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Fuchsia is a bright neon deer who was first introduced to the Animal Crossing world in New Leaf. Fuchsia is unique because of her character design and her personality. Fuchsia is a sisterly villager, which means that there is a good chance you have her as a starter villager on your island. Every island in New Horizons is guaranteed to have at least one sisterly villager from the beginning. Fuchsia is not one of my favorite Animal Crossing villagers, but she is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. 

Animal Type: Deer

Personality Type: Sisterly

First Game: Animal Crossing New Leaf

Birthday: September 19th

Favorite Colors: Pink

Favorite Style: Cool


Fuchsia’s name is derived from her appearance. She is a Fuchsia deer! I am typically a fan of all pink villagers; Gayle, Cookie, Marina, and Freya are some of my favorites. However, Fuchsia’s neon pink look is overwhelming. Her entire body is bright neon pink, with neon blue accents on her eyes and in her ears. She also has a strange bit of yellow hair, shaped into bangs, on top of her head. She has small hoop earrings, two on her left ear and one on her right, that are the same bright yellow as her “hair.” 

Fuchsia’s hooves are slightly darker than the rest of her body, and they are the only part of her body that isn’t neon. Fuchsia has “sleepy eyes,” which means that her eyelids are permanently half-closed. I think that this look can work on some villagers, but since Fuchsia has neon purple eyelashes, her half-closed lids look strange. She does wear a lilac eyeshadow on her eyelids, which makes the brighter purple on her lashes pop. I will give Fuchsia credit for this; it is tough to pull off neon mascara! I have only worn it twice in my life, and both times I also looked a bit crazy. 

Ultimately, the biggest problem I have with Fuchsia’s character design is her hair. I’m not sure if it is possible to make “hair” on an Animal Crossing character look good. You can tell that the design team tried to give Fuchsia bangs, but without any hair on the back of her head or draped down the sides, the fluff on top looks awkward. 

Fuchsia’s look is great for someone who is designing an all-pink island or a bright neon island. She doesn’t fit in well with the more standard, pastel characters that make up a majority of the Animal Crossing villagers. However, I am not opposed to using Fuchsia as an accent villager, one colorful character among some more monochromatic villagers. 



Fuchsia’s personality is unique; she has a sisterly personality. Sisterly villagers are the least common of all personality types; there are only 26 total sisterly villagers in New Horizons. The sisterly personality is occasionally called the “big sister” personality. Sisterly villagers act as the player’s older sister or mother. They are caretakers, which means that they will do certain things for the player that other villagers won’t. For example, if you are stung by bees and get that puffy eye, sisterly villagers will immediately give you medicine! Sometimes snooty villagers will also get you medicine when you are stung, but only if you have a very high friendship level. 

While sisterly villagers can be loving and will act as the town’s caretakers, they are also highly blunt. Sisterly villagers will tell it like it is, and they will not pull punches when it comes to criticism. The straightforward nature of sisterly villagers can often come across as rude, but they don’t mean it that way! Sisterly villagers have a unique way of speaking. They are much more casual in their speech; they drop the g’s off of the “ing” words, they call the player “dude” often, and they will occasionally use slang. 

Sisterly villagers are meant to be the most tomboy female villagers. All sisterly villagers are female, but sometimes other villagers will refer to them with he/him pronouns. Nintendo has not made an official statement as to why this happens, whether it is intentional or a bug in the code. Either way, it is interesting to consider the androgyny of some of the sisterly villagers. Certain sisterly villagers are more feminine, the most feminine being Agnes (a pig). 

Sisterly villagers get along with almost all other types of villagers; they may clash with snooty and smug villagers at first, but their caring nature will overcome the personality difference in the long run. Sisterly villagers are meant to be “older” than other villagers, similar to cranky villagers. Sisterly villagers will mention stories from their youth or befriend the neighbor’s kids. 

Why You Should Bring Fuchsia To Your Island


Fuchsia is not a villager I am keen on bringing to my island, but I can see the benefits of having her on an island. This neon pink deer may not be for everyone, but her caretaking ways can be a massive benefit for your island! 

Aesthetically, Fuchsia will stand out on your island. It is impossible to miss her bright fur, even amongst dense trees or standing in patches of flowers. I certainly would appreciate some of my villagers being a bit brighter; I have lush trees planted at the front of my island, and I will lose villagers in the forest sometimes. Fuchsia would fit in well on an all-pink island or as a pink accent on your island. 

