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Do you know those people that you cannot walk past without getting into a conversation with them? Likely you initially make polite small talk, and sometimes you don’t really want to talk to them, but they wear you down, and suddenly you cannot imagine your life without them.

That is exactly what peppy villagers are like! If one of the many things you love about Animal Crossing is socializing with other villagers, then you may find that some of your favorite villagers happen to be Peppy villagers!

One such super cute and charming villager is Pippy!

Bottom Line Up Front

Pippy was born on the 14th of June and was the eldest of nine rabbits, and was blessed with the Peppy personality type! Like the majority of Peppy villagers, Pippy has a fashion hobby and can be seen carrying fashionable accessories.

Pippy has been present in Animal Crossing, Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons and does not appear in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. In the Happy Home update, Pippy’s dream is for a convenience store and requires a deep fryer, a touchscreen cash register, and a storage shelf.

In the latest Animal Crossing (New Horizons), Pippy’s schedule is to get up at 7 AM and return to bed at 1:30 AM. 

Who is Pippy?

Pippy Animal Crossing

Pippy is a peppy rabbit villager, she is the oldest of nine children, and her birthday is on the 14th of June. Pippy’s favorite saying is typical of a peppy villager and is ”fake it till you make it,” and her catchphrase is ”Lil hare” which is likely a reference to rabbits and hares (her family).

Pippy, like a lot of other peppy villagers, has a fashion hobby and can often be seen with funky accessories, including a cute pink bag.

Pippy’s Appearance

Some people have a naturally smug face, despite their best intentions! Pippy is one such person; although the highlight of Pippy for me is her outfit, she has one of the absolutely cutest outfits in Animal Crossing (at least in my own personal opinion), and if I was a carefree rabbit I would for sure wear something similar!

Pippy is a cute lemon yellow color in terms of her skin, and that super cute outfit I was referring to? It is the coolest green pinafore dress with an equally cute and colorful orange and white striped tee shirt underneath! 

Pippy’s head is cookie shaped and even looks like a cookie because of her freckles (these are light grey, and she has five under each eye). Pippy has a long oval black nose with black circular eyes, which are strangely flat on top and definitely contribute to this smug appearance she has. Pippy has a soft smile with a deep spiky full fringe on top of her head; poking out of the top of her head are two long and tall ears which are dark blue on the outside and a nice orange hue on the inside, that matches her tee shirt! 

While Pippy’s arms are the same lemon yellow as her face, her hands move into a gradual orange; strangely, however, Pippy’s legs are a very dark blue underneath her pinafore! When you have the pleasure of meeting Pippy in person, you will see just how cute she is for yourself, especially her pinafore dress, which is a personal favorite of mine. 

Peppy Pippy


It is highly possible that the creators of Animal Crossing gave Pippy her personality type just for the play on words that ”Peppy Pippy” creates! 

It is no secret that Peppy villager types are my absolute favorite because they are just so open and so lovable! When discussing peppy villagers, the description that comes up most often is ”friendly,” and so it’s quite a challenge not to love a peppy villager! Peppy villagers can often be seen as immature or childish because of their use of slang terms and their tendency to get over-excited about things and spew about them uncontrollably. Peppy villagers tend to care a lot about fame and fashion and aspire to be a celebrity and engage a lot in gossip style talking like ”ohhhhmigosh.”

How does Pippy get Along with Other Villagers?

One of the reasons that people love to have Peppy villagers on their island is that they are truly a joy to have, especially if you do not like to have to manage the interpersonal relationships and social dynamics on your island. Peppy villagers do not cause any drama or friction on your island because they do not argue with or fight with other villagers, Peppy villagers also do not judge others, so other villagers have no reason to take issue with them.

In terms of social dynamics, Peppy villagers are probably the best villager to have because they make an effort to befriend other villagers and take an interest in socializing with them and are bubbly and extroverted. Peppy villagers are very accepting of others. However, this does not grant them the same kindness in return! In fact, other villagers (despite how charming Peppy villagers are) can be quite judgemental and rude to Peppy villagers!

To name and shame, I am specifically talking about snooty and cranky villagers who care a lot about appearing refined and uptight and perfect, and Peppy villager’s bubbly extroverted personality and open honesty tend to upset them. As a result of this, snooty and cranky villagers are often rude to peppy villagers and make comments to them, which can be upsetting.

What Schedule Does Pippy Have?

Peppy villagers like Pippy all have the same schedule, which varies depending on what version of Animal Crossing they are in! In Animal Crossing Doubutsu No Mori, Peppy villagers will get out of bed at 7 AM and return to bed at 11:30 PM, while in Animal Crossing City Folk and Wild World, Peppy villagers get up at 7 AM and go to sleep at 2:30 AM. In Animal Crossing New Leaf, Peppy villagers go to sleep at 1 AM and rise at 9 AM, while in the most recent New Horizons, Peppy villagers get up at 7 AM and go to bed at 1:30 AM.

