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Have you ever gotten suited and booted in a new outfit fresh from the store, then walked out the front door beaming from ear to ear, only for someone to look you up and down and shoot you a disapproving look. Well, that, in a nutshell, is how an interaction with a snooty character tends to go. I personally can’t stand these high-brow islanders looking down on me in Animal Crossing. If I’ve just spent my hard-earned bells at the Able Sisters’ store, you best believe I want to turn some heads, not see them shaking in disapproval.

I try to keep these mood vacuums off my island, but at one time or another, I have had to endure some snooty, upper-east-side islanders throughout my New Horizons journey, and one such islander is none other than Freya. In this guide, I’ll break down everything she has to offer, how she can add to your island, and in my opinion, how she falls short. Enjoy!

Bottom Line Up Front

Freya is a wolf with a snooty personality type. She is the oldest child of seven and was born on the 14th of December. She has a fashion hobby, and her catchphrase is ”Don’t stray too far from the pack” Freya has been a staple of Animal Crossing from the beginning; Freya’s schedule is to get up at 8 30 AM and return home at 2 30 AM. Freya’s body is bright pink with a sage green cardigan that has deer on it, which is a nod to her Christmas birthday.

For pocket camp, Freya needs a sleek table, hammock, aloe, round black rug, and sleek lamp. While for the Happy Home update, Freya needs cooking tools, a kitchen stove, and a kitchen counter.

Who is Freya?

Freya is a snooty wolf villager who is the brightest pink I have ever seen, which I absolutely love (although her jumper does not necessarily match). Although it does have deers on it, which makes sense as she has a Christmas birthday which is on the 14th of December.

Unsurprisingly as a snooty villager, Freya has a fashion hobby which adds to her upper class and judgemental vibe as she is often wandering around with a bag or a purse. Freya will often read Ms. Nintendique, which is the fashion magazine available in Animal Crossing, and will often gossip about how others dress or appear. To even add to her complex, even more, Freya is also the oldest of seven children.

Freya’s Appearance

Freya is a unique wolf because her entire body is bubble-gum pink! The pink fades to a yellow on her hands and her feet (kind of like the squashier sweets). Her fox tail is also bright pink and bushy with yellow tips; she has two spikes on each side of her face which also are accented yellow at the ends. Freya’s muzzle is also yellow with a black button nose and bright yellow eyes that have a cat eye shape with a gorgeous hooded blue eyeshadow look. Freya has two very large and very pointy ears at the top of her head that are blue on the inside with white outer linings.

In terms of her outfit, Freya wears a green cardigan with two deer on it; the cardigan has cream accents in stripes on each arm and across the body of the cardigan.

Freya’s Personality

Freya Animal Crossing

Freya does not have my favorite personality as she is the snooty personality type. Much like the name suggests, snooty villagers are judgemental and often look down on others thinking that they are better than them. They often use polite words when they speak and so it can almost be easy to miss that they are actually being negative or critical toward you. Snooty villagers are the female equivalent of smug villagers. Snooty villagers often use fancy words and have quite elaborate/high-class names.

As part of the snooty villager’s personality of being fancy and judgemental, they care an awful lot about their looks and their clothes and often will read fashion magazines and discuss their purchases (as well as how other villagers dress, both good and bad) the magazine that animal crossing has is called Ms. Nintendique.

Snooty villagers will not easily get along with other villager types because they can be quite rude and scathing to others they see as below them or not making enough effort (which is pretty much everyone), but particularly with lazy villagers, cranky villagers, and peppy villagers. However, they will easily get along with other snooty villagers and smug villagers. Snooty villagers get up t 8 30 AM and go to sleep at 2 30 AM.