Fuchsia’s main draw as an islander is her sisterly personality. I think that every island should have at least one sisterly villager. The game starts you off with one, mine was Pheobe, and I now have Agnes on my island. Having a sisterly villager will ensure that you always have someone to go to when you want to feel cared for. Certain sisterly villagers also have more tomboy and protector characteristics. I prefer Agnes because she is a bit softer and more feminine, but to get the full sisterly effect, you should have a villager like Fuchsia, who embodies the personality perfectly. Sisterly villagers also stay up late, so for a late-night player, they are perfect! They wake up quite a bit later than all other personality types though, at 11 AM, so if you play in the morning before work or school, sisterly villagers may not get to say hi. 

Home Appearance

Home Appearance

Fuchsia’s house, much like her, is a little hectic. I’m not too fond of the style of Fuchsia’s home, even looking at it makes me feel anxious. Most homes in New Horizons are more minimalist, and the colors were significantly toned down. This is not the case with Fuchsia’s home. There were considerable changes to Fuchsia’s home from New Leaf to New Horizons, but the general feel of her home remained the same. The idea behind Fuchsia’s house is “rock star,” but unfortunately, it just comes off as messy. 

In New Leaf, Fuchsia’s home has a pop flower wall and floor. The pop flower wallpaper and flooring are bright and busy. The wallpaper, in particular, is covered in multi-colored flowers. She has a wide variety of furniture, all with different colors and styles. She has three pieces from the modern series, the modern bed, table, and cabinet. Other notable elements include; the high-end stereo, simple love seat, electric guitar, and the marshmallow chair. The design, both in furniture color and placement, seems thrown together and awkward. There isn’t much room to walk around in Fuchsia’s New Leaf home. Fuchsia’s exterior in New Leaf is a turquoise blue with a bright pink roof. Her door is yellow, and her fence is neon pink. 

Fuchsia’s New Horizon’s home is a bit more color-coordinated, but she still has a lot of items which makes the home feel too full. Her home features a brown floral floor and a pink shanty wall. Most of her furniture comes from the cute series, which matches the pink wall relatively well. The confusing additions are the loft bed with desk and the ironwood cart. The other pieces work well in her home, although I am not a fan of the placement of the cute crafting table. The exterior of Fuchsia’s home in New Horizons is pink striped siding, a yellow tile roof, and a pale blue basic door. Because of the variety of colors on her home’s exterior, it isn’t easy to find a place where her home would look good on your island. 

If Fuchsia is a starter villager on your island, her home will look slightly different. Instead of having furniture from the cute series, she will mostly have craftable items from the wooden block series. With the brown floral floor, I think that Fuchsia’s home as a starter looks much better than the alternative. 

Best Gifts For Fuchsia

The best gifts for Fuchsia are cool style pink items. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many things that fall into both categories. However, this does mean that when Fuchsia receives something that matches her tastes exactly, she will be delighted! The best items for Fuchsia include; the thread-worn sweater in pink, the cyber suit in pink, the oversized shawl overshirt, the samurai hakama, and the school uniform with a necktie. It is a bit sad that Fuchsia’s favorite color is pink. It makes sense; everything about her is pink! However, this means that she looks horrible in most pinks that she wears—neon pink clashes with almost every color but black. If I were to have Fuchsia on my island, I would gift her cool items, but I would make sure they were in black. Fuchsia looks so cool in a leather jacket! 

If you want to gift Fuchsia furniture items, I would stick with the light pink color scheme she has in her home. Some of the best things for Fuchsia are; a retro record player, nail art set, Mr. Flamingo, a wooden wardrobe, fragrance diffuser, or the succulent plant. 

Fuchsia in Pocket Camp

Fuchsia was added to Pocket Camp in December of 2018. She is not a special villager in pocket camp; you will meet her at random on one of the three or the beach. Once you reach friendship level five with her, you can invite her to your campsite or your cabin. To entice Fuchsia to join your campsite, you will need to craft five items; the flower pop carpet, fan palm, kitschy clock, lovely love seat, and the dartboard. In total, the crafting time for these items is 10 hours, which is relatively short compared to some of the other animal request crafting time. Fuchsia’s preferred theme is “cool,” which means to max out your friendship with her, you will need to craft the cool tent, the street set, and the rock stage.  