Pippy’s Preferences

Pippy in the house

Pippy is a big fan of green when it comes to her clothing! Green remains a staple of Pippy’s wardrobe throughout the many versions of her that are present in the Animal Crossing series, although her style changes a lot!

In Animal Doubutsu No Mori;

  • Default clothing: Ugly shirt
  • Default umbrella: Classic umbrella
  • Favorite style: Fancy
  • Least favorite style: Subtle

In Animal Crossing Wild World;

  • Default clothing: Mint gingham top
  • Default umbrella: Forest umbrella
  • Favorite style: Fancy
  • Least favorite style: Funky

In Animal Crossing City Folk;

  • Default clothing: Mint gingham top
  • Default umbrella: Forest umbrella
  • Favorite style: Stylish
  • Least favorite style: Strange
  • Favorite color: Pink

In Animal Crossing New Leaf;

  • Default clothing: Mint gingham top
  • Default umbrella: Forest umbrella
  • Favorite style: Basic
  • Least favorite style: Flashy
  • Favorite color: Pink

In Animal Crossing New Horizons;

  • Default clothing: Overall Dress
  • Default umbrella: Mint umbrella
  • Favorite style: Cute and simple
  • Favorite colors: Green and brown

Pippy has a unique dream for her home in the latest Happy Home update, one that I cannot see the appeal in;

  • Pippy’s Vision; A convenience store (Pippy goes as far as to say that she loves them because they are so convenient)
  • Required items; A store shelf, a deep fryer, and a touchscreen cash register 

While I love how unique Pippy’s idea is, it is definitely one of the strangest visions I have seen in Animal Crossing to date!

Pippy’s House

Pippy's house

Pippy’s (many) homes alternate between three basic designs, although some of the specifics do change over time! The three basic design styles include a grassy picnic area in a park, an old-fashioned bath house, and a more normal style home!

In Animal Crossing, Doubutsu No Mori;

  • Toilet
  • Gerbera
  • 2x Bathtubs
  • 3x Buckets
  • Wash station
  • Daffodil
  • Trash bin
  • Tape deck
  • Bath mat
  • Cube clock

I love this design a lot. It reminds me of the kind of bathhouse that you can find in Budapest and is tied together with bathhouse tile floor and Mosaic walls.

In Animal Crossing;

  • Picnic table
  • White boom box
  • Birdhouse
  • Birdbath
  • Backyard pool
  • Bug zapper
  • Barbecue
  • Sprinkler x2
  • Lawnmower
  • Mr flamingo x2
  • Mrs flamingo x2

I am also a fan of the picnic area-style home, especially with the funky flamingos on the ground! This is complete with a backyard lawn floor and backyard fence wallpaper.

In Animal Crossing Wild World and City Folk

Pippy City Folk
  • Birdhouse
  • Hammock
  • Tape deck
  • Nintendo bench
  • Sprinkler
  • Mr flamingo
  • Mrs flamingo
  • Mountain bike
  • Backyard pool

This is really similar to the previous home that Pippy has but with a few minor changes, although it has the same backyard lawn and backyard fence wallpaper.

In Animal Crossing New Leaf;

  • Kitchen island
  • Chaise lounge
  • Gold stereo
  • Minimalist table
  • Minimalist dresser
  • Bromeliaceae
  • Minimalist lamp
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Small magazine rack
  • Revolving spice rack
  • Minimalist clock
  • Air conditioner

This more modern home comes with blue flooring and blue trim wallpaper. This is a much more practical home, and I am a big fan of the revolving spice rack (it was one of the best purchases I have made in my own home)

In Animal Crossing New Horizons

New Horizons
  • Double sofa
  • Shower booth
  • Plain sink
  • Wooden chair
  • Tool cart
  • Cute music player
  • Mini DIY workbench
  • Cushion
  • Loft bed with desk
  • Blue medium round mat
  • Sewing project
  • LCD TV
  • Corkboard
  • White massage mat

This is a polished and coordinated home that looks clean and well organized and has a modern/funky mod wall with blue paint flooring.


Question: What Hobby Does Pippy Have in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Pippy has a fashion hobby which means that she often wears or carries accessories and can be seen carrying a pink bag. 

Question: What Versions of Animal Crossing is Pippy in?

Answer: Pippy appears in Animal Crossing, Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons. 

Question: Does Pippy Have Siblings in Animal Crossing?

Answer: Pippy has a lot of siblings and is the eldest of nine kids!


Pippy is a really cool character! She is interesting and has her own dreams and sense of style. Pippy is so friendly and lovable that it would be so hard not to become her friend; she is extraverted and chatty and will easily find common ground with you and make an effort to always speak with you. As far as peppy villagers go, they are all great, but Pippy is extra special to me!

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