Freya’s Preferences

Freya is really not one for change, and her preferences remain pretty much consistent through all versions of Animal Crossing that she has appeared in, such as;

In Animal Crossing;

  • Default clothing: Deer shirt
  • Default umbrella; Elegant umbrella
  • Favorite style; Striking
  • Least favorite style; Gaudy

In Animal Crossing City Folk;

  • Default clothing: Deer shirt
  • Default umbrella; Elegant umbrella
  • Favorite style; Striking
  • Least favorite style; Gaudy

In Animal Crossing New Leaf;

In Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Default clothing: Deer shirt
  • Default umbrella; Elegant umbrella
  • Favorite style; Rock N Roll
  • Least favorite style; Modern

In Animal Crossing New Horizons;

  • Default clothing: Reindeer sweater
  • Default umbrella; Lacy parasol
  • Favorite style; Elegant & Cool

Freya is a keen chef, and her vision for her holiday home centers around this;

  • Freya’s Vision; A professional chef’s kitchen
  • Required items; Kitchen counter, kitchen stove, and cooking tools.

Freya’s House

As you have seen from Freya’s preferences and favorite items, she is very set in what she likes, and her preferences do not change over time. Freya’s homes are no different. Her first four homes are almost identical, and all seem to center around a collection of paintings and artwork, although in her final two homes, these are new ideas and styles for Freya, and while I love the most modern version, I also love all the artwork.

In Animal Crossing, Doubutsu No Mori;

  • Strange paintings
  • Dreadful painting
  • Common painting
  • Flowery painting
  • Nice painting
  • Amazing painting
  • Fine painting
  • Dainty painting
  • Modern chair
  • Hi-fi stereo
  • Blue chair
  • Regal chair
  • Classic chair

There is literally no room to move in Freya’s home because of all the paintings, but it has a very regal palace and art museum style because of the palace tile floor and stately walls.

In Animal Crossing, Doubutsu No Mori+;

  • Freya’s home is exactly the same except for the addition of a perfect painting (because she totally needed more paintings, right?)

In Animal Crossing;

  • Freya’s home is exactly the same as it is in Doubutsu No Mori+

In Animal Crossing City Folk;

  • Billiard table
  • Hi-fi stereo
  • Medicine chest
  • Modern table
  • Modern bed
  • Kitschy clock
  • Dartboard
  • Metal guitar
  • Pinball machine
  • Rock guitar

Although Freya has abandoned all her artwork for machines and music, she has the same general style of palace tiles and stately floors.

In Animal Crossing New Leaf;

  • Modern bed
  • Modern table
  • Modern sofa
  • Modern cabinet
  • High-end stereo
  • Radiator
  • Electric guitar
  • CD Shelf
  • Kitschy clock
  • Laptop
  • Small spotlight

This home is a lot darker and more Soho loft style, although I do love it, and part of the darker design is the sleek wall and checked tiles.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Freya’s home has a complete makeover;

  • Antique bed
  • Antique vanity
  • Antique chair x2
  • Music stand
  • Retro radiator
  • Antique mini table
  • Fancy violin
  • Antique table
  • Fireplace
  • Phonograph
  • Glass holder with candle
  • Matryoshka

This home is so different for Freya, and it gives country floral B & B vibes. This is definitely due in part to the rose flooring and heavy curtain wall.

Freya in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Freya is an available villager in Pocket Camp; once you develop your friendship with her and you reach level three, you need these items to get her on your island;

  • Sleek lamp
  • Round black rug
  • Aloe
  • Sleek table
  • Hammock

Every friendship should be two ways and also be rewarding for you, and Freya does share with you as a friend in the following ways;

  • Friendship level seven; Sparkle stone and a Deer shirt 
  • Friendship level nine; Sparkle stone
  • Friendship level fifteen; Freya requests an Organ from you (like the instrument, nothing sinister)
  • Friendship level twenty; You will receive a portrait of Freya and yet more sparkle stone
  • Friendship level twenty-five; Sparkle stone


Question: When did Freya Join Animal Crossing?

Answer: Freya joined Animal Crossing way back on day one of the very first Animal Crossing! Freya has held her place since then, and still appears now in New Horizons. 

Question: What Kind of Villager is Freya?

Answer: Freya is a snooty villager and so can often be criticized for being judgemental and rude, especially about others’ appearances.

Question: When is Freya’s Birthday?

Answer: Freya was born on the 14th of December, which makes her a Sagittarius. 


While Freya may not be the most likable character, as she will insult you quite frequently and definitely insult others and cause some friction on your island, she does start to loosen up the more you get to know her, and she is iconic regardless. So if you do get to meet her, be sure to be super well dressed and presented first or prepare to be criticized.

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