile enjoying people’s campsites. Unfortunately, I missed both events, but I hope to see another Sanrio event soon. These guys are too cute to pass up!

etoile in pocket camp

Étoile in New Horizons

Étoile joined New Horizons on March 18th, 2021, in an update where Sanrio amiibo cards could be scanned into the game. Let me tell you when this update was announced; the internet went wild! It was so hard to get ahold of a Sanrio amiibo pack, and they were being sold for such a ridiculous amount of money for a good few months. I was lucky enough to have a friend who had the Sanrio amiibos from New Leaf, so I borrowed a few to invite  Étoile to my island. I haven’t looked back since!

I love seeing her bimble about admiring flowers and insects every day. She was a wholesome addition to my island crew and gets on so well with my other islanders. Also,  Étoile loves a box of chocs if you have the Happy Island Paradise DLC. She’s very easy to befriend and loves any cute style gifts. These will be displayed sparingly in her house, so make sure you fit the theme.

There have been one-too-many times where I have gifted an excess item to an islander and then had to see it every single time I stopped by for a visit.

etoile back


Question: Can I Find Étoile With Nook Miles Tickets?

Answer: Étoile can only be invited to your island by scanning her amiibo card. She won’t ever appear as a campsite guest, and she won’t be on any mystery islands when you use Nook Miles tickets. As she was part of the Sanrio amiibo collection, that’s the only way you’ll be able to see her in-game!

Question: How can I get the Kiki & Lala Furniture?

Answer: Much like inviting her to live in your town, you will need to scan the amiibo card for Étoile to unlock her furniture set. She doesn’t need to move to your city or island to receive the furniture set, but the amiibo needs to be scanned. Once it has been, the furniture is available to order via the ATM in the Town Hall, which goes for all Sanrio amiibo cards. The furniture sets will be underneath the special goods menu.

Question: How can I get Étoile in Pocket Camp?

Answer: Étoile was part of a Sanrio Character update in 2019. After that event ended, she was available to invite from March-May 2021, but aside from this, she is tough to come by. There are currently no events scheduled to request any of the Sanrio Characters to your campsite, but it’s worth keeping an eye out on social media if you want to befriend her in the future!


As I keep saying, I love having Étoile in my Animal Crossing games. I think she is one of the best sheep villagers, and it helps that she is so sweet to interact with. I’d highly encourage anyone who loves cute things to invite her to your town or island. She’s very relaxed and enjoys the simple pleasures in life, which is a valuable lesson I could learn from her! It helps that the Sanrio amiibo pack hype has settled a little bit, making the cards accessible for everyone.

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