Zucker Animal Crossing

Introduction Animal Crossing is a cult classic game and certainly has a cult-like following, which is understandable, and it certainly earns its place. Animal Crossing has been running amazingly well since 2001 (when I was 6), and I distinctly remember trying it as a kid on my Nintendo DS and being super confused by everything. …

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Shari Animal Crossing

Introduction Animal Crossing has blessed our screens for twenty-one years now, and there are very few games that are capable of doing this. The lifeline of Animal Crossing has always been its characters and how it can keep itself fresh with updates and new features like the happy home update or the beloved Gyroids, which …

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Aurora Animal Crossing

Introduction I love getting lost in the immersive world of Animal Crossing; there are very few games that deliver the comfort and coziness that Animal Crossing delivers. One of the easiest ways to immerse yourself and really dive into Animal Crossing is to spend time with your villagers and really get to know them and …

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Fang Animal Crossing

An Introduction to Fang Fang is one of the original Villagers who appeared in the first Animal Crossing game and most games since (excluded only from Wild World)! Fang is a cranky villager, so he may not be the most pleasant to be around, but I love him nonetheless. Actually, he’s my favorite cranky villager, …

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