Fuchsia wears the dark polka tee; she will give this to the player as a reward at friendship level seven. Her special crafting request is the pinball machine; you can unlock this by reaching friendship level 15. Fuchsia mainly gives steel as a reward for completing quests. Her picture is in a neon pink frame, and she will give it to you when you reach friendship level 20. 

Fuchsia’s Amiibo Card

Fuchsia’s Amiibo card looks pretty nice. Fuchsia stands in a sassy pose giving her profile to the camera with one leg crossed over the other and one hand on her hip. I’m not a huge fan of Fuchsia’s profile because her snout sticks out awkwardly far. The way that the lighting hits her upper nose makes it look even longer and more comprehensive. However, I do like the way that the background and her polka dot tee work together. The background is green, and there is one green dot on her tee, which stands out nicely. Her number is 123, and her hand sign is paper. Her dice value is three. 

Fuchsia Merchandise

As Fuchsia isn’t one of the more popular villagers, there is a considerable lack of merch that is made for her. However, I was able to find a few great items for any real Fuchsia fan! There are a few great Fuchsia stickers (as well as some not-so-great ones), a fun notebook featuring Fuchsia, and a tee-shirt with all of our favorite deer friends, including Fuchsia.

This is by far my favorite Fuchsia sticker. This sticker does not showcase Fuchsia in her traditional Animal Crossing style; instead, she is more anime-esque in design. The way that the artist has redrawn her bangs and put a bit of ombre pink into them is brilliant. Fuchsia’s expression in this sticker is one of annoyance, which fits well with her character; as a big sister, Fuchsia is always having to fix problems and give advice. I also really enjoy the way that the artist drew Fuchsia’s earrings in this sticker. In the original Animal Crossing design, Fuchsia’s earrings look flat; in the sticker, the earrings give Fuchsia the cool, punk look that she deserves. This sticker is $3.43 when purchased individually. The design can also be applied to a phone case, but putting the sticker on a phone case works well too. 

This deer gal pals journal is one of the best Animal Crossing merchandise pieces I’ve come across. I certainly own more journals than I should, and I am very tempted to add another one to my collection. Not only does this journal feature an adorable chibi version of Fuchsia, but it also has Diana, Fauna, and Deirde! The deer gals gotta stick together, and they are represented wonderfully in this design. The journal is $14.10. This design can also be applied to a tote bag and a pencil case if those items are more to your liking. 

This friend-shaped tee-shirt has a collection of Animal Crossing characters on it, one of which is Fuchsia. I like Fuchsia in this tee because her pose is so fabulous! She has one arm up and the other swung out to the side. She is showing her profile in this pose; however, the artist’s rendition of Fuchsia makes her snout look cute rather than chunky. The tee-shirt is $28.32, and it comes in different cuts and background colors. 


Question: What is Fuchsia’s Catchphrase?

Answer: Fuchsia’s catchphrase is “girlfriend” in New Leaf. It was also “girlfriend” originally in Pocket Camp until the release of New Horizons when it was updated to “precious.” I like both of Fuchsia’s catchphrases, but I prefer the original to the updated version. However, I do see why Nintendo may have changed it; “precious” definitely sounds more motherly or big sister-esque than “girlfriend.” 

Question: What is Fuchsia’s Default Clothing?

Answer: In New Leaf and Pocket Camp, Fuchsia wears the polka dot tee. Fuchsia is also shown in the polka dot tee on her Amiibo card. In New Horizons, Fuchsia’s default outfit is the zigzag dress. I think that Fuchsia looks better in dark clothing; the polka dot tee has a black base to it, whereas the zigzag dress is primarily blue and purple. Fuchsia is already so colorful so she doesn’t need more color in her clothing. If I were to invite Fuchsia to my island, I would gift her something black or dark brown to change into. 

Question: What is Fuchsia’s Hobby?

Answer: Fuchsia has a music hobby, which means you will often find her wandering around your island singing! She also has a deep love for music; her favorite K.K. album is K.K. Rockabilly and she is featured on the cover of K.K. Disco. 


Fuchsia is a bright, neon pink deer that will bring a lot of color to your island! She has a sisterly personality, which means that she can come off as rude or brash, but she is a caretaker at heart. She will treat you as if you are her little sister, constantly giving advice and looking out for you. Fuchsia could be a starter islander, but she can also be brought to your island by random chance meeting or by purchasing her Amiibo card. Fuchsia may not match the aesthetic I look for in Animal Crossing villagers, but she is a super sweet deer who will bring a lot of love to an island.